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  1. Sandstone/Red Sandstone + its variants, all plants, unstripped logs/stems, snow, the terracotta variants you can already find in vanilla badlands generation (regular, red, yellow, orange, brown, white, light grey i believe?). This late into a map I wouldn't advise this idea but something that could be cool to try further down the line is to have different blocks be free depending on the tile, the implication being you were just able to gather resources from the local area vs the costed stuff having had to be made or imported.
  2. Astrid Thriceblood wrinkles her nose as she reads over the missive, making an unsure sort-of noise in her throat. Well! Everyone needs their hobbies, she supposes, even twisted undead archmages her family loathes with a passion. One of her hobbies, for example, was reptile husbandry, and she neatly shreds the parchment to repurpose it as snake bedding. Not interested!
  3. Upon receiving news of the unidentified fallen object, Astrid Thriceblood gathers a cork-board, pins, and a ball of red twine, and prepares for the long journey from her home to the crash site.
  4. happy pride month lotc! anyone who is not gay or trans owes us 500 mina









    (this is a joke)

  5. Astrid Thriceblood does not yet care for politics, still but a teenager. Instead, she contemplates building a soundproof bunker, so the sounds of mages fighting would stop bloody interrupting her. Some people have studying to do, you know. Have some common courtesy! Living below the arena was terrible enough...
  6. (Pinned to the notice-board at the city entrance is a handwritten flyer, written in a neat, careful hand.) TO ALL IT MAY CONCERN: Greetings. My name is Astrid Thriceblood, eldest daughter of Iduna Thriceblood (by half an hour- screw you Viarrah!), granddaughter of Laurissa Thriceblood, and I turned sixteen years of age this past saint's day. For my entire childhood, I've been dying to study magic and its related disciplines. Finally, I'm old enough to do so, but I've come across a disgusting roadblock in my journey - none of the relevant people I'm close to are free to take me on. Yes, I could wait until they are free, but that would take years, and if I have to wait much longer to start my studies, I might just wither away and die. So I've decided to be proactive, and am posting this flyer. I AM SEEKING A TEACHER IN THE FOLLOWING: (in order of personal interest) Conjuration Transfiguration One of the elemental evocations, I don't particularly care which one Please bird me A.S.A.P if you or someone you know might be able to take me on as an apprentice. Thank you. Regards, Astrid Thriceblood, medic-in-training and aspiring (SOON TO BE NOVICE) mage
  7. musin and kha travelling slapstick performer duo named thomas and jeremy. is that anything

    1. Turbo_Dog


      Nah, that’s just Tuesday afternoon 

  8. Happy TDOV everyone! I love being transgender and I love my transgender friends <3
  9. "You're kidding me- I thought my brother and Wilford were just very affectionate room-mates! Who-ever could have guessed!?" Angelina feigns shock, and wanders off to go hug her brother and (now-officially) brother-in-law to death. On that note, if anybody would like to civil union her terminally single gay self...
  10. last year's top 10 is about accurate :D
  11. certified monkey moment

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