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  1. Atticus Reinhold lets out a sigh of relief- For the friends in Celia’nor he knows will no longer be swept up in this conflict. “I must commend the wisdom of their leaders, for prioritizing their people over all else.”
  2. Atticus Reinhold looks proudly over his sister's contribution to the piece, folding the newspaper carefully to highlight the retrospective as he tucks it into his desk. "I must admit, she's always been a far better wordsmith than I. Think I'll stick to writing bills," He chuckles- "While she excels at poetry."
  3. "Ah-" Atticus Reinhold winces as he plucks the paper up between his thumb and forefinger, holding it gingerly like it was about to combust into flame- Or like it was a particularly nasty piece of garbage. "Not quite, my dear- This isn't the sort of thing you'd like to get involved with. Or... Talk about getting involved with, for that matter," He adds as he squints at the page. "The Deadmen are mercenaries now? Nothing good is going to come of this."
  4. "Be they sponsored by Petra, harbored by Haense, concealed in Veletz, hidden in Adria..." Atticus Reinhold murmurs the words under his breath as he reads, before letting out a weary sigh. "It seems like our author is on the edge of a realization- Magi are everywhere. They will always be everywhere. There's really no getting rid of them, no matter how many you harass, or strike down, and- Well- Isn't it far better for him and his that we are within our walls, self-governing, our disputes contained, and frankly not bothering anyone?" He folds the missive neatly, before filing it away in his personal library. "He can accept that our corner of the world will continue to exist- Let us have our peace, and he has his. Or he can fight a never-ending battle on every front, for the rest of his life, trying to squash out a practice that has become engrained into almost every nation on this continent. I would choose the peace. But not all men are clever ones."
  5. Atticus Reinhold takes the missive directly from one of the Prince's attendants, in his home where he had just finished a meal with his Highness. He practically beams at the contents, smoothing the paper out in his hands like it was made of gold. "Oh, this is such wonderful news- It brings hope, to see such moments of joy in the midst of war. I hope Princess Melina is doing well," He adds, with a lingering smile.
  6. “Oh, wonderful!” Atticus Reinhold’s eyes light up as he scans the missive, with a much-needed smile. “She’s earned it- A million times over, she has earned it. Laurissa truly deserves this.” Then, reading up again, an approving nod. “And of course, Lord-Magister Sulieronn is only fitting.” He files the missive away in the Chamber of Earth, pleased with the direction of the Sorcerous State.
  7. Atticus Reinhold stares out at the smoking remains of the the Church of St. Edmund- Close enough to the manor that he could still smell the ash from the study window. His hands curl against the stone, as he turns. He passes by the ladder to his sister's bedroom as he walks, who not long before, had been stolen away to the Veletz capital. Not a solider, but a carpenter, and a citizen. He lets out a sigh of relief when he hears the creak of her footsteps in the attic. Still home, and still safe. Then he moves to the living area, where his son had fallen fast asleep on the bear-skin rug, weary from his ordeal. He too, was taken for no crime other than his presence in the manor. He too, had returned. Atticus lets out a sigh, seating himself on a nearby chair as he glances back out the window, at the rising smoke. He prays that he had not put them in danger, for simply bearing the name Reinhold.
  8. Sir Atticus Reinhold gives a slight, contemplative hum in response, staring out from the fortified walls- His gaze shifts northwest. “In issues of morality- More often will men seek justification, as opposed to reflection.” He rests steepled fingers on the ramparts, unfamiliar armaments weighing heavy on his shoulders. “They believe that GOD will sanction their brutality, because they cannot envision a world in which they are not GOD’s soldiers.” His eyes cast aside then- Back to the man holding the rosary. “… And some use it as a shield. Knowingly, with the intent of deceit, and corruption.” Atticus turns his attention back to the northwest hills. “Neither shall be allowed to continue.”
  9. "Oh, all is forgiven, water under the bridge, let me be a bloody Sage-" Atticus Reinhold is gripping the missive so hard the paper crinkles, glaring at the smarmy image of Lanre's face. "You kidnapped my-" He crumples the missive up into a ball his hands, with uncharacteristic anger "He wasn't even there!" And with that he tosses the ball of paper into a wastebin, storming off. A few seconds later he circles back, and sets the wastebin on fire. It isn't as satisfying as one would hope.
  10. Atticus Reinhold, as always, is impressed by the young Queen’s swift and eloquent response- Though his heart grows heavy, as he reads over the missive. “Ghorm was- We only spoke on rare occasion, but he was the cousin of my mentor. He looked to protect the Commonwealth- He was a good man.” The magi rubs a hand across his face, sighing wearily. Then his eyes fall upon another missive that had come to his attention- The other side of a match set. “There is a certain defensiveness one jumps to, when they know they have done wrong. Just men do not often scramble to re-define justice under their own terms.”
  11. THE HOUSE OF REINHOLD Issued by THE VAVASOUR OF RAONÒIR In the year of our Lord 1952 FO 'N GHRÈIN, BUAIDH - FO 'N GHEALAICH, SEASMHACHD [Raonòir - Lit. “Fields of Gold”] Ideals House Reinhold seeks to found itself on charity, diplomacy, and diligence. The core mission of the house will be to support the infrastructure of the Commonwealth, contribute heavily to philanthropy, and to preserve the independence and safety of its people. Raonòir will endeavor to work actively with Petra’s citizenry in order to elevate any and all concerns when needed, placing itself at the heart of Vallagne, and continuing to assist the local government in bringing public works to fruition. House Reinhold will continue to work closely with the Sorcerous State of Hohkmat, dedicating itself to the furthering of arcane knowledge. Culture Originating in Dùnrath, the name Reinhold carries with it Agnethe Highlander roots- Though it has been many years since the culture has found a foothold on Aevos, and the Angesa language has nearly faded from use entirely. It is with pride that House Reinhold will seek to further public knowledge of Agnethe tradition, and to welcome all who are interested to participate and learn what has been close to forgotten. The house will seek to uphold close-held principles of wisdom, loyalty, community, and perseverance through all hardship. Founding Family LORD ATTICUS ABRAHAM REINHOLD Atticus Reinhold was elected to the Garmont Assembly in 147 S.A., as a public representative. While serving the assembly he continued his work in the State of Hohkmat’s Chamber of Earth, handling much of the city’s stewardry, and was eventually selected to leave his public seat to and serve as Hohkmat’s own representative. In this time he has passed significant reform on the Petrine judicial system, as well as carrying out several core infrastructure projects within Hohkmat. Alongside representing the Sorcerous State, Atticus Reinhold currently serves as the Deputy Commissaire of Vallagne, under Sir Artel von Theonus. LORD WILFORD ANTON REINHOLD Wilford Reinhold served for many years as a darkspawn hunter under the Yellow Cross, as well as working in their medical and pharmaceutical division. He eventually shifted his focus fully to pursuing medical knowledge, leaving the Cross to join the Vallagne Clinic as a physician. He served a term as an interim elector in the Garmont, before joining Hohkmat’s Chamber of Earth in order to establish a new healthcare division. Wilford Reinhold currently serves as the Head Physician of the Sorcerous State, as well as lending his knowledge of darkspawn to the organization SENTINEL as the head of their research division. LADY ANGELINA AIMERY LUCIEN-REINHOLD Angelina Lucien-Reinhold, sister of Atticus Reinhold, is a self-published author who dedicates most of her time to honing her craft, having written multiple novels in the horror genre such as “The Expanse Behind”, and “An Inquiry Into the Nature of Slumber”. Lady Lucien-Reinhold is also an accomplished carpenter and woodworker, extending her skills to both the practical and artistic. LORD FAERAN’DUIL LUNUAE-REINHOLD Faeran’duil Lunuae-Reinhold, brother of Wilford Reinhold, is an accomplished student at the Sorcerous Academy of Hohkmat under the personal tutelage of the Father of Veilwatching, Sulieronn Ashwood. An aspirant on the path to achieve a noble title in Hohkmat under Lady-Magister Yera, Lord Lunuae-Reinhold has shown repeated willingness to use his abilities to support and better those around him. ANN AN COGADH, DÌCHEALL - RÈ SÌTH, CARTHANNAS Signed, Wilford Anton Reinhold, Vavasour of Raonòir, Co-Patriarch of House Reinhold, Head Physician of Hohkmat, Steward of Vallagne, Physician of Vallagne, Optimus of SENTINEL Atticus Abraham Reinhold (née Lucien), Vavasour of Raonòir, Co-Patriarch of House Reinhold, Deputy Commissaire of Vallagne, Representative of the Sorcerous State of Hohkmat
  12. Atticus Reinhold could not be more proud than in this moment. He takes the missive and decides not to file it, instead folding it into his bag to show people later, with a bright smile. “I knew he could pull it off- But it’s nice to make things official.”
  13. "Oh- Mahina! Look at this!" The practiced housemage gestures towards his apprentice, showing off the letter with glee. "It'll be good fun, won't it? Or if nothing else, good practice."
  14. Atticus Reinhold feels a weight off his shoulders as he sorts the missive away, filed neatly in the Chamber of Earth's extensive backroom. "When Artel and I spoke on the matter, I told him- It was something along the lines of hoping good sense, and good intention would prevail. And yet, I doubted the magi would ever actually come together to stop him." He pauses, with a small smile as he pushes the drawer shut. "It feels rather good to be proven wrong."
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