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  1. Simplest answer, you don't! It's something everyone comes across sometimes. The best way to not worry about it is, create the character with a vague idea of what you want them to do. Be that an orc shaman, an elven druid, a human templar, whatever you most desire, and then let the character develop with as you play. Say, they meet an orc who takes them on a spirit walk, or a templar challenges them to a duel. It'll get you to see the different aspects of the server, the different communities, while also not locking you in place. Another way is, and this is pretty controversial but if you aren't weird you'll be fine, make a child character. My main character at the moment began as a vague idea of an orphan who was thrown out for a small mistake, and a year and a half later, he is my best character and feels organic. It doesn't feel like an extension of me, rather he is his own person, and I am merely doing what he would on the server. While I might return a wallet, he may not, or vice versa. If you don't play around with age too much, and just start playing something- anything, you'll find your place and have a character you (hopefully) won't regret making. If you need any more advice, or have any questions, feel free to DM me on Discord at @markisstreaming
  2. It's a nice concept, however I believe two things should be added 1. OOC consent. If you want to avoid disconnection wars (that are totally not abuse because that's what my character would do), then add OOC consent. 2. Consequences for all players involved. Losing slots is fairly dumb, but I believe with good-faith RP, an agreement could be made where both sides lose a bit. Say, the disconnecting necros can't use some abilities for a bit, can't connect anyone, or can't take part in rituals. Because with the current writing of this, covens will get other covens to log on at the same time, rush over when they're not expecting it, and disconnect the whole coven one by one
  3. "We must burn something..." Said an old guy from who knows where
  4. That blinded old man clapped! "Hopefully he'll follow in his father's steps..."
  5. won't ever happen because all NLs are lame and don't want to be known as 'the one NL that turned us evil.' even tho that's not how it goes and I believe people would appreciate the RP that came with it
  6. "Now personally, I think Audo should be hung. BUT! That shall be by my own hands, not by some noble knight who got lucky every step of the way." Said the blindfolded man, sitting upon his throne.
  7. That aged elf sat on his blackened throne, pondering on the meaning of the prophecy. Perhaps not even the meaning anymore - for that was made quite clear to him by a missive - but how it would affect his schemes. He could only laugh at the implication, for his fate was already certain, he had witnessed it twice already. His head turned to his minions slaving away in that basement, and with a horrible cackle, he declared "He is coming! The betrayer will return! How ironic, really. The year my brother betrays me, He is coming back..."
  8. Despair. Quid sum miser tunc dicturus? Quem patronum rogaturus, Cum vix iustus sit securus? - Dies Irae The man sat in his bed, his face deformed beyond recognition, and his eye sockets... empty. Admittedly, eyes were not the only thing he was lacking, for he had lost hope a long time ago too. He could only recite the words of his master; "Let the despair consume you." - "One needs to fall before they can truly rise." - "Oh how awful it must be, to not know what is where..." Sigmar was a coward. He had no doubt in that, he had accepted that long ago. Yet what he could not accept was going blind. It was by his own doing, for he had ripped his eyes out in the depths of Heith-Hedran, though death is a confusing experience. He came to regret that decision soon after being brought back to Aevos, yet he couldn't do much about it. He had little money, and even fewer means to acquire a new set of eyes, and though he cared not for glory and honor, he would not chuck his dignity away by begging. He was stubborn, and he did not even try to regain his sight, for he could surely go without it. Yet he was proven wrong soon after, many times in fact. A constantly broken nose, and an anxiety about quite literally everything had overtaken him, and he only know got to know true fear. Oh how he pleaded that night, it could not be described with a thousand words. The visions were getting more and more frequent, an almost constant image of the Heith-Hedran was all he 'saw'. He was living now in a constant state of pain, horror, and anxiety. He feared all that was to come, and all that has passed. That night, he could no longer take it. He sat on his bed, he wasn't even sure it was his bed, yet he sat down and pleaded. Possibly to God, maybe himself, most likely out into the open. And after some endless hours of such, he found himself laying on his back, slowly drifting to sleep.
  9. The man with no eyes wonders... "Where do I send those hands now..."
  10. why no mod? on a more serious note, what's your favorite RP moment ever?
  11. A canonist elf does not agree with the message of the milkman and hopes to one day have his head on the wall of his mansion.
  12. An elven mage prepares to join the milkman in fighting against elves and mages
  13. A blinded man rejoices upon hearing the news "Royals to assassinate! How fun!"
  14. A blinded man, upon having the letter read to him, laughed out. "A chance to hurt Haense AND my brother?! Excellent!"
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