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  1. "I'M WORTH A THOUSAND MINAS?!" The Vicar rejoiced "WOOO!!!!! REYNARD! CHECK THIS OUT!" @Damnit_Delmar
  2. Necromancy smells like rot. Obviously. Bloomagic smells like iron. Obviously. Oh and Lifeforce tastes like a very strong ambrosia. It's extremely addicting.
  3. Who wants to play an evil boneman ghoul and be evil and do evil things?

    1. Haseroth


      do not need to be a spook to do evil things, i will show you soon

    2. femurlord


      I think morally gray is the style, sorry

    3. Markisstreaming


      morally gray is boring

  4. What's your best advice to being a villain?
  5. Franz Kossuth did, in fact, sign this, and rejoiced, now on his way to find an architect and some builders. And of course, the funds!
  6. Franz Kossuth agrees, the traditional marriage should stay illegal! Though, he's confused that it was illegal previously... but whatever! The more chaos, the better!
  7. Upon casting his gaze upon the missive, the one bearing the long-forgotten name of Talinn became enraged. He swore to his gathering of servants an oath to destroy every remnant of that wretched clan, however many decades have passed since.
  8. Father Anton does, indeed, want Darkspawn gone. The aged necromancer, however, does not. Two sides, same coin.
  9. Kossuth Company Mortem solvit 1962 F.A. | 166 S.A. Our company is delighted to announce its official opening as of 166 S.A. Over the course of a decade, I have been hard at work building this company from the ground up, and it is with the greatest delight that I can officially say, it is done. Hereinafter I have taken the time to pen a description of our company. What we offer The Kossuth Company, hereafter referred to as the Company, offers a myriad of products and services, ranging from herbs, to potions, weapons, trinkets, and even magical services, details of which are to be given in private. This all comes at a reasonable price, and is all based on commissions. Additionally, to our employees, we offer both employment and education. An employee of the Kossuth Company will be provided with free housing, food, tools, and, if they wish to go beyond a simple herb and mineral gatherer, an education in the Material Alphabet and Alchemy. Promotion opportunities The Company offers its employees a chance to progress and better themselves. To the alchemists of our company who have proven their worth, we offer a teaching position, so they may take on their own students and expand our company, and with that, a small share of the profits their students make. And to all employees, regardless of age, race, nationality, position, or social status, we offer a chance at a higher education. What do we mean by this? Well, to those who wish to do more than simple Potioncraft, or be more than mundane smiths, we offer a chance at obtaining a deeper understanding of the world, and perhaps, if the student is truly loyal and trustworthy, a magical education as well. All of this is absolutely free! We’re hiring! The Company is delighted to announce that we are hiring. Smiths, alchemists and scholars are all sought for. However, we offer a job to quite literally everyone, the only requirement is to be able to traverse the lands of Aevos, gather herbs and minerals, and an eagerness to learn. To join, send a letter to Franz Kossuth [HandsomeFloppa]. Signed, His Magnificence, Franz Kossuth, Rector of the Academy, owner of the Kossuth Company, Duke of the Blue Isles, Diplomat to the True One, Herald of Truth
  10. well, that's risky. you're going against one of the most important redlines, I believe it states something in lore like 'no big living dolls, not even with MArts' again, gl, but this is very unlikely to be passed.
  11. says it can't be done in housemagery lore, though I'd love to see this! gl with it!
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