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  1. Invoke ignorance at T2 seems wrong. Dropping the magic, especially if its a self-taught, one person ritual, should be a T1 thing.
  2. I don't think they can delete an account, you have to just... leave. Simply don't log back on or open the forums. Might be wrong tho!
  3. Respectfully, during the last 1-2 years you've left the server around half a dozen times. I hope whatever you're going through gets better, but people do see this as attention grabbing. Wish you all the best fawny.
  4. Talinn, however wicked his ways had become, was filled with a certain sorrow at these news. Perhaps one of losing a rival, he no longer had a nemesis. Regardless, this meant the number of people who knew of his true nature had lessened.
  5. You did not use this perfect opportunity to rickroll everyone on the server on april 1st. you are a heretic and I wish you an intensly unpleasant evening
  6. The Vicar’s demise [PK] One fateful morning, the Vicar awakened within his lair, his wicked servants bringing him some coffee. He got out of bed, and walked to the kitchen. TRAGEDY STRUCK! A banana peel, left there the previous evening, which he didn’t notice. He stepped on it! The Vicar slipped and fell, bonking his head on the counter. He died within two seconds. Such an idiotic death is entirely impermissible by the Creator, and as such, he may not be revived. Ever.
  7. this is most certainly bait
  8. add this pls it makes sense dont play a demon guy if u want to romance
  9. "Won't stand there for long - just wait until that beast gets out of the area. Then... well it's good building material! To steal, of course." The Vicar plotted.
  10. "Oh I did this... yeah... awesome. I'll check out the fight - hopefully some people die before it's slain. Then uh... well... the remains are mine, since I summoned it. Yeah..." The Vicar plotted.
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