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  1. I don't particularly like the idea of the CA filling slots Imo the CA lacks too much substance to fill slots. They mostly get physical aesthetics, which don't get me wrong are cool and all, but aren't worth multiple slots. The physical attributes can have some combative effects, sure, such as extra arms (that have their own drawbacks), claws, or weak natural armor. The spells they get access to are limited with no non-combative abilities for fun rp. They have no unique abilities of their own either. Rakaal lose all their slots for a cool demonic form, orc strength (which isn't all too special imo), and one or two spells with little maelus. Kozun lose three slots in return for a cool demonic form and access to a few more spells and a bit more maelus compared to Rakaal. Malda lose one slot in return for voidal strength, a decent pool of malflame spells, and quite a bit of maelus. They all get the drawback of not being able to hide their form so their RP is limited as well as forced to listen to all commands their Naz gives them. A two-slotted Naztherak has access to way more abilities, both combative and non-combative, while their rp isn't as limited being able to blend in with society. Overall if the CA had more substance I could understand it costing a slot but zar'ie are near parallels to descendants besides their demonic forms and access to a few malflame spells and some maelus. It is overall a mid CA and taking away slots will only make it worse, people can still demon larp as a Naz while having access to more slots, spells, and abilites. Maybe instead of an amendment Zar'ie deserves a rewrite.
  2. "Hozh." A uruk said as she read the missive, "Whe loaned them zo much money agh when whe azked fur a payment plan whe got nub wurd back."
  3. Origin A peculiar creature discovered lingering in the lands of Aevos, though it is possible they existed in previous continents but were simply never discovered. Though if they did exist in previous continents, they must have hid quite well compared to now. Mana serpents can be discovered quite easily if one knows where to look, but a person could just as easily be startled by these slithery creatures. What exactly these creatures are is not quite clear, though magi who have studied these snakes have formed a hypothesis. The common belief is that they are simply regular snakes who have evolved and adapted to the realm which grows ever more magical. With mana mice becoming more prevalent with the lack of a natural predator, one can assume these serpents stepped up to the challenge. The mana mouse rich diet likely having an unusual effect on their biology. Creature Summary These serpents come in a wide variety of shades and sizes. Their length can be anywhere from a mere six inches to a total of three feet. Their eyes tend to be a stark black in contrast to their usually brightly colored scales. The fangs on these creatures are quite useful for hunting mana mice, but aren’t sharp enough to hurt a descendant. Being biten might leave a mark though would be barely noticeable, inflicting little pain or damage. The snake knows this as well and will often nip playfully or to show affection. Their scales though often take on a crystallized form similar to foci crystals. These gem-like scales are dotted along the serpents body and will never coat the entire snake. If a mana serpent were to have its entire body covered in these crystals, the snake would find it would have a hard time slithering around. When serpent snakes shed their skin they will leave these small crystals behind and regrow new ones, though the old ones would find their concentration of mana quickly fading without being able to rely on nutrition from the snake's food. This would mean left behind gems would have little use outside of decorative purposes. Their behavior is quite similar to their mundane counterparts, except for the fact that they enjoy basking in places rich with mana. While they are often found near and around obelisks and tears or other places rich with mana it is also not uncommon for them to be found in other places with high concentrations of mana. They will often lurk near an obelisk, enjoying basking in its radius similar to lizards basking in the heat of the sun, and startle unexpecting magi by mere accident. Their physical biology is designed for hunting mana mice. Their fangs secrete a toxin that is only effective against mana mice and does absolutely nothing to any other creature, magical in nature or not. The toxin would quickly sap a mana mouse’s strength, making it easy prey. Despite mana mice being their main source of food, that is not all these magical snakes consume. Outside of mana mice, they do not tend to hunt critters or creatures, instead relying on plants, vegetables, or fruit as a secondary source of nutrition. Mana serpents are docile creatures, shying and fleeing from fights even when attacked. They will never fight back and will only ever make attempts at getting away. Taming Taming these unique creatures is much harder for the mundane compared to magi adept in the void. Though that is not to say it is entirely impossible for one to tame a mana serpent without possessing the ability to wield the void. All one would need to do is regularly feed the snake its favorite food, mana mice, and handle them gently, showing the creature much love and care. It is recommended to try to tame a mana serpent in the presence of a mana rich area such as the radius of a mana obelisk. Eventually, the snake will latch onto their new owner if shown the proper treatment and care. For magi though, the process is much easier. Showing it the same love and care anyone else would when trying to tame the snake, the mage would slowly and gently pour their mana into the serpent like they might when creating arcanium. This would feed the serpent similarly to providing it mana mice except the mage is using their own magical abilities to supply it. The process requires much less mana compared to creating something like arcanium and doesn’t even require the presence of an obelisk though one is still recommended. A mage should also be careful to not overfeed the snake with their mana lest they wish the serpent to grow ill. The mana serpent would quickly grow familiar with the mage who fed it their mana, becoming much quicker to trust their newfound owner. Once tamed mana serpents are incredibly loyal creatures though they expect the same loyalty from their owner. Should someone mistreat their new pet it will usually run off and leave them. If a mage has tamed the mana serpent via feeding it with their mana, the next time the serpent sheds its skin, their new coat of scales will take on a similar look to their new owner’s aura. Tamed mana serpents cannot be tamed by a different person due to their incredibly loyal nature unless the mana serpent is mistreated and abandons their owner. Once tamed the snake would easily be able to follow orders of their master though would be unable to perform more complex tasks a normal pet snake would be incapable of doing. The snake would also not be able to break its true nature, never performing tasks that would require it attacking or fighting someone or something else. In the case of magi who have tamed the snake through the more magical process would find this creature has another use. A mana serpent would have the benefits of an arcane focus when coiling around or resting upon some part of the mage’s hand. The snake would not be able to hide under clothing or be disguised, following all rules normal arcane foci might. This ability is derived through the gem-like scales that form along the snake’s body that act akin to focus crystals as well as the mana stored within their body. Redlines: Credit: NorthTitan & Creete - Mana Mice Lore
  4. Cool lore but slight question, these are demons of presumably the moz but can only be created and tamed by necromancers?
  5. Please someone increase ShowItem to 48 blocks so its equal to shout range, 15 blocks doesnt even cover #rp range...

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      I'd love this

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      Implementation required.


      Looking forward to hearing from you in the next scrum meeting.





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      I will use this to immediately show an entire city my jar of bile 

  6. "The food was decent but the customer service was excellent, 6.78/10 stars." This review would be written on a piece of scrunched up paper using a pickle as a pen.
  7. I agree tbh but the lore for Invoke Ignorance specifically states it can only be self-taught at T2 or higher, that is what Zarsies wrote. For tier progression I simply went with what each ritual said.
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