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  1. Joe Mama and Knock Knock jokes are welcome here.. >:(
  2. I want to ask those who are over the age of 18+ or have grown out of their childhood phase and move onto adulthood on how they keep their childlike spark and creative mind when it comes to Roleplaying and Storybuilding as a whole. I've noticed as the years have gone on that my ability to RP has diminished beyond what it used to be. I'm still a new player on this server, but parts of me wishes that I came here much sooner to be apart of it when I was creative enough to do unique and bright things with my characters. In the past I have participated in and been a major part in many peoples roleplaying adventures, actually shifting the lore to drastic measures because of my characters actions. Characters I have written before were deep in lore, character development, and my characters deaths made people genuinely sad. I've been everything from a god to a peasant, a dictator to a soldier, to running business empires and hustling my ass off to make ends meet. Yet there is a part of me that seems to have completely lost my creative side. Its not that I don't want to roleplay, but the part of me that created these things feels faint and distant. Like a part of my creative and young mind has since been lost in time, in transation, and to be truthfully honest? I'm scared. (Regardless of how cheesy it sounds.) Growing up is part of life, but I'd like to hold-onto to my childhood a bit longer before I have to move on. Spread me your advice, so I can too experience what I used to so long ago.
  3. TETSUGAWA 鉄川 IZAKAYA 居酒屋 OPENS TO THE OYASHI (AND GAIJEN) OF ALMARIS, Tetsugawa Izakaya (or 'Tetsugawa Tavern' for you uncultured swines) has recently open within the great and proud lands of Tetsugawa, securing a spot for those to eat and consume heavy amounts of protein, carbohydrates, starches and alchohol. In consideration to this, please read the rules for the tavern right here: 1. NO ROUGH HOUSING IN THE IZAKAYA, INCLUDING FIGHTING 2. BE POLITE AND HAVE MANNERS 3. ANY DIRTY LI-REN OR HOU-ZI WILL BE KILLED ON SIGHT 4. NO FORKS ONLY CHOPSTICKS 5. FINISH YOUR FOOD!! NO SCRAPS LEFT BEHIND!! - MENU - DRINKS Sake - Oyashiman Alcoholic Beverage Rice Lager - Oyashiman Alcoholic Beverage Green Tea - Made with tea leaves, not powdered. Jasmine Tea - Made with tea leaves and flowers. APPITIZERS Tuna Onigiri - Rice Ball with Tuna-Fish Filling Salmon Onigiri - Rice Ball with Salmon-Fish Filling Miso Soup - Oyashiman Soup with Tofu and Scallions CHICKEN Street-Style Yakitori - Grilled Chicken and Pineapple with Yakitori Sauce Hibachi-Style Chicken Teriyaki - Grilled Chicken and Scallions with Teriyaki Sauce Chicken Teriyaki Bowl - Choice of Fried Rice or White. Served with fresh Veggies and Teriyaki Grilled Chicken PORK Hibachi-Style Pork - Grilled Pork and Pineapples with Teriyaki Sauce Tonkatsu Pork Cutlet - Choice of Fried Rice or White. Fried Pork with Tonkatsu Sauce SOON TO COME Unagi Whiskey/Gin And More! COME EAT, ALMARIS.
  4. I think this is the best way to go. Everyone should have to Roleplay stuff, its a ROLEPLAY server, not an RPG game where I slay monsters or grind hours to get hella minas only to go spend it on roleplay items and stuff.
  5. Your avoiding what I'm saying. I'll say it again, 1.9 PVP is much easier to teach then 1.8 PVP. Regardless if the shit PVP player in 1.8 deals damage, they will never be good enough to kill without training, same with 1.9. Correct me if I'm wrong, but are you implying that the shit players are only good for knocking down a couple of hearts before dying? Because if so, thats a terrible mentality. Also if you say you want your footman to be able to carry their weight, what PVP version would be easier for them to carry their weight in? Cause its sure as hell not 1.8 pvp where they are practically soaring the skys like a plane when gettting combo'd.
  6. Yeah I've never been apart of any mass battles, but theres no way it takes that long. If Minecraft wars are anything like other games, it comes down to Wolfpacking and Isolation, killing them one by one is a good strategy. If it was me commanding the battle, I'd have them wiped clean (with a bit of practice of course, im not pro at minecraft war strategies lol)
  7. This can also be said about 1.8 pvp too. If you are a novice and just significantly worse then your opponent, even if you get a few hits in, you won't win. And while its true that 1.8 PVP is technically more beginner friendly, to become pro at 1.8 paves a much harder path then becoming pro at 1.9 PVP. I never said 1.9 was beginner friendly, but that its easier to train someone and better for new players to learn. Furthermore those I have fought on the server (who were worse then me) using 1.9 PVP still got hits in. And its much easier to train someone to be better at 1.9 PVP(Im sorry to my friend Aimy but they ass at PVP ong) because it takes less physical skill and more mental skill. I have no clue how to jitter click or buttefly click and I sure as hell dont want to learn.
  8. 1.8 PVP is old and outdated, hardly anyone uses it anymore besides people who are already good at 1.8 PVP (since all newer versions past 1.9 utilize it) Plus 1.9 PVP is easier to teach and better for new players. The only people who want 1.8 PVP are those who are already good at it. Video to shed some light:
  9. guys i cant handle all this forum post reading stop writing so much :(

    1. Mannamannaa


      No. Kaktuz Weekli out tomorrow afternoon.


  10. Armarius Kloric would ready his longblade, gazing over the Norlandic walls as he reads upon the tournament earnings.. "It shall be quite a battle."
  11. no idea what activity checks are but from the general consensus everyone hates them too. since I'm a sheep in the herd i also hate activity checks grr >:( Also, I love halflings, ill be sure to check out Bywater more! :D
  12. Name: Armarius Kloric Race: Human Title: Knight of the Kloric Allegiance: Norland Magical Practice: None
  13. The Kloric Cafe, A Cafe on Wheels. ____________________________________________________________ The Kloric Cafe resides upon a cart driven by donkey. Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner served hot and fresh upon a hotfire grill, as well as delectable coffee's crafted upon request. Those who shall seek out a meal can find the cart posted around the map! ____________________________________________________________ Menu: N/A Current Cart Location: N/A
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