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  1. Name: Vyulan Ther Heskynne Race: Highlander Experience: Chieftain of Clan Heskynne, Former Ashguard, Monster Hunter of 20+ years, The War for Bakirs Hand, The Mori'Quessir sieges. Username: Astravaya Discord: astravaya Timezone: BST
  2. ᛜ The Heskynne Clan ᛜ → 'Beneath the golden stag's grace, we hunt, sow, and shield the realm's embrace.' ← ᛜ Legend of Origin ᛜ Ivar Thorkin, a zealot of the red faith, founded the clan. Ivar sought out specific individuals, each with a unique skill set, and was able to persuade them to support his cause with an emphasis on the preservation of his country's environment, its culture, and its citizens. Ivar entered the tundra now, followed by his seven faithful followers. They started their training there and developed a tiny community. Ivar had set up a three-year trial for everyone, pushing the volunteers all the way to the edge and then some. Many suffered from shattered bones, frostbite, and other conditions by the end of the first month. They persisted, though. The most accomplished hunters in the history of the clan had been produced by Ivar Thorkin by the end of the trial. Then, each trainee traveled throughout the continent to record additional creatures and the activities of organizations that shared their causes. By the end, they had all grown to know one another as brother and sister, and they decided it was time to start their own clan. The Heskynne Clan was established using the term meaning "Hunter" in their language. ᛜ The Lifestyle of a Heskynne ᛜ In the Kingdom of Norland, the Heskynne clan, once known for their skill as hunters, has transitioned from the wilderness to the heart of Vjardengrad, Norland's bustling capital. Despite the urban setting, the Heskynne clan remains deeply rooted in their ancestral hunting traditions. To uphold their prowess on the battlefield, each Heskynne hunter undergoes a grueling three-year trial of training, an arduous test that hones their physical endurance, keen senses, and tactical acumen. Through rigorous drills and real-life challenges, they forge unyielding discipline and unbreakable bonds with their fellow clan members. The Heskynne hunters navigate the labyrinthine streets, sometimes with the same stealth they once used in the wilderness, ensuring the safety of Vjardengrad's inhabitants, Norland's forests alwhile managing to preserve the ancient traditions of their lineage. Their legacy now weaves a unique tapestry within the heart of the capital, blending the spirit of the wild with the pulse of city life. Clan Heskynne stands as a multifaceted lineage, not only renowned for their prowess as skilled hunters but also celebrated for their specialization in agriculture. Embracing a harmonious lifestyle that balances the art of the wild with the nurturing of the land, they have cultivated a profound understanding of both realms. In the verdant fields surrounding their homesteads, the Heskynne clan employs ancient agricultural techniques, passed down through generations, to grow bountiful crops and tend to lush orchards. Amidst the bounty of nature, they demonstrate a deep reverence for the earth, recognizing that their survival is intricately woven into the delicate fabric of the land they cultivate. Through their unique expertise, the Heskynne clan exemplifies the synergy between the hunter and the farmer, enriching the Kingdom of Norland with their remarkable legacy. ᛜ Festivities ᛜ In the Kingdom of Norland, the Heskynne Clan's festivities are a vibrant celebration of their diverse skills and unwavering camaraderie. During these joyous occasions, the clan gathers to showcase their prowess through tournaments and competitions that captivate both participants and spectators alike. The air buzzes with excitement as archers demonstrate their precision, warriors engage in friendly duels, and hunters compete in tracking challenges that echo their ancestral hunts. Amidst the laughter and cheers, the festivities also pay homage to their hunting legacy, with grand hunts that commemorate their harmony with nature. As the sun sets, the city of Vjardengrad comes alive with the glow of fires and the sounds of merriment, as the Heskynne Clan revels in the spirit of unity and shared heritage. These cherished traditions not only bind the clan together but also serve as a testament to the unyielding spirit of the Heskynne Clan in the Kingdom of Norland. ᛜ The Martial Arts ᛜ The Heskynne Clan developed their own unarmed martial art, based on the concept of momentum over the course of centuries of living in Norland thanks to their close relationship with nature and prowess in hunting. They aimed to utilize the might of quick assaults in battle by paying attention to the fluid movements of the monsters they were pursuing. They honed their techniques through constant practice and trial and error, mastering the skill of deflecting an opponent's force to deliver lightning-quick counterstrikes. They were able to escape attacks with ease and position themselves tactically for a lethal reaction thanks to their footwork, which resembled the grace of a stalking animal. The Heskynne Clan's martial art evolved into a fluid dance of power, emphasizing the unification of mind, body, and environment and mirroring the harmony they sought with the environment. The Clan's unarmed martial art became their signature, once setting them apart as formidable warriors. Their proficiency in momentum-based attacks made them highly sought after for both defense and offense. Now, as one of the many forces guarding the capital, they showcased their unique combat style in protecting the city. With each generation passing down the martial art's secrets, the Heskynne Clan's legacy remains a testament to the potency of ancient traditions and the remarkable fusion of hunting and combat expertise. Their swift and calculated movements continue to inspire awe and respect, forever etching their name as masters of momentum in the annals of Norland's martial history. ᛜ The Cuisine ᛜ The Heskynne Clan's vibrant food is a reflection of their close ties to nature and the abundant Norland resources. Their customs are a feast for the senses because their diet emphasizes meat, mead, and grain. Their meals' main ingredients are the tasty and sumptuous meats they gather on their hunting trips. Their tables feature roasted deer, tender boar, and flavorful poultry that has been spiced with a variety of herbs and spices to bring out the natural flavors. A profusion of mead, a golden nectar derived from honey and water and frequently created by the clan's adept craftsmen, is served alongside these hearty foods. The Heskynne Clan toasts to war wins and the happy memories that unite with each drink, celebrating life's blessings. During festive gatherings, where laughter and singing reverberate into the night, their regard for mead fosters a sense of harmony and brotherhood. The Heskynne Clan's food places a specific emphasis on grain, the source of all nutrition. They grow wheat and barley, which they use to make hearty stews, freshly baked bread, and porridge. Grain provides a tactile link to the fertility of the soil, feeding their bodies and spirits from the golden fields to their eating tables. The Heskynne Clan expresses gratitude for the riches the land provides by honoring their god with each meal. Their shared love of food strengthens the sacramental connection between nature, the divine, and the sustenance that supports their way of life. It brings people together as a community. ᛜ Culture Tidbits ᛜ Women hold a profound level of respect within the Heskynne clan. While expected to perform at the same level as their male counterparts- with some exceptions- in the art of Hunting and Tracking, and so on, they are in a position not exclusively decided by their physical prowess. While the clan acknowledges that both sexes play their roles, they too recognise that the clan could not exist without women. Heskynne women are the guardians of the clans history, culture and tradition. They are the caregivers of the next Chieftains, Skeppares and Varthir, and future mothers who will too take on the same role. Just as many cultures, The Heskynne's do believe that women are inherently weaker when it comes to raw, physical strength. However, this means that the protection of these caregivers is even more essential to them, and those who do so are highly respected. Whether or not a Heskynne has passed the trial or not is evident by the coloration of their eyes. Those who are undergoing the three-year trial typically have dark-green eyes. However, after a Heskynne trainee has completed the trial, they will consume an alchemical potion, shifting their eye color to a bright amber. ᛜ The Heskynne Tongue ᛜ Greetings: "Heil!" - Hail! "Velkominn!" - Welcome! "Heill dagr!" - Good day! "Heil ok sæl!" - Hail and be well! "Góðan morgin!" - Good morning! "Góðan dag!" - Good day! "Góðan kveld!" - Good evening! "Gott kveld!" - Good night! "Hvass er ás!" - Sharp as an axe! "Þik kveðja!" - I bid you farewell! Directions: North - Norður South - Suður East - Austur West - Vestur Up - Upp Down - Niður Left - Vinstri Right - Hægri Forward - Fram Backward - Aftur Common Sentences: "Hvernig heitir þú?" - What is your name? "Ég heiti..." - My name is.. "Hvar ert þú frá?" - Where are you from? "Ég er frá..." - I am from.. "Takk fyrir." - Thank you. "Fyrirgefðu/Fyrir." - Excuse me / I'm sorry. "Já." - Yes. "Nei." - No. "Vertu blessaður!" - Be blessed! "Hafðu góðan dag!" - Have a good day! Expressions: "Skál!" - Cheers! (Used when toasting) "Veistu hvar til finna?" - Do you know the way? "Hljóta að halda áfram." - We must press on. "Skuggi fellur á land." - Nightfall is approaching "Blessaður ert þú." - You are Blessed. "Hugr hjá sverði." - Courage in battle. "Sigr!" - Victory! "Fara vel!" - Farewell! Numerics: 1 - Ein 2 - Tvau (pronounced as "t-v-ow," like "cow" but with a "v") 3 - Þrir (pronounced as "th-rir," with a rolled "r" sound) 4 - Fjórir (pronounced as "fyor-ir," with "y" like in "yet") 5 - Fimm 6 - Sec 7 - Sjau (pronounced as "syow," rhyming with "cow") 8 - Átta (pronounced as "aw-ta") 9 - Níu (pronounced as "nee-u") 10 - Tíu (pronounced as "tee-u") [For numbers beyond ten, you can combine the numerals, much like in 'Common'] 11 - Ein-tíu 12 - Tvau-tíu 13 - Þrir-tíu 20 - Tvau-tuttugu 21 - Ein og tuttugu 30 - Þrjátíu 40 - Fjórtíu 50 - Fimmtíu 100 - Hundrað 1000 - Þúsund
  3. As my persona is striving to bring glory to his clan, I am searching for players to join in, either as cousins reuniting with him to assist, or those who may have been adopted as children. The appearance of the character is very flexible, however most are humans, some few being adunians. The roleplay will be focusing on the revival of their culture; protecting wildlife and descendants. There is no specific religion, though most cousins are of a norlandic and farming background, following the Red Faith. A culture post for the clan has yet to be made, as I am waiting for an appropriate amount of active players before attempting anything like that. If you're interested, or wish to ask any questions, I can be contacted on discord. My user is 'astravaya'.
  4. RP NAME: Vesryn Ravamyar USERNAME: Astravaya AGE: 34 INTENDED EVENTS: Tourney
  5. OOC INFO: MC Name: Astravaya Discord: Astravaya#9451 RP INFO: Character’s name: Rulan Heskin Character’s race: Highlander Any particular skills: Athletics Affiliations and Allegiances: Redclyf
  6. Astravaya


    You’ve just arrived in a swampy, dim town. As you look around, your gaze is met with shacks and cabins. It smells of rotted wood and wet moss. You duck and step into a tattered tent, illuminated by a series of candles suspended in the air. At the back of the tent, an old hag raises her head, “What brings you to this dingy town? she begins, then pauses to study your face—”Ah, it’s you. I’ve been expecting you. Sit,” she gestures at a cushion, “Tell me your story.” Rulan gave the room a quick look, observing the worn fabrics of the tent, and the rest of its interior. He managed to slowly sit down onto the cushion, and the soles of his feet were sore from the journey so far. " Well.. I was born in Norland. " The youth started as he withdrew a string from his satchel, pulling his locs back and tying them into a half-pony tail. " My father raised me while my mother frequently travelled. I never really got to see her much. But my old man was smart, and we did fine without her. Whenever he wasn't teaching me how to defend myself, how to hunt or read I was lugging all the heavy weight around. After I reached the age of eighteen we both agreed that I should travel on my own, and hopefully get a job with enough coin for me to live comfortably. " Rulan, finishing his little monologue, turned his attention to the candles, his head tilting upwards as his brow furrowed. " You're a mage, right? " He gestured at the candles with his gloved hand. " Is that how you know me? "
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