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  1. Jesus is King.

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      Jesus is King.

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      He has risen.


      Jesus is King, also.

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      No body remembers this day being his rising


      he has risen!

  2. sev Arsen would read the opening lines of their thesis before he came to a stop at the letters of elven woman, promptly throwing the missive to the side "What does an elf know of the light of God and his will? Nothing. That is why the Epistle to elves exists."
  3. "Marriage is between man and woman, not woman and woman or man and man. For if God truly wanted marriage between same sexes then he would give Horen a husband, not a wife." Father sev Arsen spoke to whomever would lend an ear "This is undeniable proof that God wished for marriage to be between man and woman thus making same sex marriage and relations immoral. The canonist princes are spreading heretical thoughts fueled by the fire of iblees."
  4. Dorst would sign up Team name: Goat Enthusiast Team members: Dorat and goats First choice team status: handicapped/crippled/wheelchair Second choice team status: idk whatever is left
  5. Death to noble rp, embrace peasant republic rp
  6. "I've seen them with my own eyes!" The old man grabbed the collar of the younger, shaking with immense schizophrenia "The gnomes... they run among the trees! In the forrest! They are real I tell you!"
  7. Hannes Steelguard remembers being called a brigand and a brute by the same people who did such an unspeakable act upon a soon mother-to-be alongside remembering when they tried to test a frail and weak old woman who just had suffered the loss of a loved one! He prayed for the souls of the unborn children and the woman. "Shieet ain' BIG MAN like no cap." Father sev Arsen commented as he read the missive, signing the lorraine and pointing to the sky as he usually does after invoking the name of the lord "Neek wasteman actin n' should get capped for it, ON BIG MAN."
  8. Day 1 of waiting for the vlachian deepstate to be given its tile

  9. Dorat read the missive of the tournament which was to take place in Krugmar, curious "Maybe we should participate?" he suggested to his cossack comrades @Evrocentrik @Optimus420 @kazoo
  10. OOC NAME: MisterBlitzkrieg IRP NAME: Dorat DISCORD: MisterBlitzkrieg
  11. CUISINE OF THE COSSACK Scriptum Anno 1957 THE FREE COSSACKS OF ARPATIA L I B E R V M C O S A C I A R P A T I E N S I ☩ ☩ ☩ WHAT DOES THE CUISINE ENTAIL? The cossacks are a nomadic bunch who travel throughout the land with mighty steeds, living in tents once they find a suitable place for their horses to graze. Whilst to outsiders it might seem like a quick and easy affair, it can actually be a lengthy and arduous process. A result of this condition is that the cossacks have developed several distinct foods which last for long and can be made on the move. The following is a list of various distinct dishes the cossacks have created during their travels and interactions with other cultures, some ranging from day to day whilst others being dishes which are served during feasts as a delicacy! SADDLE DRIED MEAT The cossacks are nomadic people constantly on the move, riding their great steeds across the earth of the world. Sometimes they will be forced to hunt to quench their hunger whilst on the move which leaves them little time to cook the meat. They came up with a certain technique to solve this problem, allowing them to preserve the food whilst also “cooking” said food. The meat they would obtain from hunting whilst on the move would be cut into long strips before putting it between the saddle and the back of their horse, the heat and sweat produced from the animal shortened, dried and preserved the meat. This technique allows the cossacks to avoid stopping during their travels whilst also cooking the meat, not requiring fire to be made. This also serves as a strategic advantage tho to the fact they can remain fed whilst remaining stealthy. TUSHONKA Tushonka is a beef stew cooked with a lot of fat, lard and jelly, producing a mixture of various high calorie ingredients before being put in a metal can for preservation. A cossack warrior on campaign is usually provided with a handful of Tushonka to ensure he is well nourished although it is not uncommon for one to see it being consumed on a daily basis among working men who are away from their homes or nearby vendors. Consumed as either a snack or main course during lunch, it fits all occasions. GOULASH Feasts are a thing of great importance among the cossacks. It is a time for the host to show off their wealth and prosperity whilst also strengthening the bonds of their family and community. Without them the world would be cold and without food the world would be colourless. Goulash is a spicy stew made out of meat, potatoes, various vegetables and seasoned with paprika and spices. This combination gives the stew a colourful red whilst being filled with a strong spicy flavour. It is not uncommon though for the dish to be served with cream on the side which helps soften the strong flavour if one is weak. Just like a normal stew it is prepared in a cauldron, using water. All the ingredients are chopped up into chunks and pieces before being added ASPIC Crafted by the resourceful Cossacks during their extensive journeys across the expansive steppes, aspic has become a culinary tradition in the Midlands of Aevos, representing a distinctive preservation method. This technique entails enveloping meats, seafood, vegetables, and even eggs in a protective gelatin casing, exemplifying the culinary ingenuity passed down through Cossack legacy. To enjoy aspic, one merely slices it into portions and consumes it like any other dish. However, upon placing it in one's mouth, the warmth initiates the melting of the gelatin layer, creating a flavorful broth that envelops the food in a comforting and delectable embrace’
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