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  1. Doesn't work since the font I want to use is not available on LOTC forums
  2. What I mean is that I would like to see the ability to chose more fonts for your writings besides the ones we already have. The current ones are bland if you ask me and I would love to see some fonts such as MedievalSharp.
  3. The Verdant Glades's: Grand Tavern Brawl Issued in the year 117 S.A Brawls in Taverns and bars might not be a typical occurrence on the continent of Almaris although that does not mean it isn't a fun and interesting way to spend the evening with the lads and loved ones, at least for those who are winning the brawl that is. An easy way to let out the stress and steam that built up over the week yet there is one downside to this. You might end up with a broken nose alongside unpaid tabs to the tavern. But what if you won something for breaking your nose and someone else's nose? Enter the Verdant Glade's: Grand Tavern Brawl! A free-for-all hand-to-hand-fighting tournament taking place in the Verdant Glade's tavern where you can break noses and jaws while competing for money. A prize pool of 300 minae will be given to the last man standing in the brawl.
  4. Haflings are actually peace loving super soliders. They have struck down countless of men and left civilizations in ruins. Why does no one know of this? Because all the records were destroyed with the civilizations.
  5. "Typical Elf shenanigans." Björn commented as he read the missive stroking his beard "So because they couldn't get a war, now they have resorted to lynching krug descendants because they are minding their own business?"
  6. CT is only good for telling you where the activity is at. Always will be.
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