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  1. The Fall of A Man & The Rise of A God _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ From within the Manor of House Mösu in the city known as Myrine, the capital of the Dual Duchies of Redclyf-Rozania, and in the middle of the night, the violent coughing and vomiting of an old and aging man could be heard from outside the walls of the manor, causing a disturbing aura around the place, one that gives off the feeling of death and plague but soon the said coughing would be replaced with the mad & loud ramblings of an old man and the clanking and thumping of things hitting the floor. "SILENCE!" Ragnarr would yell at himself as he hit his head, trying to make the whispers and noises within his head stop but with each word that they uttered, the more he was seduced by the ideas and "facts" that they were uttering and informing him off "GET OUT OF MY HEAD!" He would scream in anguish as he forcefully wiped the things on his desk off of it, causing them to come falling onto the floor and making sounds that would wake the entire household if he hadn't done so already with his screaming and making his children in the other rooms cry in fear and worry, before taking hold of his head and his ears as his nose started uncontrollably bleed. He wormed and squirmed around the room as well as headbutting the walls and floor in an attempt to get it to stop but soon it all stopped. The Manor was mostly silent, the only thing that made noise within it was the terrified and sorrowful weeping of children. Soon soft chuckles could be heard which soon turned into laughter as he was struck with a sudden bolt of optimism and happiness but most importantly, Enlightenment. What stood out from what one could hear was the inaudible mumbles from Ragnarr. One could not hear what was being mumbled from outside the manor but one could hear that words were being uttered but within one could hear something. "GOD... ALLFATHER... SON." Were the words that Ragnarr mumbled to himself and the words those within the Manor could hear as he got a sudden spurt of energy, moving around the room in a frantic matter and kicking around the things on the floor on accident when he moved around, his movement being irregular due the dizziness and lightheadedness which he experienced from suffering from the Plague. The sounds of a pen being used could be heard but why one could not tell without entering the room which one could not enter because the door had been locked from the inside, thus only being able to be opened by breaking down the door or lockpicking it. Although the sounds of chuckles and mumbles would sometimes be broken with the sounds of Ragnarr throwing up and or breaking something. Soon a short and brief silence fell as his movement stopped and he looked around the room, inspecting his creations. "I AM A GOD!" He soon yelled out before vomiting so much that he would become exhausted, wobbling over to his bed before promptly falling unconscious, thus leaving him and his sanctum unprotected. The room where the sounds originated and where Ragnarr had had his revelation in could no longer be considered a bedroom but rather the cell of a man who had lost his mind. The walls of the room were filled with poorly and deformed drawings of what one could not simply describe, being a mash of what would look like divine actions and interventions such as the tapestry and window arts one would find in a holy building. Not only deformed drawings but simple words and phrases such as "God", "High Deity", "Immortal", "Supreme Being" and "I am kin of the Allfather" or the other variant of it being "I am the heir/son of the Allfather" fill the walls of the room. Blood and vomit are on the floor and Ragnarr himself who was sleeping on the bed without a single worry in the world but coughed from time to time, oblivious to his surroundings and what he had done...
  2. The 1st Military Reform of Redclyf 6th of Sun's Smile, 79 SA The Military of Redclyf was once just a band of mercenaries known as The Red Company which was commanded by the first Duke of Redclyf, Friedrich I. But as the duchy slowly grew and moved their capital to the fort of Myrine, they soon realized that the army was underdeveloped and no longer fit the needs of the Duchy. Thus a reformation and reorganization of the military ensued, the overseeing and drafting of this process being granted to Ragnarr Mösu “Barbarossa”, The Aesir of Aesirs at the time. ______________________________________________________________________ Contents: Chapter I: Naming Chapter II: Authority Chapter III: Organization Chapter IIII: Mark System Chapter V: Hirð System ChapterVI: Extra Sets of Duties Chapter VII: Codes of Conduct & Military Laws Chapter VIII: Rank Structure & Chain of Command Chapter IX: Personal Guard of The Duke Chapter X: Medals & Awards Chapter XI: Enlistment & Oath Chapter XII: Retirement ______________________________________________________________________ Chapter I: Naming With every army and military organization comes an official name which said Military force is referred to. The Military of Redclyf is no exception. The army overall, including all its hirð’s and Hefnas, shall no longer be referred to as the Red Company but instead referred to as the Red Banner of Redclyf which is its only name and legitimate name. ________________________________________________________________________________ Chapter II: Authority The Red Banner of Redclyf acts under the direct authority of the Aesir of War who sits upon the council of Redclyf by the grace of the Duke. The army does not only act as a military force that is in charge of the defensive and offensive capabilities of the Duchy but also as a policing force, charged with maintaining peace & order within Redclyf’s walls & borders. To ensure peace & public order within Redclyf, the Officers of the Red Banner are given the right to enforce laws and punish those who break them accordingly. If a treaty of extradition is in place with the homeland of said criminal, then they are to oversee the extradition. In times of crisis or uncertain and dangerous times, the Red Banners are given the right to enforce curfews, set up security checkpoints alongside roads and streets, search and question people acting suspicious and set security perimeters within the borders of Redclyf. ________________________________________________________________________________ Chapter III: Organization To ensure an effective military that is able to act decisively and swiftly in times of war and crisis, the Red Banner of Redclyf has an extensive and deep organization within it that allows just that. These systems vary from units and levies to promotion and rewarding and can be broken down into; Military Edicts of the Aesir of War, serving as direct orders to all the Lithsmen & Bondi in active service to the army The Red Banner Mark system, being a variant of the one from Norland, in which each and every Lithsmen is granted a set amount of marks for each task and duty they perform, ensuring that good & productive soldiers are rewarded for their hard work. The Hirð system in which soldiers are split into separate units with their own set of Officers and duties, some being under the command of the Barons in Redclyf and others by High Ranking Lithsmen. A set of additional tasks and duties which a soldier has the right to claim and take on _______________________________________________________________________________ Chapter IIII: Mark System The following chapter is dedicated to the Mark system which ensures good and productive soldiers are rewarded for their hard work. Ranks and how many marks one is required to obtain them: Ranks Marks Needed To Obtain Rank Jungeman 0 Oathedman 8 Hírdman/ Flagraman 16 Huskarl 22 Dróttin 32 Hersir/Herling 50 A soldier is rewarded marks for each duty they complete or military event they partake in. Some are but not limited to; Attending any Training: 1 Gate Duty: 1 per hour Gathering Raw Resources: 1 per three stacks Escorting a Member of the council or the Duke and or his Wife: 2 Guarding Religious & Government Events/Ceremonies: 2 Hosting a training/Patrol: 2 (2 enlistees must show up) Participating in a Patrol: 1 Recruiting New Members into the Army: 3 Participating in a Skirmish or Raid: 3 Participating in a War Claim Field Battle: 4 Participating in a War claim Siege: 5 _______________________________________________________________________________ Chapter V: The Hirð system The Hirð system is a system fashioned and handmade by Ragnarr Mösu “Barbarossa” to ensure that swift and decisive independent operations within the Duchy and when on campaign could be made. A Hirð is led by a Hersir or a Herling who act out the orders from the Aesir of War yet lead and give out orders in their own right. A Hirð is split into two subdivisions, A Drótt and a Hefna which are made up of either Lithsmen (career soldiers) & Bondi (levies). Hefna: A Hefna is the first formation one runs into when discussing the Hirð system. A Hefna consists of one Noncommissioned Officer and one to two enlistees under them, both either being a Bondi and a Lithsman or just one of the two but are mostly made up of Lithmen who are career soldiers due to the greater value professional troops provide when compared to levies. Duties of those in the Hefna The main duty of the noncommissioned officer, officially named as Huskarl within the military, is to make sure the men they lead are well drilled and ready for combat once it arrives alongside making sure they show up for military inspections and events or perhaps even battle. One could even say that they act as a mentor for the men under them. The Enlistee or Bondi that is within a Hefna make up the bulk of a Drót and even a Hirð. Their duties vary depending on the need of the Hefna and depending on what duty they are assigned by the Huskarl but in some cases they may be given a direct order from one of the Huskarl’s superiors such as the Dróttin. The only real duty they have is to be ready for battle and deployment. Overall Duties of a Hefna & Levies The overall duty of a Hefna is to patrol the lands of the duchy and maintain peace within the realm and act out punishments for breaking the laws of the duchy in times of peace. When it comes to times of war the same applies although it might be changed depending on what the army requires of it. An example would be that they would change their focus to foraging or scouting while on campaign or perhaps even harass enemy military installations. Levies, officially and commonly referred to as Bondi within the army, sometimes make up half of the troops in a Hefna if the Hefna is undermanned by Lithsmen who are the professional and career soldiers. A Hefna would be considered undermanned when it is not completely filled by Lithsmen. A levy is not randomly selected and then thrown into one of the formations but is rather assigned to one once they reach legal age. By being assigned to a Hefna, they would have to fight in it when raised and called upon but until then, they would work their shops and fields to ensure a thriving economy and duchy. Drótt: A Drótt is the second formation that one runs into when discussing the Hirð system, being made up of six Hefnas and led by a Dróttin or an officer as other nations would call it. Due to the nature of the army, a Dróttin can be made up of only Lithsmen or a mix between Bondi & Lithsmen. A Drótt is usually around 18 people. Duties of those in the Drótt Now those that are in the Drótt do not diverge or differ from the duties of those in the Hefna, rather having the same duties with a few extra duties due to the fact that the Hefna’s are the ones that make up the Drótt. The commanding officer of a Drótt is known as a Dróttin and their duty is to oversee that the Huskarls in the Hefnas are doing their job properly and do not hurt the overall quality of the army & the Hirð. To do so they are allowed to do inspections on the overall health and quality of the Drótts and to punish and replace the Huskarls, who are in charge of training the Enlistees, with higher quality soldiers to ensure that the troops under the command of a Huskarl are taught the skills of and drilled into a good soldier. Alongside that they are the one that lead the Drótt into battle and combat operations, taking orders from the Hersir/Herling they are commanded by and issuing orders themselves. Overall Duties of those in the Drótt Just like the Hefna, the duties of the Drótt are to ensure peace & order within the Duchy’s borders. This is because the Drótt is more or less a collection of all the Hefnas and put under a centralized leadership. Hirð: The Hirð is the collection of all the Drótts & Hefnas under it, being commanded by a Hersing/Herling who is either a High Ranking Lithsman or a Baron in the Duchy. Due to there being two different forms of commanders, some hold additional duties and responsibilities although both retain the same authority. Differences Between A Hersir & A Herling The differences between a Hersir and a Herling is only visible when you look at the societal hierarchy instead of the military chain of command. A Hersir is a noble and baron of the Duchy who owns an estate and may or may not field their own bannermen while a Herling is a commoner who has worked their way up to the rank they now have. If a Hersir was to own an estate/baronage then the Hirð they have command of would be stationed there and would patrol and defend said lands. Soldiers who may have accommodations outside of said estate and none in it would be given one in the estate they are posted at, preferably a barracks to ensure that the soldier lives and sleeps at the place they are to defend. The Hersir would also be put in charge of feeding and supplying them although may request help with supplying them from the Aesir of War. Payment for the soldiers' service will not and never will be put on the shoulders of the Hersir & any attempt to do so will be seen as trying to buy the troops' loyalty for personal gain or ambition. Now a Herling is not required to supply the men he holds command over due to the simple fact that it is very unlikely they would be able to afford it & thus all logistical duties that come from maintaining the Hirð will be the Duchy’s but mainly the Aesir of War’s duty. A Herling and his Hirð would be put in charge of the garrisoning of the capital or one of the other major settlements in the Duchy but if a settlement is not available then they shall be tasked with defending a fort or military encampment in the duchy, the Herling being made the Warden of said Fort. If neither is available then they shall simply be garrisoned in the capital. Payment would be taken care of by the Duchy. Naming & Signifiers Due to the likelihood of there being many Hirðs in the future and that soldiers may or may not give them unofficial nicknames to make it easier to distinguish said Hirð from another. This is why each Hirð has the right to give themselves an official nickname which cannot be changed without a majority vote within said Hirð. This right is given with good faith but does not mean each name will be permanent. If the nickname is deemed too inappropriate then it will be changed and said Hirð will be revoked the right and its soldiers & officers punished. Once a Hirð has lost this right they will merely be referred to as whatever number they are. Each Hirð will still go by a number even if they have a Nickname. An example of an allowed name would be; 1st Hirð of Redclyf “Iron Wolves”. Furthermore each Hirð shall be given the right to choose a symbol which shall represent their spirit and unit that will be carried by the Flagerman. The same rules for names apply here. If deemed too inappropriate then it shall be changed, the Hirðs right to it revoked and everyone in said Hirð punished. An example would be a banner with the Hirð’s symbol and the coat of arms of Redclyf and or a metal figure on a staff. ____________________________________________________________________________ Chapter VI: Extra Sets of Duties This chapter will be dedicated to give a brief overview to the Extra duties each soldier may request to be granted. This includes logistical work to communications work. Bréffœrari The Bréffœrari are trusted members and messengers within the military who are tasked with delivering letters, edicts, orders and reports to those in the military. These roles are usually assigned to cavalrymen. Læknir The Læknir are men and women within the military who possess medical knowledge and thus are tasked with the treatment of wounded alongside ensuring that each soldier within the army is physically prepared for tasks and duties. They furthermore fill in all other medical needs the soldier may require. Each Hirð is to have at least 1 Læknir. Blacksmith The role of the blacksmith is rather simple in nature, given to those who possess knowledge and experience in a blacksmith. Those that take on this role will be tasked with the forging and repair of armor, weapons and tools for the army. Stablemaster The stablemaster is the role that has the duty of ensuring that the soldiers that need a horse have a horse. Their duty is not only to give out horses but to breed them as well to ensure a steady supply of Warhorses for the army. Due to the importance of this role, it is only granted to Huskarls and above. _______________________________________________________________________________ Chapter VII: Codes of Conduct & Military Laws This chapter goes over how a soldier is supposed to act in general and when in the presence and address an officer alongside Military laws which each and everyone in the army is forced to abide by. Failure to abide by said Codes of Conduct & Military laws can lead to punishment and or a discharge. Uniforms When on duty, each and everyone in the military are to wear their uniform in accordance with their rank. When off duty a soldier is not allowed to wear their uniform yet are still expected that they uphold due behavior for they represent the military and the duchy as a whole. Furthermore, helmets are to be worn during official duties such as patrols & guarding courts. Modifications to said uniform are prohibited to ensure decency and uniformity within the military. The only way a uniform can be personally modified is with the permission from the Aesir of War. Addressing Superiors Addressing superiors is only applied to Non-commissioned officers and above. When addressing them, one will state their rank and either their first or last name and after this the reason for the address will be stated. Saluting Saluting is a tradition and custom within the military which is reserved toward the officers and above such as the Aesir of War, The Aesir of Aesirs, The duke & all the other Aesirs who hold a more specific role in the council. Saluting is mainly done to officers when on official military events such as inspections or guarding courts while one shall always salute the Aesirs until they give you permission to stop or leave your field of view. When saluting one will draw their sword and higher it to one's face, the crossguard & hilt being in front of the face before the mouth and the tip of the sword uppermost. The blade shall be vertical. Once one has been given permission to stop saluting, one shall move the blade so that it is aligned with the left shoulder before one sheathes it. Military Laws Every military in Almaris and the southern continent abides by their own military laws to ensure order and organization. Redclyf is no exception and have their own military laws I. One shall not partake in looting or banditry when on campaign without the permission from the Hersir/Herling or Aesir of War. Depending on the severity of the crime, they can be given corporal punishment, forced to return what was looted and beg on their knees for an apology from those that were wronged. II. One shall not shed the blood of non-combatants nor violate them in any way. Soldiers caught doing so shall be punished with death and or the removal of their reproductive capabilities III. One shall not reveal military information and secrets to neutral and or enemy entities. Doing so shall be punished with whipping or the tongue being cut off depending on the severity. IV. One shall not be intoxicated while on duty. Being found breaking this will result in a fine. V. One shall not commit Insubordination nor insult their superiors. Being found breaking this law will lead to a punishment the insulted finds suitable although regulated to ensure righteous and just punishment VI. One shall not desert the army. To be relieved of military duty, one must receive permission from the Aesir of War alongside having their oath lifted and have served a minimum of a year. Leaving the army without any of these conditions, also known as deserting & oathbreaking, will be punished with being made an outlaw and being Court-Martialed if captured. VII. One shall not stage nor partake in mutinies. Breaking this law will result in the Hirð being subjected to decimation which involves every tenth soldier being beaten to death by his comrades. VIII. One shall not show cowardice in battle. Doing so sets a poor example for your Hefna and will lead to your Hefna being punished. IX. A Hersir/Herling is prohibited from using the Hirð they are in command of for personal gain or vendettas. This includes but not limited to family feuds, clan feuds, raiding outside of war, racketeering, Hiring out the Hirð as mercenaries to the highest bidder, etc. If found guilty of this then the Hersir would be stripped of nobility and of their titles before being given a dishonorable discharge and a fine. If a Herling is found guilty of this then they shall be stripped of their rank, given a fine and dishonorably discharged. _______________________________________________________________________________ Chapter VIII: Rank Structure & Chain of Command This chapter goes over the chain of command and the ranks within the army, starting from the highest rank one can achieve to the lowest where everyone starts from. This rank structure is dedicated to the Lithsmen, the career soldiers in the army and thus excluding levies. A brief description of each rank shall be given as well. Officers AESIR OF WAR The Aesir of War is the Highest office one can obtain as a Lithsman, being the supreme commander of the Red Banner as well as any Militias that are organized in the name of the Duchy. The duty of the Aesir of War is to make sure the Red Banner of Redclyf is operational and always ready for duty in general alongside being tasked with the security of the Duchy as a whole from Internal & External threats. The Aesir of War also sits on the Duke’s council and advises him or her on military matters. HERSIR/HERLING Hersir & Herling are two different terms with minimal differences yet hold the same authority and role in the army. The difference between a Hersir & a Herling is the fact that a Hersir is a noble. They lead a formation known as a Hirð who are assigned different duties by the Aesir of War within the Duchy and when on Campaign (See more in Chapter IIII). They may be put in command of the defense of a city or fort. A Hersir would not be paid in wages due to the fact they own their own estates from which they make an income from, while a Herling doesn’t. Thus a Herling is paid between 40-42 Minas in wages. Dróttin The Dróttin is the leader of a Drótt and a junior officer, being tasked with overseeing the Huskarls under them to ensure that the Non-commissioned Officers are the best there are. The Dróttin is furthermore tasked with maintaining the organization and high quality of the Drótt, doing so through inspections. (See More in Chapter IIII) A Dróttin would be paid 35 in Wages. Huskarl The Huskarl is a skilled and experienced soldier who has been made into a non-commissioned officer in the army, being tasked with ensuring discipline and drilling the soldiers of their Hefna through patrols, training and further military proceedings. They can be mistaken for being mentors. (See more in Chapter IIII) A Huskarl would be paid 28 in wages. Enlistees Hírdman/Flagraman The Hírdman is an experienced and well respected soldier within the Army, having served for a long period of time and proven them worthy over and over again. They are like Men-At-Arms although without any commanding authority unlike other militaries. A Hírdman would be paid 20 in Wages They may be appointed as Flagraman within their Hirð and thus be tasked with carrying the banner and or symbol of the Hirð. It is a sacred and respected duty but It is usually seen as a disgrace to the Hirð if their banner or Symbol was to be lost or captured in the heat of battle, some even believing it would give bad luck to the Hirð until it is recovered. A Flagraman would be paid 22 in wages. Oathedman The Oathedman is a Jungeman who has passed the trials of being a recruit and has shown himself worthy to be brought into the fold and the military in general, having sworn an oath to defend and fight for the Duchy until they are struck down in battle or until they are discharged. A Oathedman would be paid 15 Minas in wages. Jungeman Jungeman, meaning young man, is a newly enlisted and recruited man or woman who has decided to join the Red Banner of Redclyf. During the times of a Jungeman, they will swear an oath to defend and fight for the duchy until they are struck down in battle or until they are discharged alongside being trained by their Huskarl in the arts of individual combat, formation warfare alongside pushing them to their mental and physical limits to create strong, disciplined and reliable soldiers. A Jugneman would be paid 10 Minas in wages _______________________________________________________________________________ Chapter IX: Personal Guard of The Duke The personal guard of the duke is known as the Valor Aesirs and is led by the Aesir of Protection, the sword and shield of the duke. This is a band of the best knights within the realm and the most loyal, being handpicked by the Duke himself and they only answer to him as well. There is no permanent and well established way of recruiting these knights due to the fact that the Duke handpicks them. He might send them on a quest to prove their worth or host a tournament in which the winner and the best may be offered a spot. These knights are well respected within the realm although they do not hold any authority over the men and soldiers in the Red Banner of Redclyf. _______________________________________________________________________________ Chapter X: Medals & Awards The following chapter gives a list of Medals & Awards each soldier is able to obtain in the Military. The Band of Duty This small and very common, among the troops that is, award is granted to those who pass the trials of being a Jungeman and complete their first duty and order. It is a small metal armring that swirls around one's arm and has two small dragon heads at the ends. The Fisher’s Award The Fisher’s award is a small bronze fish hook which is granted to those who recruit a man or woman into the military. This is the first variation of the award for there are 2 other versions as well. The 2nd is a silver fish hook which is given for recruiting 5 people to the military and the 3rd is a golden fishhook which is granted for recruiting 12 people. Battlement Crown This award is granted to soldiers and officers who manage to climb and get on the enemy walls of a town or encampment first of all. This award is a headband made out of gold and decorated with the upper part of a Sudis and engravings, including the name and rank of the soldier it was granted to. This award can be granted to every soldier as many times as they are able to fulfill the requirements. Dagger of Prowess The first variant of the dagger of Prowess is granted to those who manage to strike an enemy down in battle as well as holding their ground to the end of the battle, the dagger being made out of silver with the rank and name of the owner being engraved on one side. The second variant is just like the first variant but made of gold. This is granted to those who manage to strike down an enemy soldier and officer whilst holding their ground. One will need evidence and witnesses who can confirm if one has fulfilled the requirements. Medallion of Bravery & Sacrifice The Medallion of Bravery & Sacrifice is an award granted to those who have shown considerable bravery in battle and held their ground when faced with bad odds and later being wounded because of it, buying time for their comrades to rally and organize. It is a simple silver medallion with the eye of the lady of the lake engraved into it. Crown of Fellowship This crown is among the highest awards one can be granted. It is given to those who save the lives of their fellow brothers and sisters in arms during battle single-handedly. This crown is a simple collection of crimson twigs and thorns that is made to resemble a crown yet the wearer is greatly respected. Guardian of The Duchy This is the highest award one can be granted, usually and mainly given to officers and commanders whose actions have saved the entire army or Hirð from annihilation. This reward is a golden chalice with rubies going around it at the top, representing the Duchy, alongside a handcrafted magical greatsword which includes engravings depicting the event that made them worthy of the award. To be granted this is a great honor and is rarely given out. _____________________________________________________________________________________ Chapter XI: Enlistment & Oath To be recruited into the Lithsmen of the Red Banners of Redclyf and thus serve the duchy until one is struck down, discharged or retired, one must fulfill the following Criteria: Be a resident and Citizen of the Duchy or it’s vassals They must be able bodied and at least of 16 years of age They must be able to understand and follow the Military Laws, Customs & Principles of the Red Banner of Redclyf. If these criterias are met then the person who wishes to enlist may be enlisted upon their own request. Then they are given equipment, a uniform, food, housing, pay, assigned to A Hefna/Drótt/Hirð and taken the Oath of Service. The oath goes as follows; “I, ____________, solemnly swear upon the honor and pride of my family and ancestors to faithfully serve the Mösu Clan and above all the Duchy of Redclyf and it’s Mösu Dukes, to defend him from the claws of any false claimant and Usurper, to uphold the laws and traditions of Redclyf and protect its people. To defend the eye of the lady as she defended us from the Old Ones, to sacrifice myself for Redclyf and the lady as she sacrificed herself for us all. I will proudly and honorably don the colors of Redclyf and swear to neither abuse my power as a member of The Red Banner of Redclyf nor cower in fear against the enemy.” Upon the Oath being sworn they will be a member of the Red Banners of Redclyf at the rank of Jungeman _______________________________________________________________________________ Chapter XII: Retirement This chapter involves the benefits and rewards from retiring from the Military once one is eligible to do so. A soldier has the right to retire after having served 24 years in the military as well as achieving 100 marks within the rank they wish to retire with. Every member who has completed these requirements will be entitled to a farmhouse in the countryside of the Duchy that shall not be taxed for as long as they live. Upon the death of the former member post retirement, the Duchy shall reincorporate the property into the Duchy’s possession. _______________________________________________________________________________ Signed & Approved, Aesir of Aesirs, Chieftain of Clan Mösu & Knight-Errant His Grace, Duke of Redclyf-Rozania, Lord-Protector of Almar
  3. [!] The following message has been nailed onto every notice board in Norland & It's Vassals A Song of Exodus _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ The Mösu Shall no Longer Obey To A Kingdom That is in Decay. We shall neither Stand nor Fight For What They Believe is Right. For Only A Fool Would Follow When Injustice & Humiliation is All He Has Been Bestowed, When Justice, Gifts & Glory Is What They Are Owed. A Kingdom Defended By A Fool’s Folly, A Kingdom Left Blinded To The Enemy Rally, A Kingdom's Pride In All Its Glory, Its End Shall Be Gory. What I’m about to say is not meant to make you beg for us to stay nor beg for forgiveness. For you are the choosers of your own fate and actions. But I want you to know how you have behaved towards me and my Clan… And How we have treated you. For years now, me & my clan have been subject to unjust treatment and humiliation from those we would once consider brothers and sisters, comrades who we fought and bled next to in a shieldwall, even risked our own necks and skin to save when their footing faltered and their end seemed near. When we have been the ones to first answer the call to arms in defense of Norland and been those that showed up in even greater numbers then sworn vassals and barons of Norland! Hel, Not even the Ashguard managed to surpass us in numbers! So dare not say that we have not done our fair share, our right, our duty as Highlanders & Norlanders. We have bled and toiled just like you all. If you’ve got scars and believe you have bled and toiled more for our North, then Strip and show them to us! We’ll show you ours! There is no part on our bodies that is not marked with a wound. Our bodies are covered in scars from every weapon you can think of! Swords, Arrows, Spears, Clubs, Stones… All of them sustained for Norland! In defense of your kin & friends! But yet they Dishonor, Humiliate, act out unjust punishment for things some of us have already been justly punished for when honor, land, titles and gifts are what we are owed… They stab us in the back over and over again like the treacherous courtiers in empires of old, Bite our ankles like a poisonous snake when we are not aware. We demanded justice for all the times where we were wronged and we received none. We asked for what we were owed in return for all the blood we have spilled and lost for Norland and received nothing. We asked to be recognised as an official clan of Norland and yet there is no such decree. A man can only be stabbed in the back a few times before he grows a pair of eyes in the back of his head. Henceforth I, Sir Ragnarr Mösu “Barbarossa”, Aesir of Aesirs in Redclyf, Chieftain of the Mösu clan and among the first knights of Norland, and the Mösu Clan shall no longer exist under the banner of Norland nor be in the service of the King & Ashguard for only a fool would do so after having experienced what we have. If there is still any Mösu's in the Ashguard then this is their letter of Resignation from it. So Join Friends & Folk who Have Seen Norland’s Wrongs, Let us set Sail and Sing Songs. Let the Northern Winds take our Ships South, As We escape Norland’s Bad word-of-mouth. To a Distant Land That Is Hot & Warm, Yet Friendly & Does not Thorn. Our Song of Exodus, Shall even be Sung by Regulus. Signed, Rangarr Mösu “Barbarossa”, Aesir of Aesirs, Chieftain of Clan Mösu & Knight of Norland
  4. As Ragnarr sat down in the tavern in Norland and read the announcement, he could not help but to smile, being glad that his southern Clansmen have taken the steps they had discussed for quite some Father's days and that the expansion of their estate was finally happening "I see... Lets hope Friedrich is ready for all the trials and tribulations that are to come." He remarked to himself before throwing the papper which he had read of the announcement on, into the firepit in the tavern, watching closely as the papper was ingulfed by the roaring flames.
  5. Discordtag : MisterBlitzkrieg#7597 MC Name : MisterBlitzkrieg RP Name : Ragnarr Mösu "Barbarossa" RP Age : 49 Are you entering as a Commoner/Knight/Champion of a peer? Specify which : Knight
  6. Ragnarr would read the information as he was sitting down in a tavern, enjoying a glass of lager. "650 minas?!" he exclaimed to himself, finding the victory sum very large and appealing. He soon got a quill and wrote his name onto the application form [[OOC]] IGN: MisterBlitzkrieg [[ OOC]] Discord: MisterBlitzkrieg #7597 Name: Ragnarr Mösu Where are you from?: Norland Optional Alias: Barbarossa Joust, Melee, or Archery?: Everything
  7. Ragnarr would carefully read through the information of the event to make sure he did not miss any important information before signing on application face RP name: Sir Ragnarr Mösu "Barbarossa" MC name: MisterBlitzkrieg What events do you wish to join?: All Are you willing to pay the entrance fee of 10 Mina?: Yes
  8. Ragnarr would read the details of the event carefully, so that he would be well informed of all that he needed to know before grabbing a feather and ink to sign up Name(Persona): Ragnarr Mösu "Barbarossa" Username: MisterBlitzkrieg Persona age: 45 Nationality: Highlander/Norlander Do you have a horse: Yes
  9. Sir Ragnarr would be silently sitting infront of the firepit watching the flames dancing around in it's little domain of the Ashguard dinning hall in the barracks as he listened to the news being told to him although he did not give a single thought to it for he was busy thinking and pondering over what he had seen... Having been inflicted by the side effects of the Crimson Rain or Red Rain as some call it, seeing things that would've shaken even the bravest man to his core.
  10. Name: Ragnarr Mösu "Barbarossa" Race: Human Do you promise to take good care of your new horse?: Ragnarr would chuckle to himself, finding the question amusing. Of course he would take good care of his future property and companion for only a fool would not! "I shall take good care of the horse once it's mine for I shall cover it with the finest brigandine, for his propuse is to be redifined. Bear in mind that they shall not drag plows or drag carts but charge into the enemy line." is what Ragnarr would write down on the last section of the application before parting ways with said application.
  11. The peoples in the family tree of Mösu are a family of Highlanders which has seen the begin and end of many kingdoms & continents. Ragnarr was born in a cold winter 26 years ago. He was a special child in their family as he was the only one that had red hair, red as the flame which gives us light in the dark. Some in the family saw it as a blessing and others as a curse from the Allfather. No matter how you saw it, he was picked on by the kids in their vilage. He spent many nights crying in the arms of his mother because of this but she alwsyd told him that some day they would respect and even fear him and even serve him. This was the seed that lead to becoming an ambitious and seeking or rather trying to gain the respect from others. As he grew older he to around the age of 12 he stumbled upon a man who seemed to be more of a poet then a figher. But never judge a book by its cover. The man could fight really well. Young Ragnarr was impressed by the man asked him to teach him how to be as witty and poetic as him while also teaching him his martial prowess. The man refused at first but when he stumbled upon the kid being bullied he changed his mind. From that moment on Ragnarr's life would change. He would no longer be a weak and pathetic little boy who was bullied but something greater. Ragnarr and the man trained at every oppertunity they got. It was around the time Ragnarr was 16 that he first fell in love. He remembers it as clear as day. It was summer and he was out fetching things for his mother in the market when suddenly he heard someone humming a a song. The person who was humming and singing bits of it had the voice of an angel, he felt like. He looked around to spot a young lass by the name of Adela. Her beauty was beyond compare and his heart started beating faster. It was as if she had put an enchantment on him. What felt like an hour was soon over faster then he wanted it to be when she dissapeared behind a building. Ragnarr from that day onward would try and caoture her heart. Although he would never succede since she soon left the village to become a priestess. This little pursuit for love was a break from the mundane day which he experienced everyday. When she had left he dived into a more hedonistic life style. Drinking, feasting and doing some more suspicious activities. He has not abandoned this lifestyle but it is more temperate now adays. When Ragnarr finally reached adulthood he finished learning all that the man who decided to tutor, whose name Manfred, him in poetry and martial arts. Feeling that he was trapped by the village, he wanted to get away from all the things he had already done a thousand, a million, a billion times. He started packing his bags and left the village, never to be heard from again. He for many years lived a nomadic lifestyle. Hunting to get food and sleeping next to a campfire. Only on winters he entered towns to sleep at taverns to not freeze to death. He travelled around the world and went to many of the great sites in the world. It is only when he turned 24 that he started seeking for a chance to settle down. He has done mercenary work for some years and now has decided to travel home to Nordland become a soldier or even noble in a clan and hopefully in the future, king.
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