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  1. The Order of the Chiming Bells "Deus nostrum fatum destinat" [God determines our fate] A call to exiles, outcasts and crippled by disease, stand up and join at arms, side by side, like brothers and sisters. The Leper Order of the Chiming Bells welcomes all those afflicted by disease, who have resigned to their fate, who have been shunned and left, who wish for a change and to devote themselves to a greater cause. Our Goal The Leper Brothers and Sisters of the Chiming Bells swear to dedicate themselves to the protection of
  2. Name: Moris Race: Elf Birth Year: 1646 Peerage (if applicable): Do you have a residence in Sutica, or are you guaranteed a residence as a government official, or are you currently in the process of acquiring one?: Yes Address of residence (if applicable): Axolot 4
  3. Monster Mystery Box (DIY Event Lore) [Google doc] All that’s written below is lore of various creatures and things that may be used in DIY events, and by no means can be used casually - meaning no pets, no characters and no use of the things themselves outside of events. Items may be made from the beast parts if gained in an event, however must be signed by the player running the DIY event. These creatures do not require a CA of any sort and are used explicitly for player events. These must be OOCly coordinated and must be trusted for responsible use.
  4. Lair PRO MC Name: Vitalian Lair Name: The Order of the Orrir'Ullral Proposed Lair Locations (Highlight 3 on the map): Whole map for reference (Tiles 1, 10, 11 and 30) (Preferred location, would be closer to roads) Spot 1: On the shore of the lake Spot 2: On the top of the mountain (would still work, but it's very isolated) Spot 1 and 2: both near the ice lake if this were to get accepted, we might need just a few blocks out of the 50x50 tile to terraform the build nicely with the surroundings Lair Lore (could link to an existing creatu
  5. Hey! yes, I do commissions. If you like what you see and want me to draw for you then that's cool. These are usually my default prices, but they could vary depending on the art request. Lineart + Flat colors: Headshot: 5$ / Half Body: 10$ / Full body: 15$ (4$ per added character) Lineart + Shading: Headshot: 10$ / Half Body: 15$ / Full body: 20$ (5$ per added character) Doodles: Avatar: 1$ / Full body 5$ Some examples. And if you are looking for more examples, then look down here.
  6. MC Name (IGN): Vitalian Personas (Character) Name: Nyree Avila Discord: Vitalian#5685 Timezone: GMT+2 Persona’s Race: Human Persona’s Age: ??? Any particular skills: Medicine and Herbalism Affiliations and Allegiances: None
  7. heard a whole lot of complain how CT shouldn't be a rp hub etc etc, but i must agree with this since most of the times new players might feel lost out there, it would be cool, sure +1
  8. Greater Transformation Elixir Expanded use in the Shikari lore (Link) ((Atmosphere?)) Description: The descendants differ themselves from the common beasts of the wilderness because of their intellect and strength of mind, but what if one could hold the strength of a lion while still holding on to their descendant mind? The transformation elixir is a wondrous concoction, it doesn’t act like a normal potion, it has, in fact, semi-magical properties, through the use of liquid essence, the potion modifies the soul, making it moldable and easy to sculpt just as if it
  9. RP Name: Rulk MC Username: Vitalian Discord: Vitalian#5685 What Nation Are You Affliated With?: Rulk have no home Why Do You Wish To Come?: Rulk want to do journey, and see many thing also need more nice wood What Skills Can You Bring?: Rulk strongest of all, Rulk has axe and can create good things from wood, Most important of Rulk is fists because he strongest.
  10. Name: Kalesius Uialben Partner’s Name (If Joining As A Team): Magnus Team Name (If Joining As A Team): Depresso Expresso Do You Wish To Sign Up To Be Apart of Sutican Citizen Healthcare?: what? What Is The Square Root of 27i times 728x^3 over 2ab?: 42 is the answer to everything
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