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Found 10 results

  1. Event Planners, MC Names: EbonsquireEvent Type: RP | ExplorationYour Timezone: EST -5, Midwest (Indiana)Affected Groups: It's open. Any group may come, though 6-8 people is the recommended amount.Event Location: Northwestern Coast of Asul Summation: The Helderenberg is a mighty vessel, built from burly, dark wood and strong ferrum nails. Love and sweat was put into this ship whose course was set for Balanak Peak, an island some ways away past Axios in the middle of the eastern ocean. The living quarters were of adequate quality, fitted with a desk for each crew member and relatively comfortable bedspreads. A good twenty rooms in all did the ship have just for the main crew. But they were nothing as grand as the captains quarters! A king-sized bed, a desk with enough area on the top for doing some heavy duty paperwork, a great view of the ocean, and other such amenities befitting a nobleman. But, oddly enough, there were twenty-six members on this ship, and not twenty-one. And twenty-six rooms. in total. Unfortunately, the Helderenberg managed to go completely off course and collided with the sun-scorched sands of northern Asul instead, that once wondrous ship becoming a capsized mess along the beaches. Well, not really. In fact, it managed to remain relatively intact after impact, tough as the damn thing was. But nothing stirred. And there were twenty-six rooms on the Helderenberg. And now there were five members, who similarly did not stir. Concept Images/Screenshots: What help do you require from the ET Actors or Builders?: I'll need help building the ship -- it shouldn't be too large or too small. Should have 4 larger quarters 20 small quarters, a storage room, and a captains quarters along with a few others for the crew at least. Will also need actors, which can be a combination of non-ET players and ET.
  2. Morganosaurus Rex

    The Guild of Unison

    Hello traveler, I am Morgan, Founder of the Guild. The Guild of Unison functions by trading materials from a 'producer' to a 'crafter' who then can earn a profit from what they make. This allows people to reap the benefits off of their profession when they may find it useless. To quickly cover: There are some smaller rules to go through: Application Format Contact me Via Bird or Mail if you are interested in joining, this guild is quite new so please remember that it's not going to be completely professional We are also looking for a 'Guild House' or something similar, if you have a piece of unused property please mention it! We do however have a limited budget. (Username = No1LovesMorgan) (You can also send a PM over forums)
  3. Racker / Lefty

    [✓] The Bridge Ballista

    (a similar depiction of what a bridge ballista would look like) Background Lore Several months before war was officially declared on Norland, the Dwarves knew that armed conflict was inevitable. They had the numbers, and the resources to bring to the fight to their enemies, but a seemingly unsurmountable problem stood in their path. The island fortress of The Krag. In preparation of attacking this seemingly impregnable bastille, scores of Dwarven engineers were assigned to develop an efficient means of entry. Experiments ranged from explosives, to catapults, to highly dangerous prototypes of flying machines, but all seemed too expensive, or too inefficient to meet the needs of their current dilemma. That was until, the suggestion was made to think of a redesign of an old favorite, tried and true for hundreds of years. Old blueprints created by Nalro Grayhammer, the greatest ever dwarven engineer where dug up from engineering books within the vault of the great library of Kal’Omith. These blueprints, the first concept of the bridge ballista, were originally made to be used in the siege of the Shadow Castle during the dwarves attack on Oren, however were scrapped for a more simple approach through the use of just bombarding the walls. These blueprints were eventually put into use by the current Master Engineer Ogdan Frostbeard, in preparation for the attack on Norland. Thus the Vath-Kahrkrumm (Wall Attacker) otherwise known as the bridge ballista, was put into production. An incredibly useful, yet fickle machine, it utilizes the same mechanics of an ordinary ballista, but instead of bolts it launches two powerful anchors made of black steel meant to be driven into the stone walls of a mighty fortress. In the wake of these anchors follows a bridge, made of rope and dubiously unsafe and flimsy wooden planks. Although strong enough for several armored dwarves to walk across at a time, the fragile bridge is prone to swaying in high winds, and can be easily broken through by a prepared defender. The reliability of this war machine is low at best, and it is often prone to misfires, or simply not reaching it’s intended target. However, by time constraints and the expertise of Dwarven engineering inspectors, it was deemed ready for battle. In Game Operation Each ballista is mounted on wheels and is mobile, however only has the potential of one shot. Loading it and firing it is the same as a normal ballista, however after it’s first shot has been fired, it cannot be reloaded. If a shot does manage to hit, the siege moderator should worldedit a bridge of appropriate length to the target location. If defenders manage to hit the bridge with a siege weapon, it should be destroyed, and any on it at the time should fall or be damaged once the bridge is removed. Suggested Rolling Stats Perfect: 19-20 With a perfect shot I would suggest that the bridge land right on it’s target, with perhaps only a one block difference of high or low. What a perfect attempt would look like: https://i.gyazo.com/fad9a73a3c1a251c8846651eed7b538e.mp4 Good: 16-18 With a good shot, I would suggest the bridge land within the general area of it’s target, perhaps 3-5 blocks off in any direction, requiring the need to deploy ladders to reach it’s intended location. Fair: 12-15 Although not terribly far off, a fair shot should land somewhere around 6-8 blocks from it’s target. Bad: 9-11 Essentially a miss, this shot will land nowhere near it’s intended target, but may still be useful with a bit of ingenuity. Fail: 1-9 The mechanism fails, causing the bridge to fire down into the trench, or the mechanism fails entirely. What a failed attempt would look like: https://i.gyazo.com/011688bc01bf1b9beaf8c4e9093fbaaf.mp4 What it looks like within minecraft: This lore is not set in stone by any means, and we are open to suggestion for changes that may help this piece get accepted. If any player or LM has an opinion or suggestion to make this happen, please do not hesitate to reply or message us.
  4. ActionKnight56

    A new type of persona

    Is it possible to have a persona that is an elemental? To be specific, I mean someone is who is made up of that element.
  5. ormz

    new dwarf help

    Hi! I am a new dwarf player with a couple of questions.... 1 i will be going online tonight at about 1830 greenwich time, i am currently at the dearf starting site,the place wich you take the boat to, Would anybody like to help me...teach me about life?? 2 how does builsing and plots and stuff work?
  6. Republic of Salvus

    The Bard's Guild

    *Confidants, and existing guild members, litter about any establishment with eyes nearby and ,with a thud of a palm, plaster on the upper rim of a gold embroidered parchment. It is headed with a trusting Salvian Crest.* The Salvian Bards’ Guild “Quill supra laminae” Cera 1505 “Trees are amongst us: some of nations, some of families, and some of.. nature. In common, they all blossom and fruit and shed and rest. They house creatures, of some sort, and sanguine nectar in the core of their well intent. For the nation, their coffers be the nectar. For the family, it be their blood. For the nature, its nectar is pure. The branches reach out, in our dear trees. The nation has its guilds and groups, with the family its ancestry, and the tree? Mere sticks. The fruit.. is where our trees diverge. One willow may weep its bitter ichor, and another sycamore its sour cherries. Yet, as of late, nations have bore little fruit of culture. The families refuse to let what fruit their branches hold fall. And nature? Well, it’s not apples this be writ for. Nay, friends. It be our culture. We are all of the same thicket.. and, as nature, in want of growth. Yet, there has been little fertile ground for our nimble tendrils to reach out and embrace Enlightenment! That very light which not only will see joy through, but our existence in itself. For too long has the darkness blighted the people: short wonder it has only been the glint of a crown’s ruby, or a blade’s gleam that had caught their attention.” It is our livelihood, and pleasure, as Bards of Enlightenment, to reach our branches further - enough to bask in the glory of open day, beyond what has been a dark age. It be Sol, and its nightly friends, which direct our path - by the faith of the Republic we reside within. The parallel shared is so close, it is more simpler to see us Bards as one to the Republic. Do not mistake this for blind loyalty, however. Us Bards only have our Curator as our superior: not even the Chancellor of the Republic may dictate what is writ of them, or anyone, or anything - for that matter. It is the constitution we embody, and which allows us our rights - of arts, be they dramatic or fine, and literature. Music completes a ‘trinity’ of activity the Bards are expected to partake and progress upon. It is oft one strand of this trinity which a typical Bard would specialise upon (Arts, literature, or music). It is our Curator who assigns our overall vision, which Giliath Haldar currently holds the septum for. As with any guild, our leading representative - the Curator - is elected, during the time of the Salvian Elections, every sixteen years. The route for Enlightenment is open for all, who reside in our realm - yet, those who’ve bound themselves to it find themselves funded by the very government they mean to sculpt the ways of (Salvian Citizens). The Intelligentsia of Athera, us Bards are not just the orators of tales and opera, but of the people themselves. For Foreigners truly seeking a ground of fertility of thought and truth, a sum of 200 Minae every other year (two Elven weeks) - as membership tribute - is but a paltry price for the masonry of culture, and oft paid back in purchase of works of art and productions. Even if that be of discomfort, fellow Bards oft finance those in need of continuing their pursuit of Enlightenment. To whom it may concern, the guild means to accept those well-versed in the ways of the Republic they serve under, and those who abide by its laws. Thus, may their knowledge be prodded, in addition to receiving a collation of their general profile. The Intelligentsia are distinguished as a group of their own, for reason - of merit and respect - and this calls for individuals capable of being the greatest thinkers and visionaries Athera has seen. ============================================== Deliver, by bird or otherwise, the following credentials and responses: those accepted will receive response from either the Consulate or the Curator themselves. If ye may not even wish to do this, how may ye muster the burdens of entire novels or play productions.. or even a single great work of sculpting? Salvian Information (Link) ============================================== Application ============================================== To those who have shown the will to become Bards, it is not only the velvet pouch of Mina (as all works receive compensation) they are to expect - but to be among the first to witness and pursue what wars have been fought for, and empires risen and fallen. The peace of a book. The joy of a tale. The advancement of a Republic. You are now of the masons of culture, pride and Enlightenment.. and chisel away at governments, people and mortar all the same. From all three of them emerge great works, and it is your name bound in the scrolls of history (which even you writ!) which is the greatest reward for what service you will have. Do not forget: Quill supra laminae.
  7. CoffeeMagi

    The Dwarven Alchemy Guild

    [Ogradhad's Alchemist] Beros Oathcast ~ ((JavaWizard)) [Wisdom] Elvira Mantisuku ~ ((Farryn)) Rhewen ~ ((Rhewen)) Dorin Irongut ~ ((Thaddeus12)) Solaris ~ ((KibagoKid)) Aeras Ibar'ker ~ ((InfiniteMind)) Fili Grandaxe ~ ((Cpt_Noobman)) Vidar Frostbeard ~ ((YankeeHD)) Claus Reiter ~ ((IceWalker)) Gauldrim Irongut ~ ((RedBench_)) Dagor Starbreaker ~ ((iAlexxxx)) Khel ~ ((hydra28)) [Please Post Your Application Here]: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1AQyrSerG9UNOVZE5A3xjgEUjM-G0CxPG53EzJ6izgXQ/edit#
  8. The Order of The Black Swan The Order of the Back Swan is a guild which seeks to prevent unlawful banditing in and around Athera. They are a military organisation with a number of towns under their control, however they are based in Morley Castle, in Akovia. They seek to combat injustice and are a growing community. They have people with a whole range of professions, skills and interests. Soldiers are granted complementary accommodation in Akovia, a townhouse. As well as housing, there is the issue of nourishment. No soldier will be without food, and will regularly be topped up with food. There are Order Farmers and chefs on hand to ensure this. They have regular training sessions, and a monthly tournament, at the end of which, a Champion is crowned. Upon becoming a footman of the group, the soldiers are granted a starter kit, and as the rank progresses, so does the level of equipment provided. Upon reaching the rank of Cavalier, the soldier is granted their own horse, which they are able to store in the orders stables. Rank System Grand Commanders Commanders Military Advisor Council Members Officers Cavalier Lieutenants Footmen Initiates The Grand Commanders Percival Staunton Baron Jacque d'Praedium Application to join: (Username): (RP Name): (Skype Name): (Reason for joining): Uniform: http://imgur.com/i2S2tii
  9. BrandNewKitten

    Brandnewkitten's Gm Application

    By filling out this application I fully understand that it is an application for the purpose of applying for the role of Game Master and nothing else. I understand that this application does not and will not count as a Forum Moderator Application or a Whitelisting Application of any sort for the Lord of the Craft server. I also understand that I must resign from any 'high-ranking' in-game leadership positions e.g. Kingship, Military Commanders upon acceptance. Not only that by I know that the role of Global Moderator is not a position to make me worth more than another. I am of the same worth of any community member and each member deserves the same amount of professionalism and respect given from me. Minecraft username: BrandNewKitten Age: 19 Time zone: PST, West Coast USA Do you have any past experience moderating Minecraft servers?: I do not have any high level of experience in moderating MC servers. There was the server I was at before LOTC which was a private server. The GM team was small and I dealt with everything from player relations to BRs. In my life I have held many leadership positions in which organization was key. Choir President, Theatre president, Senior class president. I was devote in my duties during high school, planning events and pouring my creativity into the teams I worked with. Why have you decided to create a GM application?: I believe I will be able to help the community. I would not be making this app if I didn't I believe while I know how to crack a joke or be silly I always have a sense of professionalism when dealing with a job duty. That is what global moderation is, a job. Volunteered or not that is how I plan to treat it. It isn't that I believe I would make the best moderator right off the bat, because I know that if accepted the amount of work I would need to do in order to be up to par is immense. I am, however, willing to learn. In fact I am excited to learn, thrilled to expand my knowledge on plugins, WE, regioning. All facets of minecraft interest me and to be able to expand on that would be exciting. Additional information: I have my opinions. I am not a robot and I am not afraid to voice them. However do I think that I will allow those opinions to step in the way of my will to be a professional? No. I believe that everyone has bias but I believe it is those that learn to get past their bias in order to get their job done efficiently that will shine, excel and surpass all others. Can I do that? Can I get past my bias. I believe I can and I would love the chance to show that I can. Thank you for reading.
  10. Bucky_24

    The Black Legion

    The Black Legion No Remorse, No Pity, No Fear. 'Lore' A young elf by the name of Nicholas the Grey always felt honor bound to do what he believed was right for the Empire of Oren. He lived his entire life in the Empire, and he always wanted to serve it when he came of age. After sailing for many weeks with the rest of the Empire as a young boy, he came across the new lands. The lands of Anthos! As he was a boy of just sixteen, he mainly stayed inside the city of Salvus, always looking up the the Salvus Shields that served as the first line of defense against the other nations that might try to threaten them. On his seventeenth birthday, he joined the Shields! After a few years inside the Shields, he was resting from a recent stab wound, when he heard a commotion outside the barracks. Wincing in pain, the boy ventured out into the palace where he heard a battle brewing! He saw a fellow Shield was trying to harm a little girl! Drawing his blade, he tried to stop the conflict in hopes of saving the little girls life! As he was about to strike the Shield with the flat of his blade, he heard a voice behind him. He turned and saw another Shield with a bow. Only the Shield had the bow aiming right at Nicholas! After a heated argument, the trio of Shields left the palace and went out into the courtyard. Again, he spied the Archer with his accursed bow. He was aiming it at yet another Shield! Thinking it has gone on long enough, Nicholas drew his blade and tried to sneak up on the Archer. He would have killed the Traitor if his chain-mail had not given him away! The Archer turned and fired an arrow into Nicholas's gut and branded him a traitor to the Shields! He the traitor? Fleeing from the palace, he vowed to get his revenge against the Shields! He started worshiping the orcish god Krug. One night after sacrificing a pig to Krug, he had an idea! He'd start his own band of warriors. The Forgotten. The Skull Bearers. The Black Legion! He would force the Shields to their knees. With this army, he would be feared by all. If they want a traitor, then they have gotten one! Requirements Be an avid Role Player. Be mature! Be nice OOC even if you want to be an arse IC! Be willing to wear the Legion Uniform. If you are wearing our uniform on other servers, please do not make us look bad! Be willing to have fun! Ranks Initiate- The lowest rank of the Legion. He has not yet proven himself to be a full member of the Legion and has not yet earned his Skull. Skull Bearer- The bulk of the Legion are the Skull Bearers. They do as their commanders order without question. They wear an iron Skull on their tunics branding them. Skull Squire- Taken under the wing of a Knight of the Skull he/she is currently being trained to become the elite soldiers of the Legion. Knights of the Skull- The best of the best. Has command over all below him. Is usually training at least one squire. Training takes at least one full IRL month to become a Knight from a Squire. Knight Commander- Second in Command. There are usually three Knight Commanders at any given time. Has to be a Knight to be chosen as a Commander. Grandmaster of the Skull- The leader of the order. He follows no kingdoms laws. He is highly religious and believes that Krug is the one true god. Any insult to Krug is deadly in his presence. Rules Do NOT harm a fellow Legionnaires Do NOT disclose any information about the Legion until I say so. Do NOT cause other players OOC grief. We are a mature group. Do NOT EVER Power-Game, God-Mod, or Meta-Game. Do NOT start fights with orders we are not at war with. Do NOT steal from the Legion. Diplomacy At War With- N/A Allied With- N/A Application Character Name- Character Race- Character Age- Skills- Reason for joining (at least a paragraph please)- IC- "I, [insert name here], promise to uphold the laws of the Grandmaster. To trust in my commanders that they are doing what is right. To never bring harm to any of my Brothers and Sisters. I vow that until I die or am released from my oath by the Grandmaster, that I will never betray the Legion on pain of death." Final Notes You need to be really committed if you are to join this Order. We do not want to become the group known OOC as the upstart dogs. Please be nice OOC and if you have poor Role Playing ability, then you will either be willing to improve or do not return. If caught Power-Gaming, God-Modding, or Meta-Gaming, you will be purged from the Legion and most likely never allowed to rejoin depending on the severity. If you are caught doing any of the three, I will personally do what I can to get you banned. We do not need any of this.