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  1. (MC Name: WhatASithuation) Name: Athri'annyer Tinuviel Vote 1: Theveus Sythaerin Vote 2: Theveus Sythaerin
  2. THE BALLOT ((MC Name: WhatASithuation)) Name: Athri'annyer Tinuviel Vote 1: Theveus Sythaerin Vote 2: Theveus Sythaerin
  3. Athri'annyer upon hearing the news was both surprised and devastated. "... What am I supposed to do with these 25 blast potions now... ? We were going to sell them for so cheap too..." He stated to his comrades within Ak'vei's lab. "I guess we'll just have to find someone else that wants an obscene amount of blast potions."
  4. Athri'annyer stood before the pyre of his cousin, saying a couple words in her memory: In the hush of whispered winds, a somber tale unfolds. Of a woman named Llora Soltée, whose story is now retold. With grace and strength, she walked life's winding knoll. A spirit as enduring as the silent flight of the snowy owl. Beneath the silver moon, her statements would chime. A melody that echoed through the corridors of time. Underneath the canopy where branches gently weep. Her memory in our hearts, forever to keep. With every word she spoke, a meaning profound. A symphony of kindness, in every note, it resound. Her laughter, a gentle breeze through autumn's golden trees. A warmth that lingered, like the sun in the arctic freeze. Now, she rests where the stars' stories unfold. A cosmic ballet, a spectacle to behold. In the tapestry of life, her threads are unbroken. We shall remember her and all she was, a valuable token. So let us bid farewell with a bittersweet vow. In the presence of all of us, here and now. For in the stillness of the night and the sun's warmest prowl. Llora's legacy lives on. So, think of her. When you see a snowy owl.
  5. Oooh this is super cool! Its such a huge learning curve for new players in regards to making roleplay items. This is definitely going to help them!
  6. After some time of reflective deliberation I have formally decided to step down from my position as Okarir'sil. I, of course, will remain steadfast with Haelun'ors ideals and aid the Sillumir and the blessed cihi to the best of my ability; however, it is time for me to progress onto a new chapter of my life. I recommend Sorcaril Sythaerin to Elasulir to replace me, as they have already proved their capabilities. ahernan, and maehr'sae hiylun'ehya. Athri'annyer Tinuviel. ay'thill yallre. hae iheiuh onaelu perithe.
  7. Athri'annyer scowled at the paper, for multiple reasons. "Eugh." He tossed it over his shoulder into the armory's fire and went about his daily duties.
  8. Okarir'sil Tinuviel rallied and prepared those under his command with the help of his Tilruir'tir. "It is time, we march!"
  9. Tilruir'tir Nightingale looked over the missive. His brow was furrowed in concern. "I have absolutely no idea who this elf is." He muttered. "How foolish. Who even has the audacity to pin such a missive with no concrete evidence to support their claims..." Upon further reading the responses of such a missive, Alexander's concern faded quickly. Losing interest, he continued off on his patrol.
  10. Alexander paused, seeing the notice. His eyes widened in excitement. "Finally! . . . It is time for Father Sonny to shine." The armored mali maliciously chortled, continuing on his patrol humming quietly. "Ah.... I cannot wait to kill my brother."
  11. Alexander, while heading to a research class in the library took a moment to read over the paper. "Oo.. sounds like quite the debate. I think I'd be interested in attending such." He whispered to himself, continuing on his way.
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