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  1. A high elf walked her way to the usual spot to read another book, when she noticed the missive and took a good look at it. ”Festival huh?” A long exhale was let out, before scratching her head she would then look away and return to her spot to read. ”I hope it’ll be fun for the rest.”
  2. MC-Name: Cozy_Tea RP-Name: Llora Soltée Persona-ID: 77405
  3. "hmm, a delightful sight to be seen and heard." said a voice, where an elfess stood by holding two books before returning to what she was doing
  4. In the village, the 'aheral held a basket with freshly picked apples. look at the missive. "Hmm, interesting." She shrugged. "May this village's future expand greatly, yet calmly."
  5. A hungover elfess sat by inside her bakery before hearing the news soon. "Good for you Raziel," she rejoiced calmly before drinking some water.
  6. Llora glared at the missive, when reading this she raise her glance to the sky. A deep exhale was let out ”we can never get a break” said the elfess
  7. "Permission to shoot those pigeons with fire?" Asked the elf'less.
  8. When taking a closer look at the missive, reading the words over-and-over again."Alright, Who forgot to add that we'll also make juice for the younglings?" The elf's exhaled out of irritation, yet shrugged it off. "Ah - Oh well, Wine is the most popular we'll do so, can't argue."
  9. Season 1 was always great listening while drawing, Season 2 brought me to tears of reunion. Season 3 was nice Season 2 dearly inspired me however all seasons were amazing due to the fact i always wanted to play with the mods.
  10. The River of Stars An un-finished Melody (Llora Soltée wandering at midnight. Artist: Unknown) Three months after The Grand Harvest. 129 SA When I was eight years I dreamt about visiting Almaris to explore the nation I was born in. The Principality of Celia’nor is a child with dreams to learn of their fashion, culture, and traditions. I drew many drawings of the stars. To see midnight thinking that there were more stars Than there were in Fiyern’talar. But all those hopes faded as I grew up, realizing I'd have complications fitting in with the rest of my race. I had little to learn how to speak "Formally" to other high elves, look and dress like them, and act formally. I spent all my young years exploring the fields, Horizons, and Forests. I read every book I received from the local salesman from overseas, Climbing up the trees to get a better view of the landscapes and to find any Lost idiots of mine, Curious exploring cousins Included. Despite that, With my hopes to visit the Principality of Celia'nor, I began to work on a melody to play for the citizen in the future. I named it: The River of Stars, however, I never fully finished the melody and now with the text and melody gone I feel as if I have to begin all over again, Perhaps even re-naming it.
  11. SHEEEEeEeeEeeEEEEesH



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  12. Llora sat by a wooden log, drinking some tea.
  13. Llora grinned at Tara's comment. "Oh you'll expect a lot of sandwiches, ne worries." (OOC: im out of edit tokens... )
  14. We got a current situation. this link will be brought back up

    but in the mean time please stand by and wait until it's truly finished. Thank you

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