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  1. 1. YES. 2. don't know what that means but maybe. 3. MAKE IT HAPPEN AND MY SOUL IS YOURS! (translation: 10000% yes) 4. IT WILL LITERALLY MAKE WINERY RP MORE FUN. YES Idk if I am late to this..
  2. Llora was roasting potatoes patiently awaiting the changes of her home, while she also kept count on her bank. Making sure she is saving more minas to donate more for future purposes.
  3. Llora lacked words of what to speak yet she would give a simple proud nod as she read the missve. ”Wonder if she’ll allow me to burn someone.” The high elfess jested with a smirk, as she poured tea to her cup.
  4. Llora smiled upon reading the missive, the Amethil's now noble. "Happy for you guys!" she hummed glancing over to the winery with joy.
  5. Llora reads the missive and then glances at the vineyard with utter disbelief. "Is this real life?" she asks to herself. "Two nations that have been rivals for how many years, now on a truce?" Llora grabs her glasses to read the missive all over again. With no more words to spare she'd place down the missive to take a moment, she enters her kitchen to prepare herself a cup of tea. ". . Alright. ."
  6. "Left and right, forward or backward...Everyone we love dies.." she said with a bitter tone, clearly upset to hear of the news of ANOTHER known soul now gone. "May the stars and the moon welcome you, friend," whispered Llora, tears running down.
  7. Although she never knew Lefkos personally Llora stood with a sorrowful sight shedding one tear down her cheek. "May the stars and the moon welcome his soul," she whispered, feeling utter pain inside.
  8. Llora squinted her eyes trying to read the missive, she'd grab out glasses to read closer. "This..This is truly remarkable!" - "If I had my intelliegence activated then I would express more." she'd continue reading the missive with a smile forming. "Amazing, simply amazing."
  9. Llora gave the minds to the food cart, walking away with a smile and good food."This is the most delicious thing I have ever tasted!" she would shed a tear of joy. "in my opinion this is 20 out of 10." she hummed
  10. As the aheral saw the prince returned she moved her glances to the flint and steel she held and quickly put it away, stomping the little fire she made. "What a magnificent Surprise!" - "Our Prince has returned. AY'CELIA'NOR ! AY'ILLTHRAK! Welcome home!" Cheered Llora with a bright smile.
  11. I'm still alive pals!

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  13. A Midnight Departure of Llora Soltée Published the 3rd of The First Seed. Year 158 SA. Once you walk inside the library you notice droplets of blood on the floor, it leads to the basement level of the library. As you walk down further you stumble upon a dead elfess lying on a puddle of red on the carpet near the fireplace, a bad stab wound on her heart and her face scarred bleeding as the last tears fell down her cheeks. In front of the dead elfess beside the knife and pool of red was a letter half-written. You reach out grabbing the piece of paper, partly written in ink. you slowly read what was in the letter. "To whoever finds my scarred corpse and reads this letter, I couldn't keep up any longer I chose to depart from this world knowing I failed to show love and a smile to my confidantes, knowing I failed as a teacher and kept being the fool that I was meant to change. I have done everyone a favor, now I send my few last written words...To my children who I failed to raise with or without my partner, may you find love and create a better family - even if I won't be here, I'll always be in your hearts my little feathers. To my close and distant relatives, I'll miss you all dearly and my friends...I am sorry." The rest was torn apart, it ended there but as you looked down at the corpse you noticed on her right palm she had a letter sealed with a green ribbon - you reached out and opened it. And you began reading it slowly... “To whom I once called my love and joy, I loved you so much despite the changes, my heart kept waiting for you to return, but the longer you were away again I realized that we might not ever re-marry, we may not ever raise another infant together, we may not ever share a laugh or smile to each other like before. You were my spark of hope, my loving cloud puff.. I'm so sorry, may there be a better chance for us to live happily in another life. From your departed wife, Llora Soltée.”. You'd lower your gaze and noticed a white owl feather partly tucked in her hair fell once to the bloody floor and was no longer white. The last few tears ran finally down the corpse and there was no more but a dead elfess, a mother, a wife, a failing Mentor, and a friend...She was gone. The whole room was covered in small blood stains, easily removable. The room was left with silence, the fire by the fireplace sparked with noises but not loud enough to wake you up from what you believed would be a dream but it was not, this was real and now she was no longer with us. A Silent Farewell to Llora Soltée. Her Funeral shall be held upon the 4th of The First Seed, Year 158 SA.
  14. A high elf walked her way to the usual spot to read another book, when she noticed the missive and took a good look at it. ”Festival huh?” A long exhale was let out, before scratching her head she would then look away and return to her spot to read. ”I hope it’ll be fun for the rest.”
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