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  1. The Treaty of Nevaehlen In effect as of the Year of the Kouryuu, 182 SA (1115 Kamijikan) PREAMBLE The contents of this passage shall serve as the peace and non-aggression agreement between the Isle of Nevaehlen and the Koyo-Kuni Shugonate. Both parties signing this pact declare adherence to its terms under oath of blood, honor and soul to our ancestors. As such, the details of this treaty are listed below. The Isle of Nevaehlen and the Koyo-Kuni Shugonate agree to uphold the peace between their realms and their vassals and to resolve disputes between their lands amiably and honorably. Both states agree to not campaign against one another’s sovereignty or aggress upon eachother’s people in a pact of Non-Aggression. The tenet does not apply to defensive agreements made prior to this agreement. Fulfillment of prior defensive agreements will NOT be taken as breaking this treaty. Both parties recognize one another’s sovereignty and border claims of incorporated and unincorporated lands with the region of the old Talar’nor fjord as being claimed by the Isle of Nevaehlen whereas the majority of the Brightwald, the Sakura Mori and the Cursed Mori being claimed by the Koyo-Kuni Shugonate. Both parties agree to the practice of cultural exchange between their peoples in hopes of learning and growing from one another. Both parties agree to the sharing of intelligence and the cooperation of campaigning against Do’Badders and Yokai (Darkspawn, Netherdoers, supernatural anomalies). Both parties agree to the free movement of trade and to the exchange of a tax-free stall within each other's capitals. The Isle of Nevaehlen shall agree to aid the Koyo-Kuni Shugonate in its quest to restore the life of the Norowareta Mori (The Cursed Forests). The duration of this treaty shall last 10 years where both parties will reconvene to discuss the renewal or development of the relations between both parties. By the judgment of our ancestors, this document is adhered by and those after them under oath of blood, honor and spirit, On behalf of the Shugo of Koyo-Kuni, LADY ATSUKO of UGOKOYAMA the Wayfarer, Shugodai of Koyo-Kuni, The Iron Lady of Sakuragakure and the Light of Gushiken Academy
  2. OLDHEADS WE ARE SO BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111
  3. "A wheel is not a wheel if one looks at it from the side." "I hope you can see that in the next life." Spoke a super duper sad Jenny planting a singular stone upon dirt, beside planted flower. A flower that would wither. But redemption did not degrade nor rust. A stone may shave but its sediment would still be carried by the wind off toward the unknown. Upon the stone were singular name scrawled: Adya.
  4. . . . .You guys were just roleplaying? :(
  5. Atsuko wojacked in the burned remains of Sakuragakure. . . Though, as an old Lector character return to that retinue of Samurai with three goals instilled within her was new hope. "It is not Jowarida."
  6. The village already has a GOAT. Nezumi flexed her arms and went back to training so she may one day defeat Kani Hanma.
  7. Atsuko former Valkyrie Aelia of the Seraphim branch of the Lectorate stares at the missive, blinking - she wonders where this mystery Lector's room was in Lectorgrad perhaps he was hidden in the walls. Too did she wonder how the order restarted without a single Lector being let known! Perhaps a mere misunderstanding. . . Surely, if he was truly a Lector he could prove such by answering the Lector kids menu questionnaire found at Lecty Lectorbears Pizzeria (Funded by Gibs Co) which she promptly mailed to the writer: (Your name here! :D) (The date here!!! :D) 1. What was Danzen's mom? 2. How many scoops of icecream is a Lector allowed to eat? 3. Fill in the blank! _ _ _ _ _ _ ' _ Rock! 4. True or False: Ahn Gulr passed his novitiate trials after 40+ years of service. 5. True or False: Owyn was a farfolk!?!? 6. How many Seraphim were there? 7. Archlector Galway Blanco gained immortality from what? 8. Which LECTOR was trapped in a beam by Moto Moto the interdimensional Yokai for a century in the blood rift at Tsutenkaku? 9. Circle the name of Horen's wife!!!: Julia - Juli'el 10. Name your favorite cleric and swordbearer duo below XD: _________ 11. WHAT IS STATISTICALLY THE #1 CAUSE OF MOST LECTOR DEATHS? 12. Please name all wowj's between wowa and wowz 13. The seven skies is ACTUALLY which restaurant? 14. Father Harold wrestles which animal on his birthday? 15. How tall was Inquisitor Dharas?
  8. A watering can leaking multihued light refracting ichor drop to the ground beside the dim blue flowers such was meant to feed. A cloaked ex Primarch gazed up at the comets from what remained of the ruins in wide eyed excitement bringing the comically large telescope to her eyes in that makeshift observatory as she misunderstand the situation completely. "Wooaahh. . ." Jenny uttered happily, though "realization" soon dawned upon her as she stood within the meteor impact site. She did not have five arms! She made a few faux bicep curls of silent appraisal, then glancing back upward to the spectacle, then back to her noodle arms. ". . .Not it!" She touched her own nose, her arms weary from the last ordeal. Saying naught more before that hermetic Starchild went back to laying bricks and watering flowers.
  9. 11/10 burgers were good but I got into a fight in the parking lot -Jenny
  10. updates for this war are in the Koyo Kuni discord they weren't in the Norasath one dm me on disc for invite
  11. Accepted. Please send your payment to my venmo in the amount of $40.
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