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  1. A poster would be recklessly plastered onto the wall of the museum, you’d see the handwriting was almost child-like in nature: Greetings museum goers of Haense! The NGS and interested members of Haense have been cordially invited to the Mitzuul Grove by Rha'kir (Chaosgamer_) and his associates to participate in a cultural festival. It is not often that we are able to see Kharajyr culture with our own eyes so it is with great joy that the NGS would like to accept the invitation and extend it to all those in Haense who may be interested as well! Ash Adelaide (milksota) is looking to gather a small group to travel to Mitzuul Grove within a saints day! (Friday 4/2/21 3 pm EST) (Those who wish to come should notify @chaos#7283 on Discord so we can have a proper head count!) Festivities: Our hosts will be providing authentic Kharajyr cuisine! Ranging from burritos to hot chocolate. A game of Kharyjar ball will be played. A sport in which one must throw a ball through a hoop that is attached to a wall. First to three points wins! There will be bagged goods handed out at the end for all attendees plus a story time where the Kha will tell us more about their history! Rha’kir is also accepting donations for the costs of the trip but it is not required by any means. Signed Ash Adelaide
  2. Welcome Back Arabella

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  3. Hi we were friends back in the day on your frost witch!! I'd love to link up again, because I recently came back from a 4 year hiatus too.
  4. I wanna inspect your pen ;) heheheheheheh

    & Knuckles

  5. Are there any Telekinesis teachers out there willing to take an apprentice?
  6. Mc Name; Nyansabi Rp name: Inspector Penn Age:18 Race: Human Gender Male Skills: Good at Stealth, convincing people, solving things/problems, tinkering with machines, is extremely intelligent, is skilled at being clever, tricks, etc. Is skilled with bows and daggers. Description of self: Average height, less than average weight, Brown hair, green eyes, wears a brown leather jacket over a white shirt and black pants. Reason for joining: I was recruited by arfavero1
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