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  1. THE CHARITY HAND BANE OF GREED To all who care, I come to you in a time of great need, to bring rise to new heroes to carve their names into the history books – to sing canticles of heroic feats against the underlying evil that stains our land. A barrier of gold has been ruined by grey, and the doors to the cosmos have been shattered from their hinges. The face of this evil has become the manipulative principle of laughter, which has veiled their evil spirits. In the far north of Almaris, a great foe has emerged. The ‘great liar’ has begun manipulating greedy creatures of this world and other realms, to form something known as the Greed Hand. It is the dawning of a Dark Lord, who wishes to uncase another demonic god, an evil deity by the name of Greedmane. I have attempted to enlist the help of great powers, however they fight amongst themselves for universal domination. I look to all with the power to make a difference, without discrimination by rank or authority. I look to those with powerful sorcery, to those of Xan, to those of Malchediel, and all others who can help, though, you do not need grand powers to be a hero. However, I fear the root of evil has touched even the brightest of souls, who see the Dark Lord as nothing but a joke – a top-hat magician playing a carnival spirit. To all who cares, please feel free to contact me. Please fill out the form below and keep it pinned to the board. Leave the name of a location which can be mailed. FORM What is your name, hero-to-be? What is your age? What is your race? Where do you reside? What powers do you have to fight against this great evil? What is the meaning of a free-spirit, in short words? Your identity as a member of the Charity Hand will be protected. There is never just one hand, but two, Redmane [OOC]: Hellooooooo. Similar to the other group, this has been made in order to generate fun roleplay. I feel as though this map has grown stale, and running a sort of narrative that lets players choose how they wish to progress would be fun (for both sides). Even though it seems memey, we're taking it seriously. I hope this can also grow some friendships. Please await a forum message if you have been approved.
  2. A larping 'ker cowers in fear at the prospect of an island full of beasts!
  4. A letter was posted under the second missive. The handwriting of the letter was not that of a scholar, though it was legible. Hello! I hope to it that the Remnant's of the Lord shall hear me. My name is Suli, many refer to me as a vagabond, a drifter who does not stay in one city for longer than a Saint's week, in exchange for drink and meal, I offer readings of fortune to descendants. Some details I will leave out for the sake of the Lord's Remnant's time- HOWEVER, when I found your missive I felt drawn to it, compelled to find out more. Truly once I read your goal that I knew this was a fated encounter! Yes, I wish to learn of your teachings, I believe they may be the missing puzzle piece I have been searching for. I will merely state this, that I understand the power of THOUGHT, and I understand something is amiss, those of defeatist nature who conjure up madness and nightmares, from what you tell me a metaphorical BEAST IS LOOSE. If this is true it is MOST TROUBLING INDEED, and through these teachings I wish to aid in rendering him to a fate far worse than stone, we will gain back what was stolen. I plead to you, to give me a chance. I will aid you in acquiring new eyes! I will remain by the missive as many moons as it takes, remaining joyous, for you will find I am far too stubborn to give up on what I have set my mind to. -Suli
  5. A vagabond, plucked the missive from it's place of rest peering over it with curious eyes. . . "Write to me, not of woes and sin, but of dreams and joy!" She paused, considering these words "He lost his eyes?" She furrowed her brows, the girl muttered over this missive, it's words vague but somehow an alluring omen. Though she were not a genius, she muddled long over what the loss of this LORD's eyes could be. She wondered who he was combatting "His gift is being used to control the freedom of dreams, offering madness and nightmares." "For he controls the dream and all that may come of it." Though, that girl did ponder: If there were no good dreams to begin with, could these maddened versions come to life in the first place? Had dreams merely been vacant of all thought would that have been more peaceful? Perhaps this were merely a missive, it could be the ramblings of anyone. She felt that it called to her, maybe this was the next step in her journey. These things exist to compliment one another, the same way there would be no heroes if there were no villains to slay, she mused. This Lord needs new eyes, JOYFUL minds capable of dreaming away nightmares. "Then I shall aid in replacing this LORD's eyes. I will manifest the joy he seeks through the power of thought." She doubted that she could singlehandedly replace this LORD's herd; even descendants have more than one eye. But, she knew her positivity would be capable of her part and more. For these nightmares could not exist in the first place, if people like her were not there to be joyful. a She placed down a parchment and quill of incoherent ramblings moving to lay down in deep thought, in her attempt to ". . .rend his abominable mind onto stone": She thought of old friends, the trouble curiosity had gotten her into, the lessons she learned from it, her dreams for the future, what she wished to be, the excitement of a new beginning, she dreamed of what interesting things were to come after death and what there was to appreciate in life, she DREAMED. . .She wasn't really sure if it were helping, but each night and day the woman continued to this routine, awaiting whatever was to come of it.
  6. Aelia resolves herself to finish her fallen brother's gift to the Lectorate.
  7. I sold my house investing in $DOOM. . . .
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