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  1. 3/10 I have seen you on the forums...
  2. 0/10 Then it's agreed we don't know eachother
  3. Something about your profile picture, I like it.

  4. Where you be? *shakes fist angrily*

  5. Hey Isirack, it's Rovan, if you could check out my VA thatd mean a lot.


  6. How about that amendment 64?

  7. Oh you know, senior year of high school. So not a lot.

  8. I've been great!

    I just got back from assisting at a theatre camp and moved.

    Celebrated my 18th birthday yesterday.

    And you?

  9. You know it.

    How you been?

  10. Oh hey Izzy. Least derpy of ... well virtually everyone :P

  11. Hello Iat, the least derpy of all the guards.

  12. Hello Iat, the least derpy of all the guards.

  13. eyup. Also, send me your skype in a PM if you have one. ^~^

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