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  1. Happy New Year LOTC! It’s been a half decade since I’ve touched the forums and about 7 years since I’ve played. In that time I’ve graduated high school, college, and went on to many different adventures outside the game(The in-game geopolitics helped get me interested in my International Relations major and I somehow wound up as a park ranger).  Though I likely know far less of the server today, the ability to collaboratively imagine a world in a game with drama, adventure, and creation really influenced my growth as a person and I made some great online connections with impressive folks. After creating the Arcane Delvers of yesteryear and seeing my characters name as even a footnote in the history wiki made me happy in the same way returning to your small hometown high school and dusting off an old plaque with your name on it would. I hope all of you have a swell New Year where LOTC is one part of an awesome mosaic that is your 2019. 

    P.S: Any suggestions for a new-old player if he was to come back?

  2. Howdy howdy.

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    2. Nekkore


      Eeeeh some rocky starts after my year hiatus I got back somewhere last year I think before christmas.

      Still have my main character but he's been a bit shelved since the main people that I've rped with him are taking breaks.

      I've actually recently taken a break from this server to sort out some stuff irl.

      So really nothing much has changed except new memes that somehow pop up.

    3. CraftPrime


      As long as the memes live, there is hope. @__@

    4. Nekkore


      Cause we all need memes in this server

  3. Hey folks again! Internet points to the best explanation of LOTC events of last six months to someone who was cryogenically frozen

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    2. meg


      join the club

    3. Nug


      kalenz plays ur son in a new guild called crimson heart

    4. Polgrath


      woah thats cool!

  4. Hi!

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    2. cmack1028
    3. Polgrath


      Howdy, prolly won't have time the to get too invested in virtual geopolitical snafus like last time :P

    4. Tom_Whiteman


      Teach me magic

  5. A hobbled old figure walks slowly through the unfamiliar streets of a new land, long absent. A harsh series of coughs racks his ailing body. Scars crossed his visage, wrinkled beyond it's years. It seemed as if the man would collapse at any time. And yet. He walked. Ayuh, the Mindlord had returned to the world.
  6. (IC) Full name, including any titles? Polgrath Klaren Previous experience in guilds? Ex-Founder of the Arcane Delvers, Normandor Guard Age? 594 Experience in fighting? Worked as city guard years ago, illusionist without equal, not good with armor Are you exiled from any nations? None Oath; I _Polgrath_____ swear to uphold any contract I am given in the company, no matter the cost. I will obey all company policies and follow the orders of my officers to the letter, never to release company secrets. (OOC) List any VAs; Political Corruption, Murder, Thievery, Deception MCname; Chris6672 Skype name; (PM me if need be) occams_razorburn Google doc email;I'll PM you if ya need it
  7. Time to whip out the magic and PVP-oh wait. But soon! :) I await thee Nexus.

    1. EmeraldStag


      I await thee as well, Nexus. I wonder if it will take into consideration the Character cards. where those whose character knows the magic can only be accessed by that respective character card....

  8. Long live the Magestate.

  9. I'll be gone from August 3rd until August 15th! Drop me a pm if you're trying to contact :P

    1. gingernut97


      Can I drop a bass?

  10. I'll be gone from August 3rd until August 15th! Drop me a pm if you're trying to contact :P

  11. The Goonies Halfling Edition! +1 This sounds like a really exciting event!
  12. Rome has fallen.

  13. LOTC is the one 4 me.

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