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  1. Sovereign_of_Solaris

    Old World Blues RP Thread

    “Get back in line you scum!” an enclave soldier yelled at the settlers as they cowered in fear. “I said get back in line!” he yelled at a woman who was on the ground too afraid to move, the soldier raised leg back as it to kick her, suddenly a shot rang through the settlement as a small caliber bullet ricochet off his helmet. He turned and saw someone aiming a weapon out of a makeshift hut “Target Four O’ Clock! Cook the bastard!” What followed was a flurry of laser fire and screams as people were unsure what to do. The makeshift home quickly fell apart set aflame. The soldier went alone as he marched up to the shredded remains of the building, turning on his helmet headlamp he surveyed the area. A few debris moved as a young man tried crawling out of the burning pile of wood and steel. Finally breaking free he got up as if to run only to find a large metallic hand grip around his neck as he’s brought face to face with the helmet of the enclave soldier. “Thought you could kill me huh?” he said amused holding the young boy, couldn’t be more than fifteen he thought, such a shame. He carried the boy back over to the group of settlers, he wiggled and tried to break his captors grip to no avail. He threw the young boy into the mud, barely able to get on his hands and knees a heavy boot smashed unto his back pinning him to the ground, a pained look on his face. “Anyone here wish to claim responsibility for this brat?” he stood looking over the crowd as they all seemed to remain silent. “No? So this is no ones?” he chuckled “Alright then...so be it.” with a quick flip of a switch his laser rifle powered as he aimed it down at the boys head “The world won’t miss you..” he fired his rifle, a woman cried out “NO!...” immediately she realized her mistake, a large portion of mud next to the boys head was singed red “Ahh...so you must be his mother then..” “Well get up boy and go to her.” he moved his boot off the young man, he got up and scurried to his feet. His mother held her arms open for him, just a few feet before they embraced a loud crackle filled the air as the boy broke apart into red ash right before his mother. She screamed and cried out in sorrow as she fell to the ground as if to cradle her son's ashes. “Let this be a reminder...None defy the Enclave and our mission to restore America to its past glory! You can either help and be apart of that history! Or defy it and end up like that poor sorry filth of a brat...your choice!” -Actions- The men in charge of the Communications Project continue their search and attempts for repairs. Long Range Communications is a key for later operations (Mod) Despite the best efforts, and overwhelming kindness of President Anderson to the poor souls of the wasteland they still don’t listen...Sergeant Dornan leads the charge in Enslaving the four most poorest Settlements under Enclave Control, a total of 2,000 Slaves are meant to serve a dual purpose. A statement for those who would defy the offer of citizenship, and a useful tool for expanding the Enclaves Industrial Capacity (Mod) The Enclave devote Manpower to the training of 5 more Power Armored Divisions (Mod) A APC Division is put into production, they need at least two capable of transporting a division each across the battlefield (Mod)
  2. Sovereign_of_Solaris

    Onwards [Sci-Fi Nation FRP - RP]

    Solar Ascendancy 2156 It seems as if the entire galaxy had gone to hell, assuming it wasn’t already there. In the northern section of the Southern Galaxy however peace even for a brief time was well celebrated amongst the Solari, human or alien. But despite the peace the shipyards were churning out warships month after month, year after year. Finally it seemed the perfect time to rebuild the Navy. Resources from their alliance were well utilized from new innovations, defense budgets, and the training of skilled and elite warriors that would all work towards a common goal. A stronger humanity. It had seemed the perfect time to decline the Dominion’s offer to join their so called ‘Empire’, as now the combined forces of the LC bring death to them. Killing themselves as the horde of Keerim massacre in a push away from an even fiercer enemy. Activity on an outward scale seemed to dim this year as the Ascendancy focused inward. There was much to prepare for with only so little time. --Actions-- The Solar Ascendancy openly offers for the Kingdom of Unified Systems to merge with them, they offer protection from Imperialistic Ambitions, and equal treatment amongst its citizens which it has always done. (Mod) The Ascendancy reaches out to the Saryn State, for aid in a more internal matter (Mod) 2 Heavy Cruisers are constructed (12 AP) 4 Light Cruisers are constructed (24 AP) 1 Destroyers are Constructed (3 AP) Solari Network Budget (??) The remaining 8,200 Solar Knight Initiates continue their brutal training, despite the deaths. Entering Trial & Year 3. (5 AP, 16 previous) The Development of the Pack-Hunter Mech continues, the Slavic Federation is offered a partnership in its development for help in research. (20 AP, 20 Previous) Project Sol continues, it requires to be finished before the final year of the Initiates training in 2159. They also reach out to the Slavs, they may find this project quite interesting. (20, 15 previous)
  3. Sovereign_of_Solaris

    Tamriel Imperialus (RP)

    Imperial Remnant 4E 391 Maximus walks through the Imperial City, the sun had just sunk below the horizon. Two legionnaires walk at his flanks, bodyguards were something he had been well used to by now. On his way through the courtyard his guards were suddenly struck by a flash of green, paralyzed where they stood. For a moment Maximus was worried, a cloaked figure stood before him as if out of thin air “Still playing with soldiers are we?” a playful tone asked followed by a giggle. “Kariea..do you have any idea what my father would-..” she sighs “Flay me, skin me, hang my body off the castle wall, blah blah blah.” “Why can’t friends simply spend time together?” she asked. Maximus glanced to his indisposed guards “Relax..” she said “They aren’t hurt.” “You know full well why we can’t..” he sighed “I’ll try and talk to him but you remember what happened last time.” She groaned “It was self defense what else was I supposed to do..” “Maybe not fry them with lightning?” he answered, She gave him an odd look “He had his weapon drawn, besides we’re a lot more powerful at magics than you humans are.” “You don’t have to remind me.” “I’ll be seeing you soon.” and with a blink of an eye she was gone again. The Soldiers finally broke free. “Sir are you okay?..” they asked “It’s alright men, just an old friend.” -Statistics- AP Base: 6 Province: 1 Economy: 4 Trade AP: 4 Population: 147,799 Population Growth Per Year: 12,203 Farm Investment/Base Percentage: 9% Army 9000 Light Infantry 1000 Heavy Infantry 3000 Light Cavalry 500 Heavy Cavalry 5 Destruction Mages 5 Restoration Mages Leadership Legion Commander - Marius Decius Arteius (47) Maximus Decius Arteius (27) - Imperial City Actions Cheydinhal mobilizes its the Legion and marches out along with Imperial forces into Morrowind, 1,000 Light Cavalry and 1,000 Light Infantry remain behind to guard the region (Mod) Cheydinhal begins to greatly expand its infrastructure and economy (15 AP)
  4. Sovereign_of_Solaris

    Old World Blues RP Thread

    Men scurried and moved through the halls at the HQ. Men sat at their terminals shifting through documents, others studied written technical reports. But the main activity was centered around the Council Offices where Enclave Commanders and Politicians were in a meeting awaiting the arrival of their commander..who was preoccupied outside the base. Two privates found themselves with their backs to the walls, Sergeant Dornan stared them down through the visors on his helmet. “Did you think you maggots could get away with doing this **** in MY ARMY!?!” he demanded an answer but gave them no time to reply “I could have you shot for deserting your posts! Your lucky I don’t have your asses for dinner!..” “We’re sorry Sir!...we-” the private felt his breath leave his lungs as Dornan stepped right up to him towering over the poor private in his Mk II X01 Power Armor “Sir….SIR!?! Don’t you ever call me Sir! I work for a living you Mo-ron! You will refer to me as Sergeant or Sergeant Dornan do I make myself clear!” “Yes Sergeant!” they replied “Now get out of my sight! If I ever catch you doing this garbage ever again I’ll feed you to a Deathclaw!” The privates bolted back towards the barracks, Dornan watched them a moment before dropping the container of jet to the ground stomping it beneath his armored boot. “Disgusting..” A younger enclave soldier approached giving a salute “Sergeant Dornan, they are awaiting you in the council office.” Dornan went to the Offices, despite the fact he would rather not. He sat through hours of arguments and debates before they finally got to the point. “Sergeant Dornan, the Enclave needs a new President. For all we know we are the last organized group.” Another man nods in agreement “Yes, we must choose a new leader.” the room seemed to agree on needing an elected president, but he knew full well each of them wanted the position. “Then hold a vote..I’m sick of dealing with Politicians and Red Tape. I have an army to run.” The room soon filled with with murmuring and discussion, Sergeant Dornan got up and proceeded to leave the office. On his way down the hall he found himself joined by a young man in a well kept suit. “Sergeant Dornan.” he spoke quietly “What do you want?..” “You’re a man of action and you get things done..So I-” “Of course I get things done, this whole sorry excuse for an city wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for me and my men.” he scoffed, the young man glared at him “Support me.” he said right out. Dornan stopped and looked at him “And why should I support any of you pencil pushing jackasses?” he demanded an answer “Because I can give you what you need to get the job done...no red tape, no bullshit.” “And we can make the Enclave a voice of power once again, if we are to secure Cincinnati then we must simply do what must be done.” they stood silently for what felt like a few minutes “Whats your name?” “Franklin Anderson II.” he offers a hand, Dornan nods lightly before shaking his hand gripping it abit “Franks boy eh? Well maybe you can get something done. Just don’t disappoint..” he warned. The Enclave elections were met by a near landslide for Anderson, he and his fanatical ‘Purists’ as some of the others put it wasted no time getting to work and deploying their assets throughout Cincinnati.. -Actions- Eyebot Divisions are deployed throughout the Enclave’s Territory to snuff out insurgents and spy on those deemed a ‘threat’. One of these Divisions is sent East in search of the rough area of which nearby tribal raiders have been known to cause disruption. Two Vertibirds remain on stand by prepared to deploy against the raiders should the eyebots flush them out. (Mod) President Anderson II in an attempt to rally the..subjects under Enclave Occupation to be more supportive of their overlords he offers something unheard of, the people living under Enclave Rule will be able to reach an ‘equal’ status as citizens. A Citizen Tier System is put in place, those who work hard and benefit the Enclave can be granted higher level status and with such more food, rations, and materials for better living. Bonuses are offered for those who turn in enemies of the state, those who commit crimes of any type lose levels of citizenship. Below a certain point they lose food distribution, housing, or possible enslavement for hard labor in return for only the BARE minimum to survive (Mod) Sergeant Dornan puts his men in Wright-Patterson Airforce Base to work trying to repair the bases communications, perhaps hoping to contact Remnant Enclave Forces. (Mod)
  5. Sovereign_of_Solaris

    Old World Blues- Fallout Nations RP [OOC/ Application]

    Application: A Pure America Faction Requested: Midwest Enclave Discord: Tyras#6239
  6. Sovereign_of_Solaris

    Tamriel Imperialus (RP)

    Imperial Remnant 4E 391 (Will add more later, irl kinda took up muh time) “Ready! Aim! Loose!” the instructor cried out as a large line of men fire their arrows towards their targets. Maximus walks along a higher pathway watching the others down below, his wife Avrerlena at his side. “So you’ve seen battle before?” she asks curiously “I have, I was with the detachment that fought off the Dunmer raid between Cheydinhal and Chim. It was...quite the experience.” -Statistics- AP Base: 6 Province: 1 Economy: 4 Trade AP: 4 Population: 135,596 Population Growth Per Year: 12,096 Farm Investment/Base Percentage: 9% Army 9000 Light Infantry 1000 Heavy Infantry 3000 Light Cavalry Leadership Legion Commander - Marius Decius Arteius (46) Maximus Decius Arteius (26) - Imperial City Actions 5 Destruction and 5 Restoration Mages are recruited (4 AP) 500 Heavy Cavalry (6 AP) Foxhole (5 AP)
  7. Sovereign_of_Solaris

    Onwards [Sci-Fi Nation FRP - RP]

    Solar Ascendancy 2155 “Objective, capture and secure VIP. Eliminate all other hostiles.” a synthetic voice came through. “Data Retrieval from facility data-core is secondary.” Bradley’s eyes lit up from within his helmet as he viewed his HUD display, the synthetic voice once again spoke. “Knight Teams Bravo and Charlie proceed to secure dropzone two. Delta Team prepare for..” the voice just seemed to carry on in his mind as he looked at the others, the straps in their seats held them as the ship flew through the storm. “Echo Team” His mind came back to focus. “Prepare for drop, upon landing infiltrate the enemy perimeter and secure the VIP.” With a loud snap of the seat guard unleashing he pushed it up and stood from his seat, suddenly the air rushed out of the drop-ship as the ramp dropped, outside a heavy rain and dark clouds filled the sky, the occasional flash of lighting streaked across the sky. Turning to face his team he eyed all 8 of them. “Gear Check!” he ordered as they all turned to face one another checking their gear and ensuring a last moment inspection on their equipment. One by one they called back ‘Ready’ and he turned and faced the back of the drop-ship. The synthetic voice came through his comms once more “Prepare for deployment in 10...9..” he zoned out once again, calming his breathing and forced any doubts to the back of his mind. “7...6…” “I survived this long.” he thought “3...2..” “Just 3 more years…” “1...Deploy!” Bradley lead the charge as the group ran and leapt out the back of the drop-ship. No longer surrounded by the hardened hull of the drop-ship but instead the storming void of the atmosphere. He glanced back, someone wasn’t keeping to the group. “Echo Four correct your falling and don’t use your pack! You’ll need a full charge for landing!” he turned back to face down. They broke through the clouds as they neared the surface, adjusting their fall stance their jet-packs suddenly ignited a downward thrust, six meters..four...two...and the packs died off as they each landed and rolled across the ground. “God that hurts..” he comments silently before getting up. “Status?” he asked aloud. Everyone called out green. “Form up let’s move out.” His team gathered and began their long march across the rocky terrain. Bradley and his men marched for a good hour until stopping. “Alright, secure the area. Echo Five I’ll need your scope so come with me.” The two head forward, Bradley ducks beneath an old dead tree looking forward he spots some searchlights in the distance. “What can you see?” Echo Five pulled out his rifle raising it scanning the horizon “It looks like a small facility..I’ve got hostiles.” Bradley taps his shoulder “Take a few minutes and gather numbers and details. I’m going to grab the others.” “Yes Sir.” -Low Orbit above Training Planet Alpha 009- Admiral Darynna simply sat in her command chair in the war room. Knight Marshal June sat back watching the screens indicating the teams, enemies, and terrain courtesy of a large projector in the center of the room. “Who is Echo Teams leader?” June asks looking to one of the operators, the large screen suddenly changes showing a portrait “Knight Initiate 259, Bradley Crest. Born 2128 on Terra, 29 Years old, graduated from the Academy with Honors. Recognized for his natural leadership skills he volunteered for the military at 17..served at the Battle of Kaldorian B on the front lines.” Watching the screen his team move into the facility as red dot after red dot vanishes from the screen. “Sounds like the perfect candidate.” Darynna comments “That he does.” Several minutes later all the red dots are gone “This is Echo Leader, we have the VIP and are en-route to the LZ.” --Actions-- Cloning is now ILLEGAL in all Ascendancy territories and vassal territories. Their vassal state is ordered to cease all cloning. Severe punishment will follow if not obeyed. The Solar Ascendancy formally invites the leaders of the Slavic Federation and New Siam for a meeting to discuss recent events (Mod) Solari Intelligence Network’s Yearly Budget is doubled as they commence an operation to capture and purge their Nation of these..Black Agents. (10 AP) The following utilized at Silver Knight Shipyards 7 Frigates are ordered for construction (14 AP) 6 Corvettes are ordered for construction (6 AP) 6 Destroyers are ordered for construction (18 AP) The remaining 10,700 Solar Knight Initiates continue their brutal training, despite the deaths.(5 AP, 11 total) A new Light Infantry innovation is put forward, beginning to develop designs for the Pack-Hunter Mech (20 AP) Project Sol is temporarily suspended (15 total) Andorra receives aid in Project EVE (10 AP)
  8. Sovereign_of_Solaris

    Tamriel Imperialus (RP)

    Imperial Remnant 4E 389 -Statistics- AP Base: 6 Province: 1 Economy: 4 Trade AP: 4 Population: 113,600 Population Growth Per Year: 10,400 Farm Investment/Base Percentage: 9% Army 9000 Light Infantry 1000 Heavy Infantry 500 Light Cavalry Leadership Legion Commander - Marius Decius Arteius (45) Legionary Maximus Arteius (25) - Imperial City Actions Cheydinhal blatantly ignores Skingrad, Marius referring to their threats as empty and spineless. Marius and Maximus both attend the wedding in the Imperial City, whilst Maximus prepares for his own next year. 2,500 Light Cavarly are recruited (10 AP) Foxhole (5 AP)
  9. Sovereign_of_Solaris

    Modern Nations RP Thread

    The Republic of Germany Actions Teaming up with France & Spain, combining their efforts for the Space Program, Germany officially extends their offer for Italy to join in and the four European Nations can ascend together to the Stars. Germany also in a combined effort helps with the development of their Mass Driver project. Italy is also invited to join them. Projects Spaceport (2 Pages) Army Assets 225,000 Active 190,000 Reserve 788 Tanks 5,013 AFVs 206 SPA 38 Rocket Projectors Airforce 109 Fighter Aircraft 196 Attack Aircraft 448 Transport Aircraft 83 Trainer Aircraft 58 Attack Helicopters Navy 10 Frigates 5 Corvettes 6 Submarines 12 Mine Warfare Vessels
  10. Sovereign_of_Solaris

    Modern Nations RP Thread

    Republic of Germany Actions The Republic of Germany accepts the United States offer and is greatly interested in helping form the United Nations once again. Germany would begin work within it’s nation at a relative peace (aside from tensions from the wars going on amongst the world) to form its own Space Program. In the hopes that Germany can achieve its own space flight into the Stars. It reaches out to the US for help and expertise. Projects AI (1 Page) Highways (1 Page) 300 MBT’s (1 Page) Army Assets 225,000 Active 190,000 Reserve 488 Tanks 5,013 AFVs 206 SPA 38 Rocket Projectors Airforce 109 Fighter Aircraft 196 Attack Aircraft 448 Transport Aircraft 83 Trainer Aircraft 58 Attack Helicopters Navy 10 Frigates 5 Corvettes 6 Submarines 12 Mine Warfare Vessels
  11. Sovereign_of_Solaris

    Tamriel Imperialus (RP)

    Imperial Remnant 4E 389 “My son, it is now your twenty fourth year day and I know that you have yet to go upon your obligations for the family name. I’m sure your studies and tutelage under Vidinia are taxing and time consuming. However ensuring our lineage should be a priority at your age. I won’t be here forever to guide or help you. It’s time you step up and try to make a path of your own for our Family.” “My prayers are with you. Father.” Maximus sighed setting the letter down as he opened a small cloth wrapped package that came with the letter. A decorative Amulet of Mara. “Oh for Talos sake..” -Statistics- AP Base: 6 Province: 1 Economy: 4 Trade AP: 4 Population: 113,600 Population Growth Per Year: 10,400 Farm Investment/Base Percentage: 9% Army 4000 Light Infantry 1000 Heavy Infantry 500 Light Cavalry Leadership Legion Commander - Marius Decius Arteius (44) Legionary Maximus Arteius (24) - Imperial City Actions At the advice of his father Maximus he would try to find the time under Vidinia’s tutelage to find a suitable spouse. Wearing the necklace of Mara his father gifted him openly. (Mod) In Cheydinhal, Marius personally oversees the public execution of the eight spies captured from Skingrad. Their punishment of beheading should be a clear message for Skingrad. (Mod) Cheydinhal begins a MASSIVE Recruitment Drive to continue for the next few years. It begins by recruiting 5,000 Light Infantry (10 AP) Foxhole (5 AP)
  12. Sovereign_of_Solaris

    Modern Nations RP Thread

    The Republic of Germany With the world seeming to fall apart between Nations the Republic of Germany remains isolated from all the conflict spread across the world. Choosing to continue to keep it's military focused on defending the Fatherland. For now Industry and Infrastructure is the primary concern as it continues to expand and fund the Highway and other 'Green' Expansions. Germany remains it's forces posted at the French Borders though activity is less than aggressive simply their as a reminder that it is ready to defend against Imperialistic Actions. Germany also appreciates the Democratic approach in Spain. Germany further decides to reach out to Russia for a united Space Program. Projects 300 Main Battle Tanks (2 Pages Left) Highway Project (2 Pages Left) AI (2 Pages)
  13. Sovereign_of_Solaris

    Tamriel Imperialus (RP)

    Imperial Remnant 4E 388 https://orig00.deviantart.net/4285/f/2015/100/e/d/flag_of_the_greater_empire_of_tamriel_by_redrich1917-d6k0o8l.jpg (will add RP) -Statistics- AP Base: 6 Province: 1 Economy: 3 Trade AP: 4 Population: 92,800 Population Growth Per Year: 10,400 Farm Investment/Base Percentage: 9% Army 4000 Light Infantry 1000 Heavy Infantry 500 Light Cavalry Leadership Legion Commander - Marius Decius Arteius (43) Legionary Maximus Arteius (23) - Imperial City Actions Cheydinhal expands its economy to allow better growth for the next year (10 AP) Fox Lair (4 AP)
  14. Sovereign_of_Solaris

    Tamriel Imperialus (RP)

    Imperial Remnant 4E 385 Marius plants a hand on Maximus’s shoulder “I’ll hear no argument from you on this.” Maximus looked at his father somewhat angered “I’ve served in the Legion for years, you’re sending me off to the Imperial City? I want to be here with you, with our people!” Marius shakes his head “They are all your people. You’re going, one day soon the Empire will rise from the ashes and you will be apart of it.” “I want to be like you!” “Well I want you to be better!..” he sighs “Son, you’ve more than proven yourself to me. You have my respect.” Maximus nods “You’ve always had mine Father.” -Statistics- AP Base: 6 Economy: 3 Trade AP: 4 Population: 82,400 Population Growth Per Year: 10,400 Farm Investment/Base Percentage: 15% Army 4000 Light Infantry 1000 Heavy Infantry 500 Light Cavalry Leadership Legion Commander - Marius Decius Arteius (43) Legionary Maximus Arteius (23) - Imperial City Actions Marius sends his son Maximus to the Imperial City under the tutelage under Vidinia. The Remnant claims the final province to the northwest cornering off the northern area of their Region (10 AP) Fox Hunt (3 AP)
  15. Sovereign_of_Solaris

    Modern Nations OOC Thread

    Country Desired (Be sure to read the scenario, find out info pertinent to you. Send me questions if you want to know more): Germany Leader Name: Burkhardt Huwyler Background, ensure it fits with game Background: With Germany and Austria now united, Wilson Merkel after many years of leadership had stepped down and a new leader had arose to lead the Germans and Austrians on into their future. Securing their continued Economic Reign and Prosperity Germany looks to other ventures to bring more growth to the Nation. Do you Praise Pok: Glory to Pok!