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  1. Wilfred quietly lamented that he could not do more to extend the life of dear Daniel. He remembers the long chats he and the pontiff had while Wilfred massaged Daniel’s feet to help relieve the excruciating pain of the holy man’s Gout.
  2. Gout needs to be stopped on this server, its killing us!

  3. Gustav Mane emerges from his barbershop, another slow day of working hard for very little pay. He opens his ledger and sees once more that he is severely in debt. As he walks down the street he hears murmurs of another job opening. He already works as a Barkeep, Tour boat guide, Recruit, and of course a barber, whats another job on the pile. He files his application. For with all his jobs he can truly represent the workin’ man. Ign: BasketWeaver IRP Name: Gustav Mane IRP Age: 44 Address: 6 Nauzica Square Discord Tag: Basket#4977 Desired Position: Liveryman of the Pitch Ward
  4. Postulous Malone hears the news and says “Oh No” High Imperial Butler Wilfred Proudfoot hears the news and says “Oh No” Zug’Buub hears the news and says “Oh Nub”
  5. Ya’ll see the minecraft news regarding customizable player models on Bedrock? If something similar to this gets implemented on Java Edition there could be player models for dwarves, halflings, and all other varying sizes.

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      i fear microsoft will put it behind a pay wall

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      Its already behind a paywall on Bedrock, but then again that is what bedrock is for. But this being implemented anyway may lead to it being implemented to Java edition eventually.

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      They’ve had a track record for bringing popular features of bedrock into Java. I don’t think this will be any different.

  6. Nothing like a clear, simple and color coded spreadsheet.
  7. ((Updated to not step on any toes, with the possible current overhall of the Magic system and shamans I’m gonna stick with my character claiming to be a shaman because he truly thinks he is but will not use any RP or Powergaming that guarentee’s I am, besides the vision only came while on that Kactuz Green))
  8. Clan Buub Clan Buub was formed under Zug, A descendent of Dom. Its name was granted onto Zug in a vision from “a great spirit” who Zug says is called Uzg’Buub, the World Pig.” Orks of this clan believe that the land everyone lives on is on the back of a giant pig named Uzg’Buub. Uzg’Buub is said to want all orks to grow big like it. It shall bless all orks who eat in excess, klomp in honor, and breed, so that orks grow big like Uzg’Buub. Their primary role in Orcish society is to farm for the good of the nation. “Lat nub hav be Buub to worzhip Uzg’Buub, but Buubz be bezt at it” - Piggi’zhomo Zug’Buub Appearance ((If need a skin made I can assist with that, or if you have a skin you like that needs recoloring I can assist as well)) Skin tone and Body Structure Orcs born into the Buub clan typically have a taupish-green skin tone that becomes faded with age in the sun. They have broad shoulders from the laboring job of farming and often large jaws to eat plenty of food. Clothing Clothing for the Buub clan is fairly practical, considering most of the days they need to me dressed light so that they do not get too hot in the fields. They wear a combination of Leather with bone accessories. They will always be seen with some patch of pig skin on their body symbolizing their respect for Uzg’Buub. Hair Orcs of this clan will generally have a darkish brown hair color. It is common for members to shave their hair into a mohawk like cut. Way of Life Farming the Lands In order to feed the clan and those around them out of respect of Uzg’Buub. The Buub clan have taken up the primary role of farming for whatever nation they serve it. While they can choose other occupations and also fight, a majority of Buubs believe that this is a honorable position. Raising Livestock In addition to farming they also raise livestock such as Cows, Mooshrooms, Sheep, and especially Pigs. Raising animals for both work and slaughter is how members of this clan can become closer to Uzg’Buub. Worshiping Uzg’Buub Part of being in this clan means the worship of the giant pig that the Buub clan believes has the entire world on its back, Uzg’Buub. Members of this clan may choose to focus their life on the persuit of enlightenment through Uzg’Buub. Heirarchy Buubgoth: Buubgoth is the Buub clan name for Wargoth, they are not always good at fighting, but they sure know how to keep their clan fed and happy. Zug’Buub (BasketWeaver) Piggi’Zhomo: A Piggi’Zhomo is a member of the Buub clan who has shown great spiritualism through the praise of Uzg’Buub. Great minds and philosophers are found here. Warhog: A Warhog is a rank given to a Buub member who has proven himself in battle for Uzg’Buub. ChowHog: A Chowhog is a rank given to one that has proven their ability to find, grow, and eat food in excess. Hog: A standard member of the Buub Clan Laws All ‘Buubs muzt rezpect piggis. Only Way to rezpect iz to eat all body. All ‘Buubz muzt worzhip Uzg’Buub the World Pig, for it zhall provide. All ‘Buubz muzt zpread blah of Uzg’Buub to enlighten Bruddas All ‘Buubz muzt wear pigskin and own pigskin mask for zpiritual occazion and preachin All ‘Buubz muzt enzure da Warnation be fed well agh gud. All ‘Buubz muzt take Zug’s interpretation of Uzg’Buub az Law, Unlez Orc alzo be Piggi’Zhomo ((Application)) IN-GAME NAME: TIMEZONE: ROLEPLAY CHARACTER NAME: DISCORD: Shoot me a PM, you could join with current character, or if you want to make a new one. “Praiz Uzg’Buub, Blarg ov all” [Dis Doc is still a work in progress will keep up to date]
  9. Anore

    A Vision of Uzg'Buub

    A Vision of Uzg’Buub On the 15th of The Deep Cold, 1733. Zug’Dom had traveled far into the Savanah wasteland outside of the Mokh-Uruk Federation. He had finally got his hands on some mighty fine cactus green and had set the day aside to smoke all of it. As he smoked that fine green a sudden burst of light appeared infront of him. He covered face and tried to peek at the source of this illumination. Before him he saw the face of a great pig spirit. It began to speak to him. “Zug’Dom, mi haz cum to blah tu lat mi bub’hozh mezzage. Mi be Uzg’Buub an lat zhall be mi mezzenger.” Zug’Dom could not believe his eyes, believing that he may have took in too much of that good cactus green. The great pig pig, who referred to itself as the “World Pig” continued to tell Zug’Dom its story. It spoke that the world that he knew lied upon the back of the great pig spirit and that all orks should strive to feed Uzg’Buub through battle, rituals, and the growth of the Nation. As the orks grow, so shall Uzg’Buub and together they will be strong. Uzg’Buub instructed Zug’Dom to find a pig, bring it to the highest mountain in the realm of orks and sacrifice it to Uzg’Buub. Zug’Dom must then consume the pig, leaving no waste and adorn the skin of the pig to attain true spiritual enlightenment. Zug’Dom did as the spirit asked, traveling to a tall peak and slaughtering a pig. He consumed it and adorned its skin as a shash. Zug’Dom became enlightened. The following morning, he woke up, head pounding from the cactus green of the previous day and looked down and saw the pig skin on his body. He had not dreamed this, he truly believed he was visited by a great pig spirit known as Uzg’Buub. From this day forth he vowed to spread the message of Uzg’Buub to all bruddas and formed Clan Buub. ><><><>< Buub Klan ><><><>< Click Here
  10. *Wilfred slowly hobbles down to the streets of Ves, he had just finished a long day of deep scrubbing King Adrian I’s bedroom. He approaches the central square and out of the corner of his eye he notices something. He quickly approaches the garden surrounding the chess board and is quickly filled with horror for what he sees.* *He hobbles over to the the scene of the crime to get a better look.... its worse than he thought* *SOMEONE TRAMPLED THE ROSE BUSHES, Wilfred quickly enters a panic, he first considers what kind of degenerate or heretic that would commit such an action. Has Oren lost all control? Is civility dead and the sons of Horen living in a world of anarchy? He calms down, for Wilfred knows his duties. He travels to the Cloud Temple on Donkeyback and finds the finest rose bush in the area. He carefully gathers it and returns back to Ves.* *After replanting a new and beautiful rose bush he begins writing a letter to the citizens of Kaedrin.* “People of Kaedrin, Citizens of Ves, In these times of unrest, when worries of Orcs and the status of the Empire are on our mind, we cannot fall to ruin. We cannot forget the teaching of our faith and the common decency of man. I ask of you, to act with civility, treat eachother with kindness, act through faith, and most of all KEEP OFF THE DAMN ROSES.” HIS IMPERIAL BUTLERY, Wilfred of House Proudfoot, Third of his Name, Royal Butler of King Adrian I of the Kingdom of Kaedrin, Grandson of High Imperial Butler Sir Wilfred Proudfoot II, descendant of Saint Wilfred, heir to Dunwood and an Avid Gardening Enthusiast.
  11. *On a quiet morning in the Golden City of Ves, in hobbles an old little halfling. For having just came from the road his uniform is spotless. As he enters the city, he rests for a moment, leaning on his cane. He has come here to fulfil his family’s lifelong duties: To serve as a butler for the ruling classes of the realm. * The Origins of House Proudfoot and the Lineage of Orenian Butlers The Proudfoot’s can be traced back to the founding families of Dunwood in the realm of Aegis. Back then Halflings knew very little of the world living a quiet and peaceful life. Wilfred Proundfoot, first of his name was known his large appetite and generous donations of food to the poor, as long as he could eat with them. He traveled Aegis and saw, and ate, many things on his travels. During his life he befriended Daniel Horen who was still but a young man. He developed a great friendship with the House of Horen and pledged his loyalty to the family in perpetuity. Later in life during the writings of Everard I Hightower he is referred to as Saint Wilfred, The God’s Stomach. This jest was most likely spawned from Wilfred’s friendship with Saint Daniel, and his grand appetite. Saint Wilfred Proudfoot I ~ Historians Dispute what Century he lived ~ Is believed to be the first to put to use Bread and Wine in religious ceremonies As a descendent of the Saint Wilfred Proudfoot, Thomas Proudfoot was no stranger to humans, later in his life he found himself living in the city of Al’khazar which was quite uncommon for Halflings at the time. He employed himself as a cook in the kitchens of the Keep. His position however did not last, as the Phoenix Revolution had begun and in a ransack of the keep, he was injured and later died from those injuries. His family fled and eventually settled in Renatus in Asulon. Thomas Proudfoot ~ 1200-1341 ~ Served King Enor Sheffield, was killed during the Phoenix Revolution Thomas Proudfoot had a son, whom at the start was always interested in the duties of the castle that Thomas had. His name was Wilfred, second of his name. Wilfred grew up in the Kingdom of Renatus. When Godfrey of house Horen became King, Wilfred was appointed a butler of the castle. As the Kingdom of Renatus became the Holy Oren Empire and Godfrey went from King to Emporer, he remained close friends with Wilfred. Even at one point granting Wilfred the title of Knight after Wilfred won a joust against a young Hightower knight. As Godfrey had grown accustomed to various wild titles Wilfred had soon accumulated titles such as Grand Chancellor of Butlery, Grand High Royal Imperial Butler, and various other spins on the name. Although he was proud of his title he was even more proud of the work he had done and the loyalty he had for the family. He later went on to serve Prince Richard Horen III and King James Hightower II and their families. Having lived to the age of 155, it is written that Wilfred died peacefully in his sleep, surrounded by his children. Sir Wilfred Reginald Thomas Proudfoot II ~ 1260-1415 ~ Grand High Royal Imperial Butler, Knight of the Holy Orenian Empire Served Emperor Godfrey I, Prince Richard Horen III, and King James Hightower II Horace Proudfoot, grandson of Wilfred II, denied the family trade of butlery having seen the chaos that the Human Kingdoms continued to fall through. He served as a sailor most of his life and toward the end of his life when his legs did not serve him, he worked as a tailor for the peasant folk. He settled in Brandy brook for the rest of his days. Horace Proudfoot ~ 1510-1655 ~ Served as a sailor and traveling Tailor Since his Father, Horace Proudfoot had refused the family occupation. Wilfred III did not have childhood education in the art of Butlery. Now in Present time, Wilfred Proudfoot has spent nearly 100 years studying the arts of Butlery, from the Orenian style, to the Renatian School of Butlerly developed by his great grandfather. Wilfred the Third refused to serve as a butler until he was sure that he was ready. Now he prepares to enter his first service under the King Adrian I of Kaedrin. Wilfred Horace Proudfoot III ~ 1634 – Present ~ Butler to King Adrian I of Kaedrik *Wilfred Horace Proudfoot III hobbles up the step toward the Castle in Ves. He stands in the shoes of his ancestors, ready to continue the legacy. *
  12. Its time for the great Orenian dynasty of Butlers to return once more.

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  13. just got interviewed for Ex-Admin

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  14. Where’d my color go, Ex-GM rights!

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