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  1. Wilfred Proudfoot III holds his flyer, he searches for his cane while preparing to make the exhausting journey down to Sutica to Compete "Oi 'ope I don 'ave te play that farm'r agin. 'es such a trouble'som boy."
  2. Hello old friend, PM on discord Basket#4977 we will get your sorted
  3. Rule Changes, Week of 1/4/21 Conflict Rules: Original: Rule 5: If 12+ people become engaged in the combat, PVP may be called through a majority vote of all people involved. Spectators may not vote. To avoid any complications, you may ask a Moderator to watch. Votes may only be redone if new people join the scene or through moderation. Once PvP is requested, a PvP lock is initiated on whoever is present. Anyone who does not take part in the PvP or was not included in the PvP lock once the countdown is initiated is considered a spectator. Spectator
  4. That would be more on scheduling of the battles, if both allies had their battle on the same day/time then the other side would be forced to split their forces. Either try to divide their forces to win both battles, put their stronger forces on one battle and risk taking a loss on the other etc. I do agree that there is issue related to that, which should be clarified.
  5. That portion of the rules is more saying that you would be having wars on different fronts, rather than sharing the battlefield with your ally, your allies would be fighting with you on different fronts. Once the fast travel plugin is implemented (hopefully this week) that may make some changes to the concept of 2 tiles away.
  6. Heyo, sorry I'm late. Over the past months to even a year, the server has been sort of in a limbo of not having a definitive set of war rules and guidelines for how the community can proceed with meaningful conflict. After the project changed hands a couple times we put together a team and created a system over the past month. While some wars have been allowed to proceed they lacked consistency, staff backing and a sense of urgency for conflict to be taken seriously. We have now finished our first draft of LoTC's new War System. Learning from the frustrations of the pas
  7. Okay the settlement thread is now locked and given a response. Now divert your attention the James’ War Rules thread

    1. ibraheemc2000


      I gada say, your ans @Junar response was a good refresh to see, got alot of good hopes for this administration and map. Best of luck lads

    2. TheFlowerBandit


      I, on the other hand have lost all faith in all teams and am now actively encouraging people to leave LoTC. 'Sorry that  you feel mistreated for being mistreated'. Is all I got from it.

  8. Howdy, As many of you know, after Map launch Grool decided to step down from Administration and allow for someone else to step up and lead the team during this next chapter. We greatly appreciate all the time and effort Grool put into World Team and his passion in helping lead the development of what we now know as Almaris. He left behind a great team of managers and world team members alike, so it was not an easy decision to find a replacement for Grool. We appreciate him sticking around for as long as he did, staying on board to give his input for the Administration picks, and co
  9. Reserved, will be back in a bit
  10. Hello, We have decided to remove LotsOfMuffins from her position as General Administrator. This was a difficult decision since, during her time on staff, she has put countless hours of time and effort into the server both on Moderation and Community team, in addition to trying to make amends after last month's post. But, we feel this is necessary in order to continue to work towards building trust between the community and administration, as well as to move in the direction we want to as a server. Telanir will continue to serve as Community Admin for the time being, and our pick fo
  11. I am currently the Story and World Admin as well. Going to shelve Arcas.

    1. NotEvilAtAll
    2. Ark


      who are you 

    3. Tigergiri


      If I beat you in chess can I have one @Anore

  12. See three updates to the rules as of today:


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