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  1. ruki-uh oh

    1. Hunnic


      Normalize context being added to LOTC Twitter posting (status update)

  2. Final Pillager Event coming TODAY 6pm EST. The final stand of the Failorians

  3. ((A Collaboration between the Golden Arch Clan and the Wold Teem)) In the lands of Failor, once occupied inhabited solely by people known as Failoriana, there was a clan that stood above the rest. The powerful mountain clan known as The Golden Arch clan established dominance early on in Failor through their gold mines, strong warriors, and powerful wizards. When the descendants arrived on Failor, it began with the C’hili people, their village was quickly conquered and destroyed, next was the fall of the W’afl Huhz clan, and finally the cave dwellers of P’iza Huht were also forced to flee their home. The High Arch Wizard of The Golden Arch clan welcomed these refuges with open arms, for they had watched from their city the destruction the descendants had brought. In the Temple of Mac they gathered for a feast to discuss what to do about the invaders. The Failorians knew that they were stronger together. At the feast gathered the remaining clansman of C’hilis, W’afl Huhz, P’za Huht.. as well as the nomadic Subwa people and the sea faring clans of Red Lobsha. For the first time in centuries, the Failorian people were united. Under the banner of the Golden Arch Clan, they amassed a great army and began fortifying for their final stand. ((The Final Battle against the Failorians: The Siege of the Golden Arches: Sunday 5/28 6pm EST. Rally Your Men))
  4. Final Pillager Event coming Sunday: The Golden Arches of Failor

    1. _Sheylo_


      Not Mick Donald! He's a mad man!!!

  5. - WOLD TEEM UPDATE - We are working on the pride of LoTC, Failor and the resources available. Currently here are the resources available to mine. See below for updates as we will likely be on this map for hopefully another month. 5.25.23 4:24pm EST -Quartz, Cobwebs, Clay Added. 5.25.23 4:56pm EST - Bone Blocks, Dead Corals Added, Mushroom Biome Added BasketWeaver Wold Teem Admen
  6. The Fall of the C'hili and W'afl Huz People [FULL MAP HERE] Since the arrival of the descendents on the island of Failor. The Pillager people have been chased off their land. They made their final stand in the village of C'hili and W'afl Huz. These were peaceful villages that were just trying to survive. You see a drawing of these civilizations drawn on parchment. In the Year 129, the descendants descended upon these once great lands and slaughtered their people. The diamond stand of the great C'hili people was pulled from the roof of their temple, and the diamonds hidden in the Ice Temple of the Great W'Afl Huz keep was also stolen. These once great monuments to the Pillager people were decimated and no survivors were left. When traveling along what the Descendants call the Wastelands.. please remember to respect those who came before.
  7. I don't think that will work for me.
  8. Hello, My name is BasketWeaver, Ex-Mod Admin, Ex-Mod, Ex-Story Admin (for a day), Ex-World Admin (unofficial/2 months for Almaris), as well as the first person ever removed from staff in 2011. I have committed a grave mistake with Failor and I am here to announce my resignation as LOTC's Wold Admin. When I found this build by GEET_BUILDS it was a lovely little desert. I spent about 45 minutes terraforming by hand because I don't know how to use world painter to transform this map into Failor I did not realize allowing PvP on the server would result in PvP. Signing off, Ex-Wold Team Admin, BasketWeaver EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY THE WOLD TEAM IS DISBANDED
  9. Anore

    Failor Guide

    Theres like a cave to get out of the Underdark and it goes to this island, but you still can't get off the island for some reason? Weird... pvp/freebuild enabled.
  10. Cookin up a chaos island. LoTC Season 9 get on the battle bus 

  11. I am proud to say I typed this completely myself.
  12. When two people, such as us reach a disagreement. We owe it to ourselves to find something we agree on and do something about it. A disagreement such as this is something that requires immediate action to do something in a way that we both feel something has been done that is better than the something that was done. I hope we can find something that will happen that will be something to be proud of. That is something that could be done differently than the something we did do. When we look at something like this, we must think about how it is different from something we have done. Would this something happen and would it be realistic if something like this happened to be better than the something that did happen? Sometimes its important to look to the past at things that happened and adapt something going forward.
  13. Something happened and somebody needs to do something about it. I worry when something like this happens, and if something isn't done about it, something else might happen. Sometimes when something happens the best thing we can do is do something about it. I remember back in 2012 when something like this happened, someone did something about it to make what happened was not as bad as what could have happened. I sort of have a plan for this: 1. Figure out if something happened. 2. Do something about what happened, but not the same as what happened. 3. Once something has been done about what happened, let everyone do something about what happened. 4. Hopefully whatever happens doesn't happen again so there is nothing to do anything about.
  14. the world is on a squished pop tart so the map is accurate but the scale is distorted.
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