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  1. Mister President, I rise to introduce the State of the City Address Livery Proposition of 1769
  2. Missed some people due to name changes.. this team is made up of Ex-GMs and you want us to be thorough? ?
  3. Ex-GM Team Annual Newsletter 2020 Estimated Membership ~230 and Rising! [Click Here For Google Doc Formatted List] <Introduction> Since 2011, the Ex-GM team has been a home to those who still wish to be a part of a team, but this time the members are allowed to neglect their duties. This team is made up of veterans of this Roblox server, ex-larpers as well as players ranked Bronze-Silver on the well-known Point and Click Space MMORPG, League of Legends. The annual newsletter allows the team to stay up to date on current members and assist in the recruitment of prospective members, see list of possible recruits below. As a disclosure the Ex-GM Team Board acknowledges that there are some members of our team with an unsavory history, while we could kick them off the team, that would put that member back onto staff which would not be swell with the community so we shall carry the burden. Benefits Members of the Ex-GM Team receive comprehensive counseling for their loss of authority and self-believed power, funding provided by the Ex-Staff Foundation for a Better Life. Graduates receive a lifetime membership to the EXATUTOEXGMOLOTC, or Ex-GM’s Against The Unfair Treatment Of Ex-GMs on Lord of The Craft. A gravestone in LOTC’s Ex-GM graveyard, when administration realized this was not worth the effort the graveyard was moved to Chairmen Anorexichippo’s Single Player World “Anore’s World Save 2” Responsibilities and Dues As an Ex-GM you are responsible for reminding the community at least once a month that you were indeed once a GM. Upon leaving the server, you are obligated to return to the forums on occasion and post a status about how staff used to be better. Whether you are active on the server or not, all of your opinions are welcomed and valid in any dramatic server issue the community is dealing with. Current Matters Planning of the Ex-GM Team Wellness Retreat We are currently looking into multiple venues for the upcomming Ex-GM wellness retreat, we have reached out to KorvicCraft and Warlords but have not been able to confirm whether they can support our 230 members online without a waiting queue. SchoolRP has reached out but we believe it is best to keep some of our members at least 5 miles from a school. Anorexichippo Stepping Down Upon leaving the Ex-GM team and changing his name to BasketWeaver, Anorexichippo has decided it is best for the future and in line with our mission that he steps down from position of Chairman of the Board. He will move into an Vice-Chairman Advisory Counsel to the Board on future matters handing off the position to Bungo. The New Chairman Bungo will serve the board well and will create a great future for Ex-GMs everywhere. Tombstone Designs for Future Ex-GM Graveyard We are still on the look for compact but tasteful tombstone designs for the Ex-GM graveyard, while we have received various submissions, tombstones in the shape of phallic objects will no longer be accepted. Rescheduling of Infraction Bingo As many members of our team do not understand how infractions work, Infraction Bingo is going to be postponed until further notice, we are looking into bringing in special counsel to explain how infractions work so we may actually play the game. Search for Forgotten Members Many names of members have been lost over the years, if you know of someone missing on our membership list below, please contact Anorexichippo at Basket#4977 to make the necessary adjustments. We cannot leave anyone behind. Recruitment Strategies for New Ex-GMs Currently our class of 2020 is quite small in comparison to past years, while we are not worried, we are looking into better recruitment strategies to pull from the current prospective members of the team. We are sure more will join before the year is up. Notable Mentions Cruzazul ‘16,’19 - Longest time trying to avoid being on the Ex-GM team, from 2013-2016 and in 2019. Freema ‘16 - Anniversery year, Freema has now served both four years on Moderation and four years on the Ex-GM Team. Esry ‘17 - For their work turning the website to Comic Sans before removal. And a special shout out to.. any... literally any other member of the team that wasn’t removed for sexually explicit incidents... Leadership Board Current Chairman - Bungo Vice-Chairman Advisory Counsel to the Board - Anorexichippo/BasketWeaver Treasurer - Aislin Historian - Kowaman/Llir Secretary - Petyr <Membership Roster> *Overachievers (Left the Ex-GM Team to try to relive the past one or more times) Missing a name? Message me on Discord rather than flooding the comments. Class of 2011 Class of 2012 Class of 2013 Class of 2014 Class of 2015 Class of 2016 Class of 2017 Class of 2018 Class of 2019 Current Class of 2020 Prospective Members Currently in Admin Purgatory This is my last post as I retire from my position as Chairman, it has been a great 9 years serving on this board and know that Bungo will do an excellent job leading our fallen heroes. Signing off, Anorexichippo
  4. Gustav Ratmane, seasoned Gunner of the 2nd Brigade, had not attended training prior to the operation, he had not operated siege equipment since the battle at Mohk Uruk over two decades ago.. He did not know Vitaly Valic, but what Gustav remembered of the battle was that at one point, one of his rats chewed the rope setting off the trebuchet. In that moment he looked around, his superiors had not realized his misfire.. so he began to load up another shot and carry on with the siege.
  5. Imperial Loan Office (IT) Est. 1761 The Imperial Loan Office allows the approval of the populace of the Empire to take out loans from the imperial reserve in the pursuit of business ventures, personal need, and temporary advances. The Imperial Debenture Officer is the primary official when approving, tracking, and securing these loans. IMPERIAL DEBENTURE OFFICER Theodore Mane The Debenture Officer, or Loan Master, oversees the loan office as part of the Imperial Reserve. Working in conjunction with the Warden of the Imperial Reserve, the Debenture Officer issues and tracks loans, and is granted the authority to pursue outstanding debts. ((Apply via the box in the Treasury building, or contact a member of the treasury to set up an appointment)) APPROVAL FOR FUNDS To ensure the safety of the treasury’s investment, the Office of Debenture will follow an approval process to obtain funds requested by the lendee. Inquiry into the purpose of funds request Background check on potential lendee Payment period needed. Amount requested between 500 and 2500 minas. Any amount greater than 2500 minas will need to go through an extended approval process with the treasury involving an investigation of the lendees potential for repayment. Loan can be made out in the form of Minas or through Imperial Reserve Notes. An option for proposed collateral will be allowed in order to secure greater funds for a loan and lesser interest rates. The Imperial Loan Office, Located on the First Floor of the Treasury Building INTEREST RATES Interest Rates for these loans are determined by various factors. With the imperial standard rate of 10% on the principal amount. A 5% interest rate will be allowable if the loan is withdrawn in the form of Imperial Reserve Notes. Interest will be added at the end of each year and will be calculated based on the current principal balance remaining. PAYMENT ON LOANS The Lendee is required to make a yearly payment of 20% of the principal amount. They may pay more than this amount, but not less.. Continued late or missed payments will lead to the collection of the loan. COLLECTION OF UNPAID DEBT In order to secure the funds and maintain the strength of the Imperial Reserve, the Office of the Debenture reserves the right to request full payment on the lendee following the failure to make a payment on the loan or following the end of agreed upon loan period. Once failure to meet the terms of the loan is met, the collection agency will be contacted to begin procedures to secure the funds. Depending on collateral put up to secure higher loans, upon collection of lendee’s assets the full remainder of the loan or a portion of the loan will be forgiven depending on the valuation of the collerateral in question.
  6. @rukio that is exactly what it is, since google forms also allows you to have automatic backups of files
  7. I. Introduction Mane & Associates was established in the year 1759 with their current base of operations being held in the canals of Helena. Their primary business venture involves the production, distribution, and promotion of Kelp products and utilization. The Mane’s first business venture involved the operation of Helena’s first barbershop owned by Gustav Mane. Gustav’s Hair Cutlery had been profitable until Gustav was forced to close due to financial hardships during the war. The Mane family discovered that their specialty made shears for hair cutlery worked tremendously in the harvesting of Kelp, because of this, Theodore Mane, Gustav’s younger brother, decided to form Mane & Associates along with his business partner, [REDACTED]. II. Operations The primary source of revenue for Mane & Associates is through the production, processing and distribution of Kelp and Kelp-based Products. Mane & Associates currently operates in the cities of Helena & Selm but is continuing to expand their reach. The current product line involves: Bulk-Order Dried Kelp Dried Kelp has been found to be a cost efficient and eco-friendly fuel source for consumers of all sizes. This fuel burns slowly, efficiently and costs much less then you’ll be charged by coal miner price gougers. For those who need large quantity of dried kelp, Mane & Associates can fill any order for all of your fuel needs. Mane’s Smoked Kelp Jerky The Mane Family is proud to present their Smoked Kelp Jerky, this nutrituous food source is not only quick to eat but quite filling. A tasty snack when you’re on the go, or a needed refuel in a pinch, Mane‘s Smoked Jerky should be your first choice. Developed with the Imperial On-the-go lifestyle in mind, Mane’s Smoked Kelp Jerky not only caters to Soliders and the Working man, but also to the women of Helena who wish to continue to fit into their noble gowns. This healthy snack comes in a variety of flavors, Salted, Spicy, and Traditional. Raw Kelp Mane & Associates encourage the widespread growth and utilization of Kelp across Arcas, because of this Mane & Associates will sell Unprocessed Kelp at half the prices of competitors, whether it is to begin your own personal Kelp farm or to cut out the labor costs of farming it yourself, Mane & Associates can assure you that our Kelp is the industries best. Mane’s Specialty Shears A traditional barber shears, the design has been passed down the Mane family for generations. These finely crafted blades have been used for many purposes, whether it be for cutting hair, harvesting crops, surgical instruments, these shears are top of the line. Inscribed with the Mane family crest, if you see one of these shears you can be sure to bet on its quality. [The Mane family and Mane & Associates are not responsible for any damage or injury caused by their shears, by purchasing these shears you acknowledge that any damage, injury or death by this tool is solely user error. No refunds.] The second area of operations for Mane & Associates relates to their supply lines that they have developed through their distribution of Kelp. Mane & Associates considers themselves to be in the “Import & Export” business. Everything is legal, nothing to see here. III. Company & Account Reports Mane & Associates are always welcoming new investors and business partners, as one can see from their issued financial reports, Mane & Associates is in an impressive economic position. Our debt service coverage ratio continues to be ahead of industry standards with our earnings continuing to boost our bottom line. Mane & Associates BALANCE SHEET As of 1759 Current Assets: Minas: [Redacted] Accounts Receivable [Redacted] Prepaid Building Rent [Redacted] Unexpired Insurance [Redacted] Supplies [Redacted] Non-Current Assets: Buildings [Redacted] Equipment [Redacted] Acc. Depreciation – Equipment [Redacted] Acc. Depreciation – Buildings [Redacted] Total Assets [Redacted] Liabilities Accounts Payable [Redacted] Imperial Tax Payable [Redacted] Unearned Service Revenue [Redacted] Long-Term Debt [Redacted] Total Liabilities [Redacted] Stockholder’s Equity [Redacted] Common Stock [Redacted] Retained Earnings: [Redacted] Total Liabilities & Stockholder’s Equity [Redacted] [These financial statements have been Audited by Theodore Mane for accuracy and reasonableness] III. Contact Us For business inquiries, contact Theodore Mane via letter or find the offices of Mane & Associates on the Canal in Helena. Serious business inquiries only, solicitors, lawmen, and soldiers are asked to respect small business and remember that nothing illegal is happening here, Mane & Associates is but a simple Kelp production, processing and distribution organization. Theodore Mane Chief Partner of Mane & Associates Boardwalk on Canal, Helena Mane & Associates is majority owned by the Mane Family,
  8. We are working on that however, just want to get the structure in place first.
  9. Infraction Log Update Otherwise known as. Operation K.O.I. P.O.N.D Keep. Organized. Infractions. Please. Or. No. Desert. <Introduction> Good afternoon, everyone! Its been a long process for this small project, but we’d finally like to let you in on some changes being made to how moderation handle infractions and how that affects you! <Old System and Its Flaws> Prior to the transition, Moderation have been using a discord channel to file our infractions, while this system was convenient for many reasons such as Moderation being able to see any time an infraction is made as well as easily view the form and media that came with it, it was lacking in some areas of more concern. For one, the system was flawed in its organization, having to search discord chat for the log history but it also had a severe lack of a backup solution. We set out to improve the system that our infraction protocol operates out of, to make it more organized and secure, along the way we added some features that will help to create better transparency on the protocol and also a path for a smooth and easy upcoming infraction appeal system. <Improvements to the System> New Interface - One of the biggest problems with the infraction system way the failure to explain the structure of the infraction system and what the levels of tiers mean. This has not only led to miscommunication, but also to many feeling they were caught off guard by a punishment because the ability to view where they sit with infractions was not readily available. This system will require the moderator to enter the UUID and it will pull up a list of past infractions as well as mark on the chart your current history. This chart will soon be updated to reflect the new organization structure for infraction protocol. The Moderator can then view the individual infractions for more information. One big thing that this system improves upon is areas of organization, of the moderators are more organized with their collection of information and documentation then they will make more appropriate decisions. Look to the Transparency section below on what else this could mean for the community. Security of Data - All of the infractions are now stored on a separate tab of the program, the actual database of the infractions is locked and secured only accessible for edits by Mod Managers and Admins, actions are logged and tracked to prevent tampering. In addition the database will be routinely backed up to ensure it cannot be lost. Improved Transparency - Now this is the area that I believe will be more important to the player. Part of making this system more user friendly was to open up the opportunity for the player to better understand it. Because of this, everyone on the server can request to pull up their personal infraction history with a Moderator and go over their various infractions and see the chart as a whole and where they sit. From that point the player will have a better understanding of what having multiple infractions means for them, but more importantly but allowing for the appeal of infractions. Being able to see how the infraction system currently affects you and what you can do about it will greatly increase the transparency at which moderators can use this system and continue to work and improve it. Infraction Appeals - With this system the ease of moderation and the player for appealing infractions will be improved greatly. Players are not only able to get an update with where they sit on the infraction chart but also be able to to appeal their past infractions. The new system will be put in place when all the past logs are finally imported. Please look out for further details on that to come. In addition, until a formal process is put into place, I will personally open myself up to going through your own personal infractions with you if you contact me at Basket#4977<Pros and Cons > Benefits - Improved Transparency - More Organized Logging - Adaptable to Change - Secured Data and Backups - Requires Consistency Current Flaws - Lack of Notification when a Infraction is made, for now Managers and Admins will track the history but in the future a system for notifying when you have made an infraction will be made. - Not Implemented with the Forums/Freja - Lack of image viewing without Clicking link when viewing individual infraction. - Only one person can pull up logs at a time (Though I do not foresee this being an issue) ~ Will Add any Additional Constructive Criticisms and Suggestions to Add on this list as well as a reference. ~ <Conclusion> I’d like to state that this update is not expected to be a fix for all the issues players have with the infraction system as a whole, but it will be a step in the right direction and a foundation for easier updates and improvements. The updates to the various tiers and levels related to Infractions will be posted later this week by Sykogenic. Once that is pushed out all past infractions from 1/1/19-Today will be re-classed to fit the new system to avoid mix ups when looking at old vs. new infractions. I will gladly answer any questions players have in the comments in regards to this new system or the whole system in general to try to give you all a better picture on how it all works. With a better understanding of it I believe both staff and the rest of the playerbase will have more ideas on how to improve upon it. <TLDR> New system for keeping track and logging infractions. Allows for easy viewing of infraction history. Players will be able to request it and will make the infraction appeal process run smoother. <Special Thanks> Thank you to everyone on the Moderation Team who spent time logging and moving all the old infraction data into the new system. It was a lot of data entry that I was too lazy to do on my own.
  10. Life doesn’t always go as planned:


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      Nauzica Square didn’t exist in 1726 btw

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      Oh right that should probably say 30-32.

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      yep, it’s gustav time

  11. Gustav returns to his humble abode deep in the murky sewers of Helena.. he contemplates whether he should run once more for Liveryman of Helena having served four terms through out his life. As he tries to pull off his self designs Liveryman sash he realizes he has worn it so long that that it has become glued to his sewage soaked clothes.. “Hmm..” he turns to his rodent companions “Perhapssss thisss is a sssign we have ssspent too long in the politicssss above.. We shall hang up our sassssh and finally retire” in that moment he rips off his sash. He only hopes that his impact on the city shall last as long as the rashes that cover his body.
  12. As Gustav Ratmane goes about his daily routine of bathing in various spaces around Helena’s waterworks he finds a flyer while reaching for his scrubbin’ brush. “Only one mina for fresssssh sssewer water? Th-h-hatsss a sssteal” he says, while literally bathing in said water for free.
  13. So you are in the same boat as me, currently Llir and Tythus are still trying to track down the issue but this problem has plagued Minecraft servers for a decade. As of now there are two fixes for this, the first is to go into your router settings and disable NAT Acceleration (it will give this option specifically, if it doesn’t do not click anything related to disabling NAT specifically). The second option is safer, but might have an additional cost to you, it is what I currently have to do to connect to the server and that is through the use of a VPN. I’ve found that the problem goes away when I connect my VPN to the UK. I’m sorry if neither solution works for you, we can only hope that Tythus and Llir figure it out, but it’s related to your IP connecting to the server so it has nothing to do with the Minecraft client itself.
  14. With Ratmane and Mr. Beautiful I feel like Helena is becoming Gotham.

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      Think I must become Batman...

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      Oh don't worry, I’m already playing a vigilante character XD.

  15. *Whispers spread among the criminal underworld of a new bastion of lawlessness, a sanctuary for the destitute and forgotten. Underlena is welcome to all.* A Repulsive History Following the passing of the Gustavian Zoning Initiative of 1737, Mayor Gustav Mane began his construction of the expansive sewer system under the streets of Helena. Although the city had allocated plenty of resources, manpower was low. The Mayor took it upon himself to construct the sewers. Over the course of three years he dug tunnels and drains throughout the city, alone he worked but not for long. It was a long night in the year 1740 where Gustav met Ratchelle, a rat spawning from a great lineage of royalty among rats hailing from Ves. Gustav felt accepted amongst the rats under the sewers and saw himself in their struggles. In his work in the sewers it was said that Gustav went mad, was it that his only company was that of rats, or perhaps the toxic waste that flowed through the canals and sewers of the Helena. Before long it was said that he snapped, Gustav abandoned his role as mayor and had not been seen for years to come. A decade later Gustav emerged from the sewers, donning the name of Ratmane, he had not only created a home for himself in the sewers, but a family as well. Gustav would sometimes travel to the surface and observe the citizens of Helena, much had changed. He saw the people turn their noses up at the poor and downtrodden, petty criminals disgraced from the city, he saw a need to address these lost souls and give them a home of their own, where they could feel safe from the empire. After years of keeping only the company of rats, Gustav decided to open his dwelling to the surface to those he deems unacceptable and unwelcome by the surface above. On the year 1753 Gustav Ratmane founded.. Underlena, the City Beneath. Toxic Lakeside Living In Underlena those who gain entry are welcome to purchase a lovely home safe from the authorities above. Whether it is a stash house or a hideout while you let the heat die down on a recent job these small rooms are open for both short term rentals and long term leases. Flat, rent controlled rates. Lovely views of Gambino Lake Convenient access to shops and the tavern. Anonymous housing, so you can live safe and secure. Hovels and Hideouts for the Residents of Underlena A Bustlin’ “Legal” Economy Underlena allows all types of entrepreneurs, whether you work in stolen goods, or offer your strength or stealth for higher, Underlena is a safe space to sell your goods and services. Without taxation! Offering stalls to sell black market and stolen goods The Drain Pipe offers cheap drinks and unregulated gambling The Underlena Board gives a space to advertise your “legal” goods or services. Office spaces available for those white collar criminals. The Drain Pipe tavern and Casino, with shop stalls on the right. Life in the Sewers Life in Underlena is a peaceful existence, free of authority. There are some considerations to keep in mind when considering moving. Residents of this grotto prefer their business remain their business, so don’t ask too many questions and keep quiet on the surface. The Lake is toxic, enter at your own risk. ((If you were to fall in said lake you must roll 1-100, this is a work in progress on the details)) 1-60 will just require a hot bath and intense scrubbing 61-80 Slime Infection - 1-3 days of stomach sickness (vomiting, diarrhea, dehydration) will dissipate in a couple days or immediately with proper medication. 81-95 Severe Slime Infection - 4-6 days of stomach sickness and temporary blindness, seek medical attention immediately. 91-95 -In addition to the infection, an amputation may be required if a limb had a cut or wound to stop the spread. 96-98 - Rat Flu - Bed ridden for two weeks, severe twitching and organ failure 99-100 - Rat Madness - If one were to fall in lake multiple times with rolls of 99 or higher you succumb to the famed Rat Sickness Rats frequent Underlena and the rest of the sewers, they are not to be harmed as is the primary law set by Gustav. ((Interested?)) ((The purpose of Underlena is to create not only an interesting space for roleplay but also as a space to foster villany RP that everyone can enjoy. Traditional “Bandit” RP is not what we are looking for but if you are able to expand on that and create situations that are fun for everyone involved that is what we are looking for. We are looking for Someone to run the tavern/gambling hall, it is relatively finished but needs cleaning up on the interior 2-4 Shops to open selling goods that could only be found in the underworld Anyone looking to try some fun and interesting villany RP. Apply below! (Why applications? The applications serve more as a reason to see if you have what we are looking for, you can use an existing character or create a new one, either way the application will just lead to an RP interaction where you are “recruited” and brought down there either way.) IGN: Discord: Character Name: Profession: (From Loan Shark to a Hitman for hire) Short Bio: ((Post Below or Message me , Contact Basket#4977 with any questions.))
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