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  1. Anore


    Welcome back Old Hat, things have changed a lot since our time in Aegis.
  2. I believe Scipp3r has timelines like that in the works as well. Something to be excited for. Wasn’t even an emperor tho
  3. Excited for new, spicy, flavorful, medium rare map to leak so people stop spreading that unsavory, lightly salted, well done map that is outdated. Then people can appreciate Grillmaster Junar patty flipping work.

    1. frill
    2. DixieDemolisher


      I still miss the Fjord but u right

  4. No comment on the first part, decent take on the situation. Second part should just be considered shitposting, map very cute lots of grass blocks and sand. There is also terra-cotta. How could it be rushed and unfinished. Only finished maps have terra-cotta.
  5. #spacegate why did grool put a space between the 4 “main” nation groups and other neglected nations. I smell bias.

    1. erik0821


      Something is clearly wrong here.

    2. NotEvilAtAll


      It’s covering up the secret admin resort region duh.

    3. Charles The Bald

      Charles The Bald

      This is the hill we die on.

  6. Anore

    8.0 Transfer

    Well, there are two primary Elven groups = Aegrothond and the Highelves. Plus Druids are primarily made up of Elves. In addition to that, more groups will have the ability to get land, it just will not be part of the prebuild proncess. As well as with more land being given to the prebuild nations, they will have to ability to bring other groups along with them.
  7. Anore

    8.0 Transfer

    Nice. Excited for the Process™
  8. The Imperial Secretary of the Treasury, Mr. Mane, counts the war bond receipts quietly in his office, “two to the war, one for me, two for the war one for me” he mutters has he separates the war bonds and puts a few in his pocket. Just for safe keeping of course.
  9. IGN : BasketWeaver RP NAME : Postulous Malone Skills you can bring to the table : Good at counting coin and singing ballads to raise morale.
  10. Whats one more gonna hurt? On the eve of election night, rats emerge from the sewers of Helena gathering together in groups, each with a parcel tied to their tail. Making quite a ruckus they are quickly chased away by guards of the Imperial State Army. Behind them, they leave notes with rough scribblings on them, it appears to be some sort of campaign tactic by Gustav Ratmane. The notes read: Gustav Mane, Ratmane as they call him, was once a man of the people. Rising up as a commoner to be the first to earn the seat of Mayor of Helena as a commoner with nothing to his name but his hard work and Imperial attitude. Those who were around back then think back to the days of Gustav’s barber shop which he continued to operate during his tenure as mayor. Such a hard worker, there is no way he has changed. Gustav Ratmane for House of Commons
  11. Candidacies for the House of Commons in the Seventeenth Diet. SURNAME: Ratmane FIRST NAME: Gustav ADDRESS OF RESIDENCE: Anplais 12, Helena DATE OF BIRTH: 1692 Are you registered and eligible to vote in the Holy Orenian Empire? YES Do you have any other title, peerage or military service that may conflict with becoming a Member of the House of Commons, as per the Edict of Reform (1763)? NO If yes, do you understand that you will be required to resign or abdicate from this position should you be elected to the House of Commons, and if this does not occur your seat shall be considered to be vacant?: YES ((MC NAME)): BasketWeaver
  12. Turns to the next page, Mr. Mane is delighted to have a source of news once more in the Empire since his beloved Grape Vine was pushed out of the Capital. So many articles and information! He turns to the world section and notices the interview with Elendil.. “More nonsense about a supposed deficit I see...” the Secretary of the Treasury mutters.. He turns to the next page and resumes excitement on the topic of Legal Death.
  13. Mister President, I rise to introduce the State of the City Address Livery Proposition of 1769
  14. Missed some people due to name changes.. this team is made up of Ex-GMs and you want us to be thorough? ?
  15. Ex-GM Team Annual Newsletter 2020 Estimated Membership ~230 and Rising! [Click Here For Google Doc Formatted List] <Introduction> Since 2011, the Ex-GM team has been a home to those who still wish to be a part of a team, but this time the members are allowed to neglect their duties. This team is made up of veterans of this Roblox server, ex-larpers as well as players ranked Bronze-Silver on the well-known Point and Click Space MMORPG, League of Legends. The annual newsletter allows the team to stay up to date on current members and assist in the recruitment of prospective members, see list of possible recruits below. As a disclosure the Ex-GM Team Board acknowledges that there are some members of our team with an unsavory history, while we could kick them off the team, that would put that member back onto staff which would not be swell with the community so we shall carry the burden. Benefits Members of the Ex-GM Team receive comprehensive counseling for their loss of authority and self-believed power, funding provided by the Ex-Staff Foundation for a Better Life. Graduates receive a lifetime membership to the EXATUTOEXGMOLOTC, or Ex-GM’s Against The Unfair Treatment Of Ex-GMs on Lord of The Craft. A gravestone in LOTC’s Ex-GM graveyard, when administration realized this was not worth the effort the graveyard was moved to Chairmen Anorexichippo’s Single Player World “Anore’s World Save 2” Responsibilities and Dues As an Ex-GM you are responsible for reminding the community at least once a month that you were indeed once a GM. Upon leaving the server, you are obligated to return to the forums on occasion and post a status about how staff used to be better. Whether you are active on the server or not, all of your opinions are welcomed and valid in any dramatic server issue the community is dealing with. Current Matters Planning of the Ex-GM Team Wellness Retreat We are currently looking into multiple venues for the upcomming Ex-GM wellness retreat, we have reached out to KorvicCraft and Warlords but have not been able to confirm whether they can support our 230 members online without a waiting queue. SchoolRP has reached out but we believe it is best to keep some of our members at least 5 miles from a school. Anorexichippo Stepping Down Upon leaving the Ex-GM team and changing his name to BasketWeaver, Anorexichippo has decided it is best for the future and in line with our mission that he steps down from position of Chairman of the Board. He will move into an Vice-Chairman Advisory Counsel to the Board on future matters handing off the position to Bungo. The New Chairman Bungo will serve the board well and will create a great future for Ex-GMs everywhere. Tombstone Designs for Future Ex-GM Graveyard We are still on the look for compact but tasteful tombstone designs for the Ex-GM graveyard, while we have received various submissions, tombstones in the shape of phallic objects will no longer be accepted. Rescheduling of Infraction Bingo As many members of our team do not understand how infractions work, Infraction Bingo is going to be postponed until further notice, we are looking into bringing in special counsel to explain how infractions work so we may actually play the game. Search for Forgotten Members Many names of members have been lost over the years, if you know of someone missing on our membership list below, please contact Anorexichippo at Basket#4977 to make the necessary adjustments. We cannot leave anyone behind. Recruitment Strategies for New Ex-GMs Currently our class of 2020 is quite small in comparison to past years, while we are not worried, we are looking into better recruitment strategies to pull from the current prospective members of the team. We are sure more will join before the year is up. Notable Mentions Cruzazul ‘16,’19 - Longest time trying to avoid being on the Ex-GM team, from 2013-2016 and in 2019. Freema ‘16 - Anniversery year, Freema has now served both four years on Moderation and four years on the Ex-GM Team. Esry ‘17 - For their work turning the website to Comic Sans before removal. And a special shout out to.. any... literally any other member of the team that wasn’t removed for sexually explicit incidents... Leadership Board Current Chairman - Bungo Vice-Chairman Advisory Counsel to the Board - Anorexichippo/BasketWeaver Treasurer - Aislin Historian - Kowaman/Llir Secretary - Petyr <Membership Roster> *Overachievers (Left the Ex-GM Team to try to relive the past one or more times) Missing a name? Message me on Discord rather than flooding the comments. Class of 2011 Class of 2012 Class of 2013 Class of 2014 Class of 2015 Class of 2016 Class of 2017 Class of 2018 Class of 2019 Current Class of 2020 Prospective Members Currently in Admin Purgatory This is my last post as I retire from my position as Chairman, it has been a great 9 years serving on this board and know that Bungo will do an excellent job leading our fallen heroes. Signing off, Anorexichippo
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