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  1. Gustav Ratmane peers out from under the canal bridge in Helena. He watches as Leonard II and his men break down the gate to his old Mayoral residence. A single tear rolls down his rodent-like cheek as he hears the slaughtering of his children. No rodent survived this massacre. “Des Sholdiers No Good. Kill-kill them I sssshhaaal.” Gustav let’s out a loud shrill squeak and returns to all fours and scurries down the halls of the sewers. Slowly rats emerge among the stones and alleys and follow him into the darkness.
  2. Gustav Ratmane begins his descent into madness...  (phase I below)53232dc8b0dfddad9594f5e6817a3f5c.png

    1. Porkgasm


      I low-key look forward to see where this goes!

  3. ~ Quiet as a Mouse ~ The Mayoral Estate of Helena has lied dormant for months now. Since the most recent election of the Liverymen not a soul has seen or heard from the Lord Mayor Gustav Mane. What was once full of life under the office of Lord Tybis de Ruyter has not become a cold desolate haven for all types of pests, rats especially. Little was known about Gustav Mane during his time as a Liverymen but one thing was certain, he had a fascination with the sewers. His primary focus of legislation while serving on the council was on the construction of a great sewer system, a marvel of engineering that would keep Helena’s canals clean. But over time the support of the council faded and he was left alone in its construction. After weeks of not seeing or hearing from the Mayor, Liveryman of the Bard’s Ward, Dax Illiquin went searching through the Mayoral Estate to find clues for Gustav’s disappearance. In the dimly lit study an old journal was found: “12th of the First Seed, 1740 I find myself alone in my work, it appears what lies in the underbelly of this city has proven too much for the workers. Day by day less arrive to the work site many succumbing to the sickness carried by these waters. It has proven difficult, not only for the lack of manpower but since I would typically eat some of their lunch as well. Nevertheless I must carry on, I have no fear of the rodents that roam below, in fact I quite enjoy the good company and conversation. Never the less, I am about to begin a new section of the sewer, I hope to finish soon Gustav RatMane, Lord Mayor of Helena, and Barber” And so, the Mayoral Estate lies empty. It appears the Mayor has gone missing, perhaps for the best. Some say at night noises can be heard from the sewers, squeaking, hissing, and chattering of rodents and an occasional joyous laugh. To the confusion of the stewards rent for the Barbershop continues to be paid on time, and to the dismay of the Imperial Butler, cheese continues to go missing from the palace. Beware if one were to enter the unfinished sewers, as those who had once worked there will warn of what lies below.
  4. Wilfred Proudfoot leans on his cane “Oi be feelin slighted I be”
  5. Freja for Dev Admin

  6. Despite how you may feel regarding how this is being handled, one thing that is important is reporting issues of sexual harassment and other predatory behavior to the authorities. While I think the staff can always do much more to help, If you feel unsafe don’t be afraid to take this matter to the authorities or proper programs that will ensure that you are protected and your experiences are not ignored. 

    1. Lionbileti


      I still love you basket

  7. Any adult on this server that knowingly engages in sexual acts or conduct with a minor, no matter what the age difference is, has to understand that there is an underlying power dynamic that can lead to manipulation, abuse and other unhealthy, even dangerous situations. Even if the person isn’t necessarily a “child” it’s pretty clearly not okay.

    1. Anore


      Emphasis on “knowingly”. The reason ERP should not take place on the server is because you will never truly know who you are engaging with and although that’s your decision it is not something that the server should allow as many people can still be hurt.

    2. Cracker


      +1 Wise words

    3. DrakeHaze.
  8. Wilfred quietly lamented that he could not do more to extend the life of dear Daniel. He remembers the long chats he and the pontiff had while Wilfred massaged Daniel’s feet to help relieve the excruciating pain of the holy man’s Gout.
  9. Gout needs to be stopped on this server, its killing us!

  10. Gustav Mane emerges from his barbershop, another slow day of working hard for very little pay. He opens his ledger and sees once more that he is severely in debt. As he walks down the street he hears murmurs of another job opening. He already works as a Barkeep, Tour boat guide, Recruit, and of course a barber, whats another job on the pile. He files his application. For with all his jobs he can truly represent the workin’ man. Ign: BasketWeaver IRP Name: Gustav Mane IRP Age: 44 Address: 6 Nauzica Square Discord Tag: Basket#4977 Desired Position: Liveryman of the Pitch Ward
  11. Postulous Malone hears the news and says “Oh No” High Imperial Butler Wilfred Proudfoot hears the news and says “Oh No” Zug’Buub hears the news and says “Oh Nub”
  12. Ya’ll see the minecraft news regarding customizable player models on Bedrock? If something similar to this gets implemented on Java Edition there could be player models for dwarves, halflings, and all other varying sizes.

    1. Corporatocracy


      i fear microsoft will put it behind a pay wall

    2. Anore


      Its already behind a paywall on Bedrock, but then again that is what bedrock is for. But this being implemented anyway may lead to it being implemented to Java edition eventually.

    3. Arkelos


      They’ve had a track record for bringing popular features of bedrock into Java. I don’t think this will be any different.

  13. Nothing like a clear, simple and color coded spreadsheet.
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