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  1. The sun sets on the 17th of Sun's Smile, 1814 by Imperial standards. Rats have been spotted scurrying the streets of Providence much like the era of Helena where they ran rampant beneath the streets. A trail of blood trails down Helena Road on the intersection with Chamberlain St. While on another case it was picked up by lawmen of the Ministry of Justice. Down the alleyway lies the body, an elderly man approximately 84 years of age.. upon closer inspection it appeared to be the Imperial Secretary of the Treasury. Theodore Mane was not one for walks about the city, he was not one to keep many
  2. Mr. Mane stands, scratching his head. "Mr. Armas is my undersecretary, does he not realize it is not only within his abilities, but his responsibility as well to oversee the offering of budgets to the ministries.... More political posturing by Josephites, this is no different then standing next to a fire with the only bucket of water screaming 'Someone should put this out'" the aging treasurer strolls away back to his chess match.
  3. Rule Changes, Week of 3/30/21 Raid Rules: Original: Rule 3: Raid size is dependent on the raid target Lairs: 3 player max Settlements and non-capital tiles: 4 player max Nation capital tiles: 5 player max Update: Rule 3: Raid size is dependent on the raid target Lairs: 3 player max Settlements and non-capital tiles: 6 player max Nation capital tiles: 9 player max Rational: As initially intended, Raid Caps have been raised for raids against settlements and Nations on a trial period. _________________________________
  4. You'll have to take me off the Roster, I got traded to Freeport Remember?
  5. I was your 1000th piece of rep, you're welcome

  6. Sorry about the forums once I’m free of Admin I’ll go back to working on the website

    1. Priceflash


      its okay bestie we love u

  7. I had every right to shut down a rebellion spawned from a loop-hole in our poor region rules, but from the start I was provided with the roleplay Sedan had been engaged in and I enjoyed what they had done and what they were trying to do. The only thing I can be accused of was being careful with the precedent this could set for future wars going forward and not trying to let every single war on this server become a massive-world war that does nothing but drag our community into futher toxicity. Especially relating to internal conflict. At the end of the day its good roleplay and it will carry o
  8. You’re pulling shit out of your ass if you think I didn’t want a war and fun experience for players to come out of this from the get go, or if you are under the Impression that I was actively working “against the players interest” you are utterly mistaken. There was no admin verdict forcing me to do something I didn’t want to with this war, nor did this have any impact on me stepping down.
  9. I wanted to formally make this post announcing that I will be stepping down as Administrator of the Moderation Team. At this point in time I no longer feel like I can effectively hold this position and drive the server in a positive direction. Once my successor is chosen I will be handing over the reigns. When I first came back to the server, I was immediately filled with nostalgia and excited for all that I had missed and all the possibilities that I could see before me. I got to talk to friends that I had not spoken in over 8 years and I really enjoyed myself. When I came across
  10. Skin Name: Second Time’s The Charm Skinner’s Username: Miko Discord: Basket#4977 Bid: $10 USD
  11. Political Entities of Almaris, 1st Edition. Ulmon Balzaar, Year 12 SA ((Click here for full resolution)) After traveling throughout the lands of Almaris, Ulmon Balzaar completes his first edition of the political entities that occupy these new lands. On Year 12 of the Second Age he notes that there are ten entities whom would be considered Nations along with three independent charter groups. After lowering his quill, he notices his mistake of never choosing a color to represent the newly formed Talon's Port who has now risen to be considered a Nation. "Ah... well this sha
  12. I just needed a second to get confirmation is all, See update in FAQ
  13. No need to sneak, I will approve.
  14. MAP ART RELEASE JANUARY 2021 After a long wait, we are finally ready to start allowing players to submit art to be implemented in-game. This will allow our community and staff to fill the world with more immersive art to add more life to our cities, events and the rest of the world. How Will it Work? 1. A Player can submit their art by creating a /wreq 2. Players send the art they want converted to world team member. 3. If the Map is approved, we will use Image Map 3 to convert image to map file. 4. The map file will be adde
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