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  1. Public Reminder that @rukio has still given more rep on the forums than anyone else.

    1. HurferDurfer1


      THAT has to be wrong

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      Maybe more rep, but what abt ratio? 

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      @HurferDurfer1at least as of a year ago, Ruko has given the most rep in the history of the rep system on LoTC.

  2. A Current Mapping of The Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ ((Click HERE for full scale)) As commissioned by his Royal Majesty Karl III, Wilfred Proudfoot IV, retired butler and freelance cartographer presents his mapping of the Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska in the year 441 E.S. After a year of traveling the realm, visiting the castles, keeps and villages that scatter across the Attenlund and using previous documentation on the land. The map is published in the latest edition of the Proudfoot Politico and sent throughout the lands. Mr. Proudfoot has been placed on retainer for the next twenty years to maintain upkeep on the map and make updates as the lands of Haense continue to grow and prosper.
  3. Dead space is definitely a huge problem on Almaris. Whether it is dead because it is too far from regions that are typically active and desirable or even just dead space that is unbuildable or even just desirable to build on. If we look at the Northern Continent for example, we have the Volcano Biome, the Ice Spikes, Cloud Temple, Swamps, and to be honest that entire jungle biome taking up 40% of the map, and it is almost entirely unusable, non-traversable and undesirable to a majority of prospective settlements. That's not even taking into account the mountains that divide half of the map in a way that doesn't feel like a natural divider as the mountains are so wide and when an entire tile is taken up by a mountain the only reason any nation bought them is for their internal game of EU4 to create a border of separation between them and other Nations. This has definitely been the issue in the design for the majority of "plains" landscapes on the entire east side of the map, the only notable areas while traveling through the landscape are the settlements that are situated there. There are no key features in the landscape, even if we have plains, having no viable water features or interesting landmarks in there terrain leaves the map feeling empty and boring. There is a severe lack of thick forested areas on the map, with the only one at map launch (that wasn't in a jungle) was kind of here, And lets be honest, that wasn't put on the map by Junar while he was world painting, it was done by Grool and Esterlen after the fact. The core problem here is that trees were splattered around the map at launch and had impact on the map and how people traveled through it other than just filling the empty space. Without thick forests around various parts of the plains biomes they just feel like long stretches of flat land and relies too much on the players to make it look better. (just refering to all nations and settlements as settlements for consistency sake) They key here is going to be designing regions that can still have these exaggerated high fantasy elements while also accounting for multiple areas within each biome or region that a settlement could go on. Not having a single region on the new map that couldn't sustain a settlement because the terrain was world painted for screenshots and renders and not a roleplay server. We should know at this point what kind of terrain works for settlements at this point, we've seen builds on all sorts of terrain for 10 years now. One of the big improvements that needs to be made this time around at least at in the months leading up to map launch is more transparency once the map is world painted. Giving players and community leaders more view of the map so that they may better choose a location to settle and giving them more time to build their settlements (not during finals week hopefully). Two sort of ways to address corner syndrome, one is to have a more interconnected map that leaves these more interesting biomes to be more connected to areas of the map that are more active but also not just leaving the high fantasy elements to the edge of the map because you want things to be more centralized. Even in a simple plains biome you can still throw high fantasy elements into it. On Almaris is seems that any cool landscape that players would like to explore were either massive which then kills some of the uniqueness, on the edge of the map, or never utilized by story team. This ended up just creating dead zones as no one wanted to build on these zones because they were first, utilization second. With the new update and having more access to greater elevations, the new map should definitely utilize this and create elevation changes between biomes/regions but not just on the large scale, even within biomes there can be cliffs, ravines, cave systems, hell even floating landscape bits, Even those types of verticality implementations can be done with settlements in mind. I think many communities have a history of building flat square cities on the server but I think that is done for two reasons: Its easier considering the weird verticality and elevation changes we have on parts of the map are not super usable but more importantly most of the map is flat anyway, so why should players have to be any different. Next map definitely needs to go in a different direction with this. Huge flop with Almaris, it had character in the planning phase, but when the original world painter fell through and Junar stepped up, there was no further communication between world team and story team. Junar painted the continent shape that was previously drawn and then used concept art that was decided on before and the primary reference. We built colossal structures like the Tomblands but at map launch since ST was kept so out of the loop on map development we launched Almaris with no story, and no narrative elements for players to care about the map. This resulted in some nations continuing to play a bit of EU4 with their tiles and focus more on expansion and politics then the world around them.
  4. Anyone who ERPs on a Minecraft roleplay server is perpetuating this issue. Whether you're two consenting adults or not, your doing it in a community of minors. There is no need for it, if you can't roleplay without it there other places. If you have to know the other players age before engaging in a specific type of RP with them you should not be doing that RP whatsoever.

  5. Roads are a big hot topic on each map for many reasons. They can make or break a new players experience and can help or hurt the ease at which nations interact with each other. On this map the roads were very disjointed and were primarily used to get players from the hubs to the current nations, they did not lend themselves to inter-community travel and resulted in the map feeling bigger and more frustrating to traverse than intended. Taking a look back and the last three maps and their initial roads in red and the additional roads that were added later in yellow, what were some things that were done well? What flopped. Atlas Arcas Almaris What were some things that worked or didn't work on past maps? Increased speed on roads? Staff Built Roads? Freedom for Players to build their own Roads? How do you think maps should be done on the next map? Should the roads be placed prior to settlements choosing locations on the map or should roads be laid down after settlements are placed? Do we want a single stagnant road system or one that adapts with the changes on the map. It begs the question can any road system at the start of the map be perfect? In many ways the roads are either great at the start of the map but bad at the end of the map, or they aren't great at the beginning of the map and players need to bug staff to fix it or do it themselves. I think an interesting concept to bring up is that of desire pathing. You can read more about that HERE. But the general concept of it is no matter where the roads are, people will general find the best path on their own. Some universities and city planners in the past have adapted to this and laid down paths based on what users found most efficient. I think we can apply this to next map in a way that allows players to find the best path as they will, and even if the map launches with a set road in mind, it can and should change with the time and any speed bonuses should come with it. At the end of the day, we don't want taking the roads to be a burden, many players want to travel around the map and see the world, but more importantly players are just trying to get where the roleplay is. The road system should cater to that. What do you think?
  6. Hey, its Anore once again looking for free labor. I am currently in the process of mapping out Aegis and its pretty ugly and a lot going on, to make things easier I was hoping some of you could help me label a lot of these locations on the map below: (sometimes we forget that Aegis was the biggest map.....) CLICK LINK HERE FOR FULL SIZE VIEW: FULL IMAGE If you would like to take time out of your day to label the ones you know that would be greatly appreciated. I realize a lot of these locations are probably very insignificant. Did I miss something? Post a screenshot marking a significant settlement or landmark that was left off the numbering as I am sure I left out a lot, if two labels are referring to the same thing just say continued or whatever. I have lost a lot of memory functioning over the years, it is what it is. For my sake feel free to add details about the location such as Location Name, Settlement/City/Fort, Primary Racial Group (I will update this post as more is labeled) 1. Cloud Temple + that lil Camp thing 2. Laurelin (Malinor Capital) 3. 4. 5. Sanjezai (Krugmar Capital) 6. Whisper Isles (Human) 7. 8. Kal’Rog (Dwarven/Merchant Village) 9. 10. Kal’Urguan (Urguan Capital) 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. New Terriko 19. Galahar 20. Alkhazar (Oren Capital) 21. Swarmhold? 22. New Alstion 23. 24. 25. 26. 27. 28. 29. 30. 31. 32. Konigsburg (Hanseti) 33. 34. 35. 36. Winterfell 37. 38. 39. Talamh 40. 41. 42. 43. 44. 45. 46. 47. 48. 49. 50. 51. 52. 53. 54. 55. 56. 57. 58. 59. 60. 61. 62. 63. 64. 65. 66. 67. 68. 69. 70. 71. 72. 73. 74. 75. 76. 77. LOCATIONS NOT INCLUDED IN NUMBERING BUT ADDED ON MY SIDE: Thanks yall, I hope this turns out half way decent.
  7. Draeris knew when he created Redenford that Oren would dissolve into a confederacy. Ahead of his time. Not even a perma ban could stop his vision

    1. Tiresiam


      imagine being this dense

    2. Anore


      No imagination necessary

  8. Anore

    Acre vs Oren

    Mogroka will return with a rally of Brazilian contract PvPers led by Craotor along with a battalion of Eastern European Arma RPers.
  9. First google concept art. Then make in minecraft
  10. Since the fall of the Orenian Empire, Wilfred Proudfoot, fourth of his name, has traveled the lands of Almaris, displaced from his sworn duty to serve under the Emperor of man. While on his journeys he began working on the second eddition of the Proudfoot Politico. A map detailing the political entities that occupy the lands of Almaris. It has been seventy four years since the first edition and much has changed. Empires have fallen, settlements burnt to ruins with new civilizations built atop them. As he signs the map and lowers his quill, he wonders what the coming years have in store for this land and its inhabitants. He sends the map across the lands hoping it may serve others. ((Link for large viewing: click here)) On the back of the map there lists a catalogue of a few of the Proudfoot Works, with a way to reach Wilfred for commissions ((Basket#4977 on Discord)) Proudfoot Politico 1st Ed. Year 12 SA Regions of the Empire, 1842
  11. This mean's you'll actually have to respond to DMs, I know from my experience as mod admin we didn't have to. Are you up for that?
  12. I still don't know what to do about conflict, maybe switch to 1.8 pvp
  13. issues like these are often quite complex, I need another 2 years. You wouldn’t understand. i got kicked from the discord :(
  14. A "Complete" Breakdown of Lord of the Crafts 2(+) Year Long Website Redesign TLDR: Administration (this includes me) and their constant bureaucracy continues to make month long projects take years and still doesn't get done. Also a lot of spelling and grammar errors that I am too lazy to fix. I wanted to type up this post to provide some transparency on the project to redesign LoTC's theme and fix a lot of the issues on the forums that are incredibly outdated and have been for seemingly the last 8 years. To my knowledge the process started back in July of 2020. I was a moderation manager at the time and I heard through the grape vine that the community team under Muffins and administration were starting the process of trying to update the website. I managed to weasel my way into that chat and initially found out their goal was primarily to update the home page image and maybe the logo. While I am no expect on web design by any means I wrote up a little DOCUMENT HERE on some areas that I felt really needed to be addressed in order to make our home page more user friendly and just not an eye sore. Additionally there were so many background functionality issues on the forums that were not being addressed. In early August of 2020, I was kind of getting impatient with the pacing of staff team and the lack of anyone with web design experience on staff (I'm sure there were many in the community with those capabilities, but you know how it is with staff blacklists and nepotism of other team leaders not wanting certain people on staff). I got in contact with a web developer and together we worked up some concepts for the web design in this presentation PRESENTATION HERE. I liked the general concept and with the go-ahead from administration I decided that we would work with this web developer and out of pocket I paid for 75% of his services, it took convincing for the server to pay their own share for this project. In total it came out to about $800 of my own money for this design (money wasn't really the concern to me, GameStop only goes up, but it sucks to pay for something that never comes to fruition). In late August I was promoted from Mod Manager to Mod Admin unfortunately, I like to believe that I paid for Admin because I definitely was not the best choice at the time. I believed that with my new position as Admin I could have more power in pushing the Website project forward and ensuring that the website would launch at the same time as 8.0. I was wrong. For the first few months from August - October of 2020 the web-developer and I made great progress and by the start of October we had our FIRST PROTOTYPE for the forums, this was not finalized in any way but it was ready to start importing and re-skinning onto the Invision board forum system. This is where the problems started arising. As our web developer didn't have a separate license to create a custom forum theme (which we knew going into this) we created an account with limited dashboard access for him to skin the design onto our forums and get them working. Since, like all things apparently, staff likes to keep the stuff going on in the background a secret, the developer could only work on items for the site that wouldn't alter too much continent until we were ready to launch the new site. We ran into some issues where there were certain functionalities and plugins needed to be added to our Invision Forum for it to work and myself and the developer had to wait for Tythus to purchase them (for like less than $15 USD). We then ran into overall structuring issues that we needed a member of our Tech team, specifically Lyonharted to fix in order for it to work. Over the next year (yes I said year) the project consisted of long 3-4 month at a time waiting periods for me to get Llir or Lyonharted to fix issues on the forums in order to continue the design process. The amount of unanswered messages I'd send to Lyonharted rivaled only that of a player trying to contact an admin. I brought up countless times to Llir that we need to bring on someone that can handle fixing issues in the website but as we all know, staff is very selective and even the most mildly controversal member of our community can't be brought on to the team even if they are way overqualified for what we need. (That is unless another admin is friends with them). In addition our external web developer went through some pretty stressful life events that caused them to kind of put the website on the back burner, but in the end it is not like there is much they could do while they were waiting for staff to fix the situation. On my side of things, I have to be honest, I could have done more, in the year+ that I was admin I found myself taking on way more responsibility than was necessary of me and having a hard time delegating tasks. I found myself heavily involved in World Team activities such as developing the new map, community team activities involving content creation as well as running the moderation team. I was in over my head and was not equipped to do the job. The only reason I applied to staff in the first place was to not have to deal with locked doors. I could have done more to push this project along but I fell into the classic Admin stagnation state of working on too many projects at once and finishing none of them. When I finally realized I was hurting the server more than I was helping by staying on as Admin I stepped down in April of 2021. I passed off all the contact information and assets I had related to the website redesign to the other admins and cut ties. The money I paid in my mind is gone, but that's just how it is sometimes. Where is the new website at? As far as I know there has not been much if any changes to the site, I believe it is still just a selectable theme that the admins and maybe a select few staff and select and look at as progress has not yet changed. I wanted to make this post to own up to the mistakes I made in letting this project die, but also to bring attention to the work we were trying to accomplish and bring into question that now after two years how this project is still not completed. Google Doc Link if Post is annoying to read
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