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  1. Can an admin remove my forum pex for me please, gave myself admin role so you’re more likely to spot this status update. 

    1. Salvo


      Congratulations on your adminship, I hope you're a harbinger for good change

    2. DahStalker


      rest well king

    3. aiden0023


      you didn't hear? they needed a new CT admin basket :3

  2. I challenge Telanir to the LoTC invented game of chess. If I win Basketball is Legal. If I lose I'll change remove Basket from my name.


  3. Wilfred Proudfoot, reading through the Western Conference wonders if the Valwyck Bears might be added in an expansion draft.
  4. All wars from this point on will be decided through ABA simulations

    1. Borin


      Still better than current war rules ngl

  5. The Freeport Pigeons, originally known as the Freeport Bitch Pigeons, were among one of the first teams to form around this new sport. After Freeport lay abandoned, the team still travels for games, with their home court being on the deck of one of the last few ships in their Navy.
  6. Freeport Pigeons gonna come out on top of the Eastern Conference

  7. Safety in this community should trump any amount of contribution another player has made when that player threatens another players ability to feel safe and comfortable on LoTC. There should be a zero tolerance and no debate when it comes to removing an active pest who threatens the safety of our community. Especially in the case of our younger community members. 

  8. You have my respect for fighting to keep this community safe. It is unbelievable that situations like this even need debate. This is not the first time this has happened, but it should be the last. Community safety should be a top priority and having to argue over the removal of one player for the safety of many or even one is continually exhausting when it should be an easy decision. Good luck on future endeavors, you know my DMs are always open.
  9. Regional Map of the Holy Oren Empire in the Year 1842 by Wilfred Proudfoot IV based on the work of the late George Kovachev ((Click here for Enlarged image)) The lands of the Empire are divided into five main regions, whilst some of these regions have more distinct cultures inhabiting them, there is no governmental function for these divisions. These regions, and the peerages and municipalities within them, are labeled as such: Grenz - Northenmost region of the Empire. Prominent Culture Group: The Grenzi Kositz, Mordskov, Valles, Woldzmir Municipalities: Dobrov Petra - The center of the Empire, divided into Providence, Upper Petra and Lower Petra. Upper Petra: Provins, Carrington, Cathalon Lower Petra: Rivia, Sunholdt, Vuiller, Darkwood, Rosius Municipalities: Redenford The Vale of Arentania - Dense forests between The Petrine River and the Arentine Mountains Borough of Ephesius Arentania - The mountain range bordering the central regions of the Empire Halstaig, Aldersberg, Azor Oltremont - Encompasses all regions of the Empire west of the Arentine Mountains Susa, Halcourt ((Last updated 10/27/21, I know Provins is moving, I'll update when they do))
  10. If any changes happen to the forum/website layout over the next few weeks, don't worry, its a work in progress. If you notice anything super messed up, please feel free to screenshot it and DM me at Basket#4977

    1. GodOfPie


      Time to worry because I was told not to worry.

    2. Anore


      The only time to worry

  11. Anore

    On Grass VIP

    Long ago before I paid for Admin, even longer, almost 10 years ago I was once a grass VIP. I collected all the money I could from my mothers credit card to purchase this lowly VIP title. I believe Erik as the last of us, should receive the recognition he deserves. I offer my name in signature
  12. big tings comin... or everyone will hate it idc


    1. Zarsies


      we better get a legal statement from our favorite ex-staff union

  13. Horen "The Black" slept with Wilfred Proudfoot I's second wife. This is Halfling Erasure
  14. One is MIA, one is too rich to care
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