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  1. Enlistment Form | OOC | Minecraft Name: SargassoWolfen Discord ID: You have it | IC | Name: Titania Combat Experience: On/off service since Aegis/Asulon
  2. Time for RBC indices, woo.

  3. I'm going to drown in Anatomy homework… Get me a shovel!

    1. MamaBearJade


      *Throws in a giant inflateable wolf into the homework*

      Gotta learn to swim first. Shovel will only weigh you down.

  4. Tried to go to the movies but the weather was so bad the theater lost power… 2spooky

  5. http://imgur.com/IvwVvvP proof of gm aboose!!11!!1
    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Merkaken


      IT's not a funny joke.

    3. iTzShambo
    4. Cloakedsphere


      I laughed too. Quit being so sensitive.

  6. Poor quality because of my less than great ceiling fan light, but I did this today http://imgur.com/6lfpmwC Overall productive day, I'd say.

  7. Second pokemon fusion illustration, part of an evo line. http://imgur.com/rLpE3Iy This was the first-http://imgur.com/GWwZMbU. The final will be done tonight or tomorrow!

  8. Pokemon fusion illustration because I was bored. http://imgur.com/GWwZMbU Might do the rest of the evo's.

  9. ...Somebody stole all of the doors from my house?

    1. Nug


      happened to me too

  10. git off me profyle pls

  11. Wood plank box houses make my eyes bleed.

    1. Swgrclan


      That sounds like a serious medical issue. I suggest consulting your doctor.

  12. Everybody was me.... What.

    1. Dr. Ducky-D

      Dr. Ducky-D

      Baah! How funny, nup, everyone was obviously ME!

  13. "It feels like I ran a mile... with my face."

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    2. Baconthief



      That's like an insult and a compliment mixed.

    3. Covcath


      Ha... it's funny because he took a phrase used to compliment someone and then turned in around so that it made fun of their FACE! JAJAJAJAJAJAJAJA! *Mexican laugh*

    4. -The Doctor-

      -The Doctor-

      But... That wouldn't be running...

      That would be sliding...

  14. First time I have ever played tag to get something accomplished in roleplay. I like this new way of going about things.

    1. Salamandra


      Nobody does it like Sala ;)

  15. Your avatar is hypnotic by the way.

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