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  1. Aerendyl reads the missive over a smoke post mud-wrestle, shaking his head at the note. Having seen and participated in the attempted arrest of Vulen, he chuckles at the falsities in the text. "This bloke is assuming that his little boy's nose was nice and clean. He's either very ignorant, or doesn't give a ****. That'd be a shame if it was the later, if he's going to be calling for blood anyway..." He sets the note aside to keep for future reference and draws a circle over his chest. Hawksong would remain with Tahorran. Feather and mane, hawk and steed, sails and saddl
  2. "What is a L'EERMITTAGE?" Titania says poorly, the new and strange high elven tongue proving foreign from her usual common or elvish speak as she sits around the fire with Laetranis and her kin. She scratches her head, narrowing her eyes further onto the picture on the pamplet. "And where's Paris?" She reads it over a few times, the elf recalling Aegisian days where the press was either much more quiet or far more interesting, she couldn't recall at this point. She did remember the lack of a silver city, though. Either way the pamphlet ended up in the fire and she donne
  3. ((As a note, this is an event that overlaps my IRL birthday! I can't actually go anywhere special due to my line of work even if I am vaccinated, so I thought I'd just lump mine and my character's big day together so I can have some sort of party this year. This year is also my tenth anniversary in the community, so I think it's a cool way to celebrate with the whole community! Come have fun with us!)) An invitation is left at the mailbox/taxbox of every registered home and seed hall, with a formal address to the blessed Seeds and Houses of Elvenesse. The House of
  4. It was all over the ground. Splattered against the back of the stable door and coagulated on the ground like some sick mockery of moss, the blood of the beloved Sire, Dam and firstborn of the line of the Rochirran's legendary steeds drench the ground and overflow over their bedding. Where there was strong, determined life in the eyes of their companions now there was only the reflection of fear in their final moments. Butchered. Mangled. Nearly unidentifiable if it were not for the unfortunate stumbling of Aerendyl and Onas. "...I found them like this, mal'onn." The younger elf st
  5. This is not made to be taken seriously lol
  6. Hi I made a dumb comic about an inside joke that Zilldude and I have have for a while. I put it to paper. Enjoy? You may need to open up the image fuller since the canvases are large. Source media
  7. IGN: Discord: Twilight#0595 Character Name: Titania Hawksong Position: Artisan Art: Textile and Painting
  8. Somewhere in the docks of Elvenesse, in an unassuming little home, Titania grips her chest as a sudden palpitation ruffles her old soul.
  9. Twilight's Illustrations Welcome to my LOTC specific commissions page! I've been doing art as a hobby for a while, and while most of my portfolio is physical I have come into possession of an art tablet that will allow me to create digital art as well. I have a heavy background in traditional oil painting particularly in landscapes and pet portraits, so most of my work is done in a painterly style. I can do just about all that I offer in pencil and charcoal, however, so if you'd like an alternative medium I am happy to accommodate! I recommend viewing the source image, as I te
  10. I did attempt to reach out in the tech chat, but was forwarded to your post. I have discovered that the hub in the east grants a very generous maximum of 3 sea lanterns that are possible with the node setup. So that means I can wait a collective 20 hours if I don't sleep or work and the job will be done! Alternatively, I have also discovered that Alt accounts can mine the same node and get the same materials. So that cuts my collective time to 10 hours! Suppose then I could go ahead and buy a THIRD account and get it whitelisted and lessen my time some more,
  11. Sure, that's fine, but what about the people that don't have easy replacements? I have yet to see a sensible reason why blocks on the server are being locked up tighter than fort knox.
  12. Hey there, I don't know where else to put this and my patience for this plugin/iron fist economy is going to make me have an aneurism so I guess it goes with nexus vortex debate??? I've been here for almost a decade. I don't complain too much provided that I have SOME sort of solution or alternative accessible to me in regards to rescources/needs serverside. This will be my first post frankly b******* about something as I feel it is completely unacceptable for the standard of the server that has been since since AEGIS. I've been working on some cultural events for the e
  13. [!] Invitations have been sent to all registered citizens of Elvenesse, with formal letters arriving at the halls of the many elven houses that reside within the nation. [!] The Ceremony of Winter Starlight You have been cordially invited to attend and participate in an ancient tradition passed down by the alder folk, from Almenor and Malinor past. Don your most festive winter garb and bring your kin, for we are to witness the retelling and reincarnation of our grand heritage, almenodrim, wood elven and dark elven alike. In ancient times when Malin's
  14. An elfess squints, bringing the small piece of parchment closer to inspect before turning to her giggling dark elf friend. "I'm sorry, I thought I read something vaguely decipherable but I'm not sure... Care to help out an old timer?" she says, passing him the note.
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