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  1. Well Tom I've got this blood claim to the blackwald (not to mention revenge for the assassinations and massacre) and I'm looking to use it to cause a bit of a ruckus, you know, burn down a handful of buildings and generally make life difficult for anyone trying to build the empire back up on the bones of old savoy
  2. I didn't realize harry was still the god of the war team. What was it he was dethroned for, anyway?
  3. Can @Teegah or one of the other techs confirm that we were not allowed to conduct any warclaims for the 15th? From what I can tell your peace was signed toward the end of sunday, April 16. Its not as if I could simply post this on Monday the 17th, no, that wouldn't give you your full 5 days after all.
  4. -teegah, on the week of april 11 And the 2x warclaims last week meant that this one could not be posted. A siege delayed two weeks due to 1.8 updates and the server's technical inability to handle more than 1-2 wc's a week isn't enough to scheduled a re-skirm, I would argue. As for the dead man and his request, you know what they say: find something you love doing and you'll never work a day in your life.
  5. I went in with more than 1 CB in the first place. Besides that a contract is a contract is a contract, even after death Also I'm not familiar with 'initiative' in the case of lotc, are you sure you haven't been playing too much dnd? as an aside: @joey calabreeni has full permission to post here as the leader of the rat pack. Please don't gun down his input
  6. I mean you can repeat that all you want it won't make it true. The only way I could've lost CB is if I was a vassal under one of the factions that peaced out. (un)Fortunately chaos is a separate faction entirely, whoose terms for peace have not yet been fulfilled. Thus the show must go on
  7. Just like last time. And just b/c lorraine is not actively participating in the fun does not mean they are cutting off my supplies from elsewhere.
  8. Are you for real arguing supply lines right now? When did jonaj become marshal of oren
  9. lorraine can kick dirt, khorne protects
  10. Certain allies peaced out, yeah. But a few factions pulling out certainly doesn't result in white peace.
  11. THE SACK OF DARKWOOD The war camp had grown more and more quiet as of late. Where as before the skirmish a legion of men had gathered to champion the cause of justice, now there were left only a handful of stoic regiments. Over the flapping of tents and the whistle of the wind, a single priest could be heard, preaching fire and brimstone. “Yea, for there yet be faithful, and they are named soldiers. And the village giveth way to the citadel and men are ungoverned...” Guildenstern sat in his tent, brooding over rumors and reports. His allies all seemed to be signing themselves out of his war, one by one, having named their prices and received lump sum from the enemy. All that, and yet he saw all the kings allied with him sign treaties and then die shortly thereafter. So then, Guild concluded that this meant he must wage war in order to live. WARCLAIM Tier Chosen: 1st Type of battle: Siege Date And Time: April 29, 4PM EST Side A: The Bastard’s Host Side B: Mardonia Location and boundaries: Direct Area: Wider Area: Terms of Victory Upon Victory For... Victory for the Attackers: All Mardonites are either killed or forced to flee, or forced underground. Victory for the Defenders: All bastards are either killed or forced to flee. REWARDS Offensive Victory: The town is razed, and the attackers may move on to siege another target. Defensive Victory: No change of owners, and a skirmish must be won before either side can siege again. Rules No defensive improvements should be built after warclaim is posted No status memes No apples Ladders enabled TNT enabled

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