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  1. ((OOC)) MC Name: callumrh Skype: cazzarh98 Timezone: GMT IC Name: Kai Asakura Race: Wood elf Nation Allegiance: I do not have an allegiance i simply help those in need Age: 23 Can you fight?: Indeed i can Do you know magic?: Not currently Would you do work (Mining/Farming) for the Scions?: I will do any job which is given to me
  2. Name: Kai Asakura Gender: Male Race: Wood elf Age:23 Why would you like to attend our school?: I want to learn more about Anthos, its culture, its people, its language and all it has to offer i believe the college and its teachers will help me learn to my fullest. Will you be able to pay our entry fee of 150(+50 if you want a dorm): indeed i will. Do you recognize that you /must/ remain peaceful with others within our borders?: I do i want to get along with everyone at the college.
  3. And so the story of miyako begins.

  4. Im back what i miss?

  5. Thinking of starting a small guild but i have no moneys!

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    2. Kai Asakura

      Kai Asakura

      Oh yh im just bored its so quite with out james........ :/

    3. yekim8


      Yeah, we need to do something. I'll try and get something set up. I'm pretty sure he has some plans once he returns though.

    4. Kai Asakura

      Kai Asakura

      Yh how long he gone for like 2 weeks?

  6. MC Name: callumrh RP Name: Rin Ashfield Bio ((At least 7 sentences)):Rin was born in the new holy city of oren all his life he has been intrested in magic.Rin is a wierd boy and abit of a psyco but he loves to read and make books about strange happenings and beings such as golems.He is now liveing in New Andromeda and works for Count James. He heard about a strange cult that worship Yemekar and the Void-Dragons so he wants to go do some reasearch and maybe right a book about The Promethean Cult Do you accept our rules?: yes Do you have a VA? If so, what for?: no Are you prepared to undergo our initiation?: yes Do you consider yourself good at RP?: yes Have you ever been banned? If so, what for?: no Can someone vouch for your RP skills?: yes jtheo2016 What position do you aspire to become within the Cult?:~The Brander-Priests~ and possibly part of the ~The Pantheon Council~
  7. Annyone now how to get to Crestfall ???

  8. Grrrr magic app i treat you like my baby!!!

  9. Amazing last night fighting the evil mage and blazes

  10. Btw got accepted 2 days ago so YAYAYAYAYAYAY

    1. Jchizz


      congrats! welcome to the server! :)

  11. After two days of waiting and editing i get denide!

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    2. Αμφίονας


      Do not worry. Give your best shot at the next one.

    3. Space


      Take that 24 hours and be patient. elieve me, I was so angry that I had to wait another 24 hours, but I ended up waiting a few days to get the app to what I liked it on my 5th attempt. Take what the app team member said and apply it. Good luck!

    4. lugarthecougar


      Yeah, not everone gets in on their first try, it's really no big deal. I thought my first app was amazing, but an app team member pointed out a few problems and denied me. Just fix whatever was wrong and feel free to ask an app team member for help. Just be calm and patient and I'm sure you will eventually get in.

  12. Blawharag are u AFK at the moment?

  13. Hey aryon if its ok with you could you look at my application ^_^

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