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  1. This map showed me I waste my time on this game and it's terribly no fun so I quit So I'd say it's pretty good all things considered
  2. Name: Enring Belechirr Race: Snow Elf Age: 40 Gender: Male [[OOC]] Username: KaiserThoren Discord: KaiserThoren#7818 Timezone: EST
  3. The irony if this gets accepted but Azdrazi don't
  4. @MilenkhovDoes this part ofn Heralds overwrite the Herald lore that Kalehart wrote? (Edit: thank you Ryloth)
  5. Very nice, good luck on the community!
  6. kinda gay ngl
  7. Very proud to have worked on this project, and still working on it
  8. Chad but can we get @Telanirto remake that really old fishing plugin as a replacement?
  9. Father Circles going through a whole rewrite/rework and they're very eco-terrorists/warrior kinda stuff. If you're interested, not sure if it's up your lane, my discord is KaiserThoren#7818
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