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  1. "Why are my chickens so fat?" Cullas wonders
  2. ((I may be wrong, but I don't think you can use MC skins to represent pictures of people anymore? I think that is meta. Do not listen to me though))
  3. Closed I'll be contacting everyone shortly!
  4. Check out my auction! 


  5. Piggybacking off chase and carol, can we get rid of the bug where it takes money out of my bank after 500 minas? .... wait what....? REALLY?
  6. ~*<>*~ The Wildflower Company Textiles Auction ~*<>*~ The Wildflower company has opened it's first textile auction, selling it's many garbs to the good people of Almaris. Highest bid takes the cloth. In addition, we have a few sets of armors. All bids start at 50 minas, and go up incrementally by a minimum of 10. For additional info please contact the auctioneer and creator of said Textiles, Cullas Sylvaeri. ((OOC Information)) Slim Textiles ((Alex Skins)) Starlight Red Apple Midnight Red Colorfu
  7. "What the **** is going on over there?" A Sylvaeri wonders from Elvenesse
  8. IGN: KaiserThoren SKIN/S: Purple Regalia DISCORD: KaiserThoren#7818 BID: 300m (**** off Squak you don't need 2 skins)
  9. IGN: KaiserThoren SKIN/S: Purple Regalia DISCORD: KaiserThoren#7818 BID: 60m
  10. I spent years on this server, in a lot of different groups, with a lot of different friends... But years from now, when LoTC is closed, and I move on with my life, I'll always remember playing a little Halfling in my youth. Logging on to go fishing with friends, to go on an adventure down a cave, to go drinking... I'll always cherish those memories deeply, and even though LoTC has caused a lot of drama and pain and sucked up a lot of time, I'd not trade those memories for anything.
  11. A decent number of players have low quality RP when they start, so people tend to just avoid them instead of helping them, which is a shame. Also, there are some groups on LoTC that are very clique-y, so it's hard to break through. Thirdly, a person wants to contribute and make their mark on a community, and a lot of nations/group block out new blood in exchange for older players. My 2 cents
  12. If you're into elves, hmu at KaiserThoren#7818 for Elvenesse, I have some stuff going on. Alternatively Camlannen is for a smaller/tighter group and works well for new players, and Eli is a good friend and he is a good choice too ;)
  13. Not rude at all! PM me your discord/discord account, I'd love to join it. :)
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