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  1. A Call For Trial

    Renarion would burp as he leans past a wall, looking into the courtyard "How exactly is this the council's fault, but not also your own fault for not realizing your own brother was doing this?"
  2. "Boo" Renarion would say
  3. LotC Cultures IRL

    southern england should be halflings :(
  4. all people who don't like freebuilds are usually high up in nations :thinking:

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Raomir


      protected regions is stupid, unprotected isn't

    3. iMattyz


      All the people who like unrestricted freebuild can't get anywhere in nations :thinking:



    4. Raomir


      There is a middle ground that benefits both nations and freebuilders

  5. No-Raiding Extension

    raid cap of 2 and you can't bring weapons
  6. [Your View] Freebuild

    I lol that most of the responses against freebuild are from people in nations who just want more activity
  7. [Your View] Freebuild

    just make a system you can report inactive/ugly builds and have a gm look at the place and/or contact the person who made it. Very simple.
  8. "Ya'd need a crap ton of materials ta do this...." ((Editing in OOC stuff now that I thought about it for like 2 minutes. You'd need a lot of iron to get enough tracks and carts for this to work just between two nations, let alone a large part of the server, plus it'd end up going through freebuild, so it's at risk of griefing. Not to mention you could just steal the minecarts. Add on the fact that to get the nations to all work together would be near impossible for some, as they'd all just refuse in fear of making a 1-way-raid-ride track to their city. And, finally, it'd have to end up looking cosmetically good, which I'm not sure how you would do... I suggest maybe try implementing this sort of thing in a nation between settlements, rather than doing it between nations, at least at first. Though it's a cool idea. Just my 2 cents))
  9. LotC v6.0: Atlas

    The hell is an attribute?
  10. Total Persona Play Time

    z3m0s more like z3r0 life
  11. [Denied] [Actor] SpaceOfAids

    Builder app, maybe, but this is an actor app. He's got horrible people skills, generally unpleasant, says himself he's argumentative and doesn't work well with others or authority, spends most of his time on lotc sitting in a corner and talking in OOC chat, has no experience, and along with the fact he's somewhat known and disliked among the community I have to say big no-no, in my opinion. He's not a bad guy, but this would probably be the worst possible app for the ET to accept, sorry space.
  12. Freebuild tile rules poll

    It should be semi-free build. You should be able to trust other people on the server to act accordingly, and only change minor things/make it look nice. Of course, just carelessly bulldozing a build or changing it radically without consulting the owner (Or in some cases a GM if the owner is MIA/etc.) should be labeled as griefing. I still think the Fringe was great because it started out completely devoid of cities or anything, and was build by hand by the players. Some areaa looked a bit mediocre, but the map as a whole functioned pretty well because it was organic, it was community-built, and it was pleasurable (decent at least) cosmetically in most areas... And that was freebuild. Also, it's nice to see you back Shift.
  13. GM Team October/November Update

    'Grr now the GMs are gonna have to actually learn all the rules' ? ? ?
  14. Introducing the Vault!

    Do ender chests wipe during the map shift?
  15. The World of Atlas

    thank god nexus was horrible. Bless you EDIT: Yo wait the vault thing is cool but what about echests? VIP should get some extra slots yo