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  1. Sylvaeri Bloodline Reorganization The Sylvaeri bloodline, although attached to a proud house of Elves, has been plagued with illegitimate additions, confusing standards, and otherwise untraceable members. Thusly, the following bloodline laws have come into effect as of now. The following is the previous list of Sylvaeri bloodline which, although inaccurate and contradictory at times, was the standard format for all the house’s lineage. https://www.familyecho.com/?p=LIOA4&c=wolc07pis1&f=815187094504250769 The following rules are now set in place: ~*~*~*~*~ 1.) Eleron Sylvaeri, High Prince of Malinor, is the reset point of all legitimate claims of the bloodline - All others before this point are either illegitimate or otherwise not provable as true Sylvaeri 2.) Adoptions do not carry the family name, nor the bloodline. No adopted children are legitimate Sylvaeri 3.) Bastards are illegitimate, and carry neither the name nor bloodline, unless granted legitimacy by both their Father and the Patriarch of the Sylvaeri house. Legitimized bastards carry the name, but do not pass on the bloodline. 4.) The Sylvaeri name and house is Patrilineality, otherwise known as an Agnatic Kinship. In layman’s terms, the name of the bloodline is passed down by males unto their children only - females do not pass the name to their children. 5.) Spouses of Sylvaeri carry the name Sylvaeri, but not the bloodline of Sylvaeri. Thusly, a spouse that marries a Sylvaeri and then remarries later on does not transfer the bloodline nor name to their children. 6.) The following living bloodline Sylvaeri are as follows: Belestram Sylvaeri, Feanor Sylvaeri, Serinwe Sylvaeri, Maerwen Sylvaeri, Edrahil Sylvaeri, Cullas Sylvaeri, Laeren Sylvaeri, and Olwe Sylvaeri. Illynora and Delmira Sylvaeri are Sylvaeri in name only, not blood.
  2. The Almenodrim Of Aegrothond [!] A book would lay open on a table in the library of Aegrothond for all to read and ponder The Almenodrim are a semi-ethnolinguistic cultural group of Sea-Elves which originated from the sons and daughters of Sylvaen. They have historically been a meritocratic nomadic society. Often lead by the house Sylvaeri. They are a high culture, a proud people, renowned for their craftsmanship and naval abilities, but are otherwise solitary to the outside world.
  3. How did a half Taiwanese wood elf player get dragged into the lucien/waldenian group at one point
  4. ”There was a war?” Some Elf look around confused
  5. Mystery makes such good events. I’m going to place money down that the Story Team leaders will mess it up eventually. 10$ on that bet, c’mon.

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    2. Xarkly


      what exactly does ET put their fingers into and mess up

    3. Telanir


      Soiling praise with a quick criticism hit, it’s real and it detracts from the intent. It’s not a heavy criticism, sure, but Sporadic does raise a true point.

    4. Man of Respect

      Man of Respect

      he isn’t a real even connoiseur, event connoiseurs brag about how good they’d be and that they’re better than any other ET on the server even although they’re not ET... its the kind of people that say that they’d write a storyline better than the one the story team writes... mistery needs to raise his level...

  6. Renatus owns everything run for your lives

    1. Haseroth


      the crackdown is coming..

  7. Cullas spits out his water “They beat Haense so hard that they left their own rebellion...”
  8. --------------------------- I B I I O I I A I I T I I S I ---------------------------- I I I I __I__
  9. “Pelilasdir Vontia’athem has sex with horses, I don’t think we should take this man’s random claims to heart, especially when he has no actual proof....” Renarion says to the people
  10. everyone is butthurt about /fly but read my latest post. I crunched the numbers. Makes more sense when you look at it that way. Thanks!

    1. Trinn



    2. Scene21


      its just a number ! !

  11. I’m gonna buy a big wallet now!
  12. ((We got 1% activity. That may not be much to most people, but it’s a goal we’ve been trying to reach. It’s a good accomplishment for us! We’ve had quite a bit of fun, too!))
  13. MC Name: uracow/KaiserThoren RP Name: Ordwald Emberhorn Dwelling(Kal’Varoth, Hefrumm, etc.): Travelin’ the mountains, as all Emberhorns do Candidate: Atandt!
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