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  1. Kaiser

    A Statement Of Impurity

    Renarion would gasp at such a crude and insulting piece of artwork. And, as a good ‘Aheral, would immediately respond be drawing his own art, and sending it to all the mailboxes of Haelun’or
  2. Kaiser

    A Statement Of Impurity

    “Wait a good moment...” Renarion says, reading over the Sohaer’s response, caught on a single sentence. 'Your accusations of homosexuality against me prove only that you have spent a great deal of time watching me from afar' ”Did he just admit to being a homosexual publicly?”
  3. A Statement Of Impurity As is becoming a chronic condition, the state of the Mali’Aheral is plagued by an infestation -- or the beginnings of one. The Mali’ata are like rats, who hide themselves in the smallest holes they can fit themselves into, who leech off the city like parasites, who seek to take credit from the Elves who sweat and bleed for their nation, who drink our wines and eat our winter storage, and who dirty the colors of our Elvish state. This is nothing new, nothing new to someone such as I who have seen all such things happen before, however, I wish not stand by and watch. So then, I write this statement. I shall add, no state of the Mali’aheral has ever been completely without the impure, the sick and diluted. Never has our great spire of purity not drawn some Mali’ata to it, like moths to a flame. We are an oasis in the desert, they are pulled towards us because it is their nature to feed off of our people, and our work. I will also make note that Fi’Halen’s purity, and the new-age Mali’Aheral who have governed it, has acted as a sort of bulwark against the Mali’ata. I have seen sicker cities in my day. An infestation is not decided by size, however, it is decided by symptoms -- And the Silver City has them in dozens. This is worsened by corruption, or possibly simple ineptitude, inside Haelun’or itself. From the guards, as brittle as they usually are, to the Sohaer, leader of our national government. Such problems could be fixed, or stunted, only if these two groups were better aligned to their duties, and better aligned to Haelun’or itself. Now, as I have said, I have seen this all before. My family has always had eyes for this sort of event. Though, am I simply here to point and mock? No. I have come with solution, and not only hypothetical but proactive. Firstly, I call upon Kiljarys to step down from his position as Sohaer, as he has shown to be either incompetent or unwilling to take this matter, nor take it seriously, giving flat and insincere promises to fix said situations. This is compounded by his shameful foreign diplomacy, and his rumored homosexuality. Secondly, I call upon my people, my silver blooded citizens, to search your community for signs of impurity and degeneracy. It is truly up to each of us to ensure the prosperity of our nation. Keep your eyes out for dark mages, impure thoughts, or worse, impure actions. Your neighbor, your guardsman, or even your own Sohaer could be an impure hiding in plain sight, possibly planted there but wanting parties. Thirdly, I call upon Maheral Dimaethor Visaj to re-educate (or simply educate at all) the Vihai, our new floppy guard force, on impurity hunting -- or to establish his own Mali’ata detectives to root out the swine from our Silver State. They must never again clutch power as the impure Laurir’ante did, and I fear with our current Sohaer the Mali’ata are worming their ways back to power yet again. Maehr'sae Hiylun'ehya -Renarion Uradir
  4. Kaiser

    [Rewrite] Necromancy, Fourth Generation.

    They’re attempting to make these rewrites so long that people outside the dark magic community won’t read them
  5. Kaiser

    To the Mali'aheral of Aegrothond

    “I doubt the whole two ‘Aheral on that damned salt-island is worth making a political fuss over. Might be regressing a bit in our opinions... Or maybe the Maheral is simply playing a smarter game than I care to follow.” Renarion mumbles
  6. Kaiser

    Shades of Arun'Asna [Rewrite]

    Gonna give a -1 purely because it was posted by Lockezi that is all
  7. Kaiser

    Change in Knoxist Dogma!

    “Truley the only reasonable conclusion is that Knox is a shapeshifter, duh...” Buck Says ((As for OOC, all the halflings are having fun with this and not taking it too seriously. This is the reason we don’t invite you to parties @ImperialTortoise ! ))
  8. “I couldn’t possibly see anything wrong with this.” Renarion says from the outhouse
  9. If you aren’t braindead, feel free to check out my response on that topic about land/nation status. I think I’m pretty fair to the Halflings/Orcs in my opinions.


  10. I think this whole topic is bunk, but I’ll share my 2 cents. Fair warning: I’ve been a halfling since 2011/2012, so take that for what you will, I may be somewhat biased. Firstly, the Orcs should basically get all their **** next map. They were cheated out of it due to massive corruption in the staff, alt accounts, etc, and everyone is aware. Only people who are against it is anyone who is against the orcs, i.e. Humans grumble grumble. Lot of them don’t support the Orcs because they’d be propping up their own enemies, tbh. Don’t believe the hype. I also don’t think lumping Orcs and Halflings together is fair, since the Orcs have a very legitimate claim while the Halflings simply have grievances. Though I want to send my love to the orcs for their support to the Halflings <3. For the Halflings, I don’t think we will ever again retain nation-status, and I don’t think we should ask for it. It’s simply impossible, we’re too niche to ever acrew the numbers or activity required. We did lose our nation status to corruption of the staff too, however, though that was a long time ago, and the admin in question has long since left. I also want to note that the Halflings sure as **** aren’t innactive. Every fucker in this thread who says we are simply doesn’t know us. I’l admit we aren’t on par with many nations such as Gladewynn, Aegrothond, Renatus (or whatever their names are now), etc. but we aren’t dead. I always strive for more activity, but I also do get it fairly often, enough to argue we’re still around. And, finally, we’ve survived thus far. We’ve always survived and built our own village. Times are tough, but even next map we’re safe for a village. We’re not under the bus, yet. But I really want to ask: When are we going to stop punishing groups? This server strives for ultimate-activity at it’s own detriment. The Halflings may not be a 24/7 active race, but I’ve never found the same joy in RP as I have with Halflings, even though it’s less common. It’s not for everyone, no, but neither is anything else. Why do the Halflings get punished simply because we’re niche? I just want to be assured we’ll get something every map, even if it’s small, and right now we’re fighting for that ourselves. The irony is, due to massive corruption cough cough many other nations are facing the same problems, and many nations are avoiding it by being buddy-buddy with the right people. So, tldr: Give Orcs their nation, stop being corrupt inept staff members if you are one, and please consider the Halflings less of a joke because to the people in that community we just want to the ability to have fun and RP our niche village-life.
  11. Kaiser

    Halfling Nayboroughs (Subculture)

    ((Mic shows off his cool stuff yet again! Hope the Nayboroughs still stay primarily near the village though!))
  12. Kaiser

    Conservative Party of Dunshire

    “Shameful, they be workin’ against the Bernardist People’s Thainship....” says Buck
  13. My nibba Dalek got banned for protecting his land. Guess the era of admins hating halflings is back boys.

    1. Show previous comments  15 more
    2. Jaeden


      The GM went off the evidence presented, if either side omitted or withheld information then there’s not much we can do. We’re not omnipresent.


      And how did jollyb act unprofessional exactly? I was watching the ban report pretty closely, seemed fine to me.

    3. Hobbs_Burrows


      If I may interject, wasn’t the 6 day ban given for spamming and locking signs with vulgar messages on them? After given the ban, he went on to, in his words, ‘finesse’ the GMs which resulted in the ban being waived. 

    4. ChaseusBelli


      maybe you should have tried, in your words of his words, ‘finesse’ing the GMS

  14. Kaiser

    sneakybandit's Event Team Builder Application

    He has enough higher brain function to operate schematica so he’s already on better ground than other ET +1
  15. Kaiser

    Mystery Tries Again For ET! (Event Team Actor App)

    booooooooooooooooooooo +1