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  1. -='The Graybeards'=-

    ((Wait what? I'm fairly new to Dwarf RP but I've seen religion RP already, just not in Kal'Omith. Since it's, y'know, dead...))
  2. * ~ The Lynx Challenges the State ~ *

    Renarion would cringe with a gasp, not expecting Iat to respond while he's in the outhouse, going to cover his privates with his robes "Dear goodness, can you please give me some privacy in here!?" Fine, fine, you're correct, they used a silly loophole and we should revert it, but by the light, man, I'm peeing!"
  3. * ~ The Lynx Challenges the State ~ *

    Renarion would look out the window of the outhouse as he pees "Wait, there is no process to change laws? Well, guess it's tradition then..." He'd go back to peeing
  4. [mart] Deck Of Many Things

    >Be Halfling >Roll 20 >completely useless
  5. i quit

  6. Maybe I'm wrong but who thought the Fringe was tons of fun with freebuild and being 95% playermade?

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Quvs


      The PvP was the fun.

    3. Patu/SaintPaint


      Fringe was fun because our fun wasn't restricted like it is these days.

    4. zaezae


      Ironically, it was the hourly raids in the Fringe that started the snow ball that lead to the current ruleset

  7. Larry Shortoak

    Very decent Halfling, very respectable
  8. Halfling meme page

  9. Mayor Vote

    "Sqwok the parrit" Pal yells from his burrow
  10. Removal of the LT director

    Can anyone name two good LT and how they're a good influence to the team? I can pull off like one.
  11. The Removal of the Antagonist

    Fixing the event good Shitting on arockstar bad lets try to play nice, I guess
  12. The Removal of the Antagonist

    Oh **** off, seriously. The original event had a lot of issues that I can point out, that we all can, but calling arockstar incompetent is just rude and insulting. A lot of backdoor shady **** happened, and a lot of stuff got mixed up in complications beyond a lot of peoples knowledge. You just waving your hands and going 'Ha well arockstar sucks and nothing else is an issue but that' is both childish and just down ignorant of the issues that are at hand facing the server. Listen, to anyone reading this post, know that this **** is just a hot mess, but arockstar really had some genuinely good ideas. They weren't perfect, but this event line isn't what he set out to make, and it's a shame a lot of stuff is so mixed up and confused so that it looks bad. Don't take what some no-body on the forums says, because I honestly think if you talked to arockstar in person (or on TS/Discord) you'd understand the larger issues at hand, and you'd not just blatantly pin this bullshit on him.
  13. We don't lock our chests, no, so we should be ready to be robbed sometimes. I'm fine with this, I've come to terms with it. My issue is that someone stole everything, and I mean everything. Even worthless garbage, they probably just threw it on the ground to de-spawn, just so we couldn't have it... I just find it a bit disheartening that someone cares more about gaining items than the well being of a race which has, for a while, been struggling. Pendlemere isn't perfect, but it's a good improvement over recent villages. The community feels friendly, and fun. Yet someone stole everything. If it was just the stones, or the wood, or the wheat, or heck, even the valuables, I'd not care. They can be replaced (and honestly, everything can be replaced) but what cannot be replaced is my hope for the halflings. They're genuine fun, good friends, and a great addition to the server, but with the server itself, and staff, continue to just make our lives difficult. I'd wager this isn't malice, they just don't care. I just won't support the idea that an entire nation's storage, which Fyrste pointed out would be several tons of supplies, can just be scooped up and taken while we're offline. That sort of thing would take the roleplay of breaking the door, carrying out the supplies, loading them on carts, and repeating several times, not to mention it'd be best in that situation to wait for us to be online so we can at least roleplay it... But that wasn't done, it's never done, because no one cares about the roleplay on this roleplay server, they care about getting loot. It's sad that the staff just find that a-okay. Because you know for **** if the GM played a certain group/race/guild, and they got robbed blind, there'd be something done.
  14. Huh, guess I'm late to the party, but I'll throw in my own chips. I never liked PVP default, it always sort of felt like a way to just easily get rid of unwanted players from your little clique. "What's that, a spook/impure/white wash/etc in my city? Well, I could RP fight them but A.) they might be shitty RPers and powergame, or B.) they could be really good RPers and beat me! even worse!" So then you just default to goon-squads and click-click-click away people, which is sad. Everyone deserves a chance, even if their chance is small. As for large battles, like 6+ people, it's pretty pointless at that point to RP. It's so jumbled and confusing, the PVP there is just for clarity. It's not perfect, but it works. Now, I'm going to also add the fact that usually PVP is so favored among human groups because of magic. Humans (Especially Oreners/Canonists/The like) are not heavy magic users, they usually rely on swords and shields. Which is fine, but it leaves a gap. A lot of people who have stayed in the 'Human Fighting Clique' have (usually) little understanding of magic, magic lore, proper magic RP, and what-not. Add on the fact that the rules of each magic can change, and entire magics can be rewritten, and no one knows what the limitations are- and I cannot blame human players for just taking the much quicker, familiar, and easier option of PVP when faced with 2 rainbow mages, or a ninja-kin, or whatever. There's so many sects of magics, subtypes, so many different divisions of races, and creatures and strange rules and guides and just absolute garbage **** in the lore, that I'd wager most people on lotc don't even know what half this trash is... And to add on, even worse, there's just so many mages. I know I'm picking on magic, but honestly, it's one of the larger issues for PVP groups. Everyone and their dog knows a magic, or three. So many rules for each person using each magic and each magic having different guides, and no one knowing the redlines, and no one agreeing because it's all just piled on the forums in a garbled mess, sometimes written horribly so, and it's all just so stressful. Too many variables to wrap your brain around. Most people on this server don't want that, they just want to enjoy a simple hobby. Listen, I have no answer. Just... If you're reading this, always try and improve your own RP. Always say 'how can I get better myself'. Maybe that'll do a little good. Otherwise, lotc either needs to take shears to the lore department, or just accept that PVP will be preferred by a a lot of people because it's simpler, and easier.
  15. Dev Update: Persona Skins

    No one expects you to pay anything for any of these perks. You donate because you want to give a donation out of charity to the server. You aren't buying anything, it's a donation. Anything the staff gives you for these donations is pretty much out of kindness. They could, in all rights, give all of us nothing if they wanted.