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  1. You can't make this **** up, ladies and gentlemen....
  2. Make a ban report on someone, get yourself banned instead. Genius.

    1. Smaw


      It's glorious.

    2. Pond


      Follow someone around, get banned for harassment. genius 

    3. grubgoth_wud


      CraftSoc gang btw 

  3. Kaiser

    The Lore Team and a Shelf

    I hate the lore team a lot for doing dumb stuff, and I think 90% of the server's 'lore' could do without being defined by a staff team -- but come on man, almost all the lore they shelved or asked to be rewritten was stupidly niche, inactively used, or was just broken. Half this server couldn't write a paragraph of good lore if it killed them. Most of this stuff has to go.
  4. Aren't community guideline violations.... guidelines? Not rules?
  5. Gonna be honest, I'm not supporting this. Lackless is a cool friend and very fun to hang with, but I can't see him being mature enough for this. -1 Edit: Just to note, I don't support the idea that Lack is biased, nor would he abuse his powers to better himself our a group, as is stated by many others. I'd also like to note most of the people -1ing him are doing it purely out of spite and vengeance even if they act as if they're totally unbiased and neutral. This is just to the GMs looking this over: he's not a bad guy. He isn't what people are saying. He just screws around a lot and can be prone to joke and be silly when being serious is needed. That's all, and this is coming from someone who's been his friend for a while now. He's capable, smart, loyal, honest -- He's a good guy, and you should consider him, but I just think only issue is his capacity to be joking, and I (who aint a GM) think that'd be his issue. Not any of this other horse crap people are saying, because they're simply biased.
  6. Kaiser

    [✗] An Official Apology by a Banned Player.

    I really empathize with you. Life can be an ass, and it's difficult to always keep emotions out of a game/community. I also know how it sucks to be branded with a reputation, I still meet people who hold grudges on me from 2012. My advice is just to moderate yourself, and take it slow. Everyone is going to remember your crap personality and toxicity, but if you stop being toxic, and start being more friendly, people will respond to it in time. That being said, I'd recommend you not come back to LoTC for some time, possibly several months. Life's a b, and you should avoid this game until you settle down more in your personal life. But that's just my opinion. Best luck.
  7. Kaiser

    [Denied][I] Josh3738's Game Moderator Application

    Good chap, very friendly, fun to hang with in discord or RP. Probably won't abuse too much. +1
  8. The community is crap. Bullies OOCly, not all but a lot, and bullying that even some really toxic groups don't normally even do. Those who aren't just plain bullying definitely aren't adding enough interesting RP to the server. They circlejerk so badly they probably have wrist problems. They are often toxic when they don't get their way. They are often prone to abuse their powers. they are often egotistical. They are unable to take constructive criticism. They make all RP or OOC interactions with the group either, at best, boring, or at worse infuriating. The magic itself is bland, boring, and has no interesting dynamics. It's also just some confusing lore behind it that I don't even grasp, even though several Ascended have attempted to explain it, and even they admit they don't fully understand it. It's a circlejerk magic, again. Piss off the leader and your magic's gone, even if that doesn't make much sense in RP. Nothing about the magic is original, even on the server itself. It's a zombie magic that should have been put down years ago, actual IRL years ago. Let me leave everyone reading this with one question. Ignore my ranting above, just answer this: If a magic exists that only seems to benefit the group who uses it, a magic that you can only learn from sucking up to the group's leader, a magic that creates server wide events but then bars anyone who isn't apart of the group from joining -- if that magic exists, should we have it on LoTC? I say no. Remove the Ascended, and don't grandfather in anyone who currently knows it.
  9. dont go on my profile kiddo

  10. Kaiser

    Renatian Citizenship Act, 1662

    BASIC INFORMATION OOC MC Username: KaiserThoren Discord Username: KaiserThoren Have you joined the Renatus Discord server?: No How active are you?: Probably too much (I'm usually free if needed) IC Name: Pepin Surname: Förster Title: N/A Liege Lord: William Rubens Gender: Male Date of Birth: Race: Human Subrace: N/A Culture: Waldenian PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION Height: 5'10" Weight: ~160 lbs. Eye Color: Blue Skin Color: White Hair Color: Hazel Markings: N/A PERSONAL INFORMATION Residence: Barony of Leeuwenhof Occupation: Chef, Hunter, Trapper. CITIZEN’S OATH OF LOYALTY I, Pepin, hereby swear my loyalty to the King of the Crown of Renatus-Marna, and to uphold and obey the laws of the Crown as its loyal citizen. I understand the penalties and punishments that shall be incurred should I violate these laws.
  11. Kaiser

    BETA: Plugins that white people get turnt to

    Interesting... but... Unicum? Is that... nevermind... Real question though @Sporadic do you have to take your lama on the main roads? Is it allowed for you to take a longer, but safer and unseen, journey that isn't on the roads?
  12. I've yet to see a magic ever be proven good just because it's rare and only known by a select group of people, but that's my only 2 cents on all that
  13. plays a dope halfling and a dope orc dude's crazy +1
  14. Kaiser

    Death Amendment: Consequences for Dying

    >Have one persona >Random Snow Elf edgy comes out of nowhere >Gives me crappy RP >Stabs Me >Die >Can't play lotc for a week now ya sounds like a good idea +1