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  1. Mystery makes such good events. I’m going to place money down that the Story Team leaders will mess it up eventually. 10$ on that bet, c’mon.

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. Xarkly


      what exactly does ET put their fingers into and mess up

    3. Telanir


      Soiling praise with a quick criticism hit, it’s real and it detracts from the intent. It’s not a heavy criticism, sure, but Sporadic does raise a true point.

    4. Man of Respect

      Man of Respect

      he isn’t a real even connoiseur, event connoiseurs brag about how good they’d be and that they’re better than any other ET on the server even although they’re not ET... its the kind of people that say that they’d write a storyline better than the one the story team writes... mistery needs to raise his level...

  2. Renatus owns everything run for your lives

    1. Haseroth


      the crackdown is coming..

  3. Cullas spits out his water “They beat Haense so hard that they left their own rebellion...”
  4. --------------------------- I B I I O I I A I I T I I S I ---------------------------- I I I I __I__
  5. “Pelilasdir Vontia’athem has sex with horses, I don’t think we should take this man’s random claims to heart, especially when he has no actual proof....” Renarion says to the people
  6. everyone is butthurt about /fly but read my latest post. I crunched the numbers. Makes more sense when you look at it that way. Thanks!

    1. Trinn



    2. Scene21


      its just a number ! !

  7. I’m gonna buy a big wallet now!
  8. ((We got 1% activity. That may not be much to most people, but it’s a goal we’ve been trying to reach. It’s a good accomplishment for us! We’ve had quite a bit of fun, too!))
  9. MC Name: uracow/KaiserThoren RP Name: Ordwald Emberhorn Dwelling(Kal’Varoth, Hefrumm, etc.): Travelin’ the mountains, as all Emberhorns do Candidate: Atandt!
  10. Renarion stands before the local courtyard of the Silver State, saying below “Silir is a Faux-Uradir, my lliran. Haelun’or, do not let this man sully the history of our Silver State, or my family name, by claiming blood relations. Silir is a violent man, impure of thought, and possibly blood. He intends to rewrite out bloodline to forge his existence, all so he may claim patriarchy of the family he claims to be apart of. He intends to gain power, abuse the people of Haelun’or, all though lies, schemes, and plots. My father, Durion, blessed and true born of the Uradir line, may attest to such truth. Do not let this madness occur, my lliran, or we will be shunted, and our culture and integrity lost.”
  11. “Guess This is why they’re winning” Cullas mumbles
  12. ~*<>*~ The National Shogging League ~*<>*~ Basic Rules & Background Shogging is a Halfling sport, or game, which has persisted throughout the ages. It’s name comes from the two words ‘Shovel’ and ‘Logs’ from it’s two primary ingredients. Shogging was created in Branborough by the Elder Halfling Tibb Fairfield when the village was under a draught of boredom, and a new game was needed. In the game of shogs, two logs of equal length (Generally three Halfling feet, or three ‘blocks’ as bigg’uns call them) are put into a body of water. Two opponents (usually Halflings) will climb on top of either log, and place a carved pumpkin on their heads. When the signal is given, both players attempt to shove the other off of their log using a wooden shovel. Falling into the water counts as an ‘out’. The game is usually played as ‘best two out of three’ in points. The Goal There are four teams, each team will be assigned an opponent team to begin the season. The two winning teams will then face each other. The winner of the final match will be given the championship title. Championship team will win: The Bucca Cup, And have their names added to it 500 minas (split among teammates) The runner ups will win: 200 minas (split among teammates) The two losing teams will both win: 100 minas (split among teammates) Teams Illegal Moves/Tactics Sign Up Info: Primary Shogger Name: Secondary Shogger Name Desired Team Color: -------------------------------------------- Additional inf: Halflings get first claim on signup, other race only if we have space Equipment is supplied Bucca D Willowswamp will be referee Times may be negotiated ((OOCly for player to work out!))
  13. Mcname: KaiserThorenTalent: Intense Halfling Propaganda
  14. “The Visaj are GROWING” Renarion says “Good. We need more pure and powerful Mali within the sacred bloodlines of Haelun’or”
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