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  1. Kaiser

    On the Topic of Shitty Map Names

    I wouldn’t worry too much about the map name. In two months the whole server will complain this is the worst map ever and the Admins will start planning the next one.
  2. Kaiser

    The Ultimate Guide to the Halfling Race!

    Orcs almost never raid us, and if they do it’s an RP raid and we usually have fun. Orcs are have, ironically, always been on good terms with halflings OOCly!
  3. Kaiser


    “Doesn’t this mean they just have double royal blood?” Asks Cullas
  4. The combined empire holds 31.59% of the activity. Interesting to think of it like that. 1/3 of the activity is centralized with one nation/empire. Helps put into perspective why they dominate the RP political field a lot, for good or bad.

  5. Kaiser

    The Emberhorn Clanfather Born Anew

    The extremely distant yelling of Ordwald Emberhorn’s excitement could be heard through the Dwarvish Caverns
  6. Kaiser

    Flight of the Raven

    “So are you guys still the dominion?”
  7. Kaiser

    Transition Event into Arcas

    Malgonious talking **** about bad events
  8. I support this man above for supporting beating up people who don’t know who Archi is
  9. “Sounds about what my Uncle Kalenz would say” Renarion says, hitting a blunt
  10. Kaiser

    HoI4 LotC Mod?

    CK2 Is probably the better option, so I’d strongly advise for that, even if you don’t have it. But HOI4 Would be neat via the focus trees. I made a comical halfling focus tree once. Just make the halflings communistand we’ll be alright
  11. Kaiser

    The Grand Gala of the Gray Folk

    (RP&MC) Name: Cullas / KaiserThoren Age: 53 Race: Elven Event (1v1 or Warfare Sim.): 1v1 Nation/Group: N/A
  12. Kaiser

    Persona Database Cleanse

    Lmao someone chair this chairman
  13. Kaiser


    we have lost an epic gaming nibba F
  14. Kaiser

    The Atraedean Response

    'The Dwarven kingslayers looked to (Belestram), their ally, for confirmation before they slaughtered our king and my friend Abelas.' >thinking Gandalfo needs conformation from anyone other than the Führer
  15. Kaiser

    What does it mean to be an Alderfolk?

    Cullas sits on the ledge of a wall over Aegrothond as he reads over a leaflet of the Alderfolk topic, though he’d get caught on ‘Unity’ as he gives a large sigh “Mali’Aheral of Haelun’or too want unity among all elves, but usually under themselves. This is where problems arise. Many – Nay, All Elvish groups want to obtain their sovereignty against the Kingdom of Gladewynn itself. In fact, I’d wager a guess that the Haelun’orians themselves, even in their alliance with Gladewynn, are against all this unity business lest it suit them personally. Come to think of it... I might visit around asking some folk.” He mutters to himself, eyeing out to the ocean.