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  1. kinda gay ngl
  2. Very proud to have worked on this project, and still working on it
  3. Chad but can we get @Telanirto remake that really old fishing plugin as a replacement?
  4. Father Circles going through a whole rewrite/rework and they're very eco-terrorists/warrior kinda stuff. If you're interested, not sure if it's up your lane, my discord is KaiserThoren#7818
  5. "What a day for Norland..." Cullas mumbles "May the King enjoy retirement."
  6. Cullas has his fingers taken as he holds the paper in his other hand "Yikes" he says
  7. Cullas Sylvaeri sits in his home as the letter arrives, though he knows it's contents. He sips on lemon water before he mumbles... "Peace in our time."
  8. Yo basket come play siege with me and chase more often now! We love you bustin' through windows!
  9. Cullas takes a breath Where were you when Awaiti was killed my spooks? I was home drinking druid-juice I get carrier pigeon "Awaiti is kill" "No"
  10. The Sylvaeri sits, reading over the official accord. He folds the paper, laying down as he sits in his office "Peace at last. Peace in our time."
  11. IGN: KaiserThorenDiscord: KaiserThoren#7818Skin: Ember/FirestormBid: 400/600
  12. IGN: KaiserThorenDiscord: KaiserThoren#7818Skin: Ember/FirestormBid: 260/600
  13. IGN: KaiserThorenDiscord: KaiserThoren#7818Skin: Ember/FirestormBid: 260/400
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