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  1. sorry just askin if i can  contact you on the server just to ask a few questions regarding starbreaker lore and history

    1. Heero


      @DrHope He’s totally gone. has been that way since Asulon. if you’re still interested I’d reach out to @Aengoth or @SodaiKamikaze they were super OG Starbreakers that are around somewhat

    2. DrHope


      Alright thanks

  2. 2PKTprV.png Doubt you'll see this... but hey, Starbreakers ain't dead, not if I have anything to say about it.

  3. Arbrek come back here you cranky old dwarf

  4. Cave Dwarves > Surface Scum

    1. KarmaDelta


      This man has it right.

    2. Imam Faiz Kharadeen

      Imam Faiz Kharadeen

      forest dwarves are the best

    3. Imam Faiz Kharadeen

      Imam Faiz Kharadeen

      forest dwarves are the best

  5. 20 IRL days, guys.

    1. AGiantPie


      We've not even been on 4.0 for 20 IRL days. Skygods pls.

    2. Dyrr



  6. We miss you, my glorious Silverfingered friend.

  7. *makesurenooneseesbeforesecretlydragonbornbrofistingarnrrkbavk* these lands aint safe for our kind

  8. So... Anyone being a heretic today?

    1. Jack66568


      heresy is sin is heresy is sin is heresy is sin is heresy

    2. Raptorious


      I bet castillon wouldn't if he were still alive :-)

    3. Nefarious Aus Shitpost

      Nefarious Aus Shitpost

      entire dwarven population!


  10. Anyone else not able to use the map?

    1. Neri


      If you mean the dynmap on the site it's not updated :p

  11. Well, I suppose I should update this, as my last one's been rendered entirely flawed. So.. uh.. *waves*

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