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  1. MC Name: nepir RP Name: Tormir Starbreaker Dwelling(Kal’Varoth, Hefrumm, etc.): kal’Varoth Candidate: Gimli metalfist
  2. *Nepir sits on a small beach his ship on the shore as he reads over the paper giving a deep sign* "this looks to much like the story of gimli and edel. *slowly starts to scribble a note sending it off before returning to remove barnicals from the ship.*
  3. I have seen dread knights in action when the still fell under blood magic. And when the shifted to there dread lord. over that time, what I have been shown of dread knights I loved. Yet I can see where the point of @Zarsies comes in to play. with it seeming a bit basic, then again this can be fixed over time, Rome was not built in a day after all. this is that part that grows on lore, the additions in this case the blood mages make. +1
  4. understands specters. Bold statement when the ghost lore is outdated heavily spread out and by most people not even known. as I noticed the invisible problem, is the fact that it takes 2 emotes to become invisible. out can be done with 1 as showing up spooky is not really so far I can figure a problem. however, disappearing is always 2 or even 3 if the ghost is injured.
  5. *Looks over the writing nodding slowly looking around, not seeing a person he signs* "I have no idea who is who....”
  6. I read it and have to agree on this is the best lore for guns to implement, it shows the MASSIVE downsides of the flintlocks a lot of people seem to forget when they see the guns, Its time for advancement. +1
  7. Form to mail to Nunya’s Business Stall – Name ((and Username)): nepir / Nepir wolfguard Giveaway Item #1: nora's sword Giveaway Item #2: meteor fragment Giveaway Item #3: smoke runestone
  8. mana seed plz ign nepir
  9. I like some art as well full body.
  10. About my LT apply, I can't seem to add you, my tag is nepir#1182 

  11. nepir

    [Culture] Batavian

    Oooo god let this happen. I want to see dutch people running wild in the world.
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