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  1. *Watching the skys, a elderly man chuckled before returning to his walk. a smile resting on his face* "A anchient happening, one can not distroy evil compleatly. as can light never be fully Extinguished."
  2. Looking over the papers a soft but knowning smile apeared on his face. His finger running over the paper. "Trust is a fickle thing, she did not apply her magic. Yet i can see the lack of teath both there and here now. Fight or flight." places the paper on his desk "the child was not ready to face this. And try's to flee. Yet with this making packts or other documents will no longer be a easy feat. How can you trust her after seeing this."
  3. nepir

    The Ichor Way

    *A voidal flame iluminates the haggered tome hidden away in a darker corners of the world. his eyes scanning over it a smile cracks on his face.* "A elders wisdom a teachers writing. I wonder were this believe will grow roots."
  4. *A Battered piece of paper reachers his office, as he pondered on projects and idea's for the future, his eyes glancing to the paper. before snapping out of his growning innoyance with a particilure problem. taking a sip of his tea he start to read his brows furrowing ever more as the text continued.* "There she is, there is lady time. now hohkmat show me that cyicle of history can be broken. her lashings are troubling and have taken many guilds." *Folding the note he took a large tome the cover made up of wood had taken the beating of time a dragons head faided yet prominent. the parchment was placed deep with in its collection of notes and memorys as he closes the book* "Wishfull thinking on my part.... perhaps?" *Looking to the little ferret snoozing on his desk he pet her letting out a sigh.* "One last beast of time remains slumbering may that beast remain so for eternity" *With renewed vigor he returned to his projects.*
  5. *Inspecting the invitation he shake his head.* "Incorrect name, How ever it is good to see them getting married finnaly."
  6. lovely peace, injoyable read, and on top of all some thing I see giving more dept to the voids chaos. the very effect that is so often displayed in other pieces of the lore but never turely seen in voidal magic itself.
  7. Sitting at his desk in vikela A old tome resting before him as he inspected its contents haggered by time, he glance up as a note of the news reached his office. "Xan... I cant say what the rite of passing is to them. how ever I shall not wait to hold my own" Grabbing his Cloak and staff he make his way outside a rain greeting his exit. "How fitting, even the skys weep for her"
  8. *Takes the notice to vikela the elder mali walking casualy reading over the paper* "hmm I am sorry my old friends. It pains me that your wisdom did not pass down as water flows down the mountens. gimli metal fist... jorvan starbreaker bjorn cottonwood, kazarin.... to see a master to take your seat, it warms my heart yet it is not his place to make the jugment and I can not intrust my gift to you. to a king like this. "
  9. *Nepir wolfguard hearing of the passing, lowers his head.* "A great lose, a light that faided far to early."
  10. *Reading along with andria raising a brow.* "hunt paladins.... I will show them horrors that drives them to insanity."
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