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  1. that is how it was teached, not the magic it self. if I send a crossbow bold at your head you die just as quickly, if i stab you in the neck with a blade you die. its a weak spots of a body.
  2. the best thing this does is take away power-gaming. and the way it does it is scuffed.
  3. *Watches from a hill, seeing him send the bird off with a smile on his face softly mumbling* "It seems the old remain, how fitting”
  4. I like this idea, flows rather nicely and it has danger noodles. who does not want danger noodles. +1
  5. nepir

    The Golden Grudge

    *Reads over the notice having not forgoten his dwarven friends mumbling to him self while having a sip of tea* "May the flames of war not scorch that what is most important to you all.”
  6. come hunt me witchers, this specter has some tricks up his sleave. +1
  7. Not true, we were able to controll plant life. that is now also gone. I normaly use my telekenisis for herb collecting becouse some are very tender and required a low or not even the touching of the herb in question using telekenisis was a good way to collect them. definatly when the were toxic or corrosive.
  8. Format: RP Name:: Nepir wolfguard MC Username: nepir Discord: nepir#1182 What Nation Are You Affliated With?: (other)/conclave guild Why Do You Wish To Come?: explore the old world and protect the younger casters What Skills Can You Bring?: Fire evocation, telekenis, ilusion and combat medic.
  9. *Raises a brow* "We have big water snakes, i got to pay more atention to these things.”
  10. MC Name: nepir RP Name: Tormir Starbreaker Dwelling(Kal’Varoth, Hefrumm, etc.): kal’Varoth Candidate: Gimli metalfist
  11. *Nepir sits on a small beach his ship on the shore as he reads over the paper giving a deep sign* "this looks to much like the story of gimli and edel. *slowly starts to scribble a note sending it off before returning to remove barnicals from the ship.*
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