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  1. MC Name: nepir RP Name: Tormir Starbreaker Dwelling(Kal’Varoth, Hefrumm, etc.): kal’Varoth Candidate: Gimli metalfist
  2. *Nepir sits on a small beach his ship on the shore as he reads over the paper giving a deep sign* "this looks to much like the story of gimli and edel. *slowly starts to scribble a note sending it off before returning to remove barnicals from the ship.*
  3. *Looks over the writing nodding slowly looking around, not seeing a person he signs* "I have no idea who is who....”
  4. *Reads over the note, staying silent for a moment before shaking his head with a Snap of his fingers a couple of embers ignite the paper. letting it burn up as he walks off. mumbling to himself* "Guide my stepbrothers, for I don't trust my own mind.”
  5. I read it and have to agree on this is the best lore for guns to implement, it shows the MASSIVE downsides of the flintlocks a lot of people seem to forget when they see the guns, Its time for advancement. +1
  6. Form to mail to Nunya’s Business Stall – Name ((and Username)): nepir / Nepir wolfguard Giveaway Item #1: nora's sword Giveaway Item #2: meteor fragment Giveaway Item #3: smoke runestone
  7. mana seed plz ign nepir
  8. I like some art as well full body.
  9. About my LT apply, I can't seem to add you, my tag is nepir#1182 

  10. nepir

    [Culture] Batavian

    Oooo god let this happen. I want to see dutch people running wild in the world.
  11. made by Nepir A silent night close to the old deadlands an armor rises from the waves. As its head comes from the waves it looks around over the beach. as the suits raise out of the water you can see its armor is battle worn. And carrying the another suit of armor of the same colossal size. as it steps away from the water it flings the other armor farther up the beach collapsing on the beach as well. now both rest on the beaches weak and withered. OOC info on the armors The armors are both dread knights the one that collapsed carries a chest on its back protected by a powerfull magic. The one flung onto the beach is in a worse shape than the one that collapsed. When the chest is touched or moved in any way both suits will awaken destroy any who are close.
  12. I don't know if truly necessary, but I'd like to leave on this dude's profile that he is a very helpful guy. I don't know him THAT well, but the time that I've spoken or RPed with him, he was great.

    Helped me solving my minecraft error

    Thanks Nep.

    STay strong!

    1. nepir


      I am willing to help with any Pc problems. just throw them at me and I will see if I can help out.

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