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  1. Leoni Chevalier, one of the elven women Lucien harassed, read the posting with a calm sense of joy. "Finally! Glad that racist bastard's gone!"
  2. The Canonist Church is like one big clown show that never ends fr. 

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  3. Leoni Chevalier, one of two survivors, ponders a pendant with the shape of a dragon upon its face. Her wounds were extensive, being burned alive by dragonsflame alongside a deep cut upon her left arm. As her now scarred and bandaged visage looked upon the wooden pendant with her her silvery-grey eyes, Leoni began to fill with a multitude of emotions. Rage, anger and shame coursed through her as her hands traced the draconic carving's turns and ridges. The teenage initiate of Xan sulked as the memories played over and over again within her mind.
  4. Name: Leoni Chevalier Race: High Elf (OOC:) Discord: elisha1542 Timezone: CST
  5. A Knight’s Passing Of all the things Elena had faced, this was the biggest she’d ever seen. A giant creature made of shadows, countless legs, arms and mouths lumbered forth toward her. The creature was breaking off small mountains to throw at the party of Paladins, Warriors, Templars and Druids. The hasty shield made of Xannic mists provided by another in the party would shatter easily upon the first strike, leaving the rest of the group exposed. She quickly sprinted away from the rest of the group, flaming sword in hand to distract the creature. Upon the Arknight moving several meters around it, the creature was still focusing on the much larger group of Crusaders, killing two comrades in the process. Before any more were to die, Elena did the unthinkable. She aimed her sword, wreathed in Xan’s power and aimed it directly at what could be charitably called a face. "Come and get me you big bastard! Look at me!" She demanded. She then unleashed the power within the weapon to hit the target. This would have felt like the bite of a tick to this gargantuan creature. She knew that this would do no damage to this unholy monstrosity, nor that this would end in her escaping. All she wanted was to give just a little more time to the others so that the more than half a dozen wounded could be safely evacuated alongside the rest of the party. She wished to exchange her life to make sure the others could at least form a proper defense before they set off into the waters and away from this accursed island. Surely enough, the creature paused only for half a second before picking up a nearby boulder. The hunk of earth dozens of times her size came down upon her body with devilish fury. In mere moments, Elena of Joma, Paladin of the Morninglord was no more. In these final moments, Elena couldn’t help but think about the choices that led her to this point and the people that she loved and cherished. Her eyes closed for the final time as her end approached, a sense of peace filling the Paladin’s spirit. Not a hint of fear could be felt across her body. She knew that in the end, Order would prevail.
  6. "I will see you on the eternal battlefield." A scarred Arknight muttered as she witnessed the death of the Keeper of Guardianship.
  7. Elena of Joma quickly jumped from her sleep, the cool musk of sweat across her face and body. For the past month, she's had thought of nothing but Aeolus since he invoked the wrath of their Lord. It's been a month since she saw him writhing on the ground as the Golden Lion's sapphire mists retreated back into the heavens. That image of her mentor in all but name, that image of her hero that had fallen from grace plagued her, only made worse by this new vision. She could not help but fall into soft sobs within her small cot. The experienced and hardened Arknight quietly broke apart away from the sight of others.
  8. [This is a letter addressed to the Rex of the Iron Horde and his advisors] To Whom It May Concern, I recently came into contact with an Uruk named Bug in my travels. He was afflicted with the curse of Vampyrism and asked for me to cure him. I happily obliged him, and he has thus been cured of his affliction. Feel free to contact me for more details in regards to his curing, or if you have any questions. Sincerely, Elena of Joma, Paladin of the Morninglord
  9. I have the urge to make a post but like... of what? 

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      I really wish I had this issue I always have too many posts to write

  10. Elena of Joma, Paladin of the Morninglord and baptized Canonist would read over the Report with a scowl. "Compare us to Adrazi?!" She proclaimed. "How can you say that off of old interviews of 2 paladins you can't even remember the names of?!" She shook her head. "Incredibly disappointing, and frankly needs to be completely re-done."
  11. A Conversation Between a Shadow and a Caged Lion Elena's eyes dragged themselves open to gusts of bitter wind, taken prisoner on the back of her captor's horse. She couldn't feel or move her right forearm, a series of loose bandages around a mesh of broken bones and twisted metal. One of her knees didn't bend quite the right way. She felt the steed she was placed upon grind to a halt before a hastily constructed fort surrounded by a field of white snow. She would see familiar black banners strewn about the wooden walls. After some small talk between those that laid outside and those within the wooden barricade, the gate screeched as it was slowly pulled open. Art by AznKyuubi on DeviantArt Elena was soon put in a cramped, cold cage. The cages were all set in the open wintry air, forcing each to be isolated and open to the harsh elements surrounding them. As the door to her new abode closed, she could hear a whisper within her mind. It beckoned her to do many dark things. She ignored it at first, seeking to speak to her fellow prisoners to get an understanding as to what was going on. The dark voice continued. She let her body exude a holy aura of golden light, putting her working hand upon her broken knee. She would speak the Litany of Sunlight as she healed herself in order to stay focused. Lord, we are your eyes To traverse the unyielding Dark Lord, we are your hands To wield mists of healing renown Lord, we are your sword To strike at the vicious Night Lord, we are your shield To preserve the innocent from harm And Lord, we are your heart, To carry the Light ever on. The Shadow hissed within her mindscape. "Words.. Nothing but.. Empty.. Words.." "But in the end.. They all.. Beg for the Shadows.." Elena's mists departed as the pain from her broken knee receded, the splint completed. She relaxed in a sigh of fleeting relief. Another slow dripping of whispers fell from The Shadow's maw. "Do you think.. Yourself.. Different?" "Your God has.. Abandoned.. You.." She slowly pulled herself up, her broken knee finally useable again. The Knight of Xan made a small whisper to this Shadow. Her first and last direct sentence towards this entity. "You try to toy with my mind, foul creature. Speak your foul tongue all you want. I will remain as I am. You will not claim me." "We shall see... how long.. Your faith holds.. When you are given a choice.." The Shadow replied. "When the lives.. Of the others.. Are held in question.." The presence of The Shadow would drift away from her mind, leaving the Lion alone in her cage. [Do Not Metagame this Information]
  12. Elena of Joma would patrol the roads through Aaun, a sad look across her face as the posters were apparently taken down. "What exactly is there to convince others that I am only trying to help against a larger threat?" She asked herself before motioning her horse towards Petra.
  13. Elena of Joma, Paladin of the Morninglord gave out a sigh of relief upon seeing this missive. "I am glad all of this has been settled. Reckless lies and hasty actions can spread like wildfire but the truth never spreads as far or as fast." She pointed out to several of her comrades. @rukio@riorr @wooz
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