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  1. ((Mc name:)) corlark ((Skype:)) corlark123 Name: Corlark Race: Human Age: 22 Brief description of yourself: Young man, roughly 6'1". Very protective, and quiet. Can be overly trusting at times. Strong upper body. Combat experience: Fought in the arenas where he grew up, also slew monsters that attacked his family. Other skills: Very strong lumberjacking skills. Doesnt speak much, but when he does, it's usually for problem solving. Any other info:
  2. RP Name: Corlark Character Bio (short): Very loving, and charming young man. Reason for joining: Feels that he needs to make something of hims. Believes that his purpose is to help people, and to care for those who cannot care for themselves. Specific Chapter interested in: Dragon. Do you have a criminal record: No. If so where: ((OOC Information)) MC Name: Corlark GMT (your time zones): EST. Average amount of time spent online: Couple hours a day, unless I'm engaged in RP. Most common time you are on: 2:45 til whenever, weekdays. Weekends are usually random for me.
  3. IGN: corlark ((Rp = Dusty )) Greatest Skill: Woodcutting ((100)) Swords Skill: 5 ((Due to lack of monsters / mobs to kill)) Bow Skill: 0 ((No mobs = no string )) Postion of Interest: (Chef,etc...) Lumberjack. Also, could be farmer. Short IC Background Info: Dwarf who never met his parents, adopted as an infant by humans, raised as a human, has a dwarf's stature, but is abnormally tall, and speaks as a human would.
  4. *You tremble in awe as you stare down the road.... Feel as if you might turn into a toad... Ha, just kidding, but YES IT IS ME, HOLD THE APPLAUSE.
  5. Never... never realized how good nachos are. Until now! Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  6. Ima try. But anyways, server is full 24/7 cant even get on D:

  7. You still gonna change into a Dwarf?

  8. ((Lol, decided not to quit LotC. Just cant get on because its is full 24/7 D:
  9. hey dude post the lore on the doc now!

  10. corlark has no profile comments yet. Why not say hello?

  11. MMMMMMM hot wings >:D

    1. Urara


      Hey...you gonna share those?

    2. Trouvo


      yeah give me some too

  12. .... :P I'm getting on. Also, if this guild becomes active, I am donating $200 for bedrock package, am I will use it on this guild if we become active.
  13. Wouldnt work due to the fact that 1: People could scale the cliff, and jump into out base. 2: we would need support coming up from the ground
  14. MC NAME: corlark RP NAME: Ezra RACE: Human TEAMSPEAK Y/N: Yes SKYPE Y/N: Yes Will you be active?: Yes, I play a lot!
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