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  1. Luv

    Come back to me

  2. OMGOSH Your a Game Of Thrones Fan 2!

  3. On the plus side, you'll get a very nice plot in the cemetery now. On a more serious note, Thank you Kala for all your efforts. Your appointment was a surprise to me when it happened, but not an unwelcome one, but a tree can not stand alone in the desert forever. The only prophecy I have truly given that has always come to pass is that history will repeat itself. When you walk into the dark, let it be to not been seen, and when you turn around see with clarity.

  4. Moot

    [Denied] Pj07's Re-Gm Application.

    Denied upon request, decided to step out of the trial.
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    1. Overland


      I dunno if I should be hyped or worried for something

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    2. Your Favorite Impure™
    3. TeaLulu


      srsly tho I ordered the pipboy edition of this as a gift for my nephew for his birthday ayyy lmfao

    4. Your Favorite Impure™

      Your Favorite Impure™

      You know you just want to keep it to yourself

  6. I thought we were actually dead for a moment there...

    1. mitto


      flew through a hurricane and only came out missing the paintwork