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  1. Raptorious

    [Denied]yekim7 gm app

    always links the 2009 bangas, pure legend https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sS76eS34Y0c
  2. Raptorious

    [Complete][Bounty] Mountain Troll

    Trade Completed.
  3. Raptorious

    [Complete][Bounty] Mountain Troll

    Ser Garahel reads the bounty board and posts a notice of his own. "1000 minas to the man that brings me this hulking monster alive and restrained. Dispatch a raven to Saltstone-by-the-Sea and my men will send coordinates for the creature to be shipped. Ser Garahel Varodyr, Master of Chivalry." ((Me greedy, me want another beast))
  4. Raptorious

    [Bounty] The Dire Hyena

    Ser Garahel reads the bounty board and posts a notice of his own. "1000 minas to the man that brings me this beast, alive, captured and unspoiled. Dispatch a raven to Saltstone-by-the-Sea and my men will come collect the beast. Ser Garahel Varodyr, Master of Chivalry." ((Provide screenshots and proof of capture! :D))
  5. Raptorious

    [Lore] Ruibrium - Demon Stone

    Alright we'll rework it. Requesting a little delay on the review while we do?
  6. Raptorious

    The Revolution Begins

    Nation leaders/faction leaders only post on this thread for discussion.
  7. Raptorious

    Dennisomgwtf's Appeal [Raptorious]

    You were caught sharing accounts (which is already a bannable offence) with a completely permabanned player. As discussed with the GM team (albeit briefly) your account will remain permabanned along with the person you shared it with. This may seem unfair but these are the consequences for your actions unfortunately.
  8. Raptorious

    -Recruiting- Camel Bandits

    This current Guild has been deemed inactive and has hereby been moved. If you wish to appeal this decision you must present evidence to myself proving the guild is still active.
  9. Raptorious

    Saltstone Levy

    A reply would be sent to Taegr, written in a flowing script "You are accepted. Report to Saltstone by taking the cart from the Orenian Capitol of Felsen to Vanaheim and follow the coast."
  10. Raptorious

    The Battle Of The Sands

    Reminder that only those involved are to post on here. It is for discussion between faction leaders only and for the GMs to decide upon. Take your opinions elsewhere.
  11. Raptorious

    [Lore] Ruibrium - Demon Stone

    To answer the first bit, it strengthens concentration and focus much like cocaine does or a similar narcotic, as a result of the residual magical energy from when the taint is removed. The taint acts as a parasite, draws in lifeforce and converts it into mana, magical energy. That energy remains within the crystal, like a watered down mana obelisk. Thus going down that train of thought it would help a mage to better form a connection to the void, in theory. Once the taint is removed it can't drain anymore and whatever energy is left within is finite and depletable. The second bit, of course it relies on a system of trust, as does all magic lore and just about any lore on lotc lol. If people want it they are expected to RP the severe drawbacks, with addiction being a minuscule drawback compared to all the rest, as have been explained. I think it's expected that people have access to a physical build/Ruibrium farm to actually use, but then again this is a reagent lore. With the upcoming alchemy rewrite, with the possibility of a new plugin, the mechanical representations aren't particularly hard to deal with.
  12. Raptorious

    [Lore] Ruibrium - Demon Stone

    Well written lore I wonder which handsome fellow helped write it! (: +1!
  13. Raptorious

    -Recruiting- Camel Bandits

    A rare portrait of the Camel Bandits of Asulon is seen being sold in a bazaar somewhere for a bargain.
  14. Raptorious

    Saltstone Levy

    Ser Garahel stamps the document with his seal of approval as the sentinel passes it around, the construction of Saltstone beginning around him.
  15. Raptorious

    [Lore] Wyrms

    Would kind of defeat the purpose. No one wants to do dragon attacks because no one wants to mess with dragon lore or allow people to kill dragons willy nilly. If dragons currently fill the niche that my wyrms do, then why aren't they being used? Dragons frankly, in my honest opinion, should be treated as Dragaar's lieutenants, be far more involved with Dragaar storylines and be SOMEWHAT magical. Thus their absence from the skies would be less due to OOC pussyfooting and adding far more importance to their existence. But thats something I brought up to Tsu and Moot in the past. The only issue with them not fitting in is Dragons being CLAIMED to fill the niche that Wyrms ought to fit. In my opinion a necessary and easy fix.