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  1. Voidal Horrors This is a reclarification lore submission to truly outline the ambiguous and alien beings known as Voidal Horrors. These horrendous and arcane creatures originate from the void with almost no explanation for their creation, their various purposes or why they are the way they are. This mystery will likely remain such for a long time. However we can still understand what these creatures are. To note: Voidal Horrors overall are an almost purely event Race. Either playable by ET or used in events. You cannot run around roleplaying as a Voidal Horror. Disclaimer - The following is updated lore, editted into this post for clarification on the origin of voidal horrors: What is a Voidal Horror? Voidal Horror is the general term for any twisted and morphed creature, birthed and residing in the Void. They live and reside in the Void, wandering, warring, learning and otherwise doing whatever it is they please. They are a strange and incomprehensible form of being, having been twisted, scarred and morphed by the void into impossible beings of the abyss. Each more vastly different than the last, Voidal Horror’s are as infinitely different as the void from which they originate from, their traits and powers and physiology all alien. However, despite this, there are obvious similarities between all of them, not to mention the obvious similarities between various groups of them, allowing us to more or less generalise them and place them into vague categories. Classifications & Hierarchy Voidal Horrors are as chaotic as the void they originate from, their purpose very odd and alien and always different from another. However, despite these creatures having no form of social structure or civilization, there is a faint semblance of a pecking order amongst the horrors, much like there is in the animal kingdom. Lesser Horrors Greater Horrors Arch-Horrors Simply out of fear from one another, the Lesser horrors do not come between the Greater horrors and the greater horrors respect the wishes of the Arch-Horrors. It is out of a sense for survival, not a desire for order. Aside from this, there are certain similarities between the types of horrors that can bring some form of order amongst the chaos. The various horrors do not necessarily align alongside their type and they merely wander aimlessly in the void, seeking ways to complete their ambiguous and alien goals, should they even have any. Classifications Horrors Example of a possible Horror Voidal Horrors are the most well known form of void-based creature. They are generally far more sentient than their counterparts, very intelligent and analytical (if at all strange), oddly enough oftentimes having the ability to speak common. They are inquisitive and curious, though are as devious as any demon. They sometimes have the capability to wield magic, some magics that are completely alien to the descendant races, some that have not even been discovered yet. They are not necessarily violent or particularly strong, however their various features and differences may make them so. They are usually no bigger than your average man, taking on what could be considered humanoid forms. However, the differences between voidal horrors are vast. For example, the most famous voidal horror, Achan-Chatla, took on a human-like tentacley form, whereas others will look entirely different. However the basic premise is that all voidal horrors take on a humanoid form, regardless of the vast and chaotic differences between them. tl;dr Sentient, humanoid, people-like, very strange, magic-sensitive, huge variation in physical appearance, usually a fleshy form. Terrors Example of a possible Terror Voidal Terrors are the vicious and savage cousins of their Horror counterparts. They are generally mindless and animalistic, their forms reflecting such. They operate almost solely on an animal-like influence, almost immediately acting violently when come into contact with, be it within the Void and their voidal kin or with any living being in the world of the living. They cannot be reasoned with and they cannot communicate, they are mindless beasts with no capabilities or functions other than to slaughter and feed. They can come in various sizes, from the size of a small cat to the size of an elephant, with varying physical strength and traits. They are often found with numerous spines, spikes, fins or horns covering their bodies and heads, multiple eyes, more often than not moving around on four or more legs as opposed to two, however it is not unheard of. Like their voidal horror counterparts, they take on a fleshy appearance, oftentimes with a hardened exoskeleton (sometimes taking on a magical/elemental exoskeleton, such as the volcanic voidal terror of Adrallan, who’s exoskeleton was made of volcanic rock and consistently evoked fire). tl;dr Animalistic, savage, vicious, mindless creatures, can be large, no magic/intelligence/communication, feral beasts, fleshy forms, hardened exoskeleton, sometimes elemental exoskeleton. Abominations Example of a possible Abomination Voidal Abominations are the most alien out of all the voidal kin. They often come in elemental, primordial or ethereal forms, sometimes taking on humanoid shapes, other times no. They will often appear to be the embodiment of an element, an invokable element or sometimes even another force within the universe. These abominations are quite intelligent and often times can be quite tricksy. Most of them retain the ability to speak common, others have the ability to find ways to speak common. Most often than not, they are adept in the art of the arcane, their powers often strange and different to what the descendants are capable of doing, however boast an expansive arsenal of arcane power. Their bodies are vastly different from that of their kin, their fleshy forms taking on very strange and elemental forms. They are not necessarily physically strong, but their physical capabilities vary between each one. The Voidal Abominations are the most different out of all their voidal kin, even amongst one another, their differences are ridiculously stark. tl;dr Elemental, intelligent, primordial forms, magic-sensitive, physical appearances vastly different, physical strengths fairly low (varies). Behemoths Example of a possible Behemoth Voidal Behemoths are the kings of the void, the titanic voidal beasts that reside within the endless abyss. Behemoths are colossal beasts with savage appearances and incomprehensible minds, usually with an unbreakable fixation on a certain aspect of existence. For example, the “Mana-hunter” as described by Avar Telos the void wraith, it’s entire existence revolves around the draining and absorbing of all the mana around it. Behemoths, despite their savage appearance and brutal mindset, are rather intelligent and devious, though despite this they cannot be reasoned with. Their minds too focused on achieving their desires, their ambitions, it driving their every action until it is completed. Some behemoths do have some semblance of magical ability, generally that of standard arcane magics, sometimes having access to more strange and unfathomable powers. Their physical strength however is monstrous, usually being, at the very least, the size of house, some growing larger than that. Their appearance and forms are fleshy but hardened, more often than not covered in a hardened exoskeleton much like Voidal Terrors. Their physical appearances vary massively, however much resembling their lesser terror kin. tl;dr Colossal beasts, intelligent, irrational, fixate on singular aspect of existence, magically adept, physically strong, terrifying. Physiology Diet Voidal horrors do not rely on a diet to absorb nutrients but seem to have the desire to eat anyway. Their diets are extremely strange, more often than not preferring raw meats, fish and insects, however none are aware as to why. Blood All Horrors, regardless of their classification, all bleed the same way. They bleed an odd form of ichor, similar to that of the Itharel in concept but far different. Their blood is a strange pink, bismuth looking form of blood and is rich in genus (the energy of creation and catalyst of all magical energy), serving as nothing but a vessel for their mana, their power. Their blood is extremely volatile when used in rituals, for example with blood magic or contract magic, however does not preserve. Due to its volatility, it cannot be collected nor contained, dissipating and evaporating into the void within hours of it spilling. Life Unlike the descendants, voidal horror’s lives are entirely magical and based around the arcane. Strangely, they do not contain any life force and do not require it in order to sustain their bodies. They do however require mana in order to sustain themselves. Their mana pool being far larger than that of a descendant, voidal horrors tap into this pool, manipulate it’s energy in order to live. Body Voidal Horror’s bodies are all majorly different, as stated above, however there are some similarities between them all. Their bones are brittle but light, their skin rough and tough, their flesh strangely dry. They do not have organs like the rest of us, nor do they have the need to breath. However, at the centre of all voidal horrors is their “heart of horrors”, a singular orb, their lifesource and power battery. When voidal horrors absorb mana, it is transferred to the orb, acting as a battery for the being. Should the heart be destroyed or pierced, the voidal horror will immediately die. A voidal horror can be killed by normal means, enough damage and they will perish, however this is the quickest way. Power The majority of all voidal horrors have access to a wide range of arcane magical abilities, some of which seem entirely foreign to the descendants. Unlike the descendants, they are quick to adapt and learn new magics, evolving their abilities with uncanny ease. Some are far more powerful than others, thus creating a pseudo pecking order amongst them, outlined above. Generally, horrors take to their abilities very naturally, manipulating the void as if it were an extension of themselves. They generally are drawn towards magical schools that appeal to them, rather than choose them out of practicality, the magics and powers available to them more like a fingerprint than a tool. Death In death, voidal horrors don’t leave behind a mangled corpse like creatures of the earth. Much like an evoked element or a conjured being, voidal horrors will always return to the void. Their deaths are mildly explosive, releasing a burst of energy before dissipating and evaporating, their essence and energy returning to the void.