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  1. Trouvo

    Rate The Above User's Fame.

    7/10 at the least, I remember you!
  2. Trouvo

    The New Emerald Knights

    *Looks the elf over....... "Ain't much are you elf? Can't even properly wield an iron sword let alone string your bow right........come back when you can at least hit the broad side of a cow...." *grumbles as he walks away muttering to himself "Damn rookies keep trying to join, worthless, waste a time..."
  3. Trouvo

    The New Emerald Knights

    Kill some mobs and you should only speak in RP in this thread)) Damn kids, go learn yourself a thing or two before showin yer face here again!
  4. Trouvo


    this should be in the ideas section....more than the guilds section until it is fleshed out i think, i like the idea though, but would want to hear more
  5. Trouvo

    The New Emerald Knights

    *sighs resending the bird At midmorn on the ides, be prepared as you are not the only one being tested (i wont be on until your 11pm...im in US/PST)
  6. Trouvo

    Ban Appeal For Happy Shackles

    oh my mistake then, misunderstood what was previously said
  7. Trouvo

    The Crimson Blades

    *the messenger rushes out the tent and back to Terrahold as quickly as he can, collapsing at the stairs of the keep "Sir! He has wished a meeting with you as well, but he said something odd, he said he did not want to be absorbed by the Emerald Knights sir, because he has just gotten in good standing with Seventis." *Kourik Laughs heartily at this "Yes that is quite odd, I should send message to King Renati, we have been very old allies, and been there for his aid on many occasion, in fact I remember when I first met him in solace when he was seeking aid....anyways good I will seek him out for a meet. Dismissed squire."
  8. Trouvo

    The Crimson Blades

    *a messenger runs into the encampment "A message for Demivar" he pants heavily having run as quickly as he could and hands over a letter The letter is sealed with a stamped emblem of the Emerald Knights, the paper crisp of rich material, and the lettering of deep ink, showing great wealth and cost even merely for the letter. Demivar, It seems you have done well since Ascella, I believe it is time we speak. I am sure you have heard much of the Emerald Knights, what we stand for and what we do, and we grow exponentially with every passing year. I wish to at the very least form an allegiance with your band of soldiers, but more so over I would have you absorbed into the Emerald Knights as Tempir had the White Knights absorbed into us. My proposition would be of similar standing of course, you would still lead your own men, and we would ensure a proper fort is built for you, but you would report to me, just as Tempir does. What say you Demivar of the Crimson Blades? Sir Kourik Kelbourne Leader of the Emerald Knights The messenger waits patiently to receive a reply, enjoying the ability to catch his breath and rest his legs, even if for mere moments
  9. Trouvo

    Ban Appeal For Happy Shackles

    Yes but only Chrisdena can unban you, Honestly just be patient and learn from this, 3 weeks is a lot better than a perma ban, and i know people that were banned for not even hurting RP but were banned for longer, just be thankful you have a date, and that you will be able to get back on the server, the more you ask and the more you repost the more likely your ban may be extended because of a lack of Respect....
  10. Trouvo

    The New Emerald Knights

    A good a man of great opinion, and similar dislike to High Elves, I will personally train and test you, but I must ask to what wish you have of moving to the mainland if you are in Holm? (not that that is the only option *hint)
  11. Trouvo

    The New Emerald Knights

    ((To all those that are part of the Emerald Knights, I need your mcname, ICname, and a copy of your skin file, i will be making uniforms and adding you all to our wiki, i will also be trying to catch up the lore on our wiki page this weekend as it has fell quite behind again, and I apologize for that, too busy in game with RP and such.....oh and tempir....send me a message about your skin...i have some quarrels with it, which will also be rped but wanted to talk to you OOC about it first)) *on the bottom of the previous note P.S. I need a roll call done, I need names, numbers, and your opinions of them all that are under your command
  12. Trouvo

    The New Emerald Knights

    *Kiva the large sleek black raven caws as it flies over Sarun, a note dropping in the wind landing within the room of Tempir Tempir, Your outpost has finally been constructed, you may begin moving into Fort Ignis as soon as you are able. Sir Kourik Kelbourne
  13. Trouvo

    The Twilight Legion! [Name Changed Back!]

    *sighs *says under his breath "Fool...."
  14. Trouvo

    The Twilight Legion! [Name Changed Back!]

    I did not promise my men to be directly with you, but that we fight for the same cause, you accused me of failing to fulfill a promise that you misheard. As the war rages on and all of Salvus is laid to dust, I assure you that all of our armies will converge when we take sight on Solace.
  15. Trouvo

    The Twilight Legion! [Name Changed Back!]

    "You dare accuse me of deception? The war had our aid on multiple fronts, Tempir led his men with Seventis, and Norris led his men with Duke Vivyaen. We gave every man on asulon to the cause to fight, a total of more than 25 soldiers!"