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  1. THIS IS VAT!!!! *kicks the va out of the forums

    1. Lym



    2. Irish
    3. Helvetius


      Stop stealing my line! Only Leonidas gets to say dat!

  2. *Beardsslaps 2 more VA's....YOU SHALL NOT the va forum

    1. Trouvo


      and getting off work soon, ill beard slap any others when i get home

  3. *SLAPS the new VA's down....NO this gonna stay empty *hmph

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    2. Trouvo


      Damn straight, what else is my beard for?

    3. Aislin




  4. I ran out of VA's to review.....

    1. Austin


      Mine will be ready soon don't worry sunshine.

  5. ...when i finally get a day not even going to going to sleep through the whole thing...3 days in a overtime im tired.

    1. Ezo Karasuga
    2. Thats Bobo

      Thats Bobo

      still gotta sit down and do those silly VA's though <3

    3. Yoff


      What's your secret for being so goddamn productive?

  6. ugh 3 days off in over a month now...need sleep...

  7. TL:DR (I dont feel like reading all of this tbh read the first 4...just did a bunch of apps XP) My feeling on the magic system is that due to the way one is required to learn magic there is no availability for different understandings and concepts of the same thing. Like verbal language there are tons of different languages in the world and they all equate to expressing the same thing even if its not English, So, why is magic restricted to being in english? If say, my character, understands how it feels to connect with the "energy"/mana/void whatever you want to call it and understands that feeling it only counts if I convey it in a correct manner? I think of this like I think of doing VA's, to me the most important part is that I can understand your perspective, and you show an understanding of your character without breaking rules, lore or your character (it flows and does not contradict). I think it should be the same with the MA's, whether or not the perspective is yours or not as long as it is understood and the derivitive concept is the same and not breaking rules, lore or character (it flows and does not contradict).
  8. All va's but 1 that I can review are done (GET your refferals XP)

    1. V0idsoldier


      Oh thanks, I almost forgot the other 759 times you posted this.


    1. Yoff


      Just wanna take the time to thank you for posting this here. For some reason I always vote when I see it.