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  1. It’s been awhile, but looks like I’m being brought back to play for the first time since 2017.


    Hope the Dwarves are doing pretty good.


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      Welcome back!

  2. I honestly really like this, especially a big fan of Shenjiao, it almost makes me want to play a Hou-Zi just to RP the religion.
  3. After speaking with the LT, I have made some rewriting. -Made it more clear that the Tenerabras and Goregoats are Manifestations of Vendicta instead of patrons. -Removed Vengeance, Physical Prowess, and Rage, and replaced with Conquest and Wrath. -Overlaps with existing deities are now removed. -Added in the Adjective for a Cultist/Follower of Argos
  4. I like having guns in my fantasy, the system looks pretty well balanced, and the idea of alchemy-focused instead of magic-focused firearms sound cool thematically. +1
  5. Not my type of Metal, but the Iron-Clad would be pleased with this.
  6. Looking good! I love the formatting of the changes
  7. This, also despite the misleading title of "Holy Orders," Only the Clerics are Religious. Ascended and Paladins are not required to worship their patron (my Ascended is a devout Canonist for an example.)
  8. Reworks Completed: -Revamped Backstory after @Sporadic's Comments (Thank you @The Fire Mind for helping) -Alignment Changed from True Neutral to Lawful Evil -Titles Changed "The Eternal Soldier" to "The Forgotten General" -Portfolio changed "Strength" to "Physical Prowess." -Minor Changes to the Goregoat -Went through and tried to fix most of the grammer mistakes.
  9. Damn Straight, playing perfect characters is never fun, it's always great to have flaws and quirks to make them even more believable. For example, My Ascended has a fear of falling in love again and suffers from Depression, while my Warrior Priest suffers from PSTD and Alcoholism. From Good aligned characters to Evil, flaws make them all the more believable and more fun to play.
  10. Congratulations on getting LT again, and congrats on getting your Daemon lore approved, I am excited to see what comes from that. 

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  11. I'd assume it was some sort of gold coin, I've been RPing it as such.
  12. +1 I like the variants of wards, my personal favorite is the Revelation Ward. With magic like this, I'd one day make a cleric. Also, the first picture is awesome; I love those guys.
  13. I will begin to rewrite the backstory with said things in mind. I will greatly reduce the relation between Argos and Iblees . I wanted to detail as much as I could, however I will try to be more concise in the backstory as well as go through more editing to fix the writing mistakes. Thank you for responding.
  14. After @The Fire Mind's Suggestion, I have replaced the Dread Patrician with the Tenerabras. I had a lot of fun writing the new creature.
  15. No need to worry about raining on my parade, constructive criticism is critical to improvement. If you can think of a better concept or a way to fix it, I'm totally game.
  16. 1. Is there really? well if so, I'll easily fix it, thanks for letting me know. 2. Well that Azazel is a Demon from biblical mythology, a funny coincidence that things share names I will not lie, I did in fact find the base skin on Planet Minecraft, made sure it wasn't a "No use on LoTC" skin. If you wish, I will add the artist credit of the original skin.
  17. “Artist Depiction of the Daemon of War” Art Credit: Paizo Publishing Argos, The Iron-Clad Daemon of War, Wrath and Conquest Titles: The Iron-Clad, Avatar of Conflict, Father of Battle, The Forgotten General Alignment: Lawful Evil Sigil: Flaming Sword Sacred Animal: The Ram The Sword of the Divine Before there was Argos, there was Azazel; The Daemon of Glory, a proud yet honorable warrior. His first mentions were during the Wars of Creation against the Void, slaying horror after horror with the zeal and dedication that few could match. Always wanting to earn the respect of his divine peers and best his rivals, he was mostly disliked by his peers. Some due to his arrogance and self-centered nature, and others due to his war-loving tenancies. Azazel was ignorant of their criticisms, surrounding himself with his servants and followers who only shout praises to his name. During his many battles with the Voidal abominations, that was when he was most well-received, where even the Aenguls would speak well of his fighting skills. The praise of his peers continued to please the Warrior Daemon genuinely. His confidence seemingly unending and ever growing, his vibrant speeches to his flashy fighting moves to the splendor that was his decorated armor. However, as other war heroes rose from the war against the void, leading to him desperately trying to upstage any would be rivals. More and more did this campaigns would cost him soldiers and almost his plane of existence. Eventually, on one faithful battle, he was outmaneuvered and overwhelmed. Having to call upon the other Aenguldaemons who were fighting against the void for help, this deeply hurt his pride as the others came and took the glory of this great battle. Slowly returning to his realm; The Bastion Realm of Argus. The Warrior Daemon focused on rebuilding his host and keeping in contact with his cults. Asking of them for praise and battles dedicated to his name, finding the Descendants to be amusing but in the end, nothing but insects to the Daemon. When he first heard of the Arch-aengul’s project of the Soulstream, he decided to help by sending some of his servants to reclaim the souls of honorable warriors. However, in truth, he used it to recruit those willing, and those who worshipped him into his legions. Over the years, he would regain his confidence, yet a growing doubt would haunt him. When the wars became few, and his involvement in the politics of the divine began to fade, slowly The Warrior Daemon became bitter. Where once he dedicated himself entirely to the honorable cause of the defense of Creation, he would sell his blade to the Aenguldaemons that needed seasoned warriors. The only cost would be their acknowledgment and chances of glory. Finding work in slaying the occasional threat, and working through his agents on the mortal plane to earn the love and adoration of the descendants. Doing this for countless years until he received a summons from an unlikely patron, from the returned Arch-daemon; Iblees. The Hubris of Glory Their meeting was brief, the distraught Warrior Daemon filled with doubt was quick to be persuaded to join in the wars to come. Iblees using his pride and desire to become relevant once more against him. Although The Warrior Daemon held no ill-will towards the mortals, Azazel was promised glory and fame eternal, no longer forgotten. When the war between Iblees and creation had begun, Azazel arrived at the first war council, meeting with the other of his kin who joined on Iblees’ side. Roles were given out; The Warrior Daemon wanted to be on the frontlines, fighting in the vanguard where Azazel could find the glory he sought. However, to his dismay, he was ordered to provide Auxiliary. Despite his many attempts to refute, Iblees dismissed him, telling him that he was not truly loyal to the cause and that he should have been thankful to be even allowed to be on the winning side of history. The Arch-Daemon’s words stabbed at Azazel’s pride like a dagger. He complied and agreed, but would not be pleased with his new role. Armed with his mighty greatsword; Vanquisher, Azazel slew through ranks of Descendants with ease. The Host under his command would fill the gaps in the lines, moving quickly to provide support. Many a time did The Warrior Daemon attempted to prove his worth, to earn his place on the Vanguard, and every attempt left with hollow answers. Despite the treatment, he served as loyally as possible, for despite the growing ill-repute of Iblees. Azazel holds his honor in high regard, refusing to go against the contract that was signed. However, the final straw would be broken, for during the arrival of the Aenguldaemon host to defeat Iblees. The front-lines demolished, and aid was needed, Azazel and his mighty host would arrive quickly, to fill the lines and try to relieve the battered undead legions. Despite his valiant efforts, slowly and gradually his forces were pushed back. Until he was on the defensive, in a final plea to Iblees, he requested aid. Otherwise, he would be outnumbered and overwhelmed. Iblees had given nothing but silence, leaving Azazel to die. This betrayal, shattered the spirit of Azazel, for the first time, he staged a retreat. Survival and spite were driving him to break the contract. During this, a few of his former rivals would surround his battered host and attempt to ambush him. With strikes fueled by rage and the experience of a thousand battles, Azazel barely managed to slay his attackers. Mortally wounded from the action, his forces were scattered, and he returned to Argus. Reborn from Iron Upon his return to his prized realm, he discovered that the wounds inflicted upon him were inflicted upon his realm as well. Slowly regrouping with the remains of his Cult and his Daemonic Host, when he left his physical form. The essence of Azazel was wounded and left weakened, his realm stabilizing him and keeping him from death. For the years following the end of the war, Azazel muted himself from his former brethren. With every next year, his essence was worsening, and his mood grew dark. His desperation grew as he tried to find a way to reverse his condition. Finding no answers in the voidal arts, he would begin to delve into some of the darker magics for the answer. The Warrior Daemon was bent on one purpose; Vengeance. His grim situation drove him to a fit of depravity as he slowly sent out his cults to kidnap practitioners of the Dark Arts, before interrogating them on the knowledge of Necromancy and Blood Magic. After many long attempts, a ritual was devised, calling upon his Daemons and cultists to draw blood in their deity’s name. Carving runes into a set of Daemonic Steel armor, runes of power decorated the intimidating set of plate mail. Once the ritual was complete, The Immortal essence of Azazel infused inside the prison of metal. From the dark powers mixed with his divine nature, he was reborn into the Daemon of War; Argos The Iron-Clad. Current Day Although much of his Cult remain in secret, the only unifying features; being the adherence to Argos’ warrior code and them being warriors of prominence. Due to his steady growth, he had begun to gain the notice of other Aenguldaemons, while many would remain neutral or find distaste in his actions, Argos would remain ever distant, preferring to focus on the growth of his influence and power. It is not certain if the other Aenguldaemons remember any knowledge of his former name and crimes, all that is certain is that in any major war or conflict, the servants of Argos will be there. The Codes of the Iron-Clad Over the years of foundation since the revival of the cult of Azazel, The Cult of Argos maintains a strict adherence to a set of moral codes. Even amongst the highest of his holy mages dare not break the law, for upon doing so. Marked them for death within the order, to be quickly hunted down and taught the lesson of betraying the Daemon of War. The Sword is the Answer to any Injustice Poison is for the weak. Ambush is for the Cowardly. Our foes only deserve the Slaughter. Harm not the Child, for they could become strong. Do not fight the defenseless, for there is no glory. Conquer Yourself, Conquer Weakness. Surrender is Defeat, and Defeat is death. Goal Argos once devoted his existence to becoming the greatest warrior in all of the Creator’s creation. Wanting to have his tales of glory and battle to ring forever and be sung in halls both divine and mortal. However, with his return, his pride had been shattered and his driven nature put to his new goal. Argos wants to slowly rid the physical world of the weak and the cowardly, to replace it with battle-hardened soldiers sworn to his cause. Should he succeed, he shall take his new army, and right all wrongs with force, no more treachery, no abominations of the void, Argos will never be forgotten again. Realm: The Bastion Realm of Argus Formally the creation of Azazel, a sea of Fortresses and mountains. However after his fateful return, the sky was filled with ash, the tall and proud bastions were reduced to ruin, and the landscape destroyed. Yet under Argos, many of the rubble has been rebuilt, and from the central Citadel, a massive forge built. Rivers of Lava fill the shattered chasms of Argus, now used to fuel the endless War machine that the Iron-Clad is preparing. The fallen faithful of Argos find themselves brought to the war-torn realm, the vigors of youth returned to them, and slowly find themselves involved in one of the many roving warbands made of their fellow worshippers. Few cities exist in Argus, with the most prominent one being the City of Bellator. Built around Argos’ citadel and often the first to be provided with the new weapons made by the Daemonic Smiths. Bellator and the other Fortress Cities are under the iron-fisted rule of Self-made Warlords, former Champions of his cause which brought Martial law to the areas under their sway. To prevent any of them from stagnation, by the demands of their Daemonic master, the Fortress Cities host a series of Realm-wide War Games. Striking each other down, causing the losing Warlords to fall for stronger ones to rise again. Shortly after they succumb to their wounds, they would be restored to ‘life’ to fight once more in the following years. Great fighting pits are commonplace in these Fortress cities, used as entertainment and to train for the battles to come. The strongest of the Warlords are invited to join Argos and his Daemonic war council, as they prepare and plot for their grand crusade. “One of the many War-torn Ruins in Argus.” Art Credit: Matchack Manifestations Likely many Aenguldaemons, Argos rarely ever truly manifests upon the mortal plane, ever since the mortal wounds he suffered during the Great War with Iblees, he had been wary to ever return fully to the mortal plane. Instead, he shows a glimpse of his form through visions and illusions. He universally appears as a giant of a humanoid figure clad in darkened plate-mail. The only opening in his battle-scarred armor, being the visor, revealing only a burning pyre. His voice a metallic roar, speaking harshly and straight to the point, whenever his presence is nearby, all weapons and armor begin to stir and shake as if seeking to strike out against a hidden foe. (Modified skin) Original Skin Credit: Gleeshers Following “A devoted Cultist of Argos, coming down upon his foe with a frenzy.” (Ignore the gun) Art Credit: mynameisbryon Adjective: Argosi Warriors, Mercenaries, Barbarians, Those consumed by Violence, these are the men and women who are called to worship Argos. The Iron-Clad had slowly built from the ashes of Azazel’s cult, a growing legion of various warbands and followers. These factions are organized in such a way, that they are almost entirely indistinguishable to Mercenary Companies. The leaders of these Warbands are often Holy Mages of the Daemon, who use their soldiers and self as instruments of the Iron-Clad’s Will. Despite the seemingly organized nature of his worship, conflict and infighting are rampant, as multiple different cults would often challenge each other, to test their strength and to purge the undesirable weakness that could exist in their ranks. There is no prayer or official holy text. They venerate Argos through dedicating their battles in his name. Every wrong made right grants The Iron-Clad power, every fight a sermon in his name. While complete worship is not required to join these cults, their loyalty to the Codes of Argos and desire to further his goals is the only requirement. Within the numbers of Argosi Warbands, each of them slowly develop their own cultures. From minor changes to the usual religious uniform to extreme cases of cannibalistic rituals, believing that it would grant them the victim's strength. It is not uncommon for Dark Mages to find themselves serving such Warbands due to The Iron-Clad's neutrality of Dark Arts. This behavior causes some Cults to reinforce their mortal warriors with the undead. In the old days of Azazel, his faithful would garb themselves in bronze armor, decorated with feathers and trophies of the glories of past victories. However, in the current day, they clad themselves head to toe in darkened plate, taking the appearance of Argos himself. Those gifted with magic, take it a step further and create enchanted helms that produce an illusionary fiery visor and metallic voice so they can fully emulate their Master. Patrons Vindicta The Avenger; Patron of Ironic Justice “There is no shadow too dark. Her haze will find thee. Her justice will not be restrained, The Fires of justice will never be quenched." Art Credit: Aerenwyn The Patron of Ironic Justice arrives when a sincerely horrible injustice kills a descendant. She can see such hatred fills their heart in their last moments. They find in the darkness by an armored woman, her cold eyes filled with a calculating rage. She comes with an offer, to become an instrument of their justice, to the right the wrongs brought to them. The only price, being their eternal soul joining the cause of Argos. Should they accept the bargain, The Avenger restores them to life. However, the form they take is a monstrous being. Some believe that the Avenger was initially been a young and loving mother who had their lives destroyed before their eyes. After the death of her husband and child, her grief and hatred earned her the attention of Argos. Taking his offer for justice, she was given magical boons to turn her into a force of nature. Once she finished the deed, Argos came back to complete the transaction. He wanted a tool, a servant to spread his influence. Teaching her how to bestow the same ‘gifts’ to others, she roams near the edge of the Soulstream, looking upon the fresh deceased to grant her Master’s Justice, drawn to vengeful souls like a moth to light. Manifestations: The Eternal Legion The Legionnaires of Argos are a rare group of mortals granted boons by the Iron-Clad, often making up the elite or leading cults of Argos themselves. Acting as the closest thing resembling Holy Mages to Argos, they are combatants who draw upon their divine connection to empower their weapons and wreak vengeance upon the many foes to Argos. The magic they wield only used to improve their physical prowess as warriors and the connection, slowly destroying their bodies from the violent energies. (This will be greatly expanded upon in a separate lore post, however, should it be denied, the Argos lore will remain.) OOC Notes: Influenced by: -Ares from Greek Mythology -Gorum from Pathfinder’s Golorion Campaign Setting -Tempus from D&D’s Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting -Khorne from Warhammer Fantasy/40,000 I wrote this lore because I felt there was no Aenguldaemon dedicated to War, although there are multiple Aenguldaemons that are waging war and have war-like qualities. I wanted to write an Aenguldaemon for straight up war, for groups of warriors and mercenaries to worship. However, after taking advice from Aelesh, I expanded on the concept and added in Vengeance. Allowing a more concrete and ambitious goal for Argos to have. Also, I wanted to write an Aenguldaemon that creates ideas for events, such as groups of mercenary companies dedicated to him being hired to attack a settlement, an individual or group of people seeking protection and refuge from a vengeful being created by his Patron; Vindicta. Should an ET or other staff member have questions about how they would react in certain situations, or need help in developing an event line, I do not bite and would love to help anyone incorporate this Aenguldaemon in their events. As for players wanting to create cults of him, I plan on already doing that, and if you wish for any information or want to join, I’m always open to talking. Lore References: https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/97770-the-aengudaemon-lore/ https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/121438-iblees-daemon/ https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/139713-the-planes-of-existence-world-lore/ Written by JordanXlord/LordCommander Lore Advice and Help from: @Master Sage Delaselva @The Fire Mind @Order's Disciple
  18. I think the lore here is pretty awesome, I've been working on some AengulDaemon lore, so it's good to see that I won't be the only one posting deity lore! :D +1
  19. Says the guy who was killed by a grape.
  20. The Bronze Sword of Cantyr “The Creator was a Craftsman, seeking to bring wonders into this world, by their will manifest, created the Immortals, and finally the Descendant Races. They are not a protective father, nor our savior. They are our birth and our end.” -The Book of Trials; 5:13 “When I think of the Creator, I see the sword, I see the hard work of a Craftsman who put his blood, sweat, and tears into the fires of creation. The mortal races, we are that sword, and so often are swords misused or left to rust and decay. So often are swords shattered and broken, however, the craftsman continues to make them, in hopes to see what they become.” -Cathal, High Warpriest Something stirred in the heart of a man, born anew in a conflict unknown to him. They had no family, no friends, their memory of such things faded. All that remained was a name, and the symbolism of a sword stuck within a pyre. The words of the Canon did not provide answers to this ghost of war, and such they sought out new answers. Prayer, not for divine intervention, but for the strength and willpower to find this new Truth. They traveled the world of Axios, from the deserts of the orcs to the mountains of the Dwed, from cities to villages. Seeing the harshest nature of the mortal races, watching as brother killed brother, soldiers who proclaimed Piety while they slew and ravaged the innocent. The specter was horrified at this, how could a merciful God allow such tragedies to befall such a people. Their nights sleepless as the haunting image of a battlefield happened upon every night, each time, lasting longer and longer. Surrounded by armored shades and dissonant screams, every night seeing another tragedy and sign of the brutality of the world around them. Bringing the figure to a state of numbness, as they traveled to find their purpose. Doing work as a mercenary, the only talent he had, fighting for the purposes of others. The dreams became more and more bearable every single day, where many would have fallen to madness or nihilism. The fire in their soul turned to nothing but cinders, and finally to nothing. The Figure saw the strength in every action of conflict. Seeing the truth of the arena of strength that was this world. The Descendant races would never know true unity, as the Oren Empire had fallen multiple times, the Church of the Canon falling mute when compared to the loud selfish voices of the worldly nobles. Every act of conflict only rekindled the pyre in his eyes. There shall be no false truth, no false sense of Unity. On the final night, the ghost of war found the Daelish people. Discovering the sacrifice and trials of their Champion; Cantyr. This was when the Truth was made manifest, the Truth of Mortal’s ability to shape their destiny. This being the Start of Cantyrism. The Tenets of Cantyrism Strength: You must not allow weakness to take your heart and body, find strength, be it spiritual, physical, or mental. Show personal strength in every action you do, from never backing down from a fight out of fear to surrendering your beliefs to another. Endurance: You must endure the hardships that life will throw at you, we are the swords of the Creator’s creation. Either you shatter, or become tempered by the pain that happens in your life. Never forsake the good, for if you strive through the evils of this world, glory will await you. Improvement: No one can claim perfection, be it the immortals, or the mortal races. However, that does not mean you can not strive to. Never allow yourself to be content with mediocrity, always be trying to better yourself. Honesty: Show pride in what you are, by lying to others, you are only diminishing yourself. Only Cowards hide behind lies, always strive to put deed to your words. Honor: Hold yourself to high esteem, promote merit, not weakness. Prove your worth to others, and strive to have others prove their worth. Never disrespect an honorable enemy, for they are hard to come by, and might one day become your loyal friend. Self-Reliance: Don’t blame your misgivings and problems on others, nor rely upon the fickle nature of the Divine, the Arcane, or Mundane. For they will fail you, in the end, put trust in yourself and your brethren. Being able to support yourself, is a sign of victory. Competition: People do not improve when everything is secure. The world changes around us, and rivals will appear in every corner. Without competition, you will stagnate and find no reward. Burn bright or do not burn at all. Guidance: You will be tested, be it on the battlefield, or in the daily struggle of life. Find comfort in those you can trust, and use their support to empower you. You are a pyre of the Creator’s flame, become a torch for others to follow in your footstep. The Book of Trials “Written by The First, Detailing the bravery and actions of Cantyr; The Self-made Savior of the Daelish people. This Book details the power of Man made miracles, detailing that by the power of personal strength, containing legends such as; The Four Brothers, The Nether Champions, and other great figures that made their mark on history through their deeds and personal strength. This Book speaks in great detail about the importance of the eight tenets of Cantyrism.” The Book of Trials is the only sacred tome of the Cantyrist Faith. Those who become members of the Clergy are required to add more to its pages. Detailing every great self-made miracle and heroes. Those who join the Clergy shall be given a copy of the book. For the book to be given to a nonclergy member or member, not of the faith, is to be considered a great honor. The book is written in the Common Language, as to allow as many people to read it for themselves. Each Clergy member should take great care of their book, often protecting it with their lives, and brutally hunt down those who would steal such a book. The Book of Trials is always never full. Should one ever fully fill one out, they are to begin working on another one. However, all volumes will contain the story of Cantyr, and the details of the Tenets of the Faith, as to allow anyone to read a copy without feeling lost. Once every couple of years, the Cantyrist Clergy are to gather and spread the stories of those who have performed greatness. To keep their deeds immune to the sands of time. The Clergy of Cantyrism “Those unable to defend themselves, are unworthy of the cloth. Faith must be clad in steel, and they must have the strength to match their conviction.” The Clergy of Cantyrism, battle-hardened men, and women who possess great personal conviction and uphold the tenets of the Faith. There are few rules within the clergy, except following the spirit and the letter of the eight Tenets of Cantyrism and to be at least sixteen years of age. Those who become Priests of Cantyrism are expected to spread the message and ideals of the faith through deed and action. They are expected to go where conflict and struggle are most prevalent and to test the strength of both themselves and others. The religious doctrines of the Cantyrist Faith are rather simple and straightforward. All members are expected to able bodied men and women, with at least basic martial training. The Priests and Priestesses are organized, less in a religious hierarchy and more into a militaristic hierarchy centered around merit. The Church expects for healthy competition between its members, to have those who strive to better themselves and improve the church, become higher up in the chain, while those of a weaker will, are left to the bottom or outright removed. The Cantyrist Faith allows all backgrounds, gender, and race within their ranks. However, any who would expect special treatment would be quickly removed or corrected. Despite the rather mortalistic focus, the Cantyrist Church does hold prayer to The Creator (or in the closest Racial/Cultural representative, such as Yemekar for Dwarves or The All-Father in Norlandic Culture). However the Cantyrist believes and preaches that prayer cannot solve a problem, it is only a way to strengthen the soul and spirit, so the mortal can change the world around them. Beliefs View on the Void and Void Magic The Cantyrist Church does not have a negative view on the Void, it is called by a different name within the Book of Trials; The Realm of Wills. It is viewed as a place that is powered by mortal emotion and willpower, a catalyst that could have been used by the Creator to create the world. However, in the hands of mortals, it can be used to honor the Creator by mimicking their desire to create, much like a child to a parent. The Creator made such a realm in order to allow the mortal races to create their own destinies. They view the magics created from the void, as a tool and a weapon to be used, seeing mages in the same light as a warrior wielding a sword. View on AengulDaemons The Cantyrist Church has an extremely neutral viewpoint about the AengulDaemonic forces. Viewing them as simply forces of nature and as physical embodiments of ideas, they are the first and grandest creations of the Creator, and so long as servants of said powers, do not rely entirely upon their divine gifts and make use of their own tenacity and mortal abilities, they are welcomed as useful allies. The magics of the Aengulic Servants are highly prized for their ability to heal and for dealing with any hostile dark magics. However, the often strict codes, especially the ones related to being disallowed to harm mortals, is considered a great downside and prevents them from taking up leadership should they join the Faith. View on Mercy, Redemption, and Forgiveness Where many Churches preach of the mercy and forgiveness of the Creator, The Cantyrist Church does not strictly follow such teachings. Detailing instead that compassion and respect are something to be earned, not just given. Should someone who has fallen low, wish to rise up and better themselves, they are given the chance to. However, should they prove themselves unable to change, they have cast aside or destroyed, for the world will only punish those weak of spirit. Despite this, it is often preached that honor is one of the highest attainable virtues of self-perfection and that a good enemy is a rare one, and should be treated with respect. It is also frowned upon and considered a deep crime, to treat prisoners of war poorly or for innocent bystanders to be assaulted. The usual punishment can range from a beating from a Warrior Priest, to being sentenced to Death. Views on Good and Evil The Cantyrist Church does not fully subscribe to the black and white nature of Good and Evil, now to say that good and evil do not exist, would be foolish. There are men and women of great and wicked hearts and plenty in between. Acts associated with Good include Altruism, Honesty, and the willingness to act. Acts associated with Evil include Narcissism, Stagnation, and Cowardice. The Cantyrist Church dictates that those who would only better themselves and promote stagnation must be destroyed. Those who would run away from the sword, are put to it. However general selfishness, such as a desire to push themselves further, is completely encouraged for ambition is required for progress. Afterlife There is no clear set answer to the afterlife, for the Cantyrist Church fully acknowledges the existence of other afterlives, from the Seven Skies for Humans, to the Orcish Spirit Realm. They were all created by the Creator, as a reward to those who have carved their own destiny and have worked hard with tenacity and determination. To the Cantyrist Church, they do not ask “Where we go when we meet our end” instead they ask “What will we have done before we meet our end”. This leaves for cultural and racial adoption to be easier to do, and forces the Clergy and the followers of Cantyrism, to find their own answers. The Holy Scrolls The Cantyrist Church does not deny the existence of the divine scrolls of the Creator, written by Horen himself after hearing the words of the divine. However, the Cantyrist Church does not strictly follow them and does not include them in their teachings. For the Cantyrist Church is focused on the mortal works, for although the Creator is all-powerful, they do not understand the struggles and problems of being mortal. Also with the limited access to the Scrolls, It is hard to give criticism or truly understand the scrolls as the divine word, since it is always told by the personal interpretation of mortals. The Virtue of Conflict and Competition One of the great virtues of Cantyrism is the truth that the mortal races will never truly remain united for conflict lies in the hearts of all. It is by mortal nature to fight and compete, be it in times of war, where thousands fight and die for causes or during times of peace where businesses fall and people struggle to better their own standing in life. Without these things, the mortal races would be destroyed by their stagnation, and no lasting progress would ever be made. It is the belief of the Cantyrist Church, that those who preach peace and desire Pacifism, are lying to themselves and lying against the true nature of mortals. Because of this, Pacifism is illegal within the Church. Belief in Mortal Willpower and Personal Strength The most spoken aspect of Cantyrism, is the belief that Divine intervention can only be obtained by one’s own personal strength. Prayers and Meditations, be it as a member of the clergy or as a follower, are to be done in order to help improve and hone the strength from within. Cantyrism believes that all members of the mortal races are capable of receiving the true gift of the Creator; The ability to shape destiny around them. Because of this, self-perfection is key to worship, and the focus on the self is put above the focus on the divine.
  21. I have always wanted a human culture like this, really glad someone actually beat me to it. Haven't read it all, but so far it looks really cool! I'd love to see this culture become a bigger thing. Would totally play a character from this culture.
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