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  2. Issued as of 17th of The Deep Cold, 1768 from the office of the Okarir’mali To the Blessed Maheral, Acaele Lazul and The Blessed Citizenry of Haelun’or, Hard times, I say. Hard times indeed. Not ever has a Maheral been assassinated before. Shall Malaurir Azorella Elibar’acal become one with Larihei and shall her name live forever. Firstly, I wish to congratulate the former Maelunir, the newly anointed Maheral on his ascension towards much more significance. Shall the light of Larihei guide you through your future endeavors. ”The Maheral simply is” - Lucion Sullas The Office of the Okarir’mali shall be at your full disposal and it is within my pleasure to work alongside you. Secondly, it has flown to my ears that my dear citizens are dividing in two - Maheralists and Sohaerists. I urge those all, whom go by either title to cease immediately. I shall not have the name of the late Maheral Elibar’acal dilapidated by groups of radicals hoping to push their vendetta forward. These are not the times we stand face-to-face, but rather support each-other, working as the very structure that holds our blessed bastion together. Signed, Okarir’mali, Nuala Uradir MAEHR’SAE HIYLUN’EHYA AY’LARIHEI AY’MAHERAL ACAELE LAZUL
  3. It was a beautiful day; the sun was shining. Birds were singing and the tireless Mali’thill working around the city. There was a certain family that consisted of many people. There were Mali’thill from many talonnii. Uradir, Telperion and Visaj. These high elves were all somewhat familiar. The elders were showing magical tricks to the youngsters and the newly wed couple held each other looking around - Someday we will have as many children as Miss Uradir, the newly wed husband commented to his wife. The wife simply looked at him, smiling. Somewhere in the distance there was a bit of a weird individual. This high elf was very pale and socially awkward. He did not have many friends, he simply could not make them. How would someone so weird as him be able to have friends? This elf was cursed with a stutter and a character not for everyone’s palette. He stared this enjoying family with envy-- His face changing as he saw someone walking towards him. Tall body, long ears and a hair resembling the purest of silver. - Come with us, your family awaits. You should not be by yourself, you make us sad every time you leave. You are my grandson, you’re a cousin and you are a son, Said this beautiful ‘Thill - I p-p-romise. I-I wi-will never l-leave you, Stuttered this weird, yet very loved boy. Then she woke up, Nuala Uradir all by herself having to face the reality: The Primrose has faded.
  4. “For years we disagreed with one another, fighting each-other to the last nerve. One would surely say we were the nemesis of one another. Yet, that never stopped either one of us to seek progress and bestow the best care upon the Motherland and her citizens. We worked tirelessly towards a happy nation and cared citizens. Never did you let our disagreements stand in your way towards progress. Your death shall not be in vain; You shall forever live in our memories as we work towards a better nation for all of us” Nuala talked to herself as she was sitting somewhere in the Uradir farms, gazing at the sky “It is a shame I will never get to call you a friend”
  5. A LIGHT EXTINGUISHED From the office of the Okarir’mali Horrendous actions of the impure lead to the horrific death of our beloved Maheral, Azorella Elibar’acal. For years the actions of the former Sohaer, Sulraell whom I decline to call a Visaj; the prosperous Talonnii of Malaurir Dimaethor shall not be tarnished, lead to this. The Sohaer was working behind Elheial’thilln with rogue members of the society, planning to murder the Maheral, most blessed in cold blood. The Maheralship is most blessed, such a ‘thill represents Larihei in flesh. The Maheral simply is, most pure and second to none. These actions are a crime towards Larihei herself and I shall not stand behind them. Rest assured, Mali’thill— Your government will not rest nor will the vision Larihei hindered. I, as always, a true servant of Larihei am declaring my loyalty to Larihei and her Maheral Azorella Elibar’acal. I will also be standing trial if such will be called upon me, I’ve nothing to hide. I, Nuala Uradir am not an ‘ata filled by greed and a mind of the impure. The office of the Okarir’mali shall function as normal under the interim leader Acaele Lazul and shall keep functioning as Elheial’maheralan will anoint a new Maheral. MAEHR’SAE HIYLUN’EHYA Okarir’mali Nuala Uradir
  6. “From an Oem’ii spending time in bath-houses to a Maheral reforming councils. I am proud” Commented the elfess as she had a glass of wine over reading the missive.
  7. [!] Sent directly from the office of the Okarir’mali as of 1st of the First Seed, 1764 TO THE BLESSED CITIZENS OF HAELUN’OR I have worked tirelessly with a team of dedicated Mali’thill to ensure the prosperity of our ever-progressing Bastion. Alongside my Tilruir’mali and other assistants it is within my pleasure to announce a fund. The Common Maehr’sae fund of Haelun’or. It is our duty as Mali‘thilln to ensure the growth and self-sufficiency of the Motherland as it can by no means survive without her competent citizens. The Motherland provides us with protection by means of walls. Food by the means of fertile soil and water by the means of purity. Little carriages will be installed within the city of Lareh’thilln that will be providing participation slips. With this fund, we will be covering the expenses that come along when for example hiring lesser workforce. Participating in this fund will be voluntary but highly advised as it is meant to progress our beloved bastion. Merchants of Haelun’or All merchants, citizens and non-citizens alike are to apply for a “Merchant permit” issued by the office of the Okarir’mali. This permit can be applied for if you meet the following criteria: You have no pending investigations by the Sillumiran. You have not committed a crime within Lareh’thilln or any other cities of Haelun’or. You are not facing trial. The merchant permit will be your key into the city. All merchants within the Silver City have been invited by the Okarir’mali, thus they are to be let in the city without delay or other disturbances. The permit is to be put on a visible place for everyone to view. You may request two (2) copies. Another one will be hanged by your shop and the other you will carry with you. Common Maehr’sae Fund for merchants Partaking in the Common Maehr’sae Fund will be obligatory for all merchants. Maehr’sae fund slips for merchants will be provided in a small carriage by the vicinity of the Silver Bank. There will be two slips. Stall and Shop. A storage unit within the lower levels of the Silver Bank will be where you return your slips. There are chests with a word and a number burnt onto it. Ex. “Shop 5” - If you own this very shop, return your “Mahr’sae fund slip - Shop” tag there. Contributions will be expected to happen per annum. we will allow three (3) failed contributions. Signed, Nuala Uradir, Okarir’mali Seth Calith, Tilruir’mali
  8. [!]Issued from the office of the Okarir’mali as of 1st of the First Seed, 1763 Blessed Diarchy, The many lost souls that stray within the affectionate embrace of our Silver Walls, under the blessed ever-loving bounds of Larihei's beatified sanctuary. The many Oem’iian wandering aimlessly, deprived of direction, abandoned by their parents. They are alone. An ordained servant of my people, It is my duty as Elokarir’mali, Guardian of the Citizenry to grant these distraught Mali'thill a safe haven, thereby providing them competent caretakers that will ensure their success for their centuries of existence to come - warranting their right to be guided in Larihei’s teachings and embracing Elmaehr’sae Hiylun’ehya. It is within my wishes to establish an orphanage for the lost - “Eloem’iian ito’Larihei”. This orphanage will work as a temporary shelter for the lost to sleep, eat and get proper care and proper counsel, before they are to be appropriately assigned a ward. As Elokarir’mali I shall oversee the activities of this institution, however it will be of my utmost priorities to personally seek out someone who may act as a competent, dedicated leader for this charitable cause. With this letter, I plead the Blessed Diarchy for support in this righteous endeavor, I entreat Sohaer Visaj to take action for the betterment of our state and I implore Maheral Azorella Elibar’acal to recognize my grievances for the sake of our traditions. MAEHR’SAE HIYLUN’EHYA Signed, Nuala Uradir, Okarir’mali
  9. ”Dear me, burn already. Your liberal cesspool is but a stain upon these realms.” Commented some high elf as the news reached her
  10. Truly amazing work, I’m so proud of you guys. Also can we just have a moment that anime eyes are simply superior??
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