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  1. Thank you for all and everything. I'm gonna miss you, sir! Stay safe and have fun whatever it is life takes you to. <3
  2. It's good but the purple eyes can be viewed as a sign of crossbreeding which in the high elf nation, Haelun'or will be viewed as impure. But that shouldn't be a problem if you are living somewhere else! Same thing with the fire in the back, gold implies greed and being greedy is impure! A common thing done within Haelun'or is making those called mali'ata, impure elves wear a golden bracelet so that other's can recognize them being in an ingoing path to purity. BUT the skin is very good if you're planning to live elsewhere than Haelun'or!
  3. May retirement treat you well
  4. This seems like a good idea. Currently VIPs are a train wreck. 500€ for cosmetic nothing is absolutely wonk. 5-10€ a month is not even bad. Would also assume more people would do that versus buy a 500€ rank filled with but empty promises.
  5. What in the world are these picrew pfp’s everyone has me how do I get one??? Why am I always the last one to hear about a trend 

  6. I was on a months hiatus so don’t come at me anyone Also I love peach
  7. Character Name: Avaela IGN: Geminisole Discord: Geminisole#4164 Timezone: GMT+2
  8. “Problems, this means problems for me. I think I should leave the city, for my safety” Avaela would speak to her golem, seemingly being worried. The Mali’ame looking around, concealing her true identity. @Rip and Tear
  9. I thought this was a map extension pack
  10. I love you thanks for the base 

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