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  1. I love you thanks for the base 

  2. “My first invitation, ever!” Avaela would run to someone very close to her, proudly showing him the invitation.
  3. Username: Geminisole Skin name: Hera Bid: 35 Skin name: Athena Bid: 45
  4. Can someone make a base version of my current skin? Like idk how to make those and need one XD 

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  5. It was a rainy day, I got together with Delos. It was a shame I did not really see anyone I knew to announce my fourth child. Two daughters and two sons, for some reason the cure of infertility did not lay on me. I think I might even be the most fertile Mali'thill to ever exist. The journey was long and let me tell you, with these swollen ankles it was absolutely impossible. Delos, of course was taking care of the children within the mountains so I had to make it by myself. At one point, I think I was close to the Orenian empire, I was stopped by a stranger-- A merchant sell
  6. Please contact me on discord ASAP! Geminisole#4164

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  8. As these rather boresome news traveled to the knowledge of Nuala, the sister of Anethra her face was nothing but unhinged. The Uradir looked at her husband, Delos Telperion whom she was spending the last few years with. Filarion and Fiola, two of the three children whom Nuala has given birth to. "Apparently Anethra is claiming to have taken my children?" Nuala idly commented to Delos, who was having picnic within the deep mountains with Evelon, Fiola & Filarion. "Oh, is she now? Your sister truly has finally lost it. Well, I was never too fond of her" Said the husband of Nuala Te
  9. THE BALLOT ((MC name: Geminisole)) Name: Nuala Telperion Vote for Okarir'hiylun: (XX) Seth Calith ( ) Valyris Wynasul
  10. THE BALLOT ((MC name: Geminisole)) Name: Nuala Telperion Vote for Okarir'tir: ( ) Kiljarys an Iarwaïn (X) Finnadh Uradir (X) Kolvar Trafina
  11. Once the respected opponent concluded, Nuala began by clearing her throat. The elfess would scan the gathering of Silver with a bright smile on her face. "I unfortunately am aware how many of you dislike me and are never going to forgive me for my past mistakes. Many of you will rather see me melt in acid than ever to see me hold any power. While this is unfortunate, I ne blame you. As I have said, I am by no means perfect and regardless of my old age I still am prone to mistakes. However, it is of vast importance that we learn from them. We follow the Maehr'sae to progress
  12. What? https://gyazo.com/596b2afb90d0ce167f4489acdc4a2f15
  13. go read my introduction post and leave a comment

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