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  1. Nuala Telperion would glance about the square, above and below, to see what is happening around her.
  2. Nuala Telperion closes her eyes, and mumbles something. Anyone close to her could hear it “Oh my.- I am far too tired form all the work”
  3. As this exiled Dewper arrived from the realms where ever it used to linger, Nuala Telperion’s eyes would simply widen. Slowly, making her glance would move towards the halfling. Halfling; scared and anxious, which seems to be visible to everyone
  4. As the halfling began to spoke to, a slight eye roll could be seen “As dumb as always, I am sitting on a chair, Tali’valah” The elfess commented
  5. [[Rip what happened to the fountain]] She’d take a seat on some chair located in the square, now that the fountain is no longer present
  6. Nuala Telperion would walk into the square, seeing a Mali’ker passing a Tali’valah. As she saw these liberals, she would swiftly take a turn, aiming to take a seat next to the fountain located in the square.
  7. "This saddens my heart, to see a Mali'thill not capable of serving the Motherland to her full potential. This job was meant for her" The elfess sighs "And this means more burdens on my already heavy tray" Commented the Medi'ir
  8. Nuala thinks how there are a million jobs and how it was impossible to fit them all on an A4.
  9. MAEHR’SAE HIYLUN’EHYA AY’LARIHEI AY’MAHERAL A letter to all citizens of Haelun’or Issued of the 4th of the Deep Cold, 1749 In the beginning, when we were failed by our false father, Malin, Larihei never stopped her progress, her tireless work towards a nation where we now live. Did Larihei stop working? No she did not! Did Larihei give up, when she was met with obstacles? No she did not! Did Larihei ever think that she has given enough? No she did not! Larihei, our Haelun never stopped providing. That is the reason we are here today. It is all because she worked non-stop. I urge you, Mali’thill and the favored lesser citizens of Haelun’or to contribute. There is no such thing as “Giving enough”. We lack resources! We pride ourselves with getting rid of such lesser needs as taxation. We pride ourselves of being totally self-sufficient. But for what? Those filled by greed fail to share of their own. For you only need, what the Motherland gives you. Go and get us everything you can. For we need: Iron [As much as possible] Food [Bread, meat, vegetables] Feathers [As much as possible] Flint [As much as possible] Wood [As much as possible] Coal [As much as possible] And whatever you, out of pure desire wish to contribute. The Aldin talonnii set a great precedence with their colossal donation to the library, but that should not be the only contribution. I urge all Talonniian; Contribute to the state. I urge all citizens to gather up and work as hard as Larihei did and provide their home with what it needs. We can not be self-sufficient if you, citizens fail to contribute. Join the Sillumir Join the Elemyumiran Join to work alongisde the Okarir’akaln, Evelon Telperion Regardless of status, all Mali’thill are expected to work as tirelessly as Larihei. Signed, Secretary , Nuala Telperion
  10. “It was the time this, horrific abomination of a being was denounced. Truly, a dreadful sight it was.” Commented the newly wed Telperion.
  11. “Not sure how Valahan politics work, but if this person is elected.. Maybe, just maybe this ridiculous war could face its end and work towards a more peaceful realm would begin” Commented a random High Elf who for some reason saw this.
  12. "I do agree with the Maheral being rather absent lately and leaving letters unanswered. But that she has failed her own kin?" Nuala Dorberos would comment "Llir, I urge you to stop with this non-sense" The elfess let out a sigh
  13. Name: Nuala Dorberos((MC Name)): GeminisoleAge: 180What magic are you trained in, if any? Electric Evo and Household magic :3 How do you lay claim to the fact that you are pure Mali'aheral? Nuala is a but a pure bean working not one, not two but three jobs and making time to work as hard as she can, ensuring the prosperity of the Motherland. She is also deemed pure by Larihei for she has shown her light upon Nua How long have you resided within Lareh’thilln? Uhm, like 80 years Will you follow the maehr'sae hiylun'ehya to the letter in the pursuit of arcane knowledge? Y'all know she will. What magical knowledge do you wish to acquire, if any? Arcane shielding, transfiguration and more but I havent decided what. ((she speaks of herself in 3rd person because she is so selfless))
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