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  2. MC Name: Geminisole Discord: Geminisole#3927 Image: Description of Image: Store logo for my store Dimensions: 1x1
  3. Llir can you make the tech team code a little and make the forums support emojis 

  4. Ok cool— I’ll send you a virtual cookie
  5. Can Y’all worry about some actual issues like the genocide in China or something instead of this temp map. 

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    2. Reckless Banzai Screamer

      Reckless Banzai Screamer

      But you were just living for the drama 23 hours ago :doom: it's over

    3. christman
    4. Gemini


      @Reckless Banzai ScreamerI do like drama!!! Bickering over a map is just boring also it’s yesterdays news no one cares 

  6. The guy’s saying “helping with an ET eventline”
  7. No of course it does not. However this map has been paid for, money has changed hands in order to use it.
  8. I do am very grateful for all the people partaking in this drama. I’m living for it 

  9. “Please think carefully before you make any content available, because it may be made public and might even be used by other people in a way you don't like.“
  10. Thins brings us back to a very important conversation. Which is  that we should bring back WT

  11. Ain't nobody licking boot for the staff team. Get your terminology straight here. Just because something isn't morally right does not make it outright illegal. The EULA explicitly states that anything public made with using their services is free to use, that would definitely be including maps. The case is a little different for coding etc, skins, other art forms.
  12. His personal rules as much as I appreciate them do not overrule the Minecraft EULA and Mojang TOS
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