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  1. It was good to RP with you once a in a while c : Hopefully life treats you well. Good luck and don’t **** it up, as Rupaul would say
  2. Can someone rewrite arcanism pls 

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Archipelego


      Leave it on the shelf to die in darkness

    3. Gemini


      11 hours ago, ScreamingDingo said:

      rewrite war rules first lOl

      Please contact moderation management. (::

    4. Gemini


      13 hours ago, nickrocky213 said:

      No please leave it on the shelf with the snelves


  3. Can everyone send me their favorite tiktoks? Thank you!!



    i’ll send you one in return :))

    1. Tyrone1


      pls tell me this is ironic

    2. Gemini


      Definitely not. I breath and live with tiktok

  4. I think I might simp for ST.... I love you guys thanks for all the hard work you do 

  5. THE BALLOT ((MC name: Geminisole )) Name: Nuala Telperion Vote for Aiera Sullas: (X) For ( ) Against
  6. lip sync for your life

    1. Nug


      oh mama ur boutta get sent boots the house down HOME! *****! i did a death drop into a flip into a split into a jump into a fart, sashay away mama work boot yassss

    2. Gemini


      Shantay you stay 

  7. I mean that’s like a 100 witnesses claiming you were there
  8. Dear Ayliana Maehr’tehral, There are a few things I would wish to offer my thoughts to, I personally do not believe the main concern of the Guardian of Land should focus on the physical wealth of the nation, we are not lessers and we have ridden ourselves of such terminology as paying. Nelgauth Maehr’tehral is an old friend of mine and my respect towards this prosperous Mali is never ending, however it seems your nomination is built around the achievements of the great Sohaer. It would be great to hear more of your accomplishments! We are all able to pick up tools and obtain physical materials, however not everyone is meant to be leaders. When it comes to spreading Maehr’sae Hiyulun’ehya to other cities, Lesser races can never fully follow the teachings of Larihei, simply because they can never reach the heights our kin lives in. It seems your priorities also remain on us connecting with lesser nations and less on working on the internal matters of our Bastion. While I agree with the sentiment to some degree, I ne believe we should tie ourselves too tight with the lessers. It is important to be in good relations however we are Mali’thill, it is of vast importance we do not involve ourselves too much on lesser politics. As I mentioned above, we have ridden ourselves of such lesser needs as money. While it is needed in order to function alongside lessers, we should not make it a priority. Paying is for lessers, not for Mali’thill. Anyhow, I offer you my gratitude for stepping up for your nation in need and I personally am honored to have the possibility of running against a competent Mali’thill such as yourself. I wish you the best of luck in the upcoming elections! Ay’Larihei Ay’Maheral Ikur Signed, Nuala Telperion, a citizen
  9. Can we start giving Freja astronomical amounts of upvotes

  10. Issued on 1st of The Grand Harvest, 1791 For the longest of time I have been unsure on what to do and how to continue forward in order to progress myself and my family. I am an Uradir by blood and will always be proud to be of such puritan talonnii, however I married a man named Delos Telperion whom I do not share a name with. Progress has been halted as I have been lacking initiative. Henceforth, I, Nuala Uradir shall be known as Nuala Telperion of the Silver Isles from this time forward. As for my children; My oldest shall be known as Ithia Telperion of the Silver Isles from this time forward. The twins shall be referred to as Fiola and Filarion Telperion of the Silver Isles. They all share blood of the most pure, Telperion & Uradir. Signed, Nuala Telperion
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