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  1. Not that it was ever a surprise that you’d come up with something this great.... but still like OMG????!!!
  2. ((MC name: Geminisole)) Name: Nuala Uradir Vote for Sohaer: ( XX ) Anethra Uradir ( ) Eredael Rhenaer
  3. I urge everyone participating in this topic to keep the tone civil and considerate of others.
  4. ”As I doubt it comes of surprise to anyone, there is but one Talonnii that is capable of leading the blessed bastion to prosperity. There is but one person to rise to the seat of Sohaer.” Nuala Uradir spoke out in a small gathering, taking a few breaths before she continued “Anethra Uradir – She is not only a Laurir of much greatness, but a Lari’onn whom without I would not be here. She is not only doing what she can, but making sure she always gives her everything to the states. With that note; I, Nuala Uradir shall offer my vote to my Lari’onn, Anethra Uradir. I urge you all to giver her endorsement as well. Ay’Uradir Ay’Larihei” Concluded the Uradir, sipping her wine with a proud smile
  5. OST The Girl with the flower crown Born circa 1553, a Mali’thill with really no family or anyone else on that matter. She was all alone in a world filled with lesser races, dangers and impurity. Alone without parents, siblings or any other Mali’thill to raise her, to teach her Maehr’sae Hiylun’ehya and to show her the path of Larihei. But was she never truly alone? Travelling across the realms, studying all those of lesser; food, culture, ways. But was this ever satisfactory? Of course not; she craved for a company of equality. The elfess was close giving up, her craving for something better was never satisfied. Topics such as Maehr’sae Hiylun’ehya was stranger to her. Purity was but a distant dream to this young Mali. Well, who was this young female elf? She was called Nuala, that’s it. For she didn’t deserve more. A simple scholar living as a house servant to some humans. She was but an elf who lived a simple life. But the more she studied, the more she did wanted was given to her by blood. Her right for knowledge.. She wished to visit the place she was sure to be her home. For she was a Mali’aheral. Nuala was scared; she never wanted to cause distress to those of her own. She had to make sure her purity was not questionable. The elfess decided to take a family name, make her own talonnii. Then, became the Dorberos. Nuala Dorberos, first of her name took a journey and escaped from the ranks of the lesser races to join her own. To join those true to the teachings of Larihei. So she did; went to Haelun’or but was met with a view that broke her heart. Her home was destroyed, it was filled with something hard to describe, something poisonous. The once esteemed city of Silver was destroyed and her citizens were gone, placed all across Atlas. Once again, she was alone. All by herself. Years had passed, and this growing elf had given up on the idea of meeting her own. Of joining her one true home. Haelun’or. But the idea was always there, buried deep in her head. Like a constant voice whispering to her. Nuala decided to travel across the realms of Atlas, from Dominion of Malin, all the way to the outskirts of Fenn; begging for someone to help her. To help her find her kin. The elfess then heard that a sanctuary was built somewhere close to the old city of Okarn’thilln, Fi’Halen. Nuala went there in her best dress and a beautiful crown she made out of the most beautiful flowers. She was met with slander and insults. Her dress made a her a scarlet woman and her crown a druid. This broke her spirit. But just like Larihei, she did not give up. She was destined to join her own. And so she did. Nuala Dorberos suffered, but she was not the one to give up. The more Nuala was integrated into the high elven society; she learned that he was not mean but kind. The Maheral saw a child who was lost, a daughter of silver who was abandoned. He took it upon himself to guide her back to the right path. Maybe, just maybe did this esteemed Maheral catch feelings towards this little elf with no history. When the storm made its way to Atlas, and it was time to flee. Nuala and Dimaethor got closer and closer. Even “adopted” a child, two actually. Elrion Visaj and Celia Fiym’khel. Those two will stay within the mind of Nuala forever and she shall carry their memory as their mother. Unfortunately, whatever was between Nuala and Dimaethor was lost and they decided to end it on the day of the wedding. The young Dorberos was devastated, for the emotional kind she was. [A dozen ripped pages here] These ripped pages are just like her. One day the elfess woke up in the sanctuary where the monks reside, confused and once again lost. She had lost everything she for so long built. Her memory was gone. The only thing she knew was that she had to go to Haelun’or. Something was calling her, a female voice guided her through the dangerous roads of Arcas back home. The road to recovering her memory was long and at one point she even decided to start her life again as a new member of the society. She tried to get to know her friends once again; some she was close with were offended by the fact that she didn’t remember them. It appears Nuala and the Okarir’maehr back then, Rinaedith Seregon were friends before the Dorberos disappeared for decades. She was close friends with the esteemed Uppori Visaj. None of this she remembered. Then it was the time to meet the Sohaer, former Maheral, Malaurir Dimaethor Elervathar who was now in courtship with Maheral Iaria Elervathar. It seems even this cold-hearted Mali’thill was sad to see his ex-wife-to-be, his friend, like this. She never told anyone, but she was broken inside. She saw her old friends hurt, but could not do anything. But the one thing she was most afraid of was having children. This puritan could not fathom the possibility that she had left children all by themselves. Without a mother. Her memory was recovered. Did she tell anyone? No. She already started life as a new person and did not want to stress her friends anymore. But all those emotions she once had were now gone. Life went on and slowly people began to realize she had recovered her memory but it wasn’t a big deal anymore. Years passed and time continued its never ending jorney towards. Nuala Dorberos is no longer Dorberos. She was not abandoned but stolen. She was taken, or by other means lost from her parents, Gwynaeth and Moederai Uradir. This elf who always thought to be nothing but a servant was actually a Mali’thill, an Uradir by blood. Nuala Uradir then married and got children with the esteemed Delos Telperion. Delos, whom this elfess loves from the bottom of her heart. For decades these two loved each-other. Got many children, children they will always love. No one knows what happened to the esteemed Uradir. They are gone missing, perhaps dead. Perhaps elsewhere. But who knows. One day, the butterfly shall emerge from its cocoon. [!] Once the Uradir family heard the news of the missing Nuala, who was assumed dead – They went to check her room, her belongings in the Uradir manor. They found a book, signed by no one, filled with pages and envelopes. Each envelope would be sealed with wax, the Uradir emblem decorating it.
  6. ”You ne need to ask me twice whom I shall vote” Nuala Uradir proudly stated as she heard the news “I am and will forever support my Lari’onn and let me ensure there is no Mali’thill more competent than her” Said the missive that was sent to the Uradir manor “Ay’Uradir”
  7. “If my words show any value within the once esteemed Silver Bastion, the place I could call home. I Nuala Uradir, the former Okarir’mali will be giving my vote to the esteemed Laurir Dele Seregon. Her tireless personality and the never ending working that she showed as my Medi’ir will be something I greatly miss. She is is a dear friend who has saved my life more than once with her skills as a physician. Mali’thill, she ne cares for power but your wellbeing. She is the last light that shines within elcihi. Let her save it. When any votes occur, please use this missive as my official vote.” Said the missives that were sent to the Silver City by the means of paper butterflies. Each of the parchements would be decorated by the Uradir talonnii emblem, a silver butterfly and in the end of each missive would be a signature “Nuala Uradir”
  8. “Was it not Elheial’maheralan that came to this conclusion? Foolish, I say. All of you are foolish. Denouncing the word of the most Blessed and his predecessors. You spread slander and disobey the words of your Okarir? I speak of unity and you give me this.” Said a certain Okarir after taking a long, long sip of wine “Dear me, you Mali will be the destruction of our Blessed Bastion” She added with a loud sigh, returning to whatever she was doing prior.
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