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  1. I think it's time we colonise the Brits and ban them forever. Long Live the Queen!
  2. “I asked for a park, and they named a city after me” Usamea An’asul would nod in approval “Certainly the labours of my talonnii have not gone unnoticed. Maehr’sae Hiylun’ehya” The Laurir concluded
  3. Why have I been summoned? I live in Ireland however! But let me know if I can help!!
  4. I’m so absolutely disappointed in the people. I don’t know you but I highly doubt you deserved anything bad that came your way. Stay safe out there, never return to this for forsaken place.
  5. The new war rules were such a good idea— nothing but toxicity emerging from them. 

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    2. argonian


      no one's at constant war. oren wasn't at war for several months til recently.


      and no one was doxxed in all the other wars either.

    3. Gemini


      There has been constant wars ever since the rules came out— I could be wrong so please correct me if I am! 

    4. argonian


      pretty much, but the elven war had no impact on me and mine has no impact on them


      so why would anyone care


      ree'ing that war is happening between nations you aren't involved w is just concern trolling. like i can safely say the entire malinor-orc war was so irrelevant to me that i forgot it even happened until lion bought haelun'or


      not to mention that most groups haven't been at war at all and most wars have only lasted ~1 month; the only exception being the last world war which was dragged out by ridiculous cooldowns


      edit: wait just saw the "i don't even play anymore". yeah, literally just concern trolling lol

  6. I don’t know who is Rilath but I’m sure they’ll get sucked into drama like every other mod admin and end up resigning after getting burnt out. try to survive tho, ok? or how was it, cope & seethe?

  7. thank you all war mangers to finally allow me to return to my edgy magic rp and enjoy tea in different nations! 


    Until the next war! 

  8. These people are the ones in power, in every community these people are protected, their horrendous words are ignored and we are just told to deal with it. LotC does not truly care for inclusion and diversity, representation or even the well being of their players. The admins only get involved the moment something is caught by the public. This includes groomers, racists, pedophiles, bigots and what not. The admins are unpaid, and all of them have their hands full— why would they bother with actually protecting the players. There once was something called the safety team, which is a great idea however the execution of it was absolutely terrible. LotC ignores players who leave because the staff team is allowed to throw around slurs against players, it is a one big circle jerk. I myself am trans as well, Haelun’or community which is fully aware of this however even there, one of the most open minded communities has someone who is protected. I, and many others have been telling the admins to do something about this, yet everything is ignored. Whether the idea is something of an HR/PR admin or actual ideas on how to ensure the safety of all players, we are ignored. It’s always the intent that they want to ensure player safety, however it’s all words until someone leaks it to the public. Sad, but that’s how the admin team works. My advise to anyone who is part of a minority, I know in year 2022 you shouldn’t have to be afraid to be yourself but If you can’t or If you don’t want to handle the bigotry, just don’t tell everyone who you are or surround yourself with people that will have your back. as for minors, be loud and report everyone who is being a creep. You are not alone and there are many in many communities who will do everything in their power to make sure you are safe. anyway, that was my ted talk. My PM’s are always open if someone wishes to discuss more.
  9. “A self appointed title” One Laurir would raise a brow at the end “I do am an advocate for democracy.” Usamea would snap her fingers “A good idea— yet to be polished to perfection” The whatever-th copy of this document that found itself in the hands of this high elf would catch a spark, swiftly getting incinerated out of this realm.
  10. Not some of y’all getting viruses because y’all wanna get pixel pvp advantage 💀

    1. Salvo


      fr fr no cap y'all

  11. If AH is not removed I will marry Tythus and fire all the admins and become lotc overlordess and remove Ah forever and then admins can personally auction themselves to Timbuktu.

    1. Xarkly


      get in line

    2. Luvvy


      yeah, fr! 🤬 i’ve been trying to work out some sort arranged marriage with @Tythussince like 2015-2016, and i’ll be damned 👏 if all this progress is gonna end with me fruitless 👏 

  12. I seek audience from the Admin team, can you lock all topics that have comments comparing twi getting banned to the holocaust? Thank you a lot 🙏 

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