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  1. I swear to god if I see one more open letter…. 

    1. Valannor


      Too late, heretic.

  2. “Dear me, their obsession with us is beginning to look rather— concerning. Well, let the children play no matter how hard they try they are well aware that they will never conquer our walls.” The Silver Councillor chuckled, yet another piece of failed propaganda burnt into crisp “I suppose I gotta applaud them, keeping us the hottest topic of Almaris, tourism is but blooming”
  3. “It’s Haelunorian. At least learn proper grammar” Usamea snapped her fingers, the piece of paper catching flames and turning into ash
  4. I’ll give 50 minas to the person who guesses to whom the next open letter is written to 

    1. Luciloo


      To whom* :^)

    2. Gemini


      @LucilooIm just  European okay 😭😭😭

    3. Nooblius


      i'm guessing clan ireheart

  5. Dear nominee, Thank your for your nomination, I am pleased to have the opportunity to invite you to an interview for the position of tilruir’norsae. This will be a group interview with another nominee. Maehr’sae Hiylun’ehya! - Usamea An’asul
  6. “Well, I suppose transcribing can be a hard job, to correctly transcribe that is, when the herd of lambs are yelling next to one’s ear” Usamea would sigh as the report was delivered to her
  7. Dear Ms Irelia Ni’leya, I am pleased to inform you that your nomination for the position of tilruir’valmir has been accepted. I will contact your at the soonest opportunity so we can go over together whatever plans you may have for the artisans of Haelun’or. Maehr’sae Hiylun’ehya! - Okarir’akaln Usamea An’asul Dear mal’onn Leithedir An’asul I am pleased to inform you that your nomination for the position of tilruir’ferbilokn has been accepted. I will contact you at the soonest opportunity so we can go over together whatever plans you may have for the labourers of Haelun’or. Maehr’sae Hiylun’ehya! - Okarir’akaln Usamea An’asul
  8. “Finally, we have the Sohaer that I have been waiting for.” Usamea would smile upon seeing the missive “The Eldari conclave as someone who dearly supports the idea of the Mali kind uniting, was something I eagerly looked forward to. For far too long the elves have lived separated from one another, constantly bickering over such illogical matters that have no true concern to any of us. I truly hoped perhaps this attempt to unify the elves would prove fruitful, however I must say this is nothing but yet another attempt of the ‘Elven Union’, a union between elven states but the most powerful of Mali states has been excluded. I wonder how it went, Irrinor is no longer, Vira’ker is no longer and the herd of maliata’fenn, that for some miracle has prevented extinction, is but an irrelevant stain upon these realms.” The elfess would pause for a while, trying to remember how many elven nations were alive and well from the Elven Union, oh well, none that is “How did it go? The only sovereign state of the Elven Union - Oh wait, Haelun’or was not involved - Yet we, are the only ones blooming with life. This Conclave, All elves equal. All elves, Malin. Is by definition excluding the Children of Larihei. We are not children of the false father, distant relatives at most. Malin is but the very definition of the elven betrayal us Mali’aheral have to suffer. You also call all elves equal, yet you are actively including the very one that wishes to remove us from the world of the living and make us go extinct. The last time the elves were indeed united was under the rule of the Silver State. Mere attempts have been maid, they all coming to but failure. If the Mali states on the continent of Almaris will keep supporting the pretender, true unity will not happen.” Said the Silver Councillor of Haelun’or, her words heard by many within the inn of the state. Conversations were filled with topics regarding many others, only those politically inclined were humouring the idea of this conclave “And Minuvas, do never threaten me with words such as ‘Please recognize that I remain the only Elven Prince to not recotgnize Ivarielles claims - for we have yet to ascertain Malin's will in this matter.’ In short, this conclave is bound to fail— sooner or later. Haelun’or shall once again tell the world ‘We told you so’ and when we do, it might be too late for you apologise.”
  9. I hope you’re having a good day <3

  10. Y’all are surely creating problems out of thin air at this time :D A) we all have different schedules meaning we don’t have time to constantly sit in the gate room tracking what items belong to who B) It requires a lot of work to be able to track what belongs to who and I don’t think anyone really likes that, which would just defeat the purpose of LotC C) Would you seriously prefer to give your 40 Marts, a dog and a Ferrari to the guards then keep them to yourself? D) If you give the items IRP, you can’t use them anymore, not IRP and not OOC(aka pvp). It just offers a more flavourful outcome to all parties involved when we allow to store items just IRP
  11. An open letter to Princess Ivarielle the First from the common folk of Haelun'or To Princess Ivarielle I, You were invited to Haelun’or to debate for the position of Sohaer, to debate as is tradition in our culture. The Government heard your call and offered you the chance to win over the council of Malauriran. While I understand you were not eager to debate in a position where your chances were slim, you still stood before the very citizens that you wish to rule. Thousands of Mali’aheral had gathered within the Silver Citadel, happy to hear you debate and to finally have an idea of what you wish to do with Haelun’or. We patiently awaited you, excited to see whether you indeed would be what Haelun’or is in a dire need of. However, it seems to us, the common folk, that we waited for nothing. You did not greet us, even look at us for that matter. You showed how little you truly care for us, the very Mali you claim to be the leader of. You had the chance to finally show the Haelunorians what you truly are, to make us decide on our own whether to support you or not. The government is small, we citizens are large in quantity. What you needed was our support, not the government’s— and you failed. You showed the common folk of Haelun’or that you only wish to conquer. You showed us that we have no room under your care if you were to take over, you showed us that you do not care for our lives. You showed us that you only care for power and that you are willing to spill our blood for it. If you have even the slightest of care for us, leave us alone. We do not support you, we do not want to live under your rule. Take your people, settle elsewhere and leave us be. You lost Haelun’or the moment you fled, after asking the Sohaer whether he will surrender or not. We are not cattle, we are Mali. To the foreign nations, I hope you hear our call, Haelun’or will never fall and we shall not bend the knee to a pretender that cares for us not. We are proud to be Haelunorian, living peaceful lives, dedicating our lives to progress and health. I urge the foreign nations to pull their support for the false princess that is a threat to our lives. I urge you to listen to the very people of Haelun’or, she is not our ruler. She does not wish to see the Mali united but her walls painted with the blood of Larihei’s flock. Ivarielle, I wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors and I hope one day you’d see through all that lust for blood— however, the Haelunorian Mali wants nothing to do with you now or ever. Leave us alone to live another day, to carry children, and lead the people that follow you or die trying to take over Haelun’or. I assure you, we will not lose. Signed, The Common folk of Haelun'or
  12. Remember to join the most active elf nation in Lotc! <3 We're called Haelun'or 

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      that was lag tbf

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      i am a pro haelunor rper now


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      @ErikAzogWonderful to hear <3 Welcome 

  13. “As I have stated prior, the pretender does not search for resolution but conflict. They are not here to graciously lead our people into prosperity but to mislead us into ruination. Princess Ivarielle the First was given the keys to the Kingdom, which she declined.” Usamea An’asul commented
  14. “A cool breeze rolls through Haelun’or” The An’asul remarked, her face fixated upon the pretender that fleed the city
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