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  1. Only in lotc you need a rule that a dead corpse and tinker bell can't erp :DDDDDDD lmfao
  2. As Usamea roamed through the realms, her gaze fell upon the descendants, each caught up in their own affairs. Among the notices adorning the board, one proclamation seized her attention. "I bear witness to the sight of the undead form of Yera Silveira, her unholy connection with Lanree Cerusil beyond doubt, a product of the nefarious influence of Iblees." She noted In reply, Usamea pinned her response "Exterminate her and her abominable sanctuary."
  3. Day 94297 of asking someone to play my atronach im desperate pls

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  4. The elfess, ever curious about the realms beyond her own, possessed the power to peek into these distant worlds. However, the idea of venturing into them seemed daunting, for they held powers beyond comprehension. Guiding her through this mysterious journey was Willy, her teacher, who continuously tested her to determine her readiness for a power she didn't even know existed. Finally, he deemed her ready. One tranquil evening in the frozen expanse of the north, where even the witches had retreated for the night after feasting on the essence of northern men, the duo convened to discuss recent events. Usamea, recounting her encounter with an entity in the House of Life, revealed "The Secret of the Necromancers lay deep within the cursed forest." Despite her reluctance to delve into the realm of necromancy, aware that toying too closely with death could lead to entrapment, she recognized the gravity of the situation. The Uruk would extend his hand to Usamea, offering a connection that surpassed mortal comprehension, transcending even the bonds of lovers. For Usamea, the endlessly lonely elfess, the friendship with Willy provided solace—a refuge devoid of judgment and betrayal. So she proceeded, the two hands tied together. With grains of sand trickling down his mask, Willy initiated the connection with Usamea. Initially seamless, the connection took an unexpected turn. Within the recesses of her mind lurked a being unlike any encountered before. Its incomprehensible speech—a cacophony of slurs, shrieks, and otherworldly sounds—assaulted his senses, causing him physical anguish. Overwhelmed by the abyssal depths of the elfess's mind, the orc recoiled, unable to endure the torment Still seated upon a barren expanse of icy tundra, the duo, Usamea and her venerable teacher, prepared for the impending journey that would take her beyond the familiar lands of Aevos. Despite the passing years, the old elf's thirst for knowledge remained unquenchable, a testament to the pursuit of wisdom that knows no bounds. Grateful for the sage guidance of her mentor, she readied herself for the adventures that awaited. As they sat in quiet contemplation, a strange phenomenon unfolded before their eyes. The falling snowflakes, suspended in mid-air, seemed to defy gravity, frozen in time before reversing their descent and shooting skyward, as if propelled by an unseen force. In an instant, the duo vanished from the tundra, transported to parts unknown. When Usamea gradually blinked her eyes open, she was met with a startling warmth, an intensity that bordered on infernal amidst the chilling cold she had left behind. With a reassuring presence beside her, she took a moment to adjust, cautiously surveying her unfamiliar surroundings. To her astonishment and trepidation, they found themselves amidst a realm besieged by chaos and darkness, a plane overrun by the relentless expansion of Iblees and his infernal legions. Demons, devils, and other twisted creatures roamed freely, subjecting mortal souls to unimaginable torments, their agonized cries echoing through the accursed landscape. Rivers of lava flowed unchecked, and flames danced amidst the desolation, casting eerie shadows upon the scorched earth. It was a scene unlike any she had ever witnessed, a nightmarish tableau that defied comprehension. After a week of relentless pursuit through the menacing realm, the two travelers found themselves weary and beset by the encroaching horde of monsters. Several skirmishes had left them with burns and slashes, a testament to their struggles against the infernal beings. As fatigue set in and the perpetual twilight of the realm persisted, Usamea decided it was time to rest. She asked Willy to set up camp, utilizing the convenient proximity to a fire source within this infernal plane. He constructed a shelter, a fire, and laid down protective wards to ward off any potential ambushes while they slept. Despite the dire circumstances, Usamea's skills as a chef shone through. Drawing on the culinary lessons imparted by her father, she prepared a hearty noodle soup reminiscent of her time in Almaris. The broth, infused with pork and miso, mingled with mushrooms, noodles, seaweed, and corn, creating a tantalizing aroma. With the meal ready, Usamea offered a set of chopsticks to Willy, uncertain if he could use them. They ate in silence, savoring the flavors amidst the distant echoes of tormented souls. As night fell, they exchanged a few quiet words before Usamea drifted off to sleep, leaving Willy to stand guard. She had brewed coffee to keep him alert during his watch, a small gesture of comfort amidst the perilous landscape. "Ever wonder why we're here, Willy?" Usamea's voice broke through, shedding layers of guardedness as if for the first time she truly revealed herself "When I was young, yes. But in my old age I have determined my fate." Willy spoke as he stared into nothingness. "I mean, what's our real purpose? We fight, we lose, we die, we cry. I can't recall the last time I felt genuinely happy." Usamea mused aloud, nibbling on a seaweed snack she had brought along. "The world will know no happiness until evil has been defeated. We will continue to fight, lose, and die. Some may cry... But to show weakness in times of great strife is not an option. We must remain stalwart." Said Willy. "We live within confines, why can't we break free to become whatever we wish? Why do I keep losing everything I hold dear while I exhaust myself trying to protect it? Haelun'or continues to push me away, persecuting me, despite my efforts to safeguard them from the shadows. I've lost my husband, my children are gone, and even my friends are either dead or vanished" Usamea lamented, gazing toward the gray sky “Though now? In this moment? I'm happy. I'm happy to have you as a friend, though I know it's fleeting, another loss waiting to happen." "It is our destiny. Predetermined by a being of higher power before we are presented to the mortal planes. Our souls are crafted meticulously for specific purposes... With greatness comes hardship and the path travelled to get to greatness is some of the most difficult that we must endure." Said Willy. He continued his stare into nothingness. He would stand up after a momentary pause and walk to the edge of the camp. "I don't know, perhaps? Sometimes I dream of a verdant land where my children play freely, my husband and I watch them from afar, the birds are singing and the wars are over. But then I wake up, reality hits me like a slap in the face, and I'm reminded that only a desolate void awaits me. Sometimes, I just long for the mundane" Usamea concluded, turning away to sleep "Good night, wake me when it's my turn to be awake." Willy remained standing at the edge of the camp. His head shifting every so often to survey his surroundings as the night grew long. He would not go to sleep that night and opted to stand guard for the entirety of the night. They watched from the shadows as the rulers, the potentates of the plane, convened, their minds abuzz with schemes and machinations. Their objective? To unleash Iblees’ chaos upon the last bastion held by mortals. For Usamea, the ever vigilant elfess, this venture represented not an adventure, but a profound test of her own abilities. Questions swirled in her mind: Was she truly meant to be here? Had she been released from her mortal obligations only to be ensnared in a web of punishment for her sins? Though acutely aware of her imperfections, the thought of an eternity surrounded by anguished loved ones haunted her every step. The inhabitants of the realm sensed intruders among them; daemons dispatched imps, bats, and other sinister entities to scour the land in search of the two outsiders. Despite their efforts to remain hidden, their presence resonated unmistakably. With each passing moment, the threads of fate drew tighter, bringing them closer to discovery. "I have gleaned all that I need from this realm. Let us return home for now" Usamea declared, her voice tinged with a mixture of resignation and determination. This journey had not been a deliberate pursuit of adventure, but rather an unexpected lesson – her maiden voyage into the realm of traversing dimensions. With nothing more to gain, there was no reason to prolong their stay amidst the shadows and whispers of malevolent intent. Just before departure, Usamea paused, casting a thoughtful gaze over the landscape. She then knelt, her fingers trailing over the ground until they found a patch of warm sand. With careful precision, she scooped it into a small jar, sealing it tightly. It was a token, a memento of their time in this perilous realm, a reminder of the challenges they faced and the lessons learned. With the jar clasped firmly in hand, Usamea nodded, ready to depart from the realm, yet carrying with her a piece of its essence. OOC NOTE This is a little post/report regarding mine and @Cloakedsphere's journey to Draudreich with 'Arcane Displacement'. Nothing that happened in this post is public knowledge so any referring IRP to this post is considered meta-gaming. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed reading the post and give it a green arrow that is pointing towards the sky! The sand collected will be an IRP item brought to Aevos, however as per arcane displacement lore, it will not have any non-mundane use as that would require MArt. And before anyones comes at me, they did not visit Moz Strimoza, I just used it as a clickbait c:
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  7. Whoever becomes the new mod admin can y’all please choose a GMT admin

  8. someone write bird people lore so I can rp Bird Person

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      LOL, there used to be playable harpies, i have no idea if its still lore tho

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  9. Byyeee!!!! All the best c:
  10. Issued as of 6th of Sun's Smile Year 171 of the Second Age Dear Brothers and Sisters, Throughout the ages and across generations, us Mali have founded ourselves entangled in conflicts over political matters, beliefs, religions, and diverse ideals. While attempts at elven unity have been made, a singular success was achieved under the brutal rule of Kalenz Uradir. However, subsequent efforts beyond this brief unity have mostly ended in failure. Allow me to be succinct, as I am a mere civilian without influence in governmental or diplomatic affairs. My lengthy existence has exposed me to witness the irreparable damage caused by the unity of the human race. Mali ears carried as trophies around one's neck, the beheading of our Oem'iian left as grim decorations in the lands of Brother Horen—these are all stark manifestations of the brutal consequences of their accord. This is not an accusation against the Valah; rather, it acknowledges their limited understanding due to their short lifespan, often leading them to eradicate what they cannot control, or comprehend. Therefore, I implore the decision makers of those of Brother Malin to set aside ancient rivalries and collaborate. Put aside disputes over superiority and, most importantly, relinquish arrogance. The inevitable rise of the Holy Orenian Empire looms on the horizon, with the human race growing stronger by the day. Thus, my simple recommendation is for elves to unite, do not let childish bickerings be the cause for our extinction. I trust in the wisdom of your respective governments to explore the details, whether it involves creating an entity akin to the Elven Union (EU) or forming a more cohesive front, reminiscent of the unity achieved under Kalenz Uradir. Signed, Usamea An'asul MAEHR'SAE HIYLUN'EHYA AME NAE EVAREH VELULAEI Y NAE ILUMEH
  11. What number Oren is this gonna be? 8.0 or 9.0? 

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      9.0! It would be the Ninth Empire!

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