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  1. Your full name: Louis LeMon Your age: 30 Place of Address: Marshall Lane 4 ((Discord username and ID, Tidgemo#6698 )) ((Your MC Username: Tidgemo ))
  2. "2 fish are sittin in a tank and one turns to the other and says "here, I've no idea how to drive this thing."
    ............ ... . ..
    ... . . . . ..





    1. Hook


      that's good tidge

  3. An Unknown Adrian Peasant sleeps quietly against a tree in the mid day sun.
  4. An unknown Adrian peasant shakes his head at his blighted potato fields.
  5. The boots have taken flight.


    R I P



  6. Jaspar plucked only the finest crystals of pure quarts from his supplies and set the hefty pile aside to enjoy at the event before setting out for the capital to find a laundrette.
  7. An ale stained menu from the local First Light Tavern is squished under the front door of the keep. On the back is Crann’s application. Name: Crann Saili Race: Adunian Age: 40-50 Discord#: tidgemo#6698
  8. Crann leaves the pissing rain and enters the Old Oaks Tavern in Belvitz, soaked to the bone, and makes his way to the stool beside Maze, where a cooked fish is waiting for him. “Good timing with the fish mate, how’d you know I’d arrive so soon?” Remarks Crann as he starts munching on the fish. Maze goes to correct him but it’s too late and the fish is already half eaten. He slides a sheet of paper over and Crann; “I’ve found some work for us.”, and after reading, Crann cracks a giddy grin across his face and goes to give Maze a pat on the back, and a remark of approva
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