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  1. Chubb covered his face with his hat as he lay under a tree for a snooze. He dreamt of spuds and @Hook x

  2. RP Name: Louis LeMonMC Name: TidgemoVoted: Yes
  3. A long dead Adrian peasant wept.
  4. Chubb spat into his palms and rubbed his caloused hands together as he preparred to launch out the ol' beauty he called.. 'Beauty', into the River Reden in preparation for the race. He jumped into the tattered canvas and tar skinned boat and then, while whistling an old tune, rowed away into the blanket of morning fog.
  5. Upon hearing the word crusade and without looking further into the matter, Flann would don his favorite hood.
  6. A rhyme of reactons: Flann leapt. Chubb slept. Louis wept. Tid x
  7. Tidwald Butterboots, the one man capable of ending Ripplewicks loss streak, would still be laying in his grave 100 years since his death.
  8. "Ah deadly, what was this issues question?" He asked @Hook before looking to read the paper only to see his favorite section glazed with spilled jam from Ripplewicks morning poptart. He folded the sheet and threw it back on Ripples lap.
  9. Louis LeMon , nursing a hangover with the usual bloody mary with an extra pickle, signs the petition as it's passed around.
  10. Name: Flann Saili Age: 30 Race: Adunian Prior Relevant Experience: Combat and ranging experience as merc and vagabond. Also a dab hand at farming and all related acivities.
  11. Your full name: Louis LeMon Your age: 30 Place of Address: Marshall Lane 4 ((Discord username and ID, Tidgemo#6698 )) ((Your MC Username: Tidgemo ))
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