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  1. Tidgemo

    The Adrian Guard

    A printed post card, the same as the rest, is delivered to Augustin Dufuor as he loiters around Belvitz. -------------- To whom it may concern, @Nero_Roman Congratulations, your applications for enlistment in the Adrian Guard has been successful! Please report to the ADR building at 3 Beesbury Byway, Belvitz, for initiation. Signed,
  2. Tidgemo

    The Adrian Guard

    A printed post card is delivered to each of the applicants, all reading the same message. -------------- To whom it may concern, @The Redneck @AGiantPie @Aetosion Congratulations, your applications for enlistment in the Adrian Guard has been successful! Please report to the ADR building at 3 Beesbury Byway, Belvitz, for initiation. Signed, A hastily scrawled signiture marks the bottom of the printed card.
  3. Tidgemo

    The Adrian Guard

    The Adrian Guard We come as crows. Origins The guardforce of the Duke of Adria has had many daring commanders at its helm, and many stout and brave soldiers in its ranks. First founded in the early 1400s by the Houses Sarkozic de Montfort and Vladovic, the Duchy of Adria and its military have acted as the core of the Karovic dynasty’s foothold in the realm of man for centuries. With origins in the Karovic streltsy of the First Empire in the 1200s and 1300s, the forerunner of the Adrian Guard was responsible for installing a Karovic emperor for the first time in the history of Oren, and then for making that dynasty one of history’s most successful and militant. The years that have past have only seen the men of Ruska, who later coalesced in the first Duchy of Adria on the continent of Athera, grow in honor, learning, and bravery. The Duchy of Adria is now the cultural and historical heartland of the Ruskan peoples and the Empire that they uphold. Where her bravest and strongest men gather under His Grace’s Commandant, this is The Adrian Guard. ‘The Charge of the Carovic streltsy’, The Siege of the Dreadfort, Cirta. 1399 Rank Structure “GOD bless the poor ******* Infantry.” - Jon Renalt de Savoie, Circa. 1542 High Command: Commander-in-Chief: The Duke of Adria is the traditional “Commander-in-Chief of the Adrian Guard. His Grace is afforded the full respect and loyalty of the Adrian Guard, and has the right to lead his forces in parade or battle. Lord Commandant: The Lord Commandant of the Adrian Guard, tasked with the maintenance of a well-regulated and well-trained guardforce for the defense of the Duchy of Adria, her Lord, and her interests. Appointed directly by His Grace, the Duke of Adria. Lieutenant Commandant: The Liuetenant Commandant of the Adrian Guard is tasked with assisting the Lord Commandant in all military and civil operations of the guardforce. He is his second in command with broad-reaching responsibilities. Grand Knight: The Grand Knight of the Adrian Guard is responsible for maintaining and training the Vanguard of Adria, which rides outfront of the rest of the guard as shock troops, astride warhorses and bedecked in the Hussar-finery of Adria’s knightly tradition. The Grand Knight reports only to the Lord Commandant and his Lieutenant Commandant. Major: The Lieutenant Major’s of Adria are responsible for advising the Lord Commandant and his Lieutenant Commandant, and for carrying out the orders of High Command. Specifically, Majors are expected to plan and execute a regular training and patrol schedule. Field Officers: Captain: The Captains of Adria’s Guard are the highest ranking officers outside of high command. The most experienced soldiers and leaders, Captains lead battalions into the fray and are responsible for leading training exercises and patrol and defense missions. Knight Lieutenant: Of equivalent rank to an ignoble Lieutenant but of greater prestige, the Knight Lieutenants are warriors given special honor by His Imperial Majesty. Thus, they are set apart in their own battalion, the Hussar Vanguard, and report directly to the Grand Knight of Adria. Lieutenant: The first commissioned officer position, which reflects the soldier’s entrance into Command. Entitled to participation in officer meetings, the wearing of the officer’s uniform, and tasked with the execution of priority tasks for the guardforce and the leadership of missions. Knight: All knights of His Imperial Majesty who seek to join the Adrian Guard will be conferred this rank and will be considered a junior officer on account of his prior service to the realm. Knights report directly to Knight Lieutenants and the Grand Knight, and form Adria’s historic and fearsome Hussar Vanguard. Enlisted Men: Serjeant: The rank of Serjeant is awarded to those men-at-arms who have proven their mettle in battle as leaders of the guard. Serjeants are expected to run drills and lead recruitment drives for new soldiers. Man-At-Arms: Footmen are promoted to Men-at-Arms once they have been blooded by slaying an enemy in battle, or after a Saint’s month of service. Footman: Conscripts are promoted to footmen and allowed to take the Ducal oath after two Saint’s weeks of loyal service to the realm. Conscript: Conscripts are fresh recruits, ready to make a name for themselves in defense of the duchy and her interests. Specialist Ranks: Standard-Bearer: The standard-bearer is an accomplished enlisted soldier entrusted with carrying the Adrian standard into battle. This is not just an honorary rank, as the guard places great importance in the protection of their banner in battle. The standard-bearer is considered a Serjeant by rank. Chaplain: The chaplain is a clergyman of the True Faith, who bolsters the spirits of the guard by blessing the guard before battle, leading the guard in paeans to the Creator, and growing the faith of the Duke’s men. Physician: The physicians of the Adrian Guard are responsible for the well being of the soldiery. After battle, physicians collect the wounded and treat to their illnesses, and manage a medical tent behind friendly lines in times of war. Quartermaster: The quartermaster of the Adrian Guard is tasked with the collection and distribution of funds- for wages and the purchase of supplies and arms- as well as weapons, armor, and managing the barracks. Honors & Awards: “I’m an eggshell, protecting the yolk of Felsen.”- Halberdier Nathan Hawthorne, circa 1544, upon joining the Citizen’s Militia. The Grand Crow of Sigmund- The highest honour available to members of His Grace’s Adrian Guard. Only officers are eligible to receive it. The Grand Crow is a golden medallion, affixed to the uniform of the honored man by the Duke himself. If not already a Knight, the reception of the Grand Crow will coincide with a recommendation to the Emperor of knighthood. The Gold Cross of St. Emma- The highest honour available to enlisted-men of His Grace’s Adrian Guard. Affixed to the uniform of the honored man by the Duke himself, and each awarded cross contains a minor relic cast into the gold. If not already a Knight, the reception of the Grand Crow will coincide with a recommendation to the Emperor of knighthood. The Silver Cross of Adria- The Silver Cross of Adria is awarded to members of the guard responsible for saving the life of a member of the ducal family, a noble vassal family, or one of his duke’s councilors. The Silver Cross is blessed by the Pontiff, and affixed to the uniform of the honored man by His Grace the Duke himself. The Bronze Cross of Adria- Given for valorous service in battle, the Bronze Cross is blessed by the Pontiff, and affixed to the uniform of the honored man by His Grace the Duke himself. The Crow’s Shield- Given for saving the life of a citizen of Adria from threats at home or abroad. In the form of a bronze shield embossed with the arms of the Ducal family, given to the honored man by the Duke himself. Wages: “If only…. I’d paid them more…” - Vibius de Sola whilst being stabbed to death by his own men, circa 1469 Wages are paid weekly by the quartermaster. The starting salary for Conscripts is 300, and increases by an interval of 50 minas for each rank promotion (Conscript 300, Footman 350, Man-At-Arms 400, Serjeant/Knight 450, Lieutenant 500, Captain 550). High Command is not salaried. Soldiers are also eligible for bonuses for participating in missions. Soldiers are eligible for a 150 minas bonus for an offensive or defensive mission, 500 minas after a Saint’s month of service, 200 minas for the apprehension dead or alive of a fugitive of Ducal law, and 200 minas for the recruitment of new soldiers to the guard. Customs & Regulations: “Sometimes when I close my eyes I can not see.”- Recruit Asgoslav of Felsen, circa 1523, after being struck in the head by an orc. Adrian Salute- The right fist clasped, placed over heart, and held there until the salute is returned. Church- The guard’s uniform should always be worn, clean and pressed, to service. No sins against the Creator are to be permitted in the House of God, under threat of corporal punishment. Nobles- Nobles of the realm should be addressed politely according to their rank and station. If you are not sure how to address a noble, at least use the courtesy address of “Sir” or “Ma’am”. Superiors- Any soldier or officer of higher rank than oneself should be addressed as “Sir”. Uniform regulations- The regulation helm is optional, but otherwise the regulation Adrian Guard uniform is required to be worn at all times in public spaces in the Empire unless instructed otherwise. Criminal activity is of course prohibited for members of the Guard, but guardsmen caught committing crimes against the duchy or empire in their uniform will, at least, lose a hand and be expelled from the guard. [[OOC]] Enlistment: Minecraft Name: Roleplaying Name: Discord: Character Age: Character Race: IRP/PVP Combat Experience:
  4. Tidgemo

    Belvitz Maer Elections, 1694

    Voter: Name: Crann Saili Age: 53 Address: 12 Wheezer Way
  5. Tidgemo

    Varendoz Adventurer's Guild [Enroll Now]

    An ale stained menu from the local First Light Tavern is squished under the front door of the keep. On the back is Crann’s application. Name: Crann Saili Race: Adunian Age: 40-50 Discord#: tidgemo#6698
  6. Tidgemo


    Name: Tidwald ‘Butterboots’ Year of Birth: Circa 1600, not sure. City of Primary Residency: Markev. ------------ Name: Crann Saili Year of Birth: 1638 City of Primary Residency: Belvitz
  7. Tidgemo

    The Southgarde

    Crann leaves the pissing rain and enters the Old Oaks Tavern in Belvitz, soaked to the bone, and makes his way to the stool beside Maze, where a cooked fish is waiting for him. “Good timing with the fish mate, how’d you know I’d arrive so soon?” Remarks Crann as he starts munching on the fish. Maze goes to correct him but it’s too late and the fish is already half eaten. He slides a sheet of paper over and Crann; “I’ve found some work for us.”, and after reading, Crann cracks a giddy grin across his face and goes to give Maze a pat on the back, and a remark of approval, but is interrupted by the open palm of the owner of the fish he just ate. IGN: Tidgemo Character Name: Crann Saili Race: Adunian Current Nation: Usually a vagabond but frequents a dry spot outside Markev, and the tavern in Belvitz. Personal Goals: Crann paved his way from a young age doing what he knew, which was fighting. He didn’t chose this path but he didn’t mind. He was good and in the right places, it paid well. After a mutiny and some unfortunate events with his old company, he took a break from work, but having recently meet with an old companion Maze Jarrow, he’s back looking for coin with some more savoury types than he’s dealt with in the past, and so he looks to Southgarde. Current Equipment: Crann wears a wool lined leather tunic with linen undershirt, hardened leather pauldrons with diagonal straps across his torso, with an assortment of pockets and pouches, canvas cotton breeches with some leather pads and a nice comfy pair of boots. On longer journeys, he’d bring a wool cloak. He carries several items common amongst Adunian travellers; A small fishing kit with twine and hooks. A traditional Adunian Bowie knife strapped on the back of his belt. Broadsword with a light basket hilt. Small leather strop & whetstone. Flint & steel. Usually some jerky lost somewhere amongst his many pockets.