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  1. Tidgemo


    Name: Tidwald ‘Butterboots’ Year of Birth: Circa 1600, not sure. City of Primary Residency: Markev. ------------ Name: Crann Saili Year of Birth: 1638 City of Primary Residency: Belvitz
  2. Tidgemo

    The Southgarde

    Crann leaves the pissing rain and enters the Old Oaks Tavern in Belvitz, soaked to the bone, and makes his way to the stool beside Maze, where a cooked fish is waiting for him. “Good timing with the fish mate, how’d you know I’d arrive so soon?” Remarks Crann as he starts munching on the fish. Maze goes to correct him but it’s too late and the fish is already half eaten. He slides a sheet of paper over and Crann; “I’ve found some work for us.”, and after reading, Crann cracks a giddy grin across his face and goes to give Maze a pat on the back, and a remark of approval, but is interrupted by the open palm of the owner of the fish he just ate. IGN: Tidgemo Character Name: Crann Saili Race: Adunian Current Nation: Usually a vagabond but frequents a dry spot outside Markev, and the tavern in Belvitz. Personal Goals: Crann paved his way from a young age doing what he knew, which was fighting. He didn’t chose this path but he didn’t mind. He was good and in the right places, it paid well. After a mutiny and some unfortunate events with his old company, he took a break from work, but having recently meet with an old companion Maze Jarrow, he’s back looking for coin with some more savoury types than he’s dealt with in the past, and so he looks to Southgarde. Current Equipment: Crann wears a wool lined leather tunic with linen undershirt, hardened leather pauldrons with diagonal straps across his torso, with an assortment of pockets and pouches, canvas cotton breeches with some leather pads and a nice comfy pair of boots. On longer journeys, he’d bring a wool cloak. He carries several items common amongst Adunian travellers; A small fishing kit with twine and hooks. A traditional Adunian Bowie knife strapped on the back of his belt. Broadsword with a light basket hilt. Small leather strop & whetstone. Flint & steel. Usually some jerky lost somewhere amongst his many pockets.