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  1. It’s been awhile, but looks like I’m being brought back to play for the first time since 2017.


    Hope the Dwarves are doing pretty good.


    1. Gemini


      Welcome back!

  2. I honestly really like this, especially a big fan of Shenjiao, it almost makes me want to play a Hou-Zi just to RP the religion.
  3. After speaking with the LT, I have made some rewriting. -Made it more clear that the Tenerabras and Goregoats are Manifestations of Vendicta instead of patrons. -Removed Vengeance, Physical Prowess, and Rage, and replaced with Conquest and Wrath. -Overlaps with existing deities are now removed. -Added in the Adjective for a Cultist/Follower of Argos
  4. I like having guns in my fantasy, the system looks pretty well balanced, and the idea of alchemy-focused instead of magic-focused firearms sound cool thematically. +1
  5. Not my type of Metal, but the Iron-Clad would be pleased with this.
  6. Looking good! I love the formatting of the changes
  7. This, also despite the misleading title of "Holy Orders," Only the Clerics are Religious. Ascended and Paladins are not required to worship their patron (my Ascended is a devout Canonist for an example.)
  8. THOROS, thank you sooo much!

  9. can u accept my application? Volutional told me to make some changes, which i did but he isnt doing anything.

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    2. spectreofthegun



      i just followed u! thanks for the help! I am so thankful!

      ill be off the forums for 1 hour. contact me afterwards via msg on forums

    3. spectreofthegun


      im back

      did volutional do anything about my application?

    4. spectreofthegun


      plz application... :D

  10. Reworks Completed: -Revamped Backstory after @Sporadic's Comments (Thank you @The Fire Mind for helping) -Alignment Changed from True Neutral to Lawful Evil -Titles Changed "The Eternal Soldier" to "The Forgotten General" -Portfolio changed "Strength" to "Physical Prowess." -Minor Changes to the Goregoat -Went through and tried to fix most of the grammer mistakes.
  11. Damn Straight, playing perfect characters is never fun, it's always great to have flaws and quirks to make them even more believable. For example, My Ascended has a fear of falling in love again and suffers from Depression, while my Warrior Priest suffers from PSTD and Alcoholism. From Good aligned characters to Evil, flaws make them all the more believable and more fun to play.
  12. Congratulations on getting LT again, and congrats on getting your Daemon lore approved, I am excited to see what comes from that. 

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    2. TaiwanNotChina


      G A R U M D I R F A T H E R O F M A C H I N E S

    3. LordCommander


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    4. TaiwanNotChina


      Thank you by and by!

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