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  1. The Ishikawa Shogunate I have a headache and will do more RP when we’re on the regular schedule. ----------- Actions: Having been forced back by several indecisive actions, the Ishikawa frigates now patrol the seas around the home islands, with slightly adjusted complements. Regrettably, the shogunate’s raids must cease for the time being. ----------- Expenditure: [2 Harbors with Mines; 30,000 Gold] - If this war is to go on much longer, the shogun will need to replace his losses. [1,500 Vet 1 Light Cavalry; 22,500 Gold] - In an effort to ensure the defense of the home islands, the shogun raises a large force of experienced horsemen. [Veteran 1; 2,000 Gold] - The last of the wokou are trained to veteran status. [38 Gold Saved]
  2. The Ishikawa Shogunate Rude cheesemen trespass, Their ships are both slow and weak. Ishikawa wins. ----------- Actions: Nothing I haven’t told you in discord. ----------- Expenditure: [Adept; 10,000 Gold] - Commander Onishi, of the frigate Sazanami, has fully passed the trials of the Seishima style of martial arts. He proudly rejoins the military to bring the shogun’s fury to foreign shores. [2 Harbors with Mines; 30,000 Gold] - If this war is to go on much longer, the shogun will need to replace his losses. [1,671 Gold Saved]
  3. The Ishikawa Shogunate “Tell me of the continent, Katsumi.” “What more do you wish to know, Lord?” The shogun was silent, his gaze fixed on the embers smoldering within the small shrine of his office. Already their light had died three times today. “Does our flag put them at ease, or do they still run from the coast when they see your ships?” Kais turned, smiling at his admiral. “Depends on the coast, Lord.” Katsumi spoke casually, but his back was ramrod straight, his clothes immaculate, and he never met the shogun’s eyes. “Mostly we’ve had no problems.” “So fickle.” The shogun let out a low chuckle. “One day we slaughter them like common bandits, and the next they welcome us into their homes as old friends. I am grateful. Our people would not be so forgiving.” If Katsumi had any opinions on that statement he kept them to himself, and Kais looked approvingly down on his servant. He would go far. Kais continued. “I ask, admiral, because we will have to walk a narrow path when we are at war, lest we find the world’s balance tipped against us. I will not have the degenerates interfere with the Eternal’s will.” He lifted a small brush from his ink and began methodically writing. “I am giving you new orders. Open them when you are out of port, and do not delay in their execution. We have already-” The shogun fell silent, glaring in annoyance at his shrine. Again, the embers were dark. For the fourth time that day, he placed the brush back in its pot, shut his eyes, and focused on a single long breath, until the charcoal returned to life. Something wasn’t right. “...We have already waited far too long,” Kais continued in a monotone. “My father ignored the Eternal’s command, as did his father before him. We have watched as the world around us has crumbled and torn at itself, and now we are all that is left. This land is all that remains of the Emperor’s perfection, and if we do not awaken this land too will pass on.” He picked up the brush, and continued writing. “It is time, Katsumi.” Kais paused for effect, glancing back at his admiral to wait for the natural question. But Katsumi remained placidly silent, so he finished the speech anyway. “...Time for the sun to rise again over Ater.” ----------- Actions: [Parmesano] - The shogunate demands control over tariffs through the league’s capital. The Eternal charged Ishikawa with guarding the Fyodor, and the Eternal’s word is sacred. It is the shogun’s right, which these foolish degenerates have trampled on. [Samalstraza] - Out of respect for the wise mages more than anything else, the Ishikawa send the well-known statesman Kono Takeo to the requested meeting. Takeo is not alone though, as it appears his mistress has convinced him to take her along...a woman named Miyata Aiko. [Trade Invites] – The Ishikawa reach out to the richest of nations seeking new wealth, and merchants ask entry to the ports of Aeton, Wyom, Aldemar, Orev, and Arnun. ----------- Expenditure: [Adept; 10,000 Gold] - Commander Izaka, of the frigate Yukikaze, has fully passed the trials of the Seishima style of martial arts. He proudly rejoins the military to bring the shogun’s fury to foreign shores. [Veterancy; 8,000 Gold] - All of the shogunate’s Wokou and a thousand of its Ashigaru are trained to Veteran I status. [735 Gold Saved]
  4. Discord Name: Liqa Madiq Nation Name: Ishikawa Shogunate (Awashima) Government Type: Hereditary Monarchy Magic Type: Elemental Spell 1: (T1) – Fireburst: a blast of fire ranging in size depending on the strength of the caster. The first combat spell learned in the Seishima style of martial arts, the simple fireburst is often used in conjunction with unarmed techniques, serving to blind and cause pain to the opponent or to light flammable materials. While limited in strength, this humble spell’s utility is not to be underestimated! Spell 2: (T1) – On-Sen’s Steam: The user manipulates the upper surface of a water body, heating it and raising it into the air to create thick water vapor. While mostly used for recreational purposes at home, the spell also has combat applications, allowing ships or river crossings a measure of cover. Spell 3: (T2) – Eternal’s Fire: A green flame, ravenous and unstoppable. Once cast the Eternal’s Fire spreads quickly, and is extremely difficult to put out through conventional means. Dousing with water merely delays it; and as long as the caster’s focus and energy remains unbroken, it will continue to devour like a wild beast. Leader: Kais Ishikawa, Lord on Awashima Culture: The men and women loyal to the Ishikawa follow alien traditions, from a culture far distant. They speak language with seemingly no relatives, worship spirits that none of their neighbors recognize. Perhaps inevitably they have developed a certain sense of superiority, and are keen to enforce this strange culture at every turn. Perhaps due to the nearby volcano, the Ishikawa have gained an abnormal appreciation for the beauty of fire. Embers smolder in wooden shrines, perfectly balanced lest they spread and destroy the structure. Ishikawa martial artists train in the elements, learning to fight with fist and flame, and the lord is always depicted surrounded by burning glory. There is beauty in fire, and it can serve many uses, all of them sacred to the people of these islands. Race: Deviant The Ishikawa have, perhaps, been imbued by the elemental spirits they worship over the years. Their skin is almost hot to the touch, and they relax in scalding baths that would send mainlanders running. (Inner Flame – Bonus affinity for fire magic.) History: Where the sun rises, where the land is rich and the world lives in harmony, there lives the Eternal Emperor. It is said that it was by His command that the people now known as Ishikawans set sail, for the lord Ishikawa was the Emperor’s servant. He serves Him still, and the eternal monarch’s name is still whispered in every prayer – even if the empire is long gone from Ater. Shaso Ishikawa was the first to come to the new world, that much is known. Fleeing some grave dishonor in the east, he and his band of mercenaries joined the Eternal’s service, slaying forty-seven tribes in glorious wars of conquest. In blood his dishonor was cleansed, and through blood he changed the world. When his fighting days were done, the Emperor rewarded Shaso with an island he called Awashima. Charged with guarding the Sea of Fyodor, this land would belong to the house of Ishikawa for all time, and the new lord swore an oath that he and his children would forever uphold the Emperor’s command. But time moves ever forward, and the empire is long gone, with no word from the Eternal in many years. It is alive on Awashima, though, where the Emperor’s command rings as true as if it had been delivered yesterday. For decades, pirates have independently set out from the islands in the name of this mission, and Awashima’s name has been ever degraded. Corrupt shoguns, content to bask in the absolute loyalty of their people, have allowed it to go on. But in recent years, the current lord Kais Ishikawa has begun to take a more active position, and new ships have been seen across the Fyodor, bearing the flag of the lord himself. After years of stagnancy, the government is at last showing itself. The pirates of the islands, long a plague on the high seas, have been crushed or absorbed into the new navy, and Lord Kais has officially contacted several nations on the mainland. It seems this small foreign nation may be finally ready to seek its own destiny... Groups or places of interest: Kuroshima: The largest of the islands, with much of the northern end taken up by a large volcano, which periodically dusts ash across the archipelago. The southern portion of the island is relatively flat, and home to terraced rice farms. Awashima: The largest island in terms of habitable area, and technically speaking the official fief of the Ishikawa clan. The western coast is wind-blasted and bleak, while condensation over the central mountains gives rise to a temperate rainforest of moss-covered pines. The east is home to cultivated plains, and the capital city of Akita. Seishima: Sheltered by the two big islands, Sheishima is tranquil and flat. Forest covers this island, and hides dozens of shrines, which range from mere alcoves cut into rock faces to a few monasteries. The largest is the Carnelian Temple, found towards the north end of the island. A large pagoda sits here by a clear stream, both lovingly maintained. It is said that inside this structure can be found a painting of the Eternal Emperor, though few ever get the chance to see for themselves. Matsushima & Tetsushima: Slightly more remote, Matsu and Tetsu both have relatively mild climates on their north ends, but are exposed to the elements in the south. As these islands are sparsely populated, Ishikawa use them mostly for their natural resources, logging and mining them as needed. Ane & Imoto: Farther away from the rest of the chain, Ane and Imoto get no shelter from the winds, and are old enough that their mountains have been worn to nubs. There is beauty here, but in a far more desolate sort of way. The few inhabitants of these rocks mine and raise livestock for their living, and stare out into the turbulent seas.... Key Figures (3 people with points): Kais Ishikawa, Lord on Awashima: L-6, M-0, C-3, Ar-3, Ag-1. The Lord Kais has ruled for ten years, and in that time he has taken a far more active role than most of his predecessors. From the moment of his ascension, he began a brutal campaign against the pirates who have long terrorized the Fyodor Sea in the Ishikawa name. Within a year, those who resisted had been rooted out and destroyed, such was the loyalty of Awashima’s people to their lord. The rest came before him on their knees, pledging their experience and blood in the formation of a new, real navy. As the Eternal’s chosen lord, Kais’ word is law, and to disobey is to betray one’s own dignity. Until the Emperor returns, there is no higher authority in the known world. Wakabayashi Katsumi, Admiral of the Fleet: L-8, M-2, C-2, Ar-1, Ag-0. Katsumi has had a turbulent life. Born a wagie rice farmer on Kuroshima, his destiny truly lay on the seas: by the year [10 years before start date], he was a lesser pirate lord, plundering nearby coasts in the name of his Emperor. His rise to power truly came when the new Lord Ishikawa declared his intention to eliminate piracy, after which he immediately went before Kais to beg for a pardon. The Shogun granted his request, taking the pirate into his service and placing him in command of his new fleet. Grateful for his lord’s favor, Admiral Wakabayashi has spent the rest of his life carrying out the Ishikawa will, and though he no longer fights for riches, perhaps they will come to him nonetheless... Miyata Aiko: L-0, M-0, C-12, Ar-1, Ag-0. A literal *****, Aiko firmly believes herself to be the most intelligent person she’s ever met, and has always thought the Ishikawa ideals of loyalty and duty to be below her, propaganda aimed at the sheep of society. As a massive-brained individual, she manipulates those around her with feminine sorcery, and as such has accumulated a vast hoard of wealth from her beta orbiters. Nevertheless, increasingly restrictive laws against whoring may soon drive her from the home islands..... Point Distribution: Loyalty 5: The Ishikawa have ruled Awashima as long as the islands have been settled. They were granted it by the Eternal Himself. To question the Ishikawa is to question the Eternal’s wisdom. To question the Eternal is blasphemy. Magic & Tech 0: The islanders have yet to truly forge ahead into the future. Size 0: Though established, the inhabitants of Awashima are but a speck among the great civilizations of Ater. They are a stranded expedition, carving out a tiny slice of the world for themselves. Military 5: The Ishikawa were mercenaries once, and it shows. Their soldiers, though few, are well-drilled and effective. Sea-Faring 10: The Eternal Emperor gave Lord Ishikawa one task – guard the Fyodor sea. That is what he intends to do, and to that end a centralized navy has been built, made up of experienced pirates and employing the finest naval advancements. Economy 10: The Ishikawa are hard working people, but more importantly they are situated with access to many of the richest nations of the world. Wealth awaits, in the future... Nat Idea: ”Open the Country; Stop Having it be Closed:” Ishikawa seeks the riches of the world, and so 4% of each trade partner’s budget is generated as additional wealth, to be spread however the traders see fit. Unique Units (3): Awashima Samurai – SPECIAL Heavy Infantry, train in groups of 47: The inner circle of the shogunate is guarded by some of the finest soldiers in the land, trained on and named for the island originally granted by the Eternal. The elite warriors of the Ishikawa clan devote their entire lives to a singular goal – mastery of the sword. They live and breath duty, and any one of them will gladly die when ordered to do so. While other countries’ soldiers were having premarital sex, these men studied the blade. While other soldiers spent their days at the gym in pursuit of vanity, these men cultivated inner strength. Now that the world is on fire and the barbarians are at the gate, only they can help... Frigate – REPLACEMENT for War Caravel – 4 SP/6k Gold; 250 Man capacity – Ship development on Awashima has reached new heights of sophistication. The most common Ishikawa warship is something called a “frigate,” a streamlined warship designed for maneuverability and firepower. Though expensive and carrying only a small crew, they are nevertheless some of the fastest ships on the sea, and are large enough to put out ballista firepower approaching that of a carrack. Wokou Raiders – SPECIAL Medium Infantry: The Wokou are mostly ex-pirates, used to a life of bloodshed on the high seas. Though they would have little patience for formations in a field battle, they are nevertheless fierce fighters who excel at both shipboard combat and coastal raiding. Their tactics are brutal, and resistance against a Wokou attack is often met with gruesome acts of cruelty meant to encourage immediate surrender in the future. Starting Location: What is my Favorite color?: huwhite
  5. The Carnelian Sultanate The nation rejoices as their Sultan’s first child is born at the age of 35. Princess Nasira, while not the male heir that Abdul needs, is nonetheless a welcome addition to the palace, and she is presented to eager crowds a week after birth. In the senate, the child is quickly appointed heir presumptive, though there are concerns raised about how the more traditional monarchies in the Pact may view a female ruler. The situation is hardly problematic as of yet though - Abdul is still energetic, and the queen is still young. Also of interest is the skirmish in the north, as Valdek moves to challenge its neighbor. The more radical senators publicly speak of this as the time for revenge, but Carnelia is still in recovery from the last war. Abdul declines to comment on any such rumblings. -------------- Foreign Policy [The Sardian Pact] - Profits from the PSTF amount to 6,930 Shekels for each shareholder this year. [P*rzah] - Striking is one thing. Terrorism is another. It appears the the P*rzans require further convincing of their inherent worthlessness if they can ever be integrated into larger Sardian society. In a show of vengeance, the Carnelians publicly execute more than two hundred P*rzans accused of these attacks, and announce a change of policy. Their forces withdraw outside the three major cities, leaving them to their own devices while placing them more or less under siege. The Carnelians are more than happy to sell food and fuel to the cities should the population go back to work, but given the situation nobody truly expects that to happen. Instead, no less than eight conscript divisions are moved in to secure the countryside alongside Carnelian air cavalry, and the occupiers spitefully watch the major cities squirm. But that may not yet be the worst for P*rzah, for these cities are no longer under the Pact’s protection, and there are things on the continent far worse than Carnelia... [KCP] - As part of the continuing initiative to rebuild the continent, the communists receive 20 steel and 7 vitraium this year. [Colonization] - The same squadron that took the Diamond Isles now sets sail from them again, in search of new lands to colonize, hopefully with less aggressive neighbors. -------------- Expenditure [380,550 Shekels] [New Town, and outposts/ 5,000 Shekels plus above] - Yet more expansion. The Carnelians place outposts in the desert to lay claim to the desolate wastes. [HEAVEN’S HAMMER, part 1; 20 ASP/73,000 Shekels] - IN THE SARDIAN DESERTS, construction has begun on a ship the likes of which the world has never seen. A massive ship, the largest thing in the air, the vessel dubbed HEAVEN’S HAMMER is to be no less than ONE MILLION TONS, with an armor belt TEN FEET THICK, and a THIRTY INCH MAIN BATTERY. The MIGHTY ship is to be a mobile base, carrying OVER A THOUSAND planes and enough ordinance to LEVEL A SMALL NATION. Bow before Sardia, fools… [Heavy Cruiser; 3 ASP/12,000 Shekels] - More screens! [6 Corvettes; 3 ASP/6,000 Shekels] - Light ships for ground support. [2 Destroyers; 4 ASP/6,000 Shekels] - More light ships! [3 Freighters; 1 ASP/1,000 Shekels] - Transports, bringing Armed Convoy Dory to completion. [50 Bombers; 6 AP/12,000 Shekels] - Death from the skies! [400 Fighters; 8 AP/24,000 Shekels] - GfR-92s, the finest fighters in the world... [500 T-90s, suits only; 4 AP/ 8,000 Shekels] - The I CORPS is finally finished, with the addition of the last few shock troopers recruited from its existing veterans. [25,000 Light Infantry; 5 AP/30,000 Shekels] - Likewise the II CORPS SKY CAVALRY recruits the last of its needed manpower. [Motorization; 2 AP/2,000 Shekels] - The armored corps motorizes its outdated cavalry. [5,000 Mechanized Infantry; 4 AP/10,000 Shekels] - The armored corps receives its first infantry. [Erdemir Purchases; 19,000 Shekels] - Tanks… [Airfield; 10,000 Shekels] - Fort Har-Zahav is upgraded. [Payment to Juverin; 42,000 Shekels] - The Carnelians pay their debts. [KESTREL; 5,000 Shekels] [0 Shekels Saved] Science 1. Hossani-Bradford - Napalm [NEW NEW NEW NEW] As interest grows in the government for an effective incendiary and northern communists begin to use something which fits the bill, arms companies in Carnelia begin their own inquiries. 2. Scarab Arms/Akar Steelworks - Improved cannon rate of fire [NEW NEW NEW NEW] In a joint project, Scarab and Akar declare their intention to pursue a government bid for naval weapons capable of outputting far greater volumes of ordinance. It will require both companies to be successful: when working with shells of this size, the loading mechanism consists of extremely heavy machinery, particularly on the largest ships. In addition, firing large shells at high rates can be stressful on the gun’s barrel, but Akar views this as just another challenge: stronger, heat resistant steel is just another conquest for such a man! 3. Akar Steelworks - Armor piercing shells [NEW NEW NEW NEW] Mustafa Akar, member of the Carnelian Order of Heroes and master of steel, has conquered armor, giving his country the best in the world. He has some of the finest knowledge to be found on both alloys and hardening techniques, and so he goes to work on what he feels is the next frontier: to make bullets and shells to render enemy armor useless. Experiments begin in earnest, with the goal to upgrade Carnelian weaponry...
  6. The Carnelian Sultanate At last, Carnelia breathes the sweet air of freedom, and turns its gaze across the oceans. Its flagship colony now lies in the hands of Volta-Solvan, a nation far too powerful to consider fighting. But there are other lands, weaker lands, ripe for the taking. Without warning, the Sardian Trade Federation’s forces seize the overseas colonies of Venza and Emmeria, two insignificant nations who shouldn’t have such things anyway. The conquest is swift and near-bloodless: the utter superiority of Carnelian forces quickly convinces the defenders to abandon the effort, and finally Sardia is left with the glorious colonial empire it deserves. But still more is required. Sardia needs rebuilding, and only the riches of the wide world can rebuild it... -------------- Foreign Policy [The Sardian Pact] - 5,220 Shekels are distributed to each Pact member this year, as the first profit from their colonial company rolls in. [P*rzah] - The P*rzans can strike all they want! It is their own industrialists who will go bankrupt, and drive more and more of the means of production into greedy Carnelian hands. The more property that falls to P*rzah’s new spiteful, vengeful overlords, the better. If the workers think they have it bad now, wait until all the employers are Carnelian! [Arpinium] - If and only if Mith’s OPERATION doesn’t involve them, the Arbiter-Sultan offers the philosophate associate member status in the Sardian Pact: a non-voting position which would essentially make them a protectorate, although guaranteed absolute self-governance within their borders. Abdul is hesitant to even offer, as the philosophers in charge of the island are probably more trouble than they’re worth, but securing Pact influence over such a close landmass would probably pay off somehow in the long run. [KCP or whatever they’re called now] - Once again, 24 excess steel is shipped at cost to the new country, as the Sultan renews his commitment to rebuilding the continent. -------------- Expenditure [360,370 Shekels] [2 Battlecruisers; 16 ASP/60,000 Shekels] - Two new capital ships, the Laila and the Nada. [4 Heavy Cruisers; 12 ASP/48,000 Shekels] - Medium ships, to cover the big guns of Carnelian battlefleets. [20,000 Regular Infantry; 4 AP/28,000 Shekels] [200 Field Artillery; 4 AP/12,000 Shekels] [200 AA Guns; 4 AP/12,000 Shekels] [50 Howitzers; 4 AP/16,000 Shekels] [100 Fighters; 2 AP/6,000 Shekels] [Purchase from Erdemir; 19,000 Shekels] [ASP from Cumberland; 1,500 Shekels] [Loan payment to Venza; 25,300 Shekels] - The Carnelians pay off their debt. [KESTREL; 10,000 Shekels] [70 Shekels Saved] Science 1. Scarab - ScaL-1 Rocket Launcher [1897 Estimate] With massive profits rolling in from their famous FFAR, Scarab nevertheless realizes that they’ve made a mistake. The infantry is helpless! In a project that quickly becomes their greatest priority, Scarab begins work adapting their rockets to be deployed throughout the army, not just in the air. 2. Black Rain - FUNDED, 100,000 GOLD 3. Akar Steelworks - Hardening Treatments [1897 Estimate] STILL not satisfied, Akar takes his massive profits from his last invention and invests it into advancing the frontier of armor yet more. Treating Akar alloys to various promising techniques, his engineers set to work making the most of every millimeter of shielding.
  7. The Sardian Pact Victory! Utter, complete victory! Two years of war, thousands of lives lost, miles of territory abandoned and retaken. Who can doubt the Pact’s might now, for even after early defeats, they have risen stronger than ever before. From the skies of Baresh to the streets of Bathiye, the Klendari’s soldiers have been smashed. Their aggression met with ferocity the likes of which Sardia has never seen; their foolish arrogance was their doom. Time and time again, Pact and Karakhwa forces have proven their superiority. In Perzah they struck without hesitation or mercy, crushing the bellicose upstart within a week! At Karaman, they gave their lives to halt the Klendari advance, stopping the world’s largest war machine in its tracks! At Sayas they struck like birds of prey, burning hundreds of ships and foiling any approach from the sea! The northern snakes could not bring themselves to advance further, so great was their fear! Amidst thunder and lightning they battled, throwing back the combined navies of Klendar and Valdek in a clash worthy of song! Above Baresh they crushed the enemy’s fleet, and ran down his best troops like so many frightened animals! In the cities of Klendar we rained fire and death, bringing their arrogant war effort to its knees! Sultan merely glared at Emperor, and so Anlund fled Sardia forever! Ozan cowered and knelt, and the west was ours! The Klendari turned to each other’s throats, and their armies scattered and collapsed! The Pact PREVAILED. Across Sardia, soldiers of the Pact celebrate their victory, whether in the liberated fields of Nazr or the conquered cities of Klendar. At last, the dream of tyranny toppled is realized. In the capital of Sard, a hundred thousand Klendari prisoners are herded to the palace, where Sultan and Arbiter Abdul personally declares the war over and orders their release - to the celebratory cannonfire of Horowitz’s dreadnoughts, floating high above. The broken remains of their mighty railway gun, the shattered husks of their tanks, the ruined scraps of their planes - all are laid before the Carnelian people as prizes of war. For a whole week, the city is engulfed in celebration, Pact soldiers venerated as heroes and their generals as gods. Field Marshal Orbay, the savior of all Sardia, receives so many medals that he cannot fit them all onto his uniform. A procession of civilians and brave soldiers are inducted into Carnelia’s highest honor the Order of Heroes, including Mustafa Akar, inventor of the armor which saved the Pact’s fleet from destruction. The Pact has Prevailed, and its victory now echoes across the world, its generals famous at home and abroad. The 27th of December, the start of the war, Sardia Day, shall forever be celebrated as the day this wondrous new era began. The year 1895 marks the third year of the alliance’s existence, and already Sardia lies at its feet, subdued. Amidst reconstruction and demilitarization, the Arbiter calls Pact states to a conference in Sard, where the spoils are to be divided. When they emerge, a new map emerges with them. Soon, the empty spaces on the map will disappear, engulfed by the new order. Another consequence of the Sard Conference is the formation of the PAN-SARDIAN TRADING COMPANY, representing the colonial ambitions of all the Pact. A thousand shares have been distributed among the five full members of the union, and ships and men prepare to set off from Sardian shores. Riches await them on foreign shores, for who can stand against the Pact united? Finally, while representatives from all his allies are in the city, the 33-year-old Sultan Abdul finally marries his first wife: Orna Ben-Yosef, sister of the armored general who valiantly defended Baresh. Though Abdul has historically had bad luck with women, (being a manlet), it seems hegemony over a whole continent is a potent aphrodisiac. The beautiful Orna will no doubt mother a worthy heir. May the Pact Prosper... The Carnelian Sultanate Hail Carnelia! -------------- Foreign Policy [The Sardian Pact] - 3 ASP and 14 AP is made available for free to Pact members, with the gentle suggestion that perhaps they should replace some of those horses… [KCP] - If the Pact and communists are to be enemies, the Sultan has no intention of being the one to start it. Those agents responsible for communicating with the KCP during the war now become the official Carnelian ambassadors, while most others are purged with their infiltrated Klendari ministries. Attempting to gauge their ideological fervor, Carnelia offers much of its excess steel to help rebuild the nation from the aftermath of the Pact’s own bombing raids. [Annexed Land] - As the dust settles over Klendar, the Sultan declares that the century-long conflict between the two peoples is over, and all must now learn to live together in the new world. To ward off discontent and prevent a regional economic collapse, the government soon approves a massive intervention to revitalize the area. (39 Civilian Industry built.) This is soon followed by regional elections for the Carnelian senate, quietly monitored by the Secret Ministry. [P*rzah] - In contrast, the Sultan has absolutely no intention of granting citizenship to the filthy P*rzans. Carnelia officially annexes the disputed island as well as the vitramite deposits to the south, but other than that P*rzah is left unintegrated. Designating the country a Carnelian protectorate, the Sultan unleashes his scheming commerce minister, Chaim Weiselberg, to set up a government in much the same way one would in an overseas colony. Carnelian business interests will be allowed to run rampant, while strict border checks will prevent the P*rzans from leaving except with special government permission. Perhaps this kind of wealth extraction will push these nationalist whackjobs over the edge, forcing Carnelia to bombard them into oblivion. Perhaps that’s what Carnelia wants. [Koibita] – The PSTF sets sail from their victories of Emmeria and Venza to colonize Koibita from the other side! -------------- Expenditure [305,300 Shekels] [New Towns!] - Settlement occurs in previously-contested regions, now that it’s safe. [Purchase from Erdemir; 23,000 Shekels] - The usual. [Loan payment to Venza; 32,000 Shekels] - The Carnelians make an effort to pay off their debt. [KESTREL; 10,000 Shekels] [Heaven’s Hammer (See Below); 20,000 Shekels] [1300 Shekels Saved] Science 1. Scarab - ScaL-1 Rocket Launcher [1897 Estimate] With massive profits rolling in from their famous FFAR, Scarab nevertheless realizes that they’ve made a mistake. The infantry is helpless! In a project that quickly becomes their greatest priority, Scarab begins work adapting their rockets to be deployed throughout the army, not just in the air. 2. Black Rain - FUNDED, 80,000 GOLD 3. Akar Steelworks - Hardening Treatments [1897 Estimate] STILL not satisfied, Akar takes his massive profits from his last invention and invests it into advancing the frontier of armor yet more. Treating Akar alloys to various promising techniques, his engineers set to work making the most of every millimeter of shielding. FUNDED: (NEW NEW NEW) Oddly, the Carnelian military contracts both Akar Steel and Scarab Arms to begin work on bigger, better naval guns, capable of firing and mechanically reloading rounds larger than any currently found in the skies. The requested guns range from 18-20 inchers up to a ridiculously massive 30 inch battery, a caliber never before even considered for the air. The two companies can hardly refuse so much money, but to actually mount such weapons would require a ship far, far larger than anything that exists. A strange project, to be sure. [20,000 Shekels annually.]
  8. The Sardian Pact “Citizens of Klendar! Abandon your weapons! Abandon your posts! Abandon all hope!” -Tigin Ozmert, crossing into Klendari land Two years ago, the Klendari Sultan asked for blood, and now blood is what he shall have. As half a million Pact soldiers pour across the retaken Kesun line, little stands left to oppose them save inexperienced reservists. Under these conditions they cannot help but flood the nation, and this they do: following the lead of Ozmert and Ben-Yosef, they tear across the countryside in a vengeful push for the capital, the less experienced troops securing the north. Given the circumstances, the Arbiter Abdul calls for unconditional surrender from the Klendari sultan. Pact troops and air cavalry advance without hesitation, and any forces that do not lay down their arms are soon torn to bits, whether by the savage Karakhwa or the hateful veterans of Karaman. The Sultan’s directions are clear: occupy as much land as possible, so that an understanding can be reached with the communists without bloodshed. Orbay’s wishes are a bit different: take the Klendari capital, and humble their pathetic Sultan once and for all. The Pact has prevailed, and all that remains is to pick up the pieces... The Carnelian Sultanate Hail Carnelia! -------------- Foreign Policy [The Sardian Pact] - War production may continue at members’ discretion. We will see soon enough what new Sardia is going to look like. [Klendar] – Naturally, any skilled engineers with knowledge of advanced Klendari technology will be welcome in the new regime! At least we pay cash! -------------- Expenditure [251,450 Shekels] [Ships ;11 ASP/56,000 Shekels] - Carnelia produces a heavy cruiser and four light cruisers, so as to be able to repay the debt to Tierra Roja. [2 Destroyers; 4 ASP/6,000 Shekels]Carnelian shipyards turn out another two destroyers as the start of another air cavalry convoy. [2 Corvettes; 1 ASP/2,000 Shekels] - More corvettes for the air cavalry. [1,500 Shock Troopers; 12 AP/33,000 Shekels] - More veterans are given Carnelia’s ultimate weapon! [5,000 Regular Infantry; 1 AP/7,000 Shekels] - Blood and steel. [KESTREL - 10,000 Shekels] [Air race entry; 2,000 Shekels] – Carnelian sponsors a HIGH ENERGY entrant to the Tierra Roja air race, one Captain Hafaz Erlek. A supporting captain of the Carnelian air cavalry, he sails in the corvette Cornice. Its gunwales are draped the uniforms and weapons of dead Klendari, and its prow carries a battered and muddy Klendari flag, advertising the great victory. [35,000 Shekels to Erdemir.] [450 Shekels Saved.] Science 1. Scarab - ScaL-1 Rocket Launcher [1897 Estimate] With massive profits rolling in from their famous FFAR, Scarab nevertheless realizes that they’ve made a mistake. The infantry is helpless! In a project that quickly becomes their greatest priority, Scarab begins work adapting their rockets to be deployed throughout the army, not just in the air. 2. Black Rain - FUNDED, 80,000 GOLD 3. Akar Steelworks - Hardening Treatments [1897 Estimate] STILL not satisfied, Akar takes his massive profits from his last invention and invests it into advancing the frontier of armor yet more. Treating Akar alloys to various promising techniques, his engineers set to work making the most of every millimeter of shielding.
  9. The Sardian Pact AN OPEN LETTER TO ALL INHABITANTS OF SARDIA It has been a year since we went to war together, and the Sardian Pact stands firm! Under Field Marshal Orbay, our gallant troops have stalled the enemy assault, and even now plans are in motion to take the fight to the Klendari tyrants themselves. This year saw many developments, and though many across the world cheered our efforts, still more have sought to intervene. As all of us prepare to push the savage imperialists from our land, I thought it might be valuable to take a moment, and think about what it is we are fighting for. When my great-great-grandfather first founded Carnelia, his first act was not to have his enemies suppressed, but to gather them into a legislature, to write the first national constitution. Mehmet understood that there are two paths to unity: fear, and cooperation. He chose the latter, and from that choice has sprung a diverse yet enduring nation. Sardia too is a diverse land, though connected by common bonds of culture and history. Sadly, until now those core bonds of friendship have been trampled by the jackboots of Klendari tyranny. As we have seen, it is not the natural way of things! The Sultan of Klendar relies on foreign aid for his strength, on the decrepit regimes of Anlund. Even now these imperialists rush to his defense, thinking to rescue their puppet from a storm of his own making. They will stop at nothing, for they fear a unified Sardia. And why shouldn’t they? Unity here has always been to their disadvantage. The covenant between our nations will benefit every Sardian, from the priests of Ozan to the oppressed workers of Klendar. It will secure our unique ways of life - the uncompromising freedom of Westerfield, the noble faith of the Nazr, the proud cultures of Mejhai, of Baresh, of my own Carnelia. Most importantly, it will put an end to the cycle of division and terror that has kept our people from reaching their true potential all these years. In the past year, we have learned just how much that prospect scares the world. But we have learned something else - this dream will not be achieved without sacrifice, in steel and in blood. As we enter the new year, let us remember that our fight against these imperialists is both righteous and necessary. The Pact army must drive the barbarians from our shores, for only then can Sardia truly rise. May the Pact Prevail. Sultan Abdul I, Arbiter of the Sardian Pact Dated December 31st, 1893 The Carnelian Sultanate A propaganda film is released, depicting the Anlund savages: -------------- Foreign Policy [The Sardian Pact] - Given the apparent utter lack of industry among the other pact members, the Field Marshal’s request this year is as simple as it can possibly get: men, and guns. Don’t worry about any of the other crap, just give me bodies and I’ll take care of the rest. -------------- Expenditure [208,850 Shekels] [New Town] - Carnelians flee to the west, hoping to build their industry somewhere safe! [Slamming Door Production; 12 AP/33,000 Shekels] [Purchase from Erdemir; 19,000 Shekels] [5,000 Regular Infantry; 5,000 Shekels] - Steel and blood. The CSAC provides some rifles! [30,000 Conscripts; 9,000 Shekels] - Defend Carnelia! Not a step backwards! [8 Destroyers; 24,000 Shekels] - Strapped for cash and favoring the air cavalry anyway, Orbay orders light ships this year. [1,500 Shekels saved.] Science 1. Scarab - ScaL-1 Rocket Launcher With massive profits rolling in from their famous FFAR, Scarab nevertheless realizes that they’ve made a mistake. The infantry is helpless! In a project that quickly becomes their greatest priority, Scarab begins work adapting their rockets to be deployed throughout the army, not just in the air. [NEW NEW NEW NEW] 2. Black Rain - FUNDED, 80,000 GOLD 3. Akar Steelworks - Hardening Treatments [1897 Estimate] STILL not satisfied, Akar takes his massive profits from his last invention and invests it into advancing the frontier of armor yet more. Treating Akar alloys to various promising techniques, his engineers set to work making the most of every millimeter of shielding.
  10. The Carnelian Sultanate Kesun shattered. Perzah crushed. All of Sardia on the march. The tides of war shift rapidly, and already the fledgling Sardian Pact must fight for its life. As the full might of Klendar bears down on the Carnelian Coast, news of Field Marshal Pashik’s incapacitation rocks the Pact’s morale to the core. His men beat a desperate retreat to friendly ground, fleeing an enemy that is both faster and stronger. But help is coming. In a rare public appearance, Sultan Abdul I declares the war to be both righteous and winnable. This is not the first time the Klendari have stepped onto Carnelian soil, and just as before they will be ejected. They will be stopped, and they will be thrown back from whence they came. Across Sardia, armies converge on the east. Across Sardia, factories churn out rifles, planes, tanks. New warships rise from Pact shipyards, new soldiers pledge themselves to the Pact cause. Not since the Great War has the continent’s order been tested, but perhaps now at last, the time has come to decide how it will be ruled. -------------- Foreign Policy [The Sardian Pact] - Central command’s recommendations for production focus on the imbalance of air power between the Pact navy and that of the enemy. While any and all land assets are useful at this stage, the Pact is in dire need of more capital ships or, if that is unfeasible, cruisers. Field Marshal Pashik’s last missive before being gassed reminds everyone that the Klendari have a vast industrial base, and all are needed to match it. -------------- Expenditure [285,700 Shekels] [New Town] - Perzah is ruined, and at last Carnelian settlers can lay claim to the land they brazenly tried to steal. Woe to the vanquished! [3 Dreadnoughts; 15 ASP/63,000 Shekels] - Three massive ships take flight, setting sail for the war. [Payment to Erdemir; 19,000 Shekels] - The Carnelian military turns to outside contractors, as domestic industry is largely busy at the moment. [700 Fighters; 14 AP/42,000 Shekels] - Foreseeing a massive air battle in the near future, the military more than doubles its supply of ScaF-10s. [25 Bombers; 3 AP/6,000 Shekels] - The first models of the ScaB-20 heavy bomber roll off production lines, and are quickly bought up by the military. [10,000 Native Infantry; 2 AP/10,000 Shekels] - In the new world, Omar’s new army begins to take shape. It is a shame that his old air cavalry and cruisers have been recalled… [10,000 T3 conscripts; 3,000 Shekels] - To occupy Perzah and free Akargul’s corps to join the larger battle, a division of reservists is raised. [Gas masks; 7,500 Shekels] - In response to the disaster at Kesun, the Carnelians purchase gas mask technology from the north. They must be able to fight back... [AP from Dev; 6,000 Shekels] [KESTREL; 10,000 Shekels] [Slamming Door; 15,000 Shekels] [3,500 Shekels saved.] Science 1. Hossani-Bradford - MP87 Submachine Gun Hossani-Bradford continues work on what they think will be a revolution in assault weaponry! [1893 Estimate] 2. Black Rain - FUNDED, 80,000 GOLD 3. Akar Steelworks - Hardening Treatments [NEW NEW NEW NEW] STILL not satisfied, Akar takes his massive profits from his last invention and invests it into advancing the frontier of armor yet more. Treating Akar alloys to various promising techniques, his engineers set to work making the most of every millimeter of shielding.
  11. THE SARDIAN PACT A spectre is haunting Sardia - the spectre of Klendar. Who among us has not felt its choking grasp, or lived in fear of its hired bandits? Only through steel and bloodshed has Sardia been freed, and still the Klendari remain unsated. The new sultan has moved warships and soldiers to our borders. He has funded piracy, not just of our nations but the world over. His lackeys have made baseless claims to our sovereign land, and attacked our citizens with their armed thugs. His manner is haughty beyond reason, his demands insulting as they are ridiculous. With every year he gathers his strength, and to all of us his intentions are utterly transparent: the continued enslavement of our fair continent. The sultan understands only force, but his days of supremacy are over. Sardia requires a new system, one built on mutual need and mutual prosperity. Sardia requires that men no longer bow to tyrants, but stand united in the face of aggression. For these reasons, we gather in the ancient city of Sard to agree to the following founding articles: ARTICLE I: WAR. -An attack on one is an ATTACK ON ALL. -The pact may declare an offensive war with the support of at least ALL BUT ONE full member. ARTICLE II: PEACE. -Each full member retains ABSOLUTE authority within their borders. -All disputes between member states (vis-a-vis territory, tariffs, extradition), shall be mediated and resolved by the Pact Arbiter, duly appointed by a simple majority of full members. -The Pact Arbiter is responsible for negotiating treaties with outside powers. All such agreements must be confirmed by at least ALL BUT ONE full member before becoming legally binding. ARTICLE III: UNIFIED COMMAND. -Pact headquarters are to be established in Sard, to facilitate efficient coordination of member capabilities. -In the event of a general war, all national militaries shall be subject to a unified command structure under the command of a Field Marshal, duly appointed by a simple majority of full members. May the Pact prosper. SIGNATORIES His Majesty Abdul I, Sultan of the Carnelian Coast Kalifata Darius i-Nazr His Grace King Amenamen XII of Baresh His Grace, King Ashtzaph III of Mejhai Levander Bixby, President of the Westerfield Confederacy
  12. The Carnelian Sultanate “I, Abdul, Sultan of the Carnelian Coast and protector of its people, do hereby grant stewardship of Hossani Island and its people in its entirety to the Hossani-Bradford corporation, and do delegate the rights of taxation and policy in the territory to the same. I do hereby appoint Omar Bradford as my official viceroy, and expect that his actions shall reflect my will in the new world.” The page was stamped with the royal seal, and bore the royal signature. Omar spent an appropriate amount of time appreciating the gesture, before tossing the letter on his desk. “Lao! Coffee!” He raised an eyebrow as a short native carried a tray into the room, as if questioning his servant’s performance. He sipped the coffee, and motioned the man out. He waited, his mind on the future. Soon enough, there was another knock on the door, and this time it was a Carnelian who entered. “Mr. Bradford, what’s this about a ‘Colonial Squadron?’ It’s hard enough to get fuel here as it is.” Omar’s secretary, Selim, looked concerned as usual. The man couldn’t stand the natives, and always seemed to be under the impression that they could rise up and kill them the next day. Omar smiled at him. “It’s Emir Bradford now, actually.” He pushed the letter across his desk. “And I wouldn’t worry about that. Our benefactors at home will see to it.” Omar leaned back, still smiling. “How soon can we go to the mainland?” “The mainla….Mr. Bradf...Emir, is that really wise? We’re stretched thin as it is.” “Not for long. And it’s not about soldiers. As long we have the sky, the land is ours. I’m going to sail to this king of theirs’ castle, I’m going to demand he disband his army, and when he refuses I’m going to blow his castle to pebbles and disband it for him.” Selim sputtered. “But, Emir, even if we do have the skies it would take weaponry beyond what we have to destroy fortifications, at least five inch guns!” “Twelve inch guns.” “But my lord, we have no such ship!” At that moment, a reverberating foghorn blasted somewhere overhead, and Omar’s smile became an outright grin. Getting to his feet, he pulled back the room’s curtains, and there in the sky were what looked like two heavy cruisers, escorting a full battleship as it steamed into port. “The colonial squadron, Selim. More than enough, wouldn’t you say?” He sat back down. “Invite Commodore Pryce to meet me at his earliest convenience, please. And tell Lao to make some tea for the visitor. They’re quite good at that around here.” -------------- Foreign Policy [Qi Toph Di Zhao] - With his new heavy ships, Omar steams toward Zhao Lin Bei’s seat of government. These rustics will soon learn to respect the superiority of the sky people, and in time, to obey. [Mejhai - 10 AP] - In a single year, the arms companies of Carnelia send enough weapons to fully modernize Mejhai’s entire army. [Perzah] - The use of force against Carnelian citizens is unacceptable. Rents cease immediately for the island base, while the air cavalry under general Orbay sits back as if daring Perzah to do anything about it. (Please notice the railroad I started building last turn.) [Klendari Sultanate] - The Carnelian Sultan has no desire to attend any ceremony in a nation which so disrespects him, and the Carnelian people have no desire to show courtesy to a nation which bombed their nation to ash and subjugated their families. The Sultan does send a coronation gift, though: a crate of Klendari muskets captured at Kesun, all stained with the blood of those foolish enough to tread on Carnelian soil. -------------- Expenditure [233,500 Shekels] [New Town] - With Perzah putting its pathetic little foot down, Carnelian settlers instead move into the desert, to claim another source of Vitramite. [Dreadnought; 5 ASP/21,000 Shekels] - A new capital ship takes flight, ready to defend the Sultan. [2 Battlecruisers; 8 ASP/36,000 Shekels] - Two sleek, faster warships rise from Carnelia’s dockyards, brimming with guns. [1 Cruiser; 2 ASP/11,000 Shekels] - And a smaller ship as well. [100 Tanks; 3 AP/8,000 Shekels] - As part of a growing armored corps, the Sultanate produces a brigade of its own medium tank, the Scarab ScaT-30. [Payment to Erdemir; 39,000 Shekels] - The Carnelian military turns to outside contractors, as domestic industry is largely busy at the moment. [5,000 Regular Infantry; 1AP/7,000 Shekels] - Soldiers. [5,000 Light Infantry; 1 AP/6,000 Shekels] - Soldiers. [KESTREL; 10,000 Shekels] [Slamming Door; 15,000 Shekels] [0 Shekels saved.] Science 1. Hossani-Bradford - MP87 Submachine Gun Hossani-Bradford continues work on what they think will be a revolution in assault weaponry! [1893 Estimate] 2. Black Rain - FUNDED, 80,000 GOLD 3. Akar Steelworks - Stronger Steel [1892 Estimate] Akar continues its work on new and improved steel alloys, and believes it has a promising track to a stronger metal.
  13. The Carnelian Sultanate News of an assassination attempt on Carnelia’s greatest general has done nothing to ease attitudes toward the eastern monster. Though little can be proven, everyone from Sard to Pazar knows that the Klendari are to blame, as they always are. The League of Carnelian Nationalists and Monarchists floods the streets of several cities in protest, and in Port Carnelian the police are hard-pressed to protect the local Klendari population. The nation is full of snakes, they say, and they must be rooted out before Carnelia can truly be free. Pashik himself, being a good soldier, only comments that he is in good health, and watches the events with trepidation. In the national assembly, representatives from around the country are silent: the country has not forgotten the horrors inflicted on them by their eastern neighbor, and to be seen defending them would be political suicide. Those that do speak out are the truly insane, calling for retaliatory action against the Klendari colossus. Thankfully, the ultimate decision lies with the Sultan, who seems to be quietly listening to his ministers, and doing nothing. -------------- Foreign Policy [Baresh - 4 AP] - The final shipments of weapons make their way to Baresh, bringing its army to a modern standard of readiness. [Erdemir Industries] – The Carnelian military requests a catalog of the weapons and vehicles Erdemir sells, hoping to meet some of their unmet requirements. [CSAC] – Carnelian diplomats are friendly in their new post, and seem quite happy to share any intelligence the CSAC may want on the Klendari menace. They do mention that if the communists ever have more excess tanks, the Sultan would be happy to buy them! -------------- Expenditure [212,250 Shekels] [New Town] - Perhaps in retaliation for Perzah’s association with the Klendari filth, Carnelians move to settle the land between the two borders, and to secure the Vitramite found there. [2 Destroyers; 4 ASP/6,000 Shekels] - Armed Convoy Barracuda is completed, ready to support the air cavalry. [3 Cruisers; 6 ASP/33,000 Shekels] - To provide a screen for the newly-built capital ships, several medium ships are commissioned. [Heavy Cruiser; 3 ASP/12,000 Shekels] - And a heavier ship as well! [25,000 Regular Infantry; 5 AP/35,000 Shekels] - Much of Carnelia’s industrial base is otherwise engaged at the moment, but they still have cash and guns for some more infantry. [Railway; 5,000 Shekels] - The Carnelians are in dire need of a safe transport route to their allies in Mejhai, and so they begin construction on a new rail line through the desert. [KESTREL; 10,000 Shekels] [Slamming Door; 20,000 Shekels] [Hossani Island; 5,000 Shekels] [3,250 Shekels saved.] Science 1. Hossani-Bradford - MP87 Submachine Gun Hossani-Bradford continues work on what they think will be a revolution in assault weaponry! [1893 Estimate] 2. Black Rain - FUNDED, 55,000 GOLD ?????????? ?????????? 3. Akar Steelworks - Stronger Steel [1892 Estimate] Akar continues its work on new and improved steel alloys, and believes it has a promising track to a stronger metal.
  14. The Carnelian Sultanate In his private chambers, Abdul sat before a warm fire, thinking. He had adjusted well to his rank. Well enough, anyway. His advisors were more than happy to take up the many responsibilities he had no interest in, and he was free to pursue less public aims. Many thought him weak. He hardly cared. So long as the people were with him, he was only as weak as he chose to be. It had taken bribery, deception and threats, but at last Abdul felt like he was beginning to understand. His brother’s killer had been named Yuliqa Madik, an enforcer for the Carnelian royal police. Klendari-born, she’d moved to Port Carnelian as a child, and crossed the border before the war to enter the Sultan’s service. But the woman had always been loyal. Still, Abdul was confused. He’d had her belongings confiscated, her correspondence brought to him in secret. Through the war, she somehow managed to keep in contact with her family, but there was no trace of disloyalty. To the contrary: it seemed as if she’d known Abdul’s brother quite intimately. The two had been seen together in the back alleys of Sard, in the gardens of the palace, with the troops on the front lines. They were nearly inseparable by the end of the war, and afterwards until about two weeks before the murder. At that point, she was barely mentioned in any records. Abdul had sorted through his brother’s journals and found nothing, apart from a passing mention of her being angry about something. The more he dug, the less he found, and slowly he began to convince himself that there was nothing complex at work here. Mehmet was dead because of an angry lover, and so was his father. The idea ate at him, too meaningless to satisfy. He hungered for answers even when it seemed there were none, and it was that which led him to discover Plan 32. Yuliqa only spoke of it once, in a heated letter which was only paraphrased in Mehmet’s journal. There was no record of it amongst the war plans of the time, and Abdul had to enlist the help of his secret police even to confirm it even existed. But it was real, and slowly the Sultan began to piece it together: Mehmet IV had planned to purge Port Carnelian of Klendari. Suddenly, the murder made sense. Yuliqa had targeted the Sultan to protect her family, and somehow she had found local communists happy to help her. Perhaps Abdul’s brother had been in on the plan. Perhaps he was collateral damage. But tonight, Abdul still could not rest. Plan 32 was classified at the highest possible level. Most of Mehmet’s cabinet had not known. How, then, could Madik possibly have found out? Had she stumbled upon it, or had someone told her? And as he thought on it, Abdul became more and more convinced of the latter. His house was full of snakes, as it always had been, and he could not be satisfied until he’d made them pay for their crimes. -------------- Foreign Policy [Baresh - 6 AP] - Aiming to bolster its southern ally, the sultanate puts much of its industry to work in supplying the kingdom’s army with modern equipment. Crates marked with the Carnelian crest soon begin shipping along the rail line, equipping the Bareshi with the latest rifles, machine guns, and other valuable weapons. [CSAC] - Having kept itself neutral on northern affairs until now, the sultanate recognizes the victor of the Anaerian civil war despite their...ideological differences. Carnelian diplomats are soon sent to establish an embassy, making it clear that the normalization of relations with the north is their greatest priority. -------------- Expenditure [193,050 Shekels] [Outpost; 2,500 Shekels] - New Sard is established…..in the new world. [2 Civilian Industry; 10,000 Shekels] - Profits continue to rise. [2 Trade Depots; 20,000 Shekels] - Exports continue to rise. [2 Commercial Districts; 20,000 Shekels] - Development continues to rise. [2 Steel Mills; 5,000 Shekels] - Steel, for industry. [1 Heavy Industry; 7,500 Shekels] - Guns. [3 Vitra Mines, 3 Refineries; 30,000 Shekels] -Fuel is needed for the Sultan’s war machine. [2 Dreadnoughts; 10 ASP/42,000 Shekels] - The Klendari navy expands with each passing year, and their soldiers may soon come for revenge. Will we be ready? Can we stand against a unified tide of eastern aggression? Perhaps with such ships as these, we can. [3 Freighters; 1 ASP/1,000 Shekels] - Armed Convoy Albacore has had such success in ferrying the air cavalry that the army asks for a second, to be named Armed Convoy Barracuda. [4 Corvettes; 2 ASP/4,000 Shekels] - Corvettes make excellent gunships for infantry support. They will serve the air cavalry well. [10,000 Light Infantry; 2 AP/12,000 Shekels] - Kezim Orbay is happy to have his command expanded, ready to strike deep at the enemy’s heart. [200 Tanks from CSAC; 15,000 Shekels] - The filthy Klendari have begun making tanks, and so Carnelia must have some as well. And who better to buy tanks from than the experts? [30,000 Conscripts; 9,000 Shekels] - As important as courage and discipline are, sometimes one just needs numbers. The Kesun line is vast, and machine guns unfortunately don’t pull their own triggers. With a large recruiting drive for reservists, the Carnelian army is able to fill out a full “garrison” corps. [KESTREL; 4,000 Shekels] [Project Slamming Door; 10,000 Shekels] [1,050 Shekels saved.] Science 1. Hossani-Bradford - MP87 Submachine Gun Hossani-Bradford continues work on what they think will be a revolution in assault weaponry! [1893 Estimate] 2. Black Rain - FUNDED, 30,000 GOLD 3. Akar Steelworks - Stronger Steel [1892 Estimate] Akar continues its work on new and improved steel alloys, and believes it has a promising track to a stronger metal.
  15. The Carnelian Sultanate 1888 The Sidewinder vibrated as it passed through a cloud, and the Carnelian flag flapped nearly straight back. Omar Bradford, heir to the Hossani-Bradford fortune, swashbuckling hero of Tierra Roja’s race, and the newest recipient of a Carnelian exploration commission, sat in its bridge, watching the horizon. He’d come a long way from Port Carnelian, and yet he still felt he was only getting started. There’d been more to the pirates than met the eye, certainly. Complicated events were occurring, and he didn’t yet know his place in them. But he would. He had done all he could for now, and by the time he returned there would be a new ship waiting for him, and perhaps new leads. For now, the horizon beckoned. And though Omar still didn’t know what he was looking for, he knew he would never find it in Carnelia. -------------- Foreign Policy [Perzah] - The Carnelians are indeed unconcerned, and continue with their business in the largely rural and unincorporated land. Perhaps if Perzah wishes to have such sweeping claims respected, they ought to actually make an attempt to administer their so-called territory. [Baresh and Medjai] – The Carnelians request to send military observers to both their traditional allies, so that the Carnelian army may have a realistic picture of their capabilities and needs. [THE UNKNOWN] - At last, Ben-Gal is dead, and the skies are safe. Flush with cash and having become fast friends with Kezim Orbay, Omar Bradford secures a government exploration contract. Daringly leading Armed Convoy Albacore and the veterans of the 1st Air Cavalry, Omar heads to the west as far as supplies will allow. Who knows what lies beyond the corrosive seas? -------------- Expenditure [303,600 Shekels] [9 Civilian Industry; 45,000 Shekels] - The marketplace continues its boom, and can finally be said to have surpassed pre-war prosperity. A new age is dawning, should war not come too soon. [2 City Upgrades; 25,000 Shekels] - Karaman and Bozan have grown large and prosperous. [3 Steel Mills; 7,500 Shekels] - Steel, for industry. [5 Heavy Industry; 37,500 Shekels] - More guns are needed. [10 Air Shipyards; 100,000 gold] - For too long has the Carnelian navy languished after the defeat at Kelkit. At last, the National Assembly commissions a massive rebuilding of the country’s industrial capacity, after a rousing speech by the nationalistic chancellor declares that they must “do the Sultan proud.” [Heavy Cruiser; 3ASP/12,000 Shekels] - A more heavily-armed ship finally rises from Carnelian foundries, awaiting a fleet to support. [100 Fighters; 2 AP/6,000 Shekels] - News of the Klendari buying large quantities of fighters, along with a desire to make full use of the new FFAR, motivate the purchase of a new wing of ScaF-10 fighters from Scarab. The company’s stock price skyrockets! [5,000 T3 Regular Infantry; 7,000 Shekels] - More recruits march off to the Kesun Line, ready to defend the Sultan from Klendari aggression. [Railroad; 20,000 Shekels] - A large sum of cash is directed to a quality rail line from Port Carnelian, which will at last link the east and west ends of the continent! [KESTREL; 10,000 Shekels] [Black Rain; 25,000 Shekels] [1,100 Shekels saved.] Science 1. Hossani-Bradford - MP87 Submachine Gun Hossani-Bradford continues work on what they think will be a revolution in assault weaponry! [1893 Estimate] 2. Black Rain - FUNDED; 30,000 GOLD 3. Akar Steelworks - Stronger Steel [1892 Estimate] Akar continues its work on new and improved steel alloys, and believes it has a promising track to a stronger metal.
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