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  1. The Ishikawa Shogunate Can’t write dialogue, I’ve got nothing ----------- Actions: [Hoor actions] - Miyata Aiko has spent the last few years entrenching herself within Eyowith, and watched with great interest as the republic has lashed out against various foes in the region. As a foreigner, she takes great care to surround herself with protection, largely discharged veterans from her dear colonel’s regiment. After all, who knows when the government may tire of her attempted meddling? The risk of such reprisals has never been higher, for in the year 880 a printing press arrives from an old friend on Awashima. In a city awash with hand-copied pamphlets, the hoor quickly puts the device to work drowning out other voices with her own newspaper, the Friend of the People. Articles in the paper, (penned by locals of course,) criticize at length the mass conscription of the populace and more importantly, the perceived lack of direction for the new republic. With this new outlet for her treasonous thoughts, the hoor then tries to convince many of her simps to stand for office in the next round of elections, while she herself serves as humble party secretary. The new Unionist party questions the pointless conscription of recent years which is now being used for useless forays beyond the republic’s borders: when does it end? Eyowith, they say, should seek to repair the empire under one of the Rellin brothers, with the republic as its largest and strongest elector. Of course, which brother exactly is left ambiguous, by Aiko’s design… [Trade Expansion] - Not wanting to repeat the failures of two years prior, the Ishikawa’s national trading company commissions a single keep on the river north. The area is better explored now, and they hope that establishing this base before going farther will allow for better supply lines. [OPERATION THIRD LEG] - secret [Shishima Siege] - Driven from the shores of Amarant by the risen Ghor, the remaining ~3300 Ishikawan troops dedicate themselves to tearing down the castle which still sits there defiant. With significantly more men to establish siege camp defenses and keep watch, their grip tightens over the hill. A choranic mage and two adepts still remain on the island, and their nova bolts tear at the enemy fortification...while someone keeps watch for dark magic tricks, of course. ----------- Expenditure: [Merc hiring; 96,000 Gold] - A vast sum is sent to the Choranics to buy soldiers. [3 harbors with mines; 45,000 Gold] - More shipyards. [10 Frigates; 32 SP/60,000 Gold] - The mightiest ships afloat! [1 Carrack; 3 SP/7,000 Gold] - Another ship for the home fleet. [500 T4 Vet 1 Wokou; 1 AP/10,000 Gold] - The shogun recruits more pirates to serve in his merry band. [Keep; 2 AP/10,000 Gold] - Trade expansion, see above. [Trebuchet; 2 AP/15,000 gold] - Greater siege ability is direly needed, and the shogun orders a new engine to be disassembled and shipped to parts unknown. [Adept; 10,000 Gold] - Another officer from Seishima! [NEW NEW NEW] [Alchemy research w/ Eric; fire-resistant wood - 20,000 Gold] - In the wake of the Hall of Runes shifting its services to the Choranics, the Ishikawa turn their patronage to the hall of alchemy for another naval project. Most anti-ship weaponry today rely on fires to sink the enemy, for without a largebrained idea like repulsor bolts there is little a ballista can do to destroy a large vessel. Knowing the alchemists ability to permanently alter material properties, the Shogun sets them to work toward designing a new treatment process to make lumber resistant to fire. If his new ships could be made to resist the most common naval tactic, it would give him a significant advantage! [Boat fee to Brandon; 1,000 gold] [OPERATION THIRD LEG - 20,000 Gold] [3,117 gold saved]
  2. The Ishikawa Shogunate Give me that city :reee: ----------- Actions: nah ----------- Expenditure: [Merc hiring; 121,500 Gold] - A vast sum is sent to the Chicahtoc to buy soldiers. [Harbor with mine; 15,000 Gold] - Another harbor and mine. [8 Frigates; 32 SP/48,000 Gold] - The mightiest ships afloat! [3 Carracks; 9 SP/21,000 Gold] - Another ship for the home fleet. [94 T6 Equipped Vet 1 Awashima Samurai; 4 AP/ 32,000 Gold] - Unparalleled warriors of the blade, the noble sons of Awashima are finally summoned to the fight. The Maeyan blacksmith makes for them the finest armor, the sharpest swords, and their steel is lacquered by the most skilled of craftsmen until they are glorious to look upon, individual tributes to the Eternal’s glory! [1500 T4 Vet 1 Medium Cavalry; 3 AP/31,500 Gold] - Cav [Adept; 10,000 Gold] - A new officer fresh from Seishima! [2,381 Gold saved.]
  3. The Ishikawa Shogunate Driven from the shores of Amarant! It is with a heavy heart that Katsumi reports his failure to his lord and master, who is greatly displeased. It is the Shogunate’s Choranic allies who have taken the greatest losses, but Ishikawan pride and prestige has been greatly harmed. The lord Kais Ishikawa makes it clear that another failure will not be tolerated. That said, Katsumi has saved his command - the only other option to lead land forces is Tanji Masayoshi, a man known primarily for the indecisive debacle on the Perasmani home island. Tanji insists he is being mistreated, but the bad taste of the campaign seems to remain in the Shogun’s mouth. The humiliation does spur significantly increased recruitment on Awashima, but the focus never truly shifts away from shipbuilding. After all, the sea is the best friend of the Ishikawa, and it pays to look after one’s friends. ----------- Actions: As the outraged Amarantic Dominion continues to oppose his occupation of Shishima, Katsumi puts his blockade plan into effect. Through a combination of close blockades and piracy, the eastern fleet seeks to shut down sea trade to and from Amarant, as well as being a general annoyance to the mainlanders. Meanwhile the admiral nurses his wounded pride by recalling his glorious victories at sea. ----------- Expenditure: [8 Frigates; 32 SP/48,000 Gold] - The mightiest ships afloat! [1 Carrack; 3 SP/7,000 Gold] - Another ship for the home fleet. [94 T6 Equipped Vet 1 Awashima Samurai; 4 AP/ 32,000 Gold] - Unparalleled warriors of the blade, the noble sons of Awashima are finally summoned to the fight. The Maeyan blacksmith makes for them the finest armor, the sharpest swords, and their steel is lacquered by the most skilled of craftsmen until they are glorious to look upon, individual tributes to the Eternal’s glory! [250 T4 Vet 1 Heavy Infantry; 2 AP/12,000 Gold] - Poor performance by the Shogun’s pirates and mercenaries in the recent campaign underscores the need for a strong regular army. As such, a small quantity of capable fighters is raised and trained, to support the elite spearhead of the Shogun’s forces. [500 T4 Vet 1 Medium Cavalry; 1 AP/10,500 Gold] - Furthermore, capable scouts are needed who can actually fight. The next horsemen to leave Awashima will be far better armed and armored. [Adept; 10,000 Gold] - A new officer fresh from Seishima! [Koho Guns (879) - 20,000 gold] [To Hell; 33,000 gold] [Repulsor Bolts (880)] [136 Gold saved.]
  4. The Ishikawa Shogunate :idk: ----------- Actions: The CHAD Ishikawa CONTINUE their campaign! Why stop when you’re WINNING?! ----------- Expenditure: [6 Frigates; 24 SP/36,000 Gold] - The MIGHTY ships of Awashima, sent to reinforce Katsumi’s fleet! [2 Carracks; 6 SP/14,000 Gold] - Heavier ships to guard the home islands. [94 T6 Equipped Vet 1 Awashima Samurai; 4 AP/ 32,000 Gold] - Unparalleled warriors of the blade, the noble sons of Awashima are finally summoned to the fight. The Maeyan blacksmith makes for them the finest armor, the sharpest swords, and their steel is lacquered by the most skilled of craftsmen until they are glorious to look upon, individual tributes to the Eternal’s glory! [500 Veteran T4 Wokou; 1 AP/10,000 Gold] - Pirates, the dregs of society, used to fighting at sea and on land. [Adept; 10,000 Gold] - Replacing losses. [RESEARCH] - [Repulsor Bolts; 20,000 Gold] - The Shogun welcomes Habû, Aspirant of Runemancy of the 3rd Ascent to his court from the towers of Samalstraza, and happily grants his patronage! The Samalstrazi advisor shall be tasked to work just across the street from the Shogun’s prized blacksmith, and shall design runic constructs as the Shogun requests. A most pleasing arrangement, particularly for the Ishikawa. The first task assigned to this clever man is a new variety of ballista bolt, for the Shogun is desperate to make these weapons less underwhelming. He has heard reports of runemancy being used to create strong forcefields, and wonders whether a simple metal projectile could be enchanted to violently release one. In concept, such a bolt would be fired, stick in its target as normal, and then release its charged forcefield, thus blasting away its surroundings. The potential to create hull breaches in enemy ships is tempting, not to mention other applications... . [Koho Guns (879) - 20,000 gold] [3,475 Gold saved.]
  5. The Ishikawa Shogunate In a solemn ceremony, 94 men come before Kais Ishikawa. 94 old Atemic coins are presented to him, then returned. 94 swords are given, made with the finest workmanship in the world, passed to those who have spent their whole life training. The shogun insists that he has plans for these men, and though they struggle to keep their faces serious, they are eager. Awashima’s finest have not had a true battle in a long, long time. ----------- Actions: A vibe check - Discord. Trade Expansion - Two of the new trade outposts are established in the far frontier, where the Perasmani have only recently tread. ----------- Expenditure: [6 Frigates; 24 SP/36,000 Gold] - The MIGHTY ships of Awashima! [94 T6 Equipped Vet 1 Awashima Samurai; 4 AP/ 32,000 Gold] - Unparalleled warriors of the blade, the noble sons of Awashima are finally summoned to the fight. The Maeyan blacksmith makes for them the finest armor, the sharpest swords, and their steel is lacquered by the most skilled of craftsmen until they are glorious to look upon, individual tributes to the Eternal’s glory. They will go forth again. [Veterancy; 10,000 gold] - The shogun trains his mercenaries to Ishikawa standards. [T4 Equipment, 5 units worth; 15,000 Gold] - The shogun upgrades all of his infantry to T4. . [MIGHTY RESEARCH] [Koho Guns - 20,000 gold] - Unavailability of munitions is a difficult problem, but these rocks may still be useful. If single crystals could be used at a time to fire at short range, a small version of the previous cannon designs may be effective against enemy soldiers. The shogun tasks his engineers with designing this smaller infantry weapon, to be mounted on tripods or the gunwales of ships with two gunners. The shogun suggests making the weapon easy to replace given the corrosive nature of the explosions, or otherwise to make it out of regenerating ironleaf. He also asks his engineers if in their expert opinions a larger version could be viable with regenerating ironleaf and approximately four times the Quaerite supply. :ragie: [408 Gold saved.]
  6. The Ishikawa Shogunate It has been a long day ----------- Actions: A hoor - The ***** continues her lavish lifestyle in the republic, hosting parties several times a week with other people’s money. As usual, she plays up the accomplishments of her pathetic simp colonel that she might ride him farther up the ladder, so to speak. A raid - Commodore Musashi, favored of the Shogun for bringing so many riches home, is ordered to sail for the coast of Ascalon, where the pathetic mainlanders have dared refuse his merchants. With six frigates, two adepts and 1375 Wokou (1250 T1 vet, 125 T2 vet), he is to burn and steal everything of value from coastal settlements, steal coastal shipping and generally be a massive pain in the ass. His raids often approach under cover of mist and are gone before significant resistance can show itself. ----------- Expenditure: [5 Frigates; 20 SP/30,000 Gold] - The MIGHTY ships of Awashima! [1 Carracks; 2 SP/7,000 Gold] - Slower ships, but still mighty. [Blacksmith hiring; 30,000 Gold] - The shogun hires the legendary blacksmith, expecting nothing but the best. [MIGHTY RESEARCH] [CANNONS :chad::chad::chad: - 20,000 gold] - The explosive POWER of Qaeurdite presents an opportunity, for the Shogun’s fleet must now fight entirely with magic and ballistae. But if heavier projectiles could be thrown, perhaps with the power of bundled-up qaeurdite crystals, his ships could be made far more deadly. As a TEST of his new expensive smith’s ability, the lord Kais Ishikawa assigns him under his engineers, and directs them to build something capable of safely containing and directing the explosion. Surely one of his talents should have no problems correctly working the metal…. [8,323 Gold saved.]
  7. The Ishikawa Shogunate Triumphant soldiers marched through the streets, and the ***** watched them as she wrote. In a small notebook beside her she had two lists of names - on the left, her friends, those who granted her favors, those who would do anything for her mere smile. On the right, the suspicious, the idealists, the obnoxious boors. She was composing a letter to Eyowith’s press for publication, a letter that would be signed simply as a concerned citizen. Aiko was not a citizen, but given that this, like most of her flyers, was to be anonymous, she saw nothing wrong with stretching the truth. However she signed it, the letter would be read throughout the city - they always were, once a few street rats were paid to distribute them. The ***** had high hopes for this one though, with such a title as “TRAITORS and SPIES in our VERY CITY - ROOT OUT THE SCUM OF THE EARTH!” The letter only got more bellicose from there. The truth, Aiko thought as she slandered a major who had once declined an invitation to dinner, was that too much notice had been taken of her presence. Yes, the city needed a shakeup, she thought as she praised Colonel Bruhn’s execution of a lieutenant who had refused to commit burglary for her. She glanced at the list on her right, and continued writing: “and what of Senator Blucher, who FLED when the pretender approached and hid where else, but Weitersburg! Weitersburg, where even now AETON’S OGRES rest unmolested! Beware, dear brave reader, of those who would subvert our revolution from the inside!” She smiled as a plan formed before her, but stopped herself from writing what she truly wanted. There would always be time for that later. For now, she had to see if it stuck. The rest of the letter was more of the same: belligerent speculation about a conspiracy between Aeton and the eastern electors, supported by treacherous weak politicians whose names conspicuously appeared in the ridiculous flyer. For a moment, she considered throwing Clade Rellin in the mix, but again stopped herself. The emperor’s oldest son was still in need of support, after all, and if there were a chance….well, best not to think about that just yet. She was finished before the parade even passed her by, and she passed it to a servant to begin copying. She looked to the sun, and saw it was nearly four o’clock. There would be guests to welcome soon, food to be served, favors to be asked. The day’s work was over, but the evening’s was just beginning. ----------- Actions: A hoor - Miyata Aiko continues to play her now-established part in the new republic, though whether for good or evil remains to be seen. Her vicious rumors go to work among the populace, laying low those who are suspicious of her and raising up those in her thrall. The effort is not wasted, for her days are spent drumming up support for a campaign to the east, to put down an anti-republican conspiracy. Naturally, she and her proxies want Yannik Bruhns to lead it. An offer - The shogun’s servants reach the Maeyan blacksmith, promising gold....mountains of it. No less than 20,000 coins shall be his if he pledges himself to the Eternal’s chosen, and a yearly salary of 5,000 more. The shogun demands only that he bow…. Trade Expansion - Having taken their rightful control over Perasmani trade routes, the Ishikawa now expand their interests, forming a robust system of supply lines that extends from Kuroshima to the very frontier. (3 Trade outposts) Circles - Existing enclaves; squares - new trade claims. Note second TO in Fydor! ----------- Expenditure: [3 Frigates; 12 SP/18,000 Gold] - The MIGHTY ships of Awashima! [2 Carracks; 6 SP/14,000 Gold] - Slower ships, but still mighty. [Boom Rock Mine; 15,000 Gold] - Seeing great potential in the resource, the natives of Kuroshima set to work safely extracting as many of the crystals as possible. Every aspect of them sounds useful to the Shogun’s generals…. [3,808 Gold saved.]
  8. The Ishikawa Shogunate Theme of Commodore Musashi mercilessly ravaging the Crimson Order: ----------- Actions: An exciting time in Eyowith. Aiko eagerly puts down her roots, learning the ways of this new state and manipulating those around her with expert cunning. For Colonel Bruhns there is benefit in his misfortune, for as the war goes on, the ***** seeds rumors of his skill and valor throughout the city, blowing any small victory far out of proportion. At the same time, she keeps a close eye on her new catch, and often tries to coax out less-than-public information about the war... ----------- Expenditure: [4 Frigates; 24,000 Gold/16 SP] - Frigoids. [Adept; 10,000 Gold] - Adeptoid. [MOD][Boom Rocks Research; 20,000 Gold] - Now that more resources are available, the Shogun orders that his engineers begin investigating the explosive minerals found on Kuroshima. An extensive study of their properties must be undertaken...if they can actually be dug from the ground! [Heavy Industry with mine; 12,500 Gold] - More military infrastructure is built with discretionary funds. [9,367 Gold saved.]
  9. The Ishikawa Shogunate From the window of a nondescript carriage, dark eyes watched the road ahead. They needn’t have bothered - few wanted to take this route these days. In the distance, a small keep sat on a hill, and the smoke of campfires was all around it. Levies being raised. Best to stay clear. The carriage was bound west, crossing the border into the shattered Orevian empire. Its passenger had obtained it just the day before, freely given by some pathetic lord who thought he was being chivalrous. It was a waste of money, of course - the passenger could have easily bought one herself, and she had already forgotten the man’s name. With a shudder, the coach reached a fork in the road and turned to the south, away from the keep in the distance. No one stopped it, not guards and certainly not tax collectors. Soon enough the lines would be drawn, and borders would become more hazardous places, but not now. Now the chaos had the whole empire drowning in confusion. The passenger drew her gaze away from the window, knowing she was safe for now. Eyowith, she thought. That would be best for her. In Eyowith the weight of tradition was weakest, the rule of law most malleable. At the very least there would be wealth to be made there, but more than that, passions were always highest at the start of such an enterprise. Passion, the passenger found, always seemed to work in her favor. A shadow fell over the coach as the sun dipped below a mountain, and still the horses trotted onwards. Soon enough the chance would be lost, like a delicious pear rotting in the sun. The coach would not stop, and the passenger rested happily, knowing Eyowith would soon enough be at her feet. ----------- Actions: The *****, Miyata Aiko, rears her head once more. This time her claws reach for the shattered empire, where the times are desperate and the men weak as ever. In the city of Eyowith she hires a house and wastes no time in gathering her usual crowd of simps, for in war there’s opportunity, and the ***** of Akita looks forward to a diverting few years at least. ----------- Expenditure: [Heavy Industry with mine; 12,500 Gold] - The shogun requires land forces, and orders his men to see to it. [4,312 Gold saved.]
  10. The Ishikawa Shogunate busy lmao write me a modpost wagie ----------- Actions: Discord ----------- Expenditure: [4 Frigates; 16 SP/24,000 Gold] - The shogun is not willing to let his shipbuilders rest, and orders the usual production from his harbor. [Trade outposts; 30,000 Gold] - Per the terms of the shogun’s peace, the Ishikawa purchase two ceded trade outposts from their old rivals, one in their capital and one in the cradle. [5 Civilian Industry; 37,500 Gold] - Akita begins to recover from the war. [2787 Gold Saved.]
  11. The Ishikawa Shogunate I will return to RP when the devlet is destroyed. :alexrage: ----------- Actions: Discord obviously, I’m at war ----------- Expenditure: [2 Frigates; 8 SP/12,000 Gold] - hunt down the cheesemen! Drive them from the waves! [1 Carrack; 3 SP/7,000 Gold] - smash the cheesemen! Break their bones! [2 Adepts; 20,000 Gold] - burn the cheesemen! Fry their flesh! [5 Shipyards with mines; 75,000 Gold] - outcompete the cheesemen! Bury them! [291 Gold Saved.]
  12. The Ishikawa Shogunate In Akita, a much-publicized duel is held between Commander Onishi of the shogun’s navy and a particularly rude Perasmani prisoner. Besides smelling terrible, the captured sailor takes every opportunity to insult his rightful overlords and to proclaim his combat prowess. Yet Onishi soon puts this to the test! It soon becomes clear that the prisoner, like all Perasmani, is all bluster. In the first ten seconds of the fight, Onishi expertly evades his clumsy attacks, hacks off both hands, and burns him to a crisp with a powerful blast of fire. It is generally agreed on Awashima that if all cheesemen are like this, the war will not last much longer. ----------- Actions: Discord obviously, I’m at war ----------- Expenditure: [Payment to a friend; 3,000 Gold] - :neet: [2 Frigates; 12,000 Gold / 8 SP] - :neet: :neet: [3 Adepts; 30,000 Gold] - :neet: :neet: :neet: [4 Harbors with mines; 60,000 Gold] - :neet: :neet: :neet: :neet: [93 gold saved]
  13. The Ishikawa Shogunate In Akita harbor the enemy floats, and the trade which makes the shogun so rich is stifled. But the sacred mission is not so easily forgotten! As the cowardly enemy refuses to land and face their superiors, a great battle takes place in the harbor itself, and they limp home in fear. The war will be won, and the question is simply when. ----------- Actions: Discord obviously, I’m at war ----------- Expenditure: [3 Harbors with Mines; 45,000 Gold] - If this war is to go on much longer, the shogun will need to replace his losses. [1 Frigate; 4 SP/6,000 Gold] - With one of the shogun’s deadly warships confined to drydock, another takes to the seas to replace it. [RESEARCH - ACTIVE - HEAVY INFANTRY - 13 Gold] - The shogun commissions his smiths to perfect their techniques for a better-equipped army. [0 Gold Saved]
  14. The Ishikawa Shogunate I have a headache and will do more RP when we’re on the regular schedule. ----------- Actions: Having been forced back by several indecisive actions, the Ishikawa frigates now patrol the seas around the home islands, with slightly adjusted complements. Regrettably, the shogunate’s raids must cease for the time being. ----------- Expenditure: [2 Harbors with Mines; 30,000 Gold] - If this war is to go on much longer, the shogun will need to replace his losses. [1,500 Vet 1 Light Cavalry; 22,500 Gold] - In an effort to ensure the defense of the home islands, the shogun raises a large force of experienced horsemen. [Veteran 1; 2,000 Gold] - The last of the wokou are trained to veteran status. [38 Gold Saved]
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