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  1. Name: Thomas Pryce Age: 25 Gender: Male Description [The more you give, the more you get]: Short, pale and moody, Thomas spends his days struggling to push through an oppressive cloud of melancholy. He came to this awful city for work and for now, that offers him some distraction – but the adjustment hasn’t been easy. Thomas stands at a pathetic 5’6”, but by this point he’s beyond caring about it much. Women have never noticed him, they probably never will, and he’s accepted that. The best thing to do is to avoid them altogether before he starts wanting what he can’t have. Tom privately estimates he hasn’t spoken to a woman in over six months. To be honest, he doesn’t talk to that many men either. The one bright spot in Tom’s life is his work, which he throws himself into with little thought to much else. He’s a spook, an FBI analyst monitoring terrorist threats in New York state. In this at least, he excels. Thomas has always been frighteningly intelligent, and he has a knack for picking out important details that others might miss. What’s more, he legitimately believes in the work. The idea of hunting the country’s enemies, perhaps of outmaneuvering and beating them, makes him feel valuable. It makes him feel alive. It distracts him from how shitty his life has become. Backstory [The more you give, the more you get]: Thomas John Pryce was born on the superior west coast, in San Diego. His childhood was happy enough: the Pryce family is a large, loving, stable one, and he was always provided for. He grew up happy, always a great student, always with plenty of freedom. His parents were fairly well-off, and when his idyllic childhood was over they sent him to college within the state. He kept his old friends there: many had gone to the same school, and so he was never at risk of falling too deep into his work. Deeply patriotic, Tom wanted to serve his country, and as he was too short for the military he figured that meant internal security. As he approached graduation he asked his family to call in contacts with the FBI, and soon was hired as an investigator. Unfortunately, Thomas failed to realize that the federal government largely operates on the east coast. Before he could contemplate his decision, he found himself posted to New York, and found that he hated it. As the months dragged by, the novelty wore off, and he became sick of it all. Sick of the annoying, pompous people who lived out here, sick of how they wore suits everywhere, sick of how the sun set on the wrong side of the ocean, sick of everyone he ever knew being thousands of miles away. New York City was awful. The buildings just rose up and up boxing him in, and what’s more, everyone he met seemed just as annoyed at the world as he was. Tom just worked. It was what he came here for, after all. By now, Thomas is in permanent danger of becoming a permanently bitter man. His relationship with his family and friends back home is slowly withering, while he’s not truly close to anyone out here. Still, leaving is out of the question. He’s spent three years here already, after all. He might be promoted soon. He has commitments. No. He’ll keep on like this as long as it takes. Maybe things will get better.
  2. Kingdom of Orteau “My son...I fear that in my absence, matters of state have become very unstable indeed. Return to Kaumai at once.” That was the entirety of the dispatch. Alain’s father had never been one to explain himself, for it was enough that his orders were obeyed. In this case, he hadn’t needed to. News from the capital spread quickly when it foretold war, and not for centuries had there been a war such as this. By the time Alain arrived in the capital, the rebels had already fired the first shot and the galaxy was aflame. Yet the sight hovering above Kaumai would put even the most doubtful loyalist at ease. Battlefleet Reclamation, Ashweather called it. On the domed walls of the titan’s bridge he could see it all: warships teeming amongst the stars, rising from their dusty anchorages with united purpose. Organized and directed by the Tanu Kavan, there was enough firepower here to burn whole systems to the ground. And he, Alain Teniert, would go along with it in the largest battleship known to the galaxy. Through the bridge rang the call for identification, the naval broadcast demanding the new arrival’s name. By his side, Alain’s admiral picked up the ship’s transmitter and offered it to the young prince, that he might have the honor. Alain paused, taken aback by the sheer enormity of where he was. Then he spoke. “This is the fleet of House Teniert reporting for duty. Direct orders to our flagship, Heaven’s Hammer.” Actions - 10,366 136,500 Credits in Budget after tax [45,000 credits loaned to brandon] [10k credits to rob for food] [7,500 C + 2 M + 1E + 2 AP] - A unit of heavy infantry is mustered, loyal knights of Orteau to serve the Tenierts in their expeditions. [2,500 C + 2 M + 1 AP] - 100,000 commoners are organized for war. [15,000 C + 3 B] - Three units of fuel production industry are built on Kerbonn. (22H) [10,000 C + 4 B] - Four great warehouses are built on Prizac (24H), to hold the Tenierts’ goods. [7,500C + 3M + 3NP] - Three freighters are constructed. [25,000 C] - As the fleet prepares to move out, Lord Teniert summons the world-lord of Tremet, Admiral Sher-Uman, faithful servant of Orteau, to lead his ships. [11 luxury goods, 1E, 3P, 2F stored] 14,000 Credits Remaining Actions - 10,367 430,825 C available [100,000 C ] REDACTED [25,000 C] - As ground troops muster on Orteau, Lord Ashweather calls up the service of one Conrad Lekal, the world-lord of Prizac. Lekal is to serve as general in the coming campaign. [22,500 C, 6 B] - 3 Armories on Prizac. [40,000 C + 8B] -8 black goods on Leroux [7,500C+1E+2M+2AP]-A unit of heavy infantry [2,500 C + 2 M + 1 AP] - 100,000 commoners are organized for war. [17,500C+7M+7NP] - Seven freighters are built for logistics purposes. [7500C+3B]-3 warehouses on kerbonn [20,000C+4B]-2 shipyards around Locronan 188,325 C Left over Shipments 16 Luxury goods are “exported” to planets within Orteau itself, for a profit of 2750 each. 6 Food is imported from Alamar, for free. 9 M is exported to Revan for free.
  3. Kingdom of Orteau One of House Teniert’s most closely-guarded secrets is how many adjudicators they keep in their service. Nobody truly knows how much they cost, and such is the wealth of Orteau’s rulers that guesses range from thousands of the agents to mere dozens. The Tenierts have encouraged this sense of mystery: news stories are pulled whenever one shows himself, and they are said to mix the spies as sleepers into their regular organization. The people of Orteau are kept guessing lest they learn the truth: there are less than twenty adjudicators left in the ruling house’s service. Such is the grip the house has over their people that they have come to fear their own secret ministry more than rivals or revolutionaries, and so the force has withered to a tiny group, small enough that the head of house can know and manage them all individually. In this way, the line has been safe from all threats for centuries. Of course, galactic ambition requires some risks. In the year 10,364 Lord Adrien Teniert, acting ruler of Orteau, orders his brother Alain to begin overseeing a bold expansion of the secret ministry’s militant wing. No fewer than five thousand new adjudicators have been commissioned, to be recruited not on the basis of skill or strength, but loyalty alone. The augmentations will deal with the rest. The process takes place, as always, in absolute secrecy. In bunkers deep below Keep Teniert each recruit is all but flayed alive, their skin peeled back and their skulls pried apart, every inch of their body exposed and molded to their masters’ liking. In doing this, Adrien has broken nearly a century of precedent - adjudicators are killers, disturbingly good at getting themselves closer to a man than his bodyguards. His father never liked to have too many around, and neither did his grandfather for that matter. But the galaxy is a vast place, and Orteau has made itself significantly more visible in recent years. In a world where threats no longer come from within, perhaps muscle isn’t such a bad thing to have. Actions - 10,363 - Famine accepted 92,200 Credits in Treasury :wagie: [10,000 C + 1 B] - An imperial embassy is built on Locronan, so that guests from the core may join in the sport on the Teniert hunting preserve. [10,000 C + 4 M + 4 NP] - Four freighters are laid down for shipping operations. [5,000 C + 1 B] - Heavy industry is built on Prizac (24H), to produce components for the kingdom. [7,500 C + 2 B] - An armory is also built on Prizac, to speed recruitment on that world. 59,700 Credits left over Actions - 10,364 213,700 Credits in Budget [5000 C] - Buying food from Rob. [25,000 C] - Buying 4 freighters from Hell [120,000 C] - A vast sum of cash makes its way to Matene through various proxy accounts. [1200 C] - Extra freighters are hired from Hyperborea, just in case. [10,000 C + 2 M + 1 E] - 5,000 Adjudicators are created in secret on Orteau, that they might serve the interests of House Teniert. [15,000 C + 6M + 6NP] - 6 freighters are produced to bypass the m*rchants. [35,000C + 7B] - 7 Luxury Industry is built on Tremet. (23H). The fine wines and much sought-after livestock of the planet will no doubt be welcomed in the outer rim. 2,500 Credits saved Shipments 10 Food is transported on 10 freighters from Rob’s nation to Orteau, for a price of 5000 C. 4 luxury goods are transported on 4 freighters to zone 7, where they will be sold at 4000 C each.
  4. Kingdom of Orteau KEEP TENIERT, ORTEAU SYSTEM, ORTEAU Blain stood quietly in an alcove as his prince was married. Music thrummed through the air, a cacophony of grandiose notes which filled the Teniert ballroom and made the glass shake in the great vaulted ceiling. As duties to his masters went, this wasn’t the worst. As the most senior of their security he’d get the blame if anything went wrong, but it would take some nerve to try something here, in the very seat of Teniert power, surrounded by nobles and officers from a dozen systems. No, all Blain would have to do tonight would be to watch. And watch he did. He watched the beautiful new princess, Lady Annabella Dryden, as she walked to her fiancee escorted by her brother. He watched the younger Lord Teniert, Alain, already two cups deep and cracking jokes to an even drunker naval captain and his pretty date. He watched the world-lords of Orteau, stoically arrayed in a line behind the prince. Why hadn’t Lord Ashweather come? It was none of Blain’s business. He watched. He watched the musicians, watched the priests, watched the servants and the guests. He watched the youngest Teniert, Anna. That was all he ever did now. He hadn’t spoken to her in years, but he knew her better than most. With his augmentations he could see her face, but it was unreadable. What was she feeling? Had her thoughts of him changed? The last time they’d been together, she’d stopped hoping that she would get a day like this. But Anna was never one to let her own sadness get in the way of others happiness. Nobody would know how she felt, not unless they asked. Blain suspected nobody did anymore. With a snort, he turned away. On Orteau, one remembered one’s place or ended up in the gutter. He knew his. He was a tool, a knife fashioned to kill, and he had been fashioned well. The sooner he fully accepted that, the easier his life would be. So Blain stood quietly, and watched. It wasn’t as if he could do anything else. Actions 195,800 Credits in Treasury [800 Credits to Rob] [41,200 Credits to Hell] - rent and construction of freighters [35,000 Credits to Tank] - construction of 7 freighters [3 NP, 3 M, 7500 C] - Construction of 3 freighters [2 B, 20,000 C] - Construction of two shipyards around Locronan. (21H) [4 B, 20,000 C] - The craftsmen of Orteau expand their business, creating more jewelry and fine clockwork on the capital. (4 luxury industry on Orteau, 25H) [70,000 C] - Adrien Teniert, house heir and acting ruler of Orteau, finally enters into matrimony. In an exceedingly-public wedding, Adrien marries Annabella Dryden in the center of Teniert power. Every noble family of consequence within Orteau and most from the surrounding provinces are invited, and the Teniert brothers go to special effort to ensure proper accommodations and high-class companionship for Admiral Rewi and his staff. The wedding itself takes place on the top floor of Keep Teniert, the vast skyscraper home of Orteau’s rulers. Naturally no expense is spared, and the ceremony is both preceded and followed by a massive reception spanning from garden balconies to a cavernous dining room, where guests are served intricately-prepared meals of pastry, meat and fruit, liberally interspersed with full chalices of wine. In the lower levels, the traditional beggar’s feast is possibly more extravagant, for here the Tenierts serve the exact same fare the nobles enjoy to a horde of commoners. For a brief time a procession of noblewomen visits these levels to dance with the peasants, but they of course leave before the gathering descends into complete drunkenness. At the end of the evening, each guest is permitted to leave with a single bottle of their choice plucked directly from the massive Teniert wine cellar. Each guest, that is, except for one... [1,300 Credits to Treasury] Shipments 4 Freighters carry 4 units of food from Rob’s nation to Orteau. :ragie:
  5. Kingdom of Orteau KEEP GARDRE, LEROUX SYSTEM, ORTEAU Blain was late. It had taken him a month to bribe himself into House Gardre’s staff, when it should have taken a week. The lords of Leroux had built a surprisingly airtight operation, with loyal servants and an efficient government. Too efficient. Nevertheless, most planetary lords held gatherings on their birthdays, and for that they always needed more servants, many of whom would be unbranded, as Blain was. He’d slipped in amongst the ushers, and now led lords and ladies to a great set of double doors on the top floor of House Gardre’s skyscraper palace. Somewhere past those doors was his prey. Embezzlement was a remarkably mundane thing to die for. Lord Teniert had seemed utterly bored when he’d given Blain his assignment. It wasn’t the sort of thing that impressed the royals - money meant little to them, and status was everything. Blain on the other hand had been impressed. Even for something as boring as credits, Lord Gardre had acted masterfully. He’d hidden where royal investment in the planet had gone, taken most of the profits himself, and written down any losses to merchant tricks, knowing his lord’s prejudices. Where the Inner Ministry had audited, Gardre had been there first, and he had bribed every official sent to investigate. ...but everyone knew you couldn’t bribe an adjudicator. Blain made his move. Breaking off from the group of ushers, he reached the ballroom door before anyone thought to stop him. Then he raised a foot, and with a cybernetic-aided kick, smashed open the thick wooden door. The room on the other side froze. Leroux noblemen stood in shock, their wives and mistresses cringed back. Guards at the room’s edges looked at each other in confusion. “LORD GARDRE,” Blain bellowed, not waiting for a reaction. “YOU HAVE BEEN SENTENCED.” To his credit, Gardre understood what Blain was immediately. The middle-aged lord ran. That left his son, who stood dumbfounded in the middle of the room. He had been looking at a decorational statue. Blain didn’t hesitate: his enhanced legs drove him forward at inhuman speed, and before the young lord could react the adjudicator was on him. His hand closed around the man’s neck, crushing the windpipe, and Blain threw the lifeless young man to the ground. Lords and ladies scattered. That was a problem. Once the room cleared the guards would be able to use handguns, and Blain’s advantage would become significantly less overwhelming. He dashed toward where the old man had escaped, bowling guests over along the way. The guards had woken up - three of them already blocked the door with arcblades in hand. Nevertheless, they’d be too slow. They always were. Blain was on the first guard before they expected him, his running pace far faster than an ordinary human. This one he tripped, swinging an ankle around to sweep the man’s legs from under him. Then he was on to the next, who swung his arcblade feebly. Blain caught the man’s wrist and twisted, drawing a horrified scream from the guard as his hand was virtually ripped off. He let the man fall to his knees and caught his weapon in midair, barely in time to dodge the third guard’s attack. Even so, the attacker’s arcblade dug into his side and he winced. Adjudicator cybernetics would stem the bleeding and do what they could to repair the wound, but they would do nothing for the pain. House Teniert wanted their servants to stay wary. The adjudicator didn’t stop, savagely swinging his new arcblade at the man who’d drawn blood. The weapon cleaved the guard in two. The other two were still on the ground, one disoriented and one in agony. Blain left them there. He sprinted down Lord Gardre’s hallway, and the blade in his hand cut down anyone who blocked his way in the narrow passage. One guard had a gun out, a wicked-looking rifle with a huge drum magazine. He died before he could use it, and Blain slung the weapon over his shoulder even as he ran past. The elder lord Gardre was alone. Blain found him on a balcony, desperately signalling for one of his transports. The guards were gone, having stayed behind in a futile attempt to slow Blain down. He stopped, throwing his arcblade to the side as he hoisted the rifle. Gardre turned, shocked. Even for an adjudicator, Blain had made it here quickly. “I’m sure you knew the risks.” Blain said quietly. His masters always liked to express disappointment with their wayward servants, rather than simply anger. He often wondered why it mattered, if they were just going to be killed anyway. The rifle kicked against his shoulder, and lord Gardre crumpled, blown off his feet. The lord’s blood pooled and ran off the side of the skyscraper. Blain didn’t spend too long looking at the corpse. The sound of more guards behind him told him the fight wasn’t over. But when they arrived, they just stared. Gardre’s men looked at their dead master and at the tall man who had killed him, and just stood there. One or two raised weapons, but the adjudicator’s gaze made them think better of it. Blain sighed, and walked to one of the more scared-looking men, a badly-chosen officer. “House Aime rules Leroux now. You will gather Lord Gardre’s records and send them to their keep. Remember the law.” Then he pushed past the men, the wound in his side no longer bleeding but still paining him. Sloppy work. Next time would have no such errors. “Don’t make me come back here,” he grunted, and walked back the way he had arrived. No one stopped him. Actions 222,000 Credits in Treasury [18,500 Credits to Universal Shipping.] [6000 Credits to Mith.] [2400 credits to Qahtan] [5000 Credits to Maru Parata] [Net 9300 Credits to Lord Elfering] [30,000 Credits to Oberstein] [1200 Credits to the Magister Militant] [20,000 Credits to the Vernazza Family] [15,000 C, 4 B] - Two major armories are built on the planet Prizac (24H) [40,000 Credits, 8 B] - Major shipyard expansion takes place in the asteroid fields around Locronan, the Teniert hunting preserve. (21H) [74,600 Credits to Treasury] Shipments 10 Freighters carry 10 units of food from Rob’s nation to Orteau. 12 Freighters carry 12 units of food from Qahtan to the fleet. 3 Freighters carry 3 units of food from Tank to Orteau. 2 Freighters carry 2 B from Brandon to Orteau. 2 Freighters carry 2 B from Oberstein to Orteau. 8 Freighters carry 8 M to aid the Kavan Te’s efforts. 4 Freighters carry 4 P to a fleet of the Kavan Te’s choosing.
  6. Kingdom of Orteau Alain jumped from the hovering shuttle, pulling on a brown woolen coat as he landed on Locronan’s windswept surface. Even on a hunt, he wore the long coattails of Orteau noblemen. There were guests around, after all. One had to play one’s role. His brother Adrien was next, stepping out of the shuttle less energetically as it touched the ground. Handing Alain a rifle, he pointed downhill, where a forest was sheltered in a wide canyon. Locronan was a hunting preserve, the personal property of House Teniert and stocked with all manner of game. In that glade, there was supposedly a particularly large herd. “Lady Dryden, eh?” Alain smiled at his brother as they walked down, outpacing their companions - some lesser nobility, others just wealthy commoners. “So father says. She’s not bad looking.” “What’s her name?” “Annabella.” “Well, that’s going to get damn confusing.” Alain shook his head, slowing for a moment. “You think he did it on purpose?” Adrien opened his mouth to speak, but sighed instead and kept walking. “He probably never even thought about it. You know how he is.” Alain growled in annoyance, jumping off a low rock ledge into the outer trees. “Poor Anna.” Adrien said nothing, so he continued. “It’ll be nice having you in charge.” “Don’t think you can just slack off,” Adrien brightened up a bit. “That way,” he pointed into the trees. “What on earth do you mean?” Alain followed, peering into the forest for game. He found them not deep inside, dressed in rags and tending a small village. “All I have to do is get drunk with the right people.” “That was all you had to do.” Adrien hid behind a large pine. “I’m not going to do all my work and all of father’s while you keep hosting the parties.” He peered around. “First shot’s yours.” Alain obliged, kneeling and firing at the closest alien. It screamed as it fell, and a smaller one ran toward the corpse in a panic, yelling some kind of gobbledigook in a panicked tone. “Just don’t give me a damn desk,” he chuckled, shooting again. “It wouldn’t suit you.” Adrien joined in, as did the guests trailing them. His brother’s wasn’t the only life that would be changing, he thought to himself. He’d be married and running a kingdom soon. These sorts of trips were going to become quite a bit more rare, and father would surely have very little tolerance for bad news from home. Still, for now he was having quite a fine day indeed. Actions 144,000 Credits in Treasury [15,000 Credits, 3 B] - To support a campaign of infrastructure expansion, three units of heavy industry are built, one on the planet Taizon (13H) and two on the planet Pregnin. (17H) [15,000 Credits] - A large sum of cash is transferred to the western sheriffs, to support their efforts on the frontier. [10,000 Credits] - A similarly large sum is sent to Lord Elfering, as part of an ongoing business deal. [5,000 Credits] - The agreed sum is transferred to Universal Shipping. [5,000 Credits] - Payment for crops is sent to Maru Parata. [50,000 Credits (Half from Will)] - Away from home but unwilling to abandon his lavish noble lifestyle, Lord Teniert purchases the finest accommodation on the imperial palace moon and begins to hold parties there and in the residences of fellow Noble Alliance members. All senators and their families are welcome, with the exception of the Merc*ntilists. Teniert draws in guests with notable Kaumai performers, the skills of his cook from home and the fine wine produced on Orteau, and tries to cultivate an atmosphere where matters of state can be discussed casually...and under his watchful gaze. All such gatherings conform to aristocratic values, for Teniert will not hesitate to eject anyone who engages in what he would consider rude debauchery. He also sees such events as an opportunity to improve the general reputation of members of his bloc, such as Botelli and particularly the humiliated Dryden. (PM me when you read this) [69,000 Credits to Treasury.] Shipments 10 Freighters carry 10 units of food from Rob’s nation to Orteau.
  7. Application: The Kingdom of Orteau Starting Systems: 24H, 25H, 23H, 22H, 21H, 20H, 18H, 17H, 14H, 13H Point Distributions (21 Total): Loyalty: 5 – The Tenierts have over time secured absolute rule over their territory, with Orteau’s bureaucracy fully under their control. There are no major challenges to Lord Teniert’s authority. Influence: 6 – As one of the major aristocratic houses of the core, the Tenierts are seen and heard often in the capital. This has given them some not-insignificant amount of leverage in political affairs. Military: 0 Leadership: 0 Infrastructure: 10 – Orteau has been stable imperial space for many centuries. It is well-developed and prosperous. Your Stellarch (Their name + Personal backstory): Lord Ashweather Teniert, King and Stellarch of Orteau: Ashweather Teniert is a man thoroughly convinced that he deserves everything he has. Having come to power at age fifteen upon the death of his ancient uncle, his forty-year reign has proven unabashedly conservative. Perhaps that is an understatement: Ashweather’s first years in power were spent doing everything he could to distinguish his aristocratic friends and family from the commoners which unfortunately infest every social strata these days. A lengthy list of privileges now awaits any child born to the Orteau nobility, and Ashweather has seen to it that such distinguishments are clearly visible, even going so far as to dictate which clothes the common man is allowed to wear. Beside such eccentric priorities, Lord Teniert remains ruthlessly efficient: Orteau is an absolute monarchy in every sense of the word. While of course imperial authority is present, the Tenierts maintain an unquestioned hold on the province by simply being better than any bureaucrat who arrives from Kaumai. The Inner Ministry handles everything from policing to law to notarizing contracts, and Lord Ashweather hungrily oversees it all, zealously guarding his power. Recently though, the King of Orteau has found merely stewarding his province less satisfying. Outside his borders, the empire rots. Surely if anyone is needed in the capital right now, it is a man like he. Additional Characters?: Lord Adrien Teniert, Prince of Orteau Adrien Teniert can have no expectation of taking the throne soon, what with the lifespans of humanity these days. Nevertheless, his always-domineering father has seen to it that Lord Adrien is educated in their government’s functions. Forced through a rigorous lifelong schedule of aristocratic parties and bureaucratic training, Adrien has become a capable if somewhat submissive man. With his father soon leaving for the capital, he may soon have his first taste of true authority, but Ashweather has made certain arrangements before his departure which could upset his life. Lord Alain Teniert The younger of Ashweather’s two sons, Lord Alain’s biggest flaw is a lack of work. Much to his brother’s chagrin, Alain has scraped by without drawing most of their father’s ire, and is significantly more popular among the family’s friends. This in itself makes him useful to the Stellarch: while Adrien is called upon for rigorous organizational work, Alain merely has to play politics once in a while for his father. He considers himself to have gotten the better deal, and performs his family duty with enthusiasm. Lady Annabelle Teniert The youngest and easily the plainest of the siblings, Annabelle is a kind and likeable person, but due to her....condition, she cannot be expected to marry well in the future. Lord Ashweather considers her to have been a waste of nine months, and tries to forget her existence whenever possible. Her brothers however are fiercely devoted to her, and often try to introduce her to their friends, albeit with little success. Provincial Culture: The province of Orteau, based around the urban planet Orteau, has always sat at the very center of human civilization. Though governments, like imperial authority, have waxed and waned, a common theme in the region has always been the prevalence of powerful hereditary dynasties. These nobles guard their bloodlines rigorously, and will go to great lengths to distinguish themselves from the rest of the population – particularly when, as is the case now, many commoners have achieved great wealth in the province. In times of uncertainty, the aristocracy clashes like anywhere else, but so close to the center of human power this rarely takes the form of military action. Instead, the nobles of Orteau have a long and proud tradition of subterfuge. The practice is so well known that it has inspired figures of speech: “as sweet as Orteau” is universally understood to mean that one is impeccably polite yet dangerously treacherous. In recent centuries, noble tradition has become law, and the power structure in the province has solidified under a single powerful house. But that is not to say that the other houses have gone away – there are dozens of them, officially recognized by Lord Teniert, and they constantly maneuver for position, both against each other and against the merchants who increasing encroach on Orteau’s wealth. Human Variants?: *spit* Unique Military Units (Two): Teniert Adjudicator – Special Infantry, small units The secret police, bodyguards, assassins and spies of House Teniert are inconspicuous, their appearance normal at first glance. This is by design: it is, after all, often infeasible to march a group of soldiers in power armor into a building, but a few suited colleagues will usually go unnoticed. Under the skin, however, House Teniert enhances their men with the finest cybernetics in the empire. Built for close combat, often unarmed, an Adjudicator is faster than a regular man, with superior flexibility and balance, and with medical implants that can keep him fighting even when badly injured. Above all they are inhumanly strong, and for a non-augmented human to fight one in hand-to-hand combat is almost always suicidal. With proper training, an Adjudicator can become a wonderfully subtle weapon, and the Tenierts use them extensively, quietly spread throughout their organization. Rarely talked about, often feared, they are the weaponized arm of Orteau’s nobility, and Lord Ashweather will never quite say how many he has. The Unseen – Psychics In years past, psychics lived throughout the empire, their traditions well-known, their abilities commonplace. Even then, the psychics of Orteau were notable. Centuries of subterfuge taught the nobles the value of such individuals, and they documented their abilities, their training regimes, and their greatest feats. The best were known as Unseen: psychics so skilled at bending the minds of others that they could appear however they wished to, convince the most hostile of enemies to open their doors, or simply turn a crowd’s attention elsewhere. They were the ultimate spies, clever and mighty, and the galaxy learned to be wary when one was known to be near. Today of course, such individuals are far more rare. Yet the records and traditions of Orteau still sit in the Teniert library, rigorously studied. When a psychic does appear, he or she does not lack for training opportunities. As a result, the psychics of the Teniert realm are exceptional illusionists, and even the weakest of them is skilled in the art of disguise and influence. They are the Unseen, and even today they are some of the best spies known to man. Pick a number between 1-10: 10 :chad:
  8. The Ishikawa Shogunate I might actually add something here tomorrow, I’ll be in the car all day and there’s actually something going on….so maybe. ----------- Actions: [Troop Movements] – Replacing the Choranic carracks with frigates, the Ishikawa move their army off Shishima and towards a far more juicy target. [Cradle Settlement] - Having given the previous outpost some time to become established, the final jewel of the Shogunate’s cradle trade empire is set in place. Along the river in the very northernmost reaches, a final keep is constructed that the Shogun may fully extract his due. ----------- Expenditure: [4 Harbors with mines; 60,000 Gold] - More ships... [12 Frigates; 48 SP/72,000 Gold] - The mightiest ships afloat! [1 Cog; 1 SP/3,000 Gold] - A transport. [Keep; 2 AP/10,000 Gold] - Cradle! [94 Veteran T6 Awashima Samurai; 4 AP/32,000 Gold] - The Maeyan blacksmith continues to produce the finest armor for the finest of soldiers. [250 Veteran T4 Heavy Infantry; 2 AP/12,000 Gold] - Heavily armored soldiers, wielding the deadly naginata! :chad: [2 Adepts; 20,000 Gold] - Yet another officer from Seishima. [NEW NEW NEW- Crossbows; 15,000 Gold] - With his nearly-limitless funds, the shogun hires craftsmen to teach his men the ways of the crossbow. No doubt the device will be useful. [Fire resistant wood; 20,000 Gold] - Due 884. [Greater Mist T4 Spell; 20,000 Gold] - Due 887. [Treated Lenses (Alchemy)] - Due 886. [3,012 Gold Remaining]
  9. The Ishikawa Shogunate Something is brewing on Awashima. Security has been tightened around the palace, and the Shogun summons his minions with greater urgency than before. For what, nobody can say. ----------- Actions: [Hoor actions] - Aiko doubles down! War is useless without purpose, and the senators have forgotten theirs! The Friend of the People repeats its treason, twisting every questionable speech or tyrannical act into an outrage, broadcast across the city to create resentment in the population. If the senators were truly acting in the people’s interests, would they have any need to arrest simple journalists? Certainly not! The Unionist party actively continues to organize under the Hoor’s humble suggestions, arguing publicly that both Rellin brothers are desperate and can be negotiated with. [Shishima] - Once the siege ramp is complete, the occupying force launches a full assault on the castle. 4250 Vet T4 mediums attack up the ramp intent on crossing the collapsed portion of wall. They are supported by two Choranic adepts to counter dark magic and clear the ramparts of defenders, while the Choranic mage leads 200 Vet T6 Samurai up the narrow stairs to break through the gatehouse. All three casters wear mastercrafted Meterite armor. [Blockade] - Though Katsumi has been redeployed north to deal with the Zeb threat, pressure must still be placed on Amarant. The 13 frigates of Musashi’s secondary fleet are sent south, where they reestablish their patrol routes around Amarant to choke out the Dominion’s sea trade once more. [Maeya] - The frigate Kaga sails south from Shishima to make contact with the people known as the Maeya, and to see how they have been faring the wake of Zeb incursions. The ship is also to bring back a report on their culture and estimated strength. Maeya is, after all, a strategic position... ----------- Expenditure: [11 Frigates; 44 SP/66,000 Gold] - The mightiest ships afloat! [1 Cog; 1 SP/3,000 Gold] - A transport. [94 Veteran T6 Awashima Samurai; 4 AP/32,000 Gold] - The Maeyan blacksmith continues to produce the finest armor for the finest of soldiers. [Mercenary hiring from Hell; 2 AP/ 21,000 Gold] - 1000 Vet T4 medium cavalry. [500 Veteran T4 Wokou; 1 AP/ 10,000 Gold] - More pirates! [Fire resistant wood; 20,000 Gold] - Due 884. [Letricium Study; 20,000 Gold (10k from Quack)] - A complete study of Letricium’s physical properties is ordered after the alchemists’ analysis. Solid knowledge will be needed if more research is to come. [NEW NEW NEW - Greater Mist T4 Spell; 20,000 Gold] - The most accomplished monks of Seishima, those who tend to the Carnelian Temple, are rarely seen off of their sacred island. They are free to contemplate their place in the world and train others, for the Shogun does not often call on them. Yet he calls on them now: something has awoken Lord Ishikawa’s urgency, and his request is quite specific. The elemental mages of Seishima set themselves to work on a new spell, one which covers the land for miles around the caster with a constant fog. It is intended to be sustainable, normally a thick yet not unnatural-seeming mist capable of obscuring a small armies size and movements. Should the caster wish to exert more energy, however, he can thicken the mist for a time such that none within it can see more than even a few feet. Naturally, such a broad manipulation of the weather affects everyone equally, and must be used with care. [NEW NEW NEW - Treated Lenses (Alchemy); 20,000 Gold] - Some purpose has taken the Shogun, for no sooner have the orders been delivered to Seishima than he calls his Samalstrazi alchemists to the palace. They too are to meet with the mages, and devise the manner in which the new spell will be nullified. Through alchemical treatment of simple glass disks, soldiers will be able to see through effects such as fog and magical darkness, picking out solid objects and people in the murk. Such technology is not intended for the entire army, but should be simple enough that a solid fighting force can be assembled without too much trouble. [2,338 Gold Remaining]
  10. The Ishikawa Shogunate Can’t write dialogue, I’ve got nothing ----------- Actions: [Hoor actions] - Miyata Aiko has spent the last few years entrenching herself within Eyowith, and watched with great interest as the republic has lashed out against various foes in the region. As a foreigner, she takes great care to surround herself with protection, largely discharged veterans from her dear colonel’s regiment. After all, who knows when the government may tire of her attempted meddling? The risk of such reprisals has never been higher, for in the year 880 a printing press arrives from an old friend on Awashima. In a city awash with hand-copied pamphlets, the hoor quickly puts the device to work drowning out other voices with her own newspaper, the Friend of the People. Articles in the paper, (penned by locals of course,) criticize at length the mass conscription of the populace and more importantly, the perceived lack of direction for the new republic. With this new outlet for her treasonous thoughts, the hoor then tries to convince many of her simps to stand for office in the next round of elections, while she herself serves as humble party secretary. The new Unionist party questions the pointless conscription of recent years which is now being used for useless forays beyond the republic’s borders: when does it end? Eyowith, they say, should seek to repair the empire under one of the Rellin brothers, with the republic as its largest and strongest elector. Of course, which brother exactly is left ambiguous, by Aiko’s design… [Trade Expansion] - Not wanting to repeat the failures of two years prior, the Ishikawa’s national trading company commissions a single keep on the river north. The area is better explored now, and they hope that establishing this base before going farther will allow for better supply lines. [OPERATION THIRD LEG] - secret [Shishima Siege] - Driven from the shores of Amarant by the risen Ghor, the remaining ~3300 Ishikawan troops dedicate themselves to tearing down the castle which still sits there defiant. With significantly more men to establish siege camp defenses and keep watch, their grip tightens over the hill. A choranic mage and two adepts still remain on the island, and their nova bolts tear at the enemy fortification...while someone keeps watch for dark magic tricks, of course. ----------- Expenditure: [Merc hiring; 96,000 Gold] - A vast sum is sent to the Choranics to buy soldiers. [3 harbors with mines; 45,000 Gold] - More shipyards. [10 Frigates; 32 SP/60,000 Gold] - The mightiest ships afloat! [1 Carrack; 3 SP/7,000 Gold] - Another ship for the home fleet. [500 T4 Vet 1 Wokou; 1 AP/10,000 Gold] - The shogun recruits more pirates to serve in his merry band. [Keep; 2 AP/10,000 Gold] - Trade expansion, see above. [Trebuchet; 2 AP/15,000 gold] - Greater siege ability is direly needed, and the shogun orders a new engine to be disassembled and shipped to parts unknown. [Adept; 10,000 Gold] - Another officer from Seishima! [NEW NEW NEW] [Alchemy research w/ Eric; fire-resistant wood - 20,000 Gold] - In the wake of the Hall of Runes shifting its services to the Choranics, the Ishikawa turn their patronage to the hall of alchemy for another naval project. Most anti-ship weaponry today rely on fires to sink the enemy, for without a largebrained idea like repulsor bolts there is little a ballista can do to destroy a large vessel. Knowing the alchemists ability to permanently alter material properties, the Shogun sets them to work toward designing a new treatment process to make lumber resistant to fire. If his new ships could be made to resist the most common naval tactic, it would give him a significant advantage! [Boat fee to Brandon; 1,000 gold] [OPERATION THIRD LEG - 20,000 Gold] [3,117 gold saved]
  11. The Ishikawa Shogunate Give me that city :reee: ----------- Actions: nah ----------- Expenditure: [Merc hiring; 121,500 Gold] - A vast sum is sent to the Chicahtoc to buy soldiers. [Harbor with mine; 15,000 Gold] - Another harbor and mine. [8 Frigates; 32 SP/48,000 Gold] - The mightiest ships afloat! [3 Carracks; 9 SP/21,000 Gold] - Another ship for the home fleet. [94 T6 Equipped Vet 1 Awashima Samurai; 4 AP/ 32,000 Gold] - Unparalleled warriors of the blade, the noble sons of Awashima are finally summoned to the fight. The Maeyan blacksmith makes for them the finest armor, the sharpest swords, and their steel is lacquered by the most skilled of craftsmen until they are glorious to look upon, individual tributes to the Eternal’s glory! [1500 T4 Vet 1 Medium Cavalry; 3 AP/31,500 Gold] - Cav [Adept; 10,000 Gold] - A new officer fresh from Seishima! [2,381 Gold saved.]
  12. The Ishikawa Shogunate Driven from the shores of Amarant! It is with a heavy heart that Katsumi reports his failure to his lord and master, who is greatly displeased. It is the Shogunate’s Choranic allies who have taken the greatest losses, but Ishikawan pride and prestige has been greatly harmed. The lord Kais Ishikawa makes it clear that another failure will not be tolerated. That said, Katsumi has saved his command - the only other option to lead land forces is Tanji Masayoshi, a man known primarily for the indecisive debacle on the Perasmani home island. Tanji insists he is being mistreated, but the bad taste of the campaign seems to remain in the Shogun’s mouth. The humiliation does spur significantly increased recruitment on Awashima, but the focus never truly shifts away from shipbuilding. After all, the sea is the best friend of the Ishikawa, and it pays to look after one’s friends. ----------- Actions: As the outraged Amarantic Dominion continues to oppose his occupation of Shishima, Katsumi puts his blockade plan into effect. Through a combination of close blockades and piracy, the eastern fleet seeks to shut down sea trade to and from Amarant, as well as being a general annoyance to the mainlanders. Meanwhile the admiral nurses his wounded pride by recalling his glorious victories at sea. ----------- Expenditure: [8 Frigates; 32 SP/48,000 Gold] - The mightiest ships afloat! [1 Carrack; 3 SP/7,000 Gold] - Another ship for the home fleet. [94 T6 Equipped Vet 1 Awashima Samurai; 4 AP/ 32,000 Gold] - Unparalleled warriors of the blade, the noble sons of Awashima are finally summoned to the fight. The Maeyan blacksmith makes for them the finest armor, the sharpest swords, and their steel is lacquered by the most skilled of craftsmen until they are glorious to look upon, individual tributes to the Eternal’s glory! [250 T4 Vet 1 Heavy Infantry; 2 AP/12,000 Gold] - Poor performance by the Shogun’s pirates and mercenaries in the recent campaign underscores the need for a strong regular army. As such, a small quantity of capable fighters is raised and trained, to support the elite spearhead of the Shogun’s forces. [500 T4 Vet 1 Medium Cavalry; 1 AP/10,500 Gold] - Furthermore, capable scouts are needed who can actually fight. The next horsemen to leave Awashima will be far better armed and armored. [Adept; 10,000 Gold] - A new officer fresh from Seishima! [Koho Guns (879) - 20,000 gold] [To Hell; 33,000 gold] [Repulsor Bolts (880)] [136 Gold saved.]
  13. The Ishikawa Shogunate :idk: ----------- Actions: The CHAD Ishikawa CONTINUE their campaign! Why stop when you’re WINNING?! ----------- Expenditure: [6 Frigates; 24 SP/36,000 Gold] - The MIGHTY ships of Awashima, sent to reinforce Katsumi’s fleet! [2 Carracks; 6 SP/14,000 Gold] - Heavier ships to guard the home islands. [94 T6 Equipped Vet 1 Awashima Samurai; 4 AP/ 32,000 Gold] - Unparalleled warriors of the blade, the noble sons of Awashima are finally summoned to the fight. The Maeyan blacksmith makes for them the finest armor, the sharpest swords, and their steel is lacquered by the most skilled of craftsmen until they are glorious to look upon, individual tributes to the Eternal’s glory! [500 Veteran T4 Wokou; 1 AP/10,000 Gold] - Pirates, the dregs of society, used to fighting at sea and on land. [Adept; 10,000 Gold] - Replacing losses. [RESEARCH] - [Repulsor Bolts; 20,000 Gold] - The Shogun welcomes Habû, Aspirant of Runemancy of the 3rd Ascent to his court from the towers of Samalstraza, and happily grants his patronage! The Samalstrazi advisor shall be tasked to work just across the street from the Shogun’s prized blacksmith, and shall design runic constructs as the Shogun requests. A most pleasing arrangement, particularly for the Ishikawa. The first task assigned to this clever man is a new variety of ballista bolt, for the Shogun is desperate to make these weapons less underwhelming. He has heard reports of runemancy being used to create strong forcefields, and wonders whether a simple metal projectile could be enchanted to violently release one. In concept, such a bolt would be fired, stick in its target as normal, and then release its charged forcefield, thus blasting away its surroundings. The potential to create hull breaches in enemy ships is tempting, not to mention other applications... . [Koho Guns (879) - 20,000 gold] [3,475 Gold saved.]
  14. The Ishikawa Shogunate In a solemn ceremony, 94 men come before Kais Ishikawa. 94 old Atemic coins are presented to him, then returned. 94 swords are given, made with the finest workmanship in the world, passed to those who have spent their whole life training. The shogun insists that he has plans for these men, and though they struggle to keep their faces serious, they are eager. Awashima’s finest have not had a true battle in a long, long time. ----------- Actions: A vibe check - Discord. Trade Expansion - Two of the new trade outposts are established in the far frontier, where the Perasmani have only recently tread. ----------- Expenditure: [6 Frigates; 24 SP/36,000 Gold] - The MIGHTY ships of Awashima! [94 T6 Equipped Vet 1 Awashima Samurai; 4 AP/ 32,000 Gold] - Unparalleled warriors of the blade, the noble sons of Awashima are finally summoned to the fight. The Maeyan blacksmith makes for them the finest armor, the sharpest swords, and their steel is lacquered by the most skilled of craftsmen until they are glorious to look upon, individual tributes to the Eternal’s glory. They will go forth again. [Veterancy; 10,000 gold] - The shogun trains his mercenaries to Ishikawa standards. [T4 Equipment, 5 units worth; 15,000 Gold] - The shogun upgrades all of his infantry to T4. . [MIGHTY RESEARCH] [Koho Guns - 20,000 gold] - Unavailability of munitions is a difficult problem, but these rocks may still be useful. If single crystals could be used at a time to fire at short range, a small version of the previous cannon designs may be effective against enemy soldiers. The shogun tasks his engineers with designing this smaller infantry weapon, to be mounted on tripods or the gunwales of ships with two gunners. The shogun suggests making the weapon easy to replace given the corrosive nature of the explosions, or otherwise to make it out of regenerating ironleaf. He also asks his engineers if in their expert opinions a larger version could be viable with regenerating ironleaf and approximately four times the Quaerite supply. :ragie: [408 Gold saved.]
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