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  1. Although I have no intention of joining this guild I have to compliment, this sounds like its going to turn out successful
  2. Sounds like its gonna turn out successful
  3. MC Name- NinjaDude787 Role Playing Name- Annatar Istar What are your major skills- I'm very good at MC combat and archery but due to this servers level system I'm not exactly the best swordsman for I just started a month and a half ago. ( my swords levels 37). I'm also quite hard working when I'm active and try to achive my goals as quick and as best as I can. I am quite skilled in agility as well as I like to take risks and have a bit of adventure. What role do I want to take up in the guild- Protecter/Knight for I want to gain honour, glory and fame for this guild. What other guilds/orders are you in?- None Why do you think you deserve to be part of this guild and what can you bring us?- I don't have much valuables to offer but will gladely share when I can as well as I am quite trust-worthy if I don't say so myself. I also try to do as much help as possible if I'm available.
  4. MC Name: NinjaDude787 Role Playing Name: Annatar Istar General Area/Time Zone: Perth, Australia Screenshot of your skin: It doesn't seem to be working... heres a link to it http://www.minecraftskins.info/img_garen.png Bio: Annatar's mother died when he was born which left his father a great warrior to raise him. Annatar didn't do too good in his studies and only knew how to read and write. As soon as Annatar turned 8 years of age his father straight away started teaching him the ways of the swordsmen. It didn't take long for Annatar to become very skilled in it. When Annatar was 18 years old he and his father went to travel to Malinor to trade. On the way they were attacked by 6 bandits, Annatar manage to knock out one which was quite good for his age while his father dealt with the rest. Little did Annatar's father know there was a 7th bandit. The bandit swiftly stabbed Annatars father on the back and in return Annatar's father threw his sword killing the bandit as well. Annatar's father was burried in Malinor. An elderly elven man took Annatar in and taught Annatar out to use the bow and he became quite skilled in archery. Many years of training has past, Annatar is now 35 years of age and wanders the land of Aegis helping people out. (That was a brief summary due to it being quite long) Any special skill you poccess: I'm good at MC combat as well as archery but due to the level system on this server I'm not exactly the best but still quite good. My swordsman level isn't that high its around the 40's. Screenshots of MC buildings: I don't go on singleplayer that much so I don't exactly have any epic buildings there but I did make lots of epic buildings on this one server though I didn't take any screenshots of them and they made a new map for the server. RP experience: I've played and watched alot of RP stuff and played lots of RP games for a couple of years now (about 8). Other guilds I'm part of: None
  5. So theres the silverblade which is the family the main dudes (correct me if I'm wrong) so the undying knights is the guild? besides the standard knight stuff what else do the undying knights do? If they do anything else besides the average knight group.
  6. Good luck I think your guild will be a sucess
  7. Accepted You seem to be a noble dwarf it will be a pleasure to have you aboard. (we've so far got 2 humans including me an orc and 2 dwarves but no elves?!?!)
  8. What about friday night (my time cause I play alot then)
  9. I was thinking about your mage idea but are they're really mages in LOTC I saw on LOTC wiki there was magic but it was still in alpha and wasn't good and besides isn't ascended the magical race? They should fit the job of the mage perfectly if not better.
  10. Halfings? They don't like to travel. (read the subraces on LOTC wiki)
  11. Accepted although since you live in the US and I live in Australia, midnight at your place is miday at my place so is that ok?
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