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  1. [Denied]yekim7 gm app

    +1 fam
  2. Horen Levied Bannermen

    -OOC- MC name: JackABeano Will you be active?: Yes Do you have Skype/TS?: Both If you have Skype, PM or post with app: -IC- Name: 'Tibs' Age: 130 Gender: Male Other Guilds/Orders/Groups affiliated with: N/A I 'Tibs' swear my sword and loyalty to the Horen Levy, and the Lord of the Horen Dynasty until he release me from my oath, or death takes me. God as my witness.
  3. [Recruiting] The Black Hand

    OOC: MCname: JackABeano Skype Name: Thork Has it.(MrJakKiD) Villian Application Link: http://www.lordofthecraft.net/topic/75769-pre-purge-1-va-for-tiberius/?hl=jackabeano and evils accepted: Accepted for 1a/2a Timezone: GMT IC : Race: Elf. Name: Tiberius Age: 180 Gender: Male. A brief description of yourself: Tiberius, goes mainly by ‘Tibs’ is a highly loyal individual to the few he respects. Witty and silver tongued he is very quick to turn what seems to be a bad situation on its head, giving him a favourable stance over the enemy. He takes pride in his trickery. He prefers stealthy, clean assasinations, leaving the fear to linger for days within townsfolk. He is an opportunist, striking when he feels the time is right and prefers to be calculated and well red up on what the plan of attack is Magic posession? No yes or no
  4. yhyh yekkid, u jackd up on 'dem roidz.. u r gud irl fyt man. yh bbz xo I no beet u up.

  5. Ily tibby bbz xoxoxoxoxo xx plz dun fite mi irl i seen how much jackd u r and it am not guud plz dun fite beet up sam cus he am greesi

  6. fyt me... yhyh, fanx m8

  7. HEY Monkay... Newb :3

  8. [Mercenary Guild/Assassin Guild] The Scyllans

    ~*~IC~*~ Name: Tiberius Abdiel Skills: Highly skilled Swordsman and Farmer along with Archery, Swordsmanship and archery have been an obligatory weapons specialism, Farming is a little hobby of mine. Previous loyalties and experience: Trusted member of the Blackwood legion, and when that folded, I joined up with my associates and we made our money through banditry and what-not, be it stealing or murder. Anything else?: Blood for coin is my thing, I am a trustworthy fellow, sure to deliver. ~*~OOC~*~ IGN: JackABeano Skype: jbrownicle Does your character have a VA or are you willing to write one?: Accepted for 1 and 2a >1 Here< >2a Here< Do you understand that we are a mature and exclusive villain group and that although we are mercenaries, we put strong roleplay ahead of items. Failing to provide strong roleplay or inappropriate conduct which includes breaking of the rules and excessive trolling will mean that you will be removed from our guild: Yes, completely, Items are not a priority, I joined the guild to spruce up my Villainous RP and really put my VA to work. I will try my best to make the RP extensive and fun for both parties involved.
  9. Timmmmmmmmaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayayyyyyyyyyyyyguuurrlll!!!!!

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  11. [Accepted]Zezimus's GM Application

    +1 from me. Zezimus is a really helpful member in the community and has done excellent work and he can deal with responsibilities because it shows from his time on the VAT.
  12. Chuckaboo's Second Ts Ban Appeal

    I like Chuck, He's a funny guy. I support!