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  1. So I tried working through this with Llir last night but I had to log off due to the time. My account for some reason doesn't receive benefits from voting. I believe Llir came to the conclusion that it's something wrong my guy in game, not between the websites and LoTC, as he tried to add votes artificially but my account did not register them.
  2. MC Name - Jtheo2016 Character Name - Sentoric Profession - Chef Profession Level - Adequate Combat Or Magic Training - Combat Skype Username - stealersfan1997
  3. Bro, I have to ask a question that I have been wondering for a while. On you old character Brittle, where did you get the idea for the mask? It reminds me of something.

  4. OOC Minecraft Name: Jtheo2016 Timezone: EST Skype: stealersfan1997 Anything you'd like us to know?: I will be online fairly irregularly; I have an incredibly busy schedule this year. IC Name: Theopold Adelban Age: 23 Race: Human Gender: Male Alignments: None Skills: Aspiring Farmer, Chef (however, I do require further training in these areas), and swordsman. Anything you'd like us to know?: I earned my experience in battle through guarding a major city, thus my tactical skills are limited. Additionally, a run in with a goblin left me without one of my eyes, thus I still need to adjust to my craft.
  5. ((I'm not insulting his roleplay capabilities; I've never roleplayed with him and thus cannot judge him. However there are already quite a few pirate factions and he does not seem to have put much thought into his post. His post was very quickly hashed out and lacks important detail. And if he can garner support, great for him, but both his last post for the same guild and this post have lacked detail and care and failed to garner any form of support. I am not putting him down, I am pointing out that it might not be a good idea for him to start a guild without enough thought. For example, he could've just edited his previous post which had plenty of applicants, but instead made a brand new post and didn't even think of a name for this new pirate guild.))
  6. ((How long have you been here? The lack of detail put into the guild seems to suggest you don't know how guild pages work and how thorough they are, so it's safe to assume you're pretty new.))
  7. ((Perhaps it would be wise to merge with another pirate guild rather than create another one. You seem new to the server and sometimes it's better to get a feel for the server before creating a group.))
  8. In Character Name: Cilren Bandel Age: 18 Race: Human What are your professions and talents?: I am not a strong fighter or archer, though I can manage to wield both effectively, and I have no training in magic (though I'd desire it later on). I have been described as "a book worm" and am eager to learn. At the moment, I have few skills regarding combat however I am a skilled farmer and logician. I have thoroughly studied architecture and the workings of the human body. Previous military experience: None Do you agree to follow the Oath of Allegiance?: Yes Out of Character MC Name: Jtheo2016 Do you have skype? (Not Required): yes, stealersfan1997 Do you have teamspeak? (Not Required): yes
  9. It's already been accepted lore. This is just the event introducing them. And while I respect your opinion, maybe don't always share opinions like that, as to be honest, somewhat hurts feelings when someone has worked really hard on a project that is well liked by others just to hear, "I don't find this feasible/interesting. . ."
  10. Could I please get a decision on this from the ET or some sort of notification as to what's going on? It's been a bit longer than three weeks. . .
  11. It will begin with RP between Yellow Eyes and all the allies of the Seeker and the Stranger above ground. From there, Yellow Eyes will retreat back into the cave while his soldiers spew up. It will be everyone vs. the event team I suppose.
  12. Disclaimer: Note that this event is only for implementation’s sake; the lore for the Arscimali was accepted long ago and was generally well accepted by the community. The event planners and main characters would like to discuss details over Skype and would appreciate if you could add us on Skype where we’d have a specific group chat. Event Planners MC Names: Beast720, Jtheo2016, Gwonam_Blaze Skype Names: beast720onlotc, stealersfan1997, gwonam_blaze Event Type/Info: Introduction of the Arscimali; combat oriented Event Date: To be determined based on when it would be most effective. Factions/Nations effected by the event: Introduction of a new being/creature (everyone is affected). Anyone willing to fight will be brought into the battle against the crazed Arscimali. Event Location: To be determined. Summary: Link to Lore for more information: http://www.lordofthecraft.net/topic/93901-lore-magic-complete-the-arscimali/?hl=arscimali The Arscimali have been brought together by their leader Yellow Eyes. They will charge into the unknown land of Anthos seeking to take it over. Yellow eyes has taken it into his own hands to work to destroy those who lay above, and take the world for his own. A great battle will ensue as the Stranger and the Seeker will first work to recruit friends from other races. A great battle will ensue; though not as the Stranger and the Seeker previously thought. Enemies turn into friends regarding the once combating Stranger and Seeker. The Arscimali army lead by Yellow eyes will charge out of a hole in the ground. They will start to violently attack those around them, such as the other races of Humans, Dwarves, Orcs and Elves. The battle will ensue and the Arscimali army lead by Yellow Eyes will be defeated. Hiding in the tunnels, Yellow Eyes will reveal himself to the Stranger and Seeker alone and be destroyed by them. The Arscimali will then join together and be introduced into the world of Anthos. Concept Images/Screenshots The Stranger (Jtheo2016's Character) Other Information: Yellow eyes, the Seeker and the Stranger will all be played by those listed in the planners of the event. Preceding the event, the Seeker and Stranger will appear in certain parts of Anthos, attempting to recruit aid to their own side. Do you need the Event Team's assistance?: Yes, we will need them to be able to give off local broadcasts, build the initial hole and help us create a “dungeon” of sorts, as well as play the Arscimali in the battle. The main roles of Seeker (Gwonam_Blaze), Stranger (Jtheo2016), and Yellow Eyes (Beast720) will be kept to their respective players. Each of the main roles will be kept on a script that is to remain secretive until the end of the battle. If so, do you require actors and/or builders?: We require actors and potentially builders; we would like to help build/direct building ourselves if at all possible. Also, I'd like to request that we incorporate what was done with the original iron mines (walk into entrance, teleports you to different, larger location). This would make things easier to build and prevent meta-gaming.
  13. Faculty Application: Name: Redbain Adelban II Race: Human Gender: Male Age: 27 Subject you wish to teach: Culture of Anthos and Music Years of experience in that field of study: I have traveled for many a year, and have analyzed many cultures through both immersion and from listening to different members of each culture. I would estimate six full years of study. Reason you wish to teach at our College: To spread tolerance of cultures to the youth of Anthos. Faculty is paid 30 minas every three elven days. ((OOC)) Username: Jtheo2016 Skype Name: stealersfan1997
  14. The parrot must be getting tired with all the applicants, and it swoops in with a tired caw with the scroll in hand. It pecks at your eye after it drops the scroll, and simply flies off. "Ya' be accepted laddie! Come find me and me crew somewhere in Malinor. Chances are, we be der' must' of da' time."
  15. The infamous parrot that has already visited so many individuals regarding their applications once more flaps its wings through the brisk, crispy air of Anthos. A loud squawk overhead alerts you to the presence of the bird, just as it excretes feces, landing next to you, and dropping a scroll on top of your head. "Welcome to da' crew! Come meet me in Malinor and we can talk 'bout the crew. I'll hand ya' a map to where we been campin'. Gawd speed to ya'!"
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