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  1. Application: Mc Name- Ayede_Watcher Rp Name- Sir_Smuggalot Age- 25 Old Jobs and Work- I helped a Merchant try to establish a settlement Outside of Solace. Skills for odd jobs? (Mining/Lumberjacking/Etc)- I can Mine as well as skilled in Swordplay. Weapon of Choice and ye mastery with that? (Weapon Skill lvl)- I prefer a sword as that is what I was brought up to use. Why do ye wish to Join the Lances?- I wish to keep Oren safe and to please my father and his father as they were in the military way back when. I hope to achieve moral values of chivalry and Honor. I also hope to keep all of the Royal family Safe and Alive Do ye take the Oath-needed- Yes. I Sir_Smuggalot pledge my Weapon, my knowledge and life to the Knightly order of the Red Dragon. And Swear my allegiance to Emperor Godfrey Horen and His Line of Succession. I shall serve the King, Order and Oren with undying loyalty and will do all that I can to keep them from harm.I will always complete a quest given to me by my king, Knight and Kingdom. I swear to protect its people and to stay true to the order and obey its ways and laws.
  2. Another Beautiful Day in Aegis! XD

    1. everblue2er101


      You should come to Asulon instead.

    2. Braxis


      I do not think Aegis Looks all that Great with Ibless running around :c

    3. Smuggalot (Ayede_Watcher)

      Smuggalot (Ayede_Watcher)

      I meant Asulon. Aegis is just the place I mainly hear about here.

  3. dude it takes so long to get accepted

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