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  1. Forgot to put this on here earlier, but better late than never--


    Christ is Risen!

    Al-Masih Qaam!

    Christos Anesti!

  2. Toxicity is relative, I’d say. I’ve not been part of the community for many years, so it's hard for me to gauge a thing like that. That said, this server used to have some really loony people that, thankfully, are mostly gone--which, strikes me, can only represent an improvement. The zero tolerance policy for hacking in 2.0 was nutty. ? I applied in 2011 as an elf, and--for the most part--played elves until I left. My main, however, was a Dread Knight for the last 2-3 years I was an active member of the community. Yes, but not as a way to test the quality of their RP. It can be a good indicator of their age, their intellectual maturity, and their ability to write with at-least some dynamism. I was on the AT for a couple of years, definitely appreciated that part of the app. Sagwort. I was on the AT--not sure how that role has changed since I left. Shiftnative. Really cool dude. Managed the server really well. I don’t really know the different types, since they weren't things when I started playing here. I only encountered them on and off when they were introduced, since I never really played mages. That said--Monk Magic and Dread Knight blood runesmithing would be my top two magics. Honestly? I can’t remember any, it’s been waaaaaay too long. The Vaquixine thing, right around 1.0-2.0. Little bit of column A, little bit of column B. LoTC took up too much time and required way too much investment--intellectual, and emotional. It also gave me a place to explore my nascent interest in religion, creative writing, and public speaking (even if it was more ‘internet speaking’)! LoTC has always had people who spend almost every waking hour in its skeevy clutches (the harm). It’s also always had pockets of genuine community where people could come together and mess around (the benefit). Hope that answers your questions well enough!
  3. The brutal persecution of Japanese Christians by despots doesn’t make me particularly happy. The events the book/movie are based on are horrifying, by all accounts—forcing Christians to trample icons is evil. The Jesuits weren’t colonizers, they were evangelists, and evangelism isn’t automatically bad just because it’s WeSTeRN. Persecution and the systematic extermination of a minority aren’t somehow justified because that minority poses a threat to the status quo. Also, Peter Maurin would be my pick! Seeger would be up there too, though.
  4. You’ve got that right. Most useful thing I learned in HS English was the importance of sentence variety. ? On the second question, definitely P&P RP, preferably with a high fatality system like Dungeon Crawl Classics. On the third, I probably won’t be coming back any time soon--school and stuff. I can barely devote time to my IRL interests as-is. ? I was briefly a Kha when they first got introduced, don’t remember anything like that. I was also twelve/thirteen so that might’ve had something to do with my obliviousness. the mori on the other hand
  5. A bit toxic for a couple of years, got better, not sure how it is now! There’s only ever been a steady improvement in the quality of the RP on the server. If you compared a typical RP encounter in Aegis to one today, you’d be floored. Though he’s no longer with us, I always really appreciated what Watyll brought to the table--he was an irreplaceable asset to this community and a wonderful human being. I’d say I look up to him the most out of players past and present. May his memory be eternal.
  6. Definitely. That said, there’s space for flowery writing. The thing is, you can only locate that space after you’ve learned the basics--all writing should be clean, mean, and lean, unless you know what the hell you’re doing.
  7. I think a lot of the ‘in-game’ writing has dwindled in the last few years--though I have seen a few random libraries popping up on the new maps, which might throw a wrench in my analysis. Unless you’re the next James Joyce or Pynchon (and let’s be real if you’re on here you’re prolly not), you shouldn’t be maximalizing your prose. There’s a golden mean here, between the extremes of ‘you probably can’t even string four words together’ and ‘oh holy s--- this guy is writing an entire novel for his block man’. The mean is what people should aim for--the lesser is anorexia and the greater is morbid obesity.
  8. rude that’s a dread knight no leninism here Necessary for attracting new players? Maybe. Necessary in general? Nah. One of the best things about Aegis and Asulon was how free a lot of the role-play was, mechanically, stylistically, and architecturally (those cobblestone houses). That said, the Temple should always be a nice build--if only because it’s a sort of official staging ground.
  9. When all the evil/construct characters stormed the Druids at the behest of Watyll’s cult. My bard char. that got turned into a Dread Knight--longest I’ve ever spent on a single character. The Asulon CT! Also, the DK base from the fringe maps--all those random new players acting as slaves in the soulsand region. october is perfectly ancient ? When a first century Palestinian Jew was right where Plato and Aristotle were at best incomplete and at worst flat wrong, I’d agree. ? also tankie begone Tied 2.0 and 3.5. Deeply shook.
  10. Not really. I was twelve when I started playing on LoTC. I’ll be twenty in a couple months. I spent way too much of my adolescence here, yeah, but I met so many wonderful people---and that makes it all worthwhile, I think.
  11. 2.0. Especially early 2.0. I have so many fond memories of the Cloud Temple as a sort of ridiculous hub for melodramatic character based roleplay, the little makeshift settlements (Seventis and Ravenholm (a city made on an artificial island!) to mind) sprinkled around the map, the DnD rip-offs (cough Mori cough), the ridiculous scandals. It might not have been the most polished time in LoTC’s history, but there were was a lot of really wonderful enthusiasm on here in those days. It was almost magical (which is funny, since there was almost no magic to speak of early 2.0!).
  12. As subjective as this response might be, the ‘vibe’. LoTC 1.0-2.0 was much more relaxed. I think you can feel that pretty acutely if you look back at RP posts from Aegis and Asulon: a lot of the people who are, or were, pillars of the community (with respect to the quality of their storytelling) now were god-awful writers back then. Cliches from almost every medium imaginable popped up everywhere in those days. That said, the community was also really tight knit---when the whole thing with Vaquixine happened, I remember there being a real solidarity among the players here.
  13. I joined Oct. ‘11. I’ve been here since (almost eight years!). Not been active for the past few years, mind--high school, college, being a human, they take time away from blocky hi-jinks. Doubt I have many interesting anecdotes. Still. Shoot, if anyone has any questions. ?
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