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  1. Time passes by too quickly when you're having fun.

  2. Heyo folks! The crazy Armalunian is back! :3

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    2. Goliath
    3. JoakimVonAnka


      GOLIATH (dun eat me) AND SAMMY <3

    4. Goliath


      I'll try to avoid the temptation! ;-)

  3. Aw~ Thanks so much! I'm glad you enjoyed it~

    I've sent you a pm- I have a saved copy of Armaluna if you want it for yourself~

  4. It has really been my pleasure and honor to do so. It is a true masterpiece. I have spent hundreds of hours just exploring it and I keep getting surprised over new things (like the trapdoor on the small sideisland leading to a Netherrack covered room). I wish I would have gotten another few days with it before the server went down.

    Thank you for the masterpiece you and Griffith broug...

  5. Thanks, it's been great to be back! I see you've tried to keep Armaluna up in our absence. Sorry for leaving you with such a big task!

  6. Cuuuuuuuuuutieeee! :3

  7. Sounds reasonable. Thanks!

  8. I dun wanna limit. I don't see a problem with any age, or with a rather young Dryad. Same with older Dryads. Any Wood Elf player should have the option of shifting to Dryad roleplay whenever they want.

  9. Ever! Quick question about the Dryads. Is there any age limit on how young the Wood Elf could be when it transforms? I found it an interesting thought to perhaps roleplay a younger one.

  10. Snowing >.>

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    2. JoakimVonAnka


      Silly Dane. Sweden <3

    3. Oskar (Erien)

      Oskar (Erien)

      No! Denmark <3, Swedish sounds like a drunk dane talking with A's in the end of every word.

    4. aron.


      Silly europe. Canada had snow on halloween (atleast, where I am.)

  11. Yes, I hatched from my egg on this very day 15 years ago. Ginger people come from eggs, trufax.

  12. So.. I heard it was your hatching day today. Congratulations :3

  13. So.. the Urarararararara art shop of amazingness is gone?

    1. ~≈Panda≈~


      Panda's shop is still up.. ^_^..

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