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  1. When I donated, I was under the assumption I would be able to set up a shop... What happened to this feature?

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    2. Lykos


      I liked the last pluggin...

      I especially liked the /shop search [item] command.

    3. shiftnative


      It will return - minecraft breaks plugins constantly with their updates.

    4. 。◕‿‿◕。 Hawk Whitestorm

      。◕‿‿◕。 Hawk Whitestorm

      It kept despawning the items

  2. The current state of Salvus is grotesque. Run by a formal bunch of miscreants and vagabonds!!

    1. V0idsoldier


      huh? How original, a hater of Salvus.

  3. Well, i live in Skravia, and it's really fun here. But i might just go there one time.

  4. I just want to take a second to thank everyone who is part of this server and does everything in their power to make it a fun experience. Ive only been on for a week now and I can say its been a great time!!!!

    1. everblue2er101
    2. Eleatic


      :D As well, I am so happy you are enjoying it~! :3

    3. shiftnative
  5. Been going great!. Joined the nation of Seventus and King Renati's army. You should meet up at my tent in one of our war camps!

  6. Hey man how've you been doing?

  7. Hey man how've you been doing?

  8. Great things are happening in Seventis!

  9. Well ill be on tomorrow hope i can finally start then xD

  10. Alright so Its been a sold 45 mins since i donated. The website says it should take effect immediately. Could anyone who has donated in the past clarify this? How long does it usually take to receive your package.?

    1. Alan


      you have to claim it in game, via /buyclaim

    2. NekoDanie
    3. 。◕‿‿◕。 Hawk Whitestorm
  11. Ok so i just made a donation. Please tell me "Minecraft IGN" means your minecraft login name...

    1. Minst
    2. Minst
    3. brobeast78


      How long does it take to receive the package then?

  12. Ok can a kind lad please give me an example of what my screen should look like when im trying to input my register info when i first join the actual server for the first time. /register and then what? Its giving me problems.

    1. Eledyr


      /register character

      name race age gender

    2. Danny


      Do not put the {} or []

    3. Heunar


      What threw me off was that you needed the _ between the name.

  13. Ok so i'm freaking out. Two days ago my app was accepted but it still hasnt been implemented. Is this usual? Im not being impatient, im just worried that somehow my app has disappeared from the GM's view. I looked at a bunch of old implemented apps and they were usually implemented on the same day of acceptance or the day after. If anyone could shed some light on this matter, it would be greatly appreciated!

    1. Eledyr


      DO not worry, your app is still in the accepted forum I am sure that a GM will get to it soon.

      In the meantime perhaps you could do some forum rp'ing? I know that waiting can be annoying but it is worth it believe me

    2. brobeast78


      Yea i just got a message back from Thu'um as well reassuring me of my app's existence lol. Thanks though! And yes, thats a good idea. I will deff. do that.

  14. Im so excited I got accepted!! Cant wait to start RP'ing!!!

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    2. Thu'um


      I accepted you, welcome to LoTC. :)

    3. Ursolon


      Remember the rules!

    4. brobeast78


      @Ursolon, Ill make sure of it. Ive been watching the ban report boards and I've noticed a few people who havent lasted only but a few hours after they got accepted before they were getting complaints/temp. bans.

      @Thu'um Thanks! I wont let you down!

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