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  1. Hello friends. I was told you all would Rejoice to have me around again! Confirm/Deny?

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    2. ||||||||


      you're literally a legendary figure

      author of the first status ever, too

      c-can i have an autograph

    3. Irish
    4. Ⓢⓚⓘⓟⓟⓨ
  2. Hello Old Friends! Wanted to remind you all about the Crimson Moon tonight! Don't forget to was the eclipse!

  3. Saying hello again! You all came to mind today so I wanted to say Hello again <3 I hope everyone is doing well.

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    2. Freya 


      Danie come back pls

    3. Cappy
    4. Aedan The Bard

      Aedan The Bard

      We need as many veterans as we can get to fix the server and community ;-;

  4. #NekoDanie #NeverForget!

  5. #Nekodanie #Neverforget!

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    2. Volutional


      I'll keep cleaning your profile.

      Consuela always here.

    3. Aislin


      No... consuela no here...

    4. Heero


      Come back! ;-;

  6. *cleans profile*

  7. CubeWorld...Awww Yiss

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    2. Haelphon



    3. NekoDanie


      You act like you can't message me on skype.

    4. Tigergamer


      Got it but have no server to play on. ;-;

  8. CubeWorld...Awww Yiss

  9. Late night random "Hello".

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    2. Sir K Andruske

      Sir K Andruske

      Hi. I secretly love you but don't tell yourself that because that would be meta.

    3. NekoDanie


      So that's what that ominous feeling was.

    4. Sir K Andruske

      Sir K Andruske

      Yea but shhh... I get really shy otherwise.

  10. -steals from the dragon's hoard-

  11. Not again. ;~;