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  1. hi this is my GM trial application

    all i needed to see +1
  2. Moderation of Server Related Chats

    I think that moderating private Skype/Discord groups and Teamspeaks is a very important and fundamental role of the ever-expanding powers of the Global Moderation team.
  3. The Rumour Come Out: Does Rukio13 is Guy?

    trump is just the equivalent of a professional cappy
  4. The Rumour Come Out: Does Rukio13 is Guy?

    girl = guy in real life plus was part of salvus so its probably an eboy
  5. Roast me

    have you seen my dog/cat?
  6. my ribs are none of your concern do you want me to get in the business of your mom's spaghetti? i think not
  7. This is not actually true. I will not speak for them on the matter, but I know for a solid fact Kowaman does because he has coded me some things before to help in my moderation work. As for 501, I seem to usually catch him in a conversation about tweaking various plugins and what not.
  8. Kinslayer's Wiki Team Application

  9. [Rules] Glue Factory

  10. [Rules] Glue Factory

    Whenever I ask people who make modreqs about their missing horse, the first thing I ask them is where it was last. If they tell me they left it out in the middle of nowhere, I generally have no sympathy because that was their own damn fault. Niggum aint gonna spend hours lookin' for ya horse out in the middle of Orenian Mongolia, coverin' dat 1000 block search radius aint no one got time for dat
  11. [Trial]LadyRebecca’s Armoire 2.0

    -1 poor ancap values doesnt even allow ancapistan a proper ts pass evasion rank but requires passports every time only has some good memes but isnt enlightened on the true meaning behind the ages old concept of memetopia (me-me-topia not meemtopia like the normies would have you believe) "tsk tsk tsk if only you could have been a dev" says ladyrebecca's father lordroberto
  12. i think im a decent authority on constant ooc elven bitching considering i slaughtered them at checkpoints daily for seven months let it happen once more
  13. this is where the boys become the men seems like a great opportunity to gain proof about meta-gamers and meta-stallers and then ban report them cracks knuckles
  14. holy **** its almost like it disadvantages pvp goons in favor of role-play lol
  15. [Lore] Regarding the Techlock, continued.

    meanwhile, on the eastern front, the works of edward spivey go to inspiring the men to fight on against the raevir menace