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  1. Niccum

    Legal action must be taken

    what if the elves are really the ones hacking accounts
  2. Niccum

    Looking for Bored Roleplayers

    Feel free to add me on Discord guys, especially if you're interested in helping finish things before launch. Send me a message because I have a tendency to add people without realizing who I'm adding.
  3. Niccum

    Looking for Bored Roleplayers

    id like to base the culture off something akin to the mid-Roman republic after the Polybian reforms (think rome: total war with the triarii/princepes/hastatii) and really hammer down on the cultural side of things which i think goes underappreciated too often my personal hypothesis is that something like this with a strong written lore can do some unique things, like have a sustainable republic (which everyone scoffs at but tbh the most interesting thing about rome was its politics) and when you add in different layers of conflict (patricians v. plebeians or rivaling cults or **** even rival gladiator supporters or some ****) you create something that can be repeated for more hours of enjoyment if you've got further questions feel free to message me i've been working on this for a while now with a few other people and perhaps if i actually slept for a few hours i wouldn't ramble as much edit: as i stated in the post above im really looking for people who can help me write because i'd like to have both different avenues of input but also a very large depth to any lore we produce - if its something put together halfassed it won't go anywhere and it will just be a waste of time
  4. Niccum

    Looking for Bored Roleplayers

    Looking for bored parties interested in creating a somewhat new human culture that I don't believe has been righteously explored on LOTC yet. I've got quite a few ideas written down and done homework on the material. I'm mainly looking for anyone interested in helping me write, build, or make skins. The writing portion needs to be done first in order to have a solid base for everything else, so if you're a free writer looking for some RP, please do not hesitate to contact me. I'll give whatever info you want upon contact about said project and invite you to the Discord group. Edit: I appreciate the inquiries. I'm mainly looking for people who can contribute to getting this thing launched though. Please contact me specifically if you're interested in helping me write. Sir_Niccum#0690
  5. Niccum

    ask harold one questions

    Why was Pius_Malta re-banned?
  6. Niccum

    Equal Numbers

    hey i figured this thread would be appropriate to ask how to download minecraft modified clients for player versus player combat can someone help me
  7. A vote for Mogroka is a vote for Virosi +1
  8. Niccum

    Declaration of war on Renatus

    "I, Flavius Neckbeardicus Rovin of the prime age now hereby and henceforth declare war on the petty Kingdom of Renatus. May Mars curse their blades with rust, Vesta allow their hearths to burn their homes, and Pluto guide their soldiers to the blissful fields of Elysium."
  9. roma victor

    1. Shady_DaSneak


      You need to be reformed niccum

    2. Publius
  10. Will someone help Lord of the Craft's most famous bard finally? He has been on this crusade for more than THREE years. @Llir @501warhead Support this mad man
  11. Niccum

    Shield-Brothers of Markev | Recruitment

    The application is filed. No letter has been sent out, as the applicant has already been processed.
  12. Niccum

    Shield-Brothers of Markev | Recruitment

    Marcus hastily pens letters from his office, notifying the Enthelor brothers and Rirnuk Dirdriath of their acceptance in to the Markev militia. The letters are sent back with a messenger, who tracks down the origin of the enlistment letters. "Brothers Enthelor and Rirnuk Dirdriath, you are summoned to meet with Marshal Rovin in the coming days in the City of Markev. Bring your belongings - housing will be provided."
  13. Niccum

    Shield-Brothers of Markev | Recruitment

    A letter is written in reply to the applicants, sent haistily by a mounted messenger. "Rhys var Ruthern and Vavrinec Novak, report yourselves to the Markev City Barracks at once for processing and lodging. Welcome, Shield-Brothers." Marcus stores this application, as the man has already been processed.
  14. Niccum

    Shield-Brothers of Markev | Recruitment

    STATE YOUR FULL NAME: Marcus RovinSTATE YOUR AGE: Around 65STATE YOUR RACE: WaldenianSTATE YOUR ORIGIN OR BIRTHPLACE: Bastion, Kingdom of the WesterlandsHOW IS YOUR FIGHTING ABILITY? CAN YOU BE USED AS A SOLDIER?: I am not terrible with a sword, but I grow older by the day.LIST ANY OTHER SPECIALTIES OR CRAFTS YOU HAVE MASTERED: Former marshal of the Kingdom of Marna under His Highness, Frederick Pius, Former tutor to Frederick Pius, Former Sergeant of the Poor-Fellow Brothers of Horen and Saint Lucien of Savoie
  15. A very good role-player and game master. He's the kind of the man the server needs. +1