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  1. Armenius reads the signature of the Pontiff, going to laugh hysterically. "Old Believers? Zhey hauf nozhing on us!"
  2. holy christ this is god tier
  3. post your favorite party music below (or jam music idk just post something so i can listen to something different) (im very confident no one listens to the blues but that's the original houserockin' party music fam just post whatever its okay) ;)
  4. would the real high pontiff please stand up? oh wait there hasnt been one since pius ii my bad
  5. people need to stop circulating pictures of me on the lotc forums
  6. On Vanders Written by Nafis Yar, the First Vandalore, 1545 *Published and released for the purpose of Historical documentation. This document was written following the conclusion of the 18 years war; thus, terms and other references remain out of date. This document serves as the original template for modern Vander Ideology, and since its drafting many have deviated from its original intent. Through victory, our chains are broken. The rewards for tolerance are treachery and betrayal. I had built Decimus Rovin’s throne upon pillars of salt and sand and in my absence, like termites, the lesser folk have ravenously gnawed away at his seat of power. As I sit upon the throne I once helped build for my protégé, I can’t help but feel the same burdens that he once carried. Before me are degenerates - those who sympathize with the necrotics and others who plough elfen concubines out of lust. They think the former Caliph’s word will protect them but I will have none of this. It is through sheer will that my people and I were able to overcome the ursurper Lord Vandalore and his manlet puppets. It is through sheer will that we shall forge a stronger nation - maybe one that will surpass this war torn haven for Vailor’s undesirables. And we will not make the same mistake again. Compared to the lesser descendants, a Vander is one who lives by a strict code of beliefs that helps shape their life. The Castellans and Western nobility to the west put their diversity on a pedestal. They lack faith and they lack order. How do they intend to flourish without these two foundations? This is why the Vander is the superior being. There are those who would leech off the success of the superior peoples though. Mali encroach on the lands of the Empire north of us and half-men rape and pillage the countryside. If Voron the Hammer were to descend from the Seven Skies right now, he would say only one thing - “Where has my home gone?”. It is due to the Liberalism of House Kharadeen and its elfen followers that squat in our Kingdom that we have failed to create the Vander Society we had hoped for. Despite this, such an ideology must continue to thrive. I fear one day the realm of Man will succumb to multiculturalism should we allow the mixing of races. One only needs to look to the south to see the damage to Al Wakrah which cannot be undone. The Vander Code The core of the ideology, the Vander Code is an honored code of conduct that has been used for centuries. Even being GOD’s chosen people, Man is the most susceptible to the demons of the lesser descendants if left without guidance. The Vander Code must be respected for it separates us from the gluttonous and the lustful lesser peoples. Why do Vanders fight? † To fear the Creator and maintain His Church † † To serve the liege lord in valour and faith † † To refrain from the wanton giving of offence † † To live by honour and for glory † † To despise pecuniary reward † † To obey those placed in authority † † To guard the honour of fellow Vanders † † To keep faith † † To at all times to speak the truth † † To persevere to the end in any enterprise begun † † To never to refuse a challenge from an equal † † To never to turn the back upon a foe † The Lord Vandalore The Lord Vandalore was a title created with the absence of House Rovin since the events of Aestershima. The Lord Vandalore is the liege lord of the Vanders and the grand protector of the values held dear by the Vander people. Traditionally he forges his own mask which is symbolic of the Vander Ideology reaching beyond the ethnic barriers it was once constrained by to encompass all men of good standing and pure of blood. Although the Lord Vandalore is the leader of the Vander people, he is a servant to the Vander Code and it is his duty to spread the doctrine. The Vandalore may choose his champion as his heir or his own male - offspring. If the Vandalore is defeated in a sanctioned duel not in violation of the Vander Code, his reign ends and the new Vandalore may pick his own heir and champion as he sees fit. Origin of Vanders The term Vander comes from the proto-Hansetian tribe Vandor founded by the Chieftain Rovyk. Common, preferred traits among the Vandor were blonde hair, fair skin, and blue eyes. The Vandors were a hardy, stocky people. As Chieftain Rovyk’s following grew, these traits became prized among their society with those lacking these traits being tolerated but viewed lesser than those with the prized traits, Chieftain Rovyk implemented a code to keep his people unified, meant to create order amongst the diversity of the Northern men under him. It became known in the modern era as “The Vander Code”. In the modern era around the year ~1450, the father and son Jack and Voron Rovin formed a mercenary company known as The Vandorian Order. It saw activity in New Abresi in the realm of Anthos and had a following that included Heartlanders, Raevir and Adunians. Jack Rovin was a Waldenian - Kaedreni patriot along with his son Voron and the former was a Man-at-Arms in the Order of the White Rose. Much of the Kaedreni culture influenced the ragtag mercenaries save for the Adunians whose ancestors were a result of mix breeding and The Vandorian Order would commonly send raiding parties to New Malinor and assault Elven villages believing the Mali carried bags of ‘Elfen Gold’ around their necks. The Vandorian Order was permanently hired by High Pontiff Lucien II after showing their valor and strength in siegecraft in the Battle of Shadowcastle. At the request of Lucien II, the Vandorian Order changed its name to The Order of St. Lucien. Albeit a holy order with a different name, the new Grandmaster Jack Rovin kept the Vander Code alive by including it into the oath to join. On rare occasions, those of non human descent were allowed to take the Vander oath. This was the first time in Vander history this was allowed to happen. There were prerequisites however. Only Dwarves and Elves were acceptable candidates to take the Vander oath. Dwarves were put on a stretcher to make them taller and elves had their ears trimmed by the Grandmaster. There was a time when a Kharajyr took the oath before my grandfather, but was made null on orders from the Grandmaster. The Kharajyr later killed himself. With the disbandment of the Order of St. Lucien, the Vander Code went unused for about two decades, later seeing a reemergence with the creation of the Konigreich of Aesterwald after the coup against Emperor Robert Chivay, the Quadroon. Vander culture flourished in Waldenian society after Voron Rovin became Konig with the passing of his father. Renowned ritters (knights) and nobles of Aesterwald were referred to as Vanders despite many of them lacking origins from the Vandor tribe. However, the instability of the realm of Man halted cultural development and research into the past. The event known as Aestershima where dark arts users destroyed the capital city Vanderfell with fire and brimstone, nearly killing off those who had adopted the Vander identity. Today, thanks to the reemergence of the Vander ideology during our time in Hallowvale Contracting, the Vander Code has become accessible to others who pine for the old values no longer respected. I had sought to unify the people of Vandoria through a code but my beliefs on the lesser descendants are reinforced. Many of them are a plague to Man. On Humanity Despite being God’s chosen people, humanity is the most susceptible to corruption if left without guidance - hence the need for a strong ruler Man finds in the House of Horen and an active Church body to provide a one true faith to lead the loyal servants of GOD down the right path towards salvation. Life is a test and we either succeed or fail. We learn from the mistakes of our forefathers and move on in hopes of being the best we can be. If men do not strive to better themselves, they become slothful with no goals in life. One wastes away and become a drain on society. It is of the utmost that humanity remains united, or else we lose track of the potential the exalted Horen wished for his children to achieve. On Degeneracy Degeneracy is the act of having lost either the physical, mental, and/or moral qualities considered normal or desirable in the realm of Man. Acts of homosexuality, miscegenation, of necrotic nature and of liberalism and those born in severe deformity or born brain dead are examples of degeneracy. Multiculturalism allows for degeneracy to flourish as the lesser descendants never conform to the values held dearly by Man. A society cannot flourish if the people are not united under GOD, country and language. Do not speak with the degenerate, do not tolerate the degenerate. It is to be greeted with fire and stahl. On Redemption Under certain circumstances, a non-human may become a Vander. Of the lesser descendants, only the Elven and the Dwed races are redeemable. Elves must trim their ears or cover them with a hat or helmet and Dwed must trim their beards. The uruks are brutes who lust for bloodshed, pillaging and rape. They may not become Vanders. The Kharajyr are a beastial race of savages that kidnap children for sacrifice. They may not become Vanders. The White Flame In every Vander exists a White Flame, the pure spirit of man. Should this Vander fall from grace, his White Flame diminishes and if he does not redeem himself it will be extinguished. Such as Harold IV who forced the Vander peoples under the Urguanites to create Vanderguan, a fallen Vander must be extinguished before the ideology becomes misguided. In Conclusion Should I die, I pray the Vander Ideology will not fade into obscurity once more, especially for a longer time until someone stumbles upon it as I did. With our recent successes in freeing Vandoria from the defunct Vanderguan, John hopes I pass on the kingdom to his grandson Leopold of Marna, a new born. I am unsure to what extent he will appreciate the Vander way, but I hope that with time I can raise him to become the leader the Vanders need. Only time will tell.
  7. -snip not the thread i thought it was-
  8. you're playing shady's kid
  9. Looking for people to play children for a family in the Kingdom of the Westerlands. Preferably anyone who is fairly chill or wants to do something new character-wise on LOTC. Children are lower nobles, Waldenian ethnicity Children are triplets - 2 boys and 1 girl, about the age of 6 by now (i have their birthdates and other descriptive info in some google docs) Please inquire with a message to this account or in Skype if you have it
  10. (( westerlands only uses titles they actually have ig
  11. #FreeKinGoth #FreeAsgarnia #DownWithKandarin
  12. +1 for writing in wingdings havent seen that font in years
  13. Niccum joins the fight against big government secrecy
  14. The basic road system in telling people where to go was very good and should be implemented. As for your Asulon experience, I remember the Elves in general being very far away from the rest of the world, and that was probably a flaw in its design and could easily be remedied. As for Humans and Dwarves, I can quite confidently say that most of the people I know that went through the map were very fond of its layout. Regioning was very restrictive, but I think the upcoming server system will probably be flexible enough to allow for various player expansion into different places. As for Asulon's emptiness, I cannot at all vouch for witnessing that in the southern part of the map. It may be a divide in player experiences. Is it realistic to expect people to want to stay in one place, or to stay under one nation? No. People want to move away from other people and do their own thing. Whether or not it is a population of a handful of people or fifty people, there needs to be room for expansion. In the absence of the Orenian Empire, I would expect settlements to be forced to be more active, especially with the uncertainty of a permanent role-play hub. I have not seen anyone argue this. I have argued that by making a map too small, we invite quite a bit of centralized conflict between different factions resulting in salt that none of us really want. That was demonstrated in the Fringe and Athera quite blatantly. I cannot vouch for Asulon on war claims, as I do not remember participating in hardly any on that time, but I would find it extremely hard to believe that you were involved in a warclaim in Anthos in a land that you had never seen before, or even had done so numerous times. Every battle I can remember was in a place that was fairly notable, even if not necessarily a hub of role-play. Other than in warclaims, I quite distinctly remember the Fringe averaging around 70-80 people during peaktimes. This was lower than post-Exodus Anthos and was a trend that carried on until Vailor. Although you could find people in the small space to role-play with (or in most cases kill, because that was arguably the extent of most Fringe role-play), there were not nearly as people as there had been before.