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  1. A Cowboy Rides Away

    smh could have actually used the right song
  2. Fix Defender Default

    Feel free to report people for breaking the rules, that is, unless they aren't actually breaking the rules.

    how many licks does it take to get to the center of a salty snack
  4. i quit

    if you cant do the timecraft dont do the crimecraft
  5. LotC has a hate problem

    Join my war against server meta-gaming.
  6. Bygone Glory

    Jack Rovin sends nods at the newest piece from the scribe Virosi.
  7. [6.0] Nexus and PvP

    IMO: I quite like utility potions (such as alchemists fire, smoke whispers, NOT stoneskin, etc) as they don't necessarily grant a direct advantage. I think they're fairly well designed and it would be a shame to let them go. I also thought some of the health and food potions, like the greater healing potions and the blood soup stuff, were cool additions. I'd like to see these things still if Nexus was edited/discontinued, but I doubt this happens. @Its Just Ed I think the type of bow is more important than the type of arrow/bolt being fired in regards to armour penetration. Sure, there were definitely arrows for the explicit purpose of armour penetration, but if I hypothesize correctly, certain bows would probably be able to penetrate certain types of armour regardless of the tip used. Boomsticks 2.0 please? I thought they were a very fun side weapon, and fairly easy to obtain. Unpopular Opinions: I like the fact that you have to craft leather armour and use it to make iron armour. The way you make arrows on the server is stupid.
  8. I'd say Hansetian is more of a German catch-all and that Waldenian would be more Prussian. Yes, the Hansetians had the Teutonic Order, which would historically be Prussian, but "Hansetian" is a broader term to describe Germanic-like people on the server than Waldenian, which is a specific mixture of Hansetian and Kaedreni cultures. There is a stricter emphasis on discipline and tradition in Waldenian culture, for instance, there has hardly ever been a civilian population of Waldenians, but moreso an army of Waldenians occupying a certain area, and the Waldenians only started to convert to Canonism wholesale on Axios, hundreds of years after the actual schism wars. In the current Hansetian realm, there is more of a civilian populace than a militaristic presence. Many of the ancestors of these people actually fought the Waldenians, take in point House Barbanov which is a Carrion cadet house. These people have also largely been Canonist since the end of the Third Empire. Furthermore, the actual Prussian virtues are actually correlative with traditional Waldenian chivalric codes, such as the Vander Code. Hansetians as a whole have nothing like this that unifies them in the same way. Tl;dr: Hansetian is more of a catch-all term for Germans, Waldenian is a specific mixture of Highlander groups that would be closest to Prussian
  9. i wish ever moderator replied to brs like you did

  10. 6.0 and Mesa Biomes

    I love the mesa biomes. I think they are the most immersive environment LOTC has to offer