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  1. Will someone help Lord of the Craft's most famous bard finally? He has been on this crusade for more than THREE years. @Llir @501warhead Support this mad man
  2. Shield-Brothers of Markev | Recruitment

    The application is filed. No letter has been sent out, as the applicant has already been processed.
  3. Shield-Brothers of Markev | Recruitment

    Marcus hastily pens letters from his office, notifying the Enthelor brothers and Rirnuk Dirdriath of their acceptance in to the Markev militia. The letters are sent back with a messenger, who tracks down the origin of the enlistment letters. "Brothers Enthelor and Rirnuk Dirdriath, you are summoned to meet with Marshal Rovin in the coming days in the City of Markev. Bring your belongings - housing will be provided."
  4. Shield-Brothers of Markev | Recruitment

    A letter is written in reply to the applicants, sent haistily by a mounted messenger. "Rhys var Ruthern and Vavrinec Novak, report yourselves to the Markev City Barracks at once for processing and lodging. Welcome, Shield-Brothers." Marcus stores this application, as the man has already been processed.
  5. Shield-Brothers of Markev | Recruitment

    STATE YOUR FULL NAME: Marcus RovinSTATE YOUR AGE: Around 65STATE YOUR RACE: WaldenianSTATE YOUR ORIGIN OR BIRTHPLACE: Bastion, Kingdom of the WesterlandsHOW IS YOUR FIGHTING ABILITY? CAN YOU BE USED AS A SOLDIER?: I am not terrible with a sword, but I grow older by the day.LIST ANY OTHER SPECIALTIES OR CRAFTS YOU HAVE MASTERED: Former marshal of the Kingdom of Marna under His Highness, Frederick Pius, Former tutor to Frederick Pius, Former Sergeant of the Poor-Fellow Brothers of Horen and Saint Lucien of Savoie
  6. A very good role-player and game master. He's the kind of the man the server needs. +1
  7. Virgin Renatus - Chad Confederates

    drfate in with the smackdown
  8. [Denied]Disheartened's GM Application

    pretty much genocide -1
  9. Never A Defeat

    Belegar grins.
  10. @gandalfdahwhite Seems like something Wolfkite would say. Re-banned.
  11. [Denied]put me in coach

    -1 you'll get burnt out with all the stuff you're doing and the GM team isn't exactly glamorous you'd be fine for the job imo but you should stick to what you already have on your plate
  12. [✓] Banappeal SanderWarrior14

    Good afternoon, Sanderwarrior. I'm going to go ahead and accept your appeal - you've been straightforward and that is appreciated. Please ensure that you re-read the rules before coming back onto the server.
  13. [✓] Ban Appeal By Fin

    Hey, sorry about that boyos. We made an error so I'm going to go ahead and pardon you all. I'm sorry that you guys were banned for as long as you were. Next time, it would be wise to wait until the locks are removed on the home to go in and get what you want out of it, even with permission from the home owner. That stuff isn't going anywhere, anyway! Also, be sure you try to help Chorale replace the blocks you broke. Happy role-playing. P.S: Hopefully this is not necessary, but please use the proper ban report format if you guys find yourselves in trouble again.
  14. Jistuma Coder re-join app

    brewing plugin or no +1 !!!!