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  1. Fawb GM App #3

    when you become a game moderator let me be the first to congratulate your ascension from JV to Varsity +1
  2. +1 only if you don't quit in the first week we need long-term moderators not one-and-dones!!!
  3. xarkly gm yeehaw volume 2

    -1 for the sake of -1'ing some dude's app today
  4. [Accepted] Lets get this over with.

    +1 can't count past two and just now learned to tie her shoe
  5. MRW Waiting For the New Raid Rules

    solutions - raid your own cities with proxy mercenary forces to implement cooldowns
  6. [Trial]Oblivionsbane's GM Application

    +1 bullied drop koala in discord
  7. Aeldrin's Wiki Team App

    fixed your application
  8. Lore Amendment: Plants Can't Have Babies

    why cant they just reproduce like plants reproduce
  9. Local Man Does AMA, Pretends to be Relevant

    how many women have you lured into fae rings
  10. Senntisten Scroll, 1646

    Marcus reads the paper from atop the southern gatehouse. "Hrmm.. perhaps I shoult look into getting a home, ja.."
  11. BR on raiding party

    I'm claiming the report. I will look into the deaths of the animals and the stolen items in the chests, and then post my verdict. Report locked.
  12. Appeal accepted. Try to put some ladders down or something. I didn't find any hint of ladders or a hatch and I looked hard. You're not in any huge trouble, I just wanted to make sure you realized it wasn't okay. I hope you have success in your PREMIUM SLAVE RP.
  13. How dare you silent flurgh Kevin blaba is a very bad man and he ddosed  both flurgh AND kaldwin!!! Down with bias gms!!!

  14. [Denied] [Interviewed][Pending][Actor] Creamiest

    im only here for more vip
  15. [Denied] [Interviewed][Pending][Actor] Temp

    -1 bad influence for the children dont let this man near your 12 year olds edit: under the threat of further coersion from an unnamed party i have changed my answer to support this fine young gentlemen into the hands of the event department of the lord of the craft premium minecraft role-playing server and community - let his participation in our glorious and unique affair shed further light upon our glistening experience