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  1. An Invitation to deliver the State of the Empire 8th of Harren’s Folly, 1775 Arch-Chancellor Simon Basrid Novellen Palace Helena, Renatus, H.O.E. Arch-Chancellor, Basrid: In our great Empire, we observe a unique relationship between the governed and government. Such a relationship lends itself to the practice that, from time to time, the Arch-Chancellor shall give to the Imperial Diet information of the State of the Empire. In the spirit of our Imperial traditions, and in the name of his Imperial Majesty, Peter III, I invite you to deliver your State of the Empire address before a joint session of The 17th Imperial Diet on the 11th of Horen’s Calling, 1775, at the House Chamber in Varoche Hall, Helena. I look forward to welcoming you to the House of Commons. God Save the Emperor, Jonah Stahl-Elendil, MHC, Leader Of The House J.S.E ((OOC: State of the Empire Speech 6:30 PM EST Wednesday, July 8th))
  2. The Josephite Party of 1774 For a Better Tomorrow CONTENTS 1. OUR PLATFORM The “Big Three” Other Policies 2. JOSEPHITE CANDIDATES OUR PLATFORM Our platform details the main policies and issues that we’ll seek to deal with during this term in office. The “Big Three” Our “Big Three” are the three core issues that we will address while in office; these issues are near and dear to not only our philosophy as Josephites, but as citizens looking to better our Empire. - Defining Provincial Rights The relationship between the Imperial government and the provincial governments, along with the rights afforded to the provinces, leaves much room for interpretation. We will set out clearly in law what powers the provincial governments are afforded. - Balancing the Imperial Budget The current expenditures by the Imperial government are far too high. Critical funds need to be redistributed to other offices and spending in general needs to be cut to prevent higher taxes being levied. - Creating New Service Programs In order to bring fulfilling, useful jobs centered around helping better the Empire, we will create several service programs designed to bring about both employment and aid to our nation. Other Policies - Aiding Haense in recovering from the Scyfling War - Establishing an exploration office in honor of the late Juan de Lyons’s dream - Creating a forestry reserve - Creating a housing placement program for low-income and immigrant citizens OUR CANDIDATES Although changes to the election system means that voting is done for candidates, rather than parties, there are still a number of old and new Josephites running for office this year. Each properly registered citizen can vote for three candidates. The list below details which Josephite sponsored candidates are running in which jurisdictions. If you live in Owynsburg, I implore you to vote for the Owynsburg group, and so on for Helena and Reza. This shall secure the Josephite majority for the upcoming session of the Diet. Owynsburg Candidates: - Jonah Stahl-Elendil - Padraig O'Rourke - Oisin O'Rourke Reza Candidates: - Angelika Bykov - Konstantin Wick - Lukas Rakoczy Helena Candidates: - Edward Napier - George Galbraith - Viktorya Pruvia-Albarosa
  3. JONAH STAHL-ELENDIL MEETING PEOPLE WHERE THEY ARE JONAH STAHL-ELENDIL-THE LEADER OF THE HOUSE . Tried and True Leadership As a two-term Member of the House of Commons, with one as Leader of the Commons, Jonah Elendil has led the chamber to several legislative victories. The assurance of voter protection all across the Empire, reformation of the O.R.C. to ensure fairness and security for all citizens, and worked to expand the rights of Man within the Empire. When rebuilding the Josephite Party, Jonah Elendil sought to build a government that was representative of all citizens in the Empire. Men and women from all backgrounds and creeds came together under his leadership to dedicate themselves to the Josephite philosophy and their commitment to the Dignity of All. A vote for Jonah Elendil and any Josephite candidate will help build on the progress of the past for a glorious future. Dedication to Service Jonah Elendil’s first commitment to the Rights of Man came during the War of the Two Emperors, when he fought under the banner of Joseph Marna. Despite their defeat and Jonah’s exile, his dedication to an enlightened, unified mankind persisted. Years later, he would return to Arcas to serve in the ISA and be an example to his fellow soldiers and citizens. Following his retirement from the ISA, Jonah founded the Poor Fellows of Harren Charity, dedicated to feeding and housing new immigrants to our Empire. His tenure in the House as a member and then Leader also allowed him to expand protections and create opportunities for all citizens. This election, he hopes you will help him in his dedication to honorable service. Platform for the 17th Imperial Diet Once elected, Jonah Elendil shall continue to lead the unrelenting march towards a better tomorrow by: Provincial Rights: Jonah Elendil SHALL work with provincial governments and the Imperial Government to properly define the rights and obligations of provinces and royal vassals, a relationship which has always been problematically murky. In doing so, this shall allow for greater efficient internal governance, more government work in the provinces and greater political unity; Budget Balancing: Jonah Elendil SHALL work to balance the Imperial budget and cut unnecessary spending to halt the current push for increased taxation, instead obliging the Treasury to minimize their own spending before imposing additional taxes upon the hard-working people of our Empire; Economic Development: Jonah Elendil SHALL foster government investment in business to create opportunities for all Orenians; to ensure that the continued economic growth and recession recovery benefits all Imperial citizens. Success Through Service: Jonah Elendil SHALL work to establish a government-backed guilds, organizations, and other Service Programs that allow Orenian citizens to contribute their labor, wits, and honor to the development of their country. VOTE JONAH ELENDIL | VOTE JOSEPHITE The Josephite Union For the Dignity of All Kaedrin Josephite Delegation: Vote 2 Padraig O’Rourke Vote 3 Oisin O’Rourke Helena Josephite Delegation: Vote 2 George Galbraith Vote 3 Edward Napier ((make sure you’re registered to vote by completing the Imperial Census:))
  4. CANCELLATION OF THE IMPEACHMENT INQUIRY OF EDWARD GALBRAITH 10th of the Sun’s Smile, 1774 In light of the misfortunes on the 10th of the Sun’s Smile, 1774, I feel it is my duty to bring forth an accurate account as to why the impeachment of Secretary Edward Galbraith was cancelled, and why it was decided before the Imperial Diet was dissolved that instead of an impeachment inquiry the House of Commons shall just Audit the Ministry of the Interior’s accounting. As the body closest to the people, by nature of being directly elected, we in the House of Commons are charged with acting in the best interests of the citizens of the Empire. To reach these ends, we must hold ourselves to a high standard, for if we disgrace the people then we turn our backs on the very purpose of our elected body. By this reasoning, although we seek to cleanse the Empire of corruption, evilness, and the like, we may not do so wantonly and without a careful application of both law and reason. Each and every citizen of the Empire, no matter the charge, must be afforded a fair and just trial, as is one of the Rights of Man once espoused by Joseph Marna, and further upheld in the O.R.C. Is impeachment not a trial of sorts then? Is there some circumstance, in this case, in which the principle of justice cannot be upheld? The answer to the first is certainly yes, but to the second it is no. Just before the impeachment of Secretary Galbraith was to commence, we received word that there were inconsistencies from the accusers, namely in their accounts as well as the retraction of certain statements made. Before us lay a difficult decision: either put on an impeachment akin to a sham, employing evidence whose merit we could not wholeheartedly attest to one way or the other, or cancel the impeachment altogether and begin a more careful, calculated process where we could get the full details and ensure that all evidence provided was true and usable. Now, moving on from the debacle, we seek to look forward. In order to ensure that Secretary Galbraith is given a fair, transparent, and just process, we will instead conduct hearings and audit the Ministry of the Interior during the next sitting of the House of Commons, which will hopefully shed light on the entirety of the situation and ensure that our duty to the citizens of our Empire is upheld. Signed, The Leader of the House of Commons.
  5. SURNAME: Stahl-Elendil FIRST NAME: Jonah ADDRESS OF RESIDENCE: 6 Helvets Ave, Owysnburg, Kaedrin, H.O.E. DATE OF BIRTH: 1675 Are you registered and eligible to vote in the Holy Orenian Empire?: Yes Do you have any other title, peerage or military service that may conflict with becoming a Member of the House of Commons, as per the Edict of Reform (1763)?: No If yes, do you understand that you will be required to resign or abdicate from this position should you be elected to the House of Commons, and if this does not occur your seat shall be considered to be vacant?: Yes ((MC NAME)): JakobiWitness
  6. “Thank you, Mister President. As we have just passed the bipartisan Standing Orders, we shall look at the Voter Protection Act of 1770.” Jonah approaches the lectern, and begins to speak on the merits of the bill.
  7. An Address to the People of Oren by Jonah Stahl-Elendil, LHC To my fellow Orenians, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. From the majestic mountains of Haense, to the wild Kaedreni frontier, and from the bustling metropolis of Helena to the amber fields of Johnstown, your participation in our most noble electoral process has returned our faction to a majority in the sixteenth Imperial Diet. This majority is as much yours as it is mine. You have spoken loudly and with resounding faith. With a significant increase in nationwide voter turnout, this is a sign of increased faith in our Imperial institutions. For those proud Josephites, new and old, I give you my deepest gratitude. Through your help, your hard work, and your honor, you delivered us to an electoral victory. I also applaud those honorable Everardines, for you have elected fine men to His Imperial Majesty’s Most Loyal Opposition. May we, through our collective efforts, be seen as living proof of the integrity of the House of Commons and our Imperial institutions. For those who have yet to partake in our process, I invite you to consider doing so when the time comes. As we enter this new decade, we do so with a righteous purpose; To make our country work for everyone. We shall do this through the power of our legislation. Our Marna Plan promises to secure economic freedoms and enfranchisement for all. We shall do this through focused investment in Oreninan businesses, innovators and employers, and the protection of free enterprising individuals and groups for the years to come. We shall lower the Provincial tax and balance the Imperial budget, which has not been done in almost a decade. Furthermore, we shall mandate housing expansions for our underprivileged peoples of the Empire. We shall make our country work, because it is our duty that you entrusted us with. In regards to our process that I have championed previously, we shall protect our electoral process by protecting you, by passing the Voter Protection Act. Participation must come from a sense of duty, not from coercion or fear of retribution. Every bill we propose is inspired by our Orenian values and GOD given rights of life and liberty. It is these values in which we are united. We are united against those few bad actors at home and against any power abroad that seeks to impose tyranny. Together we are steadfast, and together we shall triumph over every challenge presented to us. It is in my view concerning our concept of liberty, that man only belongs to himself and to his creator. It is the state that protects and explores these rights in the name of the people. It is my promise that we shall do just that. And so upon the inauguration of our most honorable members, we shall begin deliberating and pursuing legislation that is in line with this philosophy. We shall serve you the same way we serve His Imperial Majesty and the Lord GOD; with honor, integrity, and with transparency of heart. May God save the Emperor, God save the Empire, and God bless you all. J.S.E.
  8. J.S.E. pen’s a response. “Dear Mr.Morris, I remember your family name fondly from my years in Ves. However many years ago that Ves still stood, today feels even further removed from those days. Even still, the enlightened minds of Ves inspire political theory and good statecraft that we in the House of Commons hope to embody today. I invite you to my office at the final floor of Varoche Hall to speak about potential employment opportunities within the chamber. I am certain there is a place for you. Until then, GOD Save the Emperor, GOD Save the Empire, and GOD bless us all. Sincerely, Jonah Stahl-Elendil, LHC-Elect J.S.E.
  9. Jonah sits alone at his office’s desk with a mound of papers strewn out before him. His bifocals hang low on his nose as he reads through paper after paper, correspondences, planned legislation of the upcoming meeting and the like. He sighs, tossing a letter onto the desk. One of his office doors hangs wide open. “Mister Elendil?” A voice calls from outside the room. Jonah looks up, forcing a thin smile. “Yes, Grey? You can come in.” Grey approaches the desk, and holds out a letter to Jonah. He takes the letter with one hand, reaching for a letter opener with the other. He breaks the seal and unfolds it, beginning to read. A curious look forms on his face, before a content smile. He sets the letter down and begins to write one of his own. “Dear Mr.Zulom, My name is Jonah Stahl-Elendil, and I am the leader of this House of Commons. If you were to read some of the newspapers these days, it would seem that the state of mindlessness is apparent everywhere and certainly not only beast-folk . I am willing to admit that I am, perhaps, mindless in my own way. Some would like to say so. Yet I am not so mindless to not be suspicious of the notion that we are separate in our values. Furthermore, I am not convinced that the capacity to be intelligent, compassionate, or honorable, belongs to man alone. If we willingly and lovingly share a fidelity to the cause of our state, then we ought to be willing to do so with each other. I invite you to come to Varoche Hall, here in Helena, to speak with me. You ask many questions, and I do believe there are better answers to be uncovered. In the meanwhile, I thank you. God save the Emperor, God save the Empire, God bless us all. Yours, Jonah Elendil-Stahl-Elendil LHC, Chairman of the Josephite Party J.S.E.
  10. An Invitation to deliver the State of the Empire 12th of Harren’s Folly, 1769 Arch-Chancellor Simon Basrid Novellen Palace Helena, Renatus, H.O.E. Arch-Chancellor, Basrid: In our great Empire, we observe a unique relationship between the governed and government. Such a relationship lends itself to the practice that, from time to time, the Arch-Chancellor shall give to the Imperial Diet information of the State of the Empire. In the spirit of our Imperial traditions, and in the name of his Imperial Majesty, Peter III, I invite you to deliver your State of the Empire address before a joint session of The Imperial Diet on the 11th of Horen’s Calling, 1770, at the House Chamber in Varoche Hall, Helena. I look forward to welcoming you to the House of Commons. God Save the Emperor, Jonah Stahl-Elendil, MHC-Elect, Leader Of The House-Elect J.S.E ((OOC: State of the Empire Speech 7:00 PM EST Wednesday, May 27th))
  11. A Josephite spokesman says flatly. “He fought under Richard Horen during the War of the Two Emperors, and then enlisted in the ISA when he returned to Arcas. He left the army because the law states he cannot serve in the army and be in the government at the same time. Jonah follows the letter of the law, unlike some people.
  12. The Josephites & A Beautiful Future My name is Jonah Stahl-Elendil, and I am proud to call myself the Chairman of the Josephite Party. As we approach the Imperial elections of 1769, I wish to share with you my thoughts, my hopes, and my fears for our beloved country. I hope you find this letter in good faith, and that you consider what I am about to say before casting your ballot tomorrow. Since the beginning of our history, mankind has known no master other than GOD and those who were blessed with His providence here in the world. It was through mankind's faith in the wisdom of these great men that human society has persisted towards progress and excellence. Great leaders like His Imperial Majesty, Peter III, protect and enable our ability to enjoy our inalienable rights to Life, Liberty, and Trial. I believe, as an Orenian first and a Josephite last, that we must enjoy these freedoms and emphatically defend them in good faith, for GOD’s plan can only be stalled when faithless men oppose it. In the Province of Kaedrin, the citizens of St.Owynsburg are currently awaiting the results for their mayoral election between the Josephite Padraig O’Rourke, and the Everardine incumbent Edmund Bren. We support and proudly endorse Padraig O’Rourke and his vision for a better Kaedrin. Regardless, we will not know for sometime who the true winner is due to inconsistencies in the ballot box. According to the Electoral Commission from the Office of the Premier, many inconsistencies have been found, and around 43% of votes are invalid and suspicious. I pray this is resolved in line with our Orenian values. Despite all this, I do truly believe that we are experiencing an Enlightened Age of Mankind. We in Oren have been blessed with the truly unique idea that all who live under the Empire of Man shall know fairness, opportunity, and freedoms that have never been seen before. Furthermore, that they shall persist as the new normal of our world for the generations to come. It is my belief, and I hope it is yours too, that we cannot go back. This election for me, is about the issues, and it shall stay that way. When we started our campaign, we did so with a goal: meeting people where they are. In city and in forest, from the stark mountains of Haense, to the green forests of Helena, all the plains of Kaedrini frontier, and everywhere in between, our party set out to find out what matters to you. What you, as Orenian citizens, wish to see from your government. We were the first party to begin the enfranchisement of the Northland regions and the elves of Aldemar. We pushed ambitious census drives that registered scores of citizens from every race, creed, and background so our government can better understand the diverse makeup of its citizenry, while also inviting citizens to partake in the governmental process. Each day on the campaign trail, we have been transparent and open about our policies and philosophy as Josephites, and you have never let us down. Your heartfelt support and constructive criticisms made our party better, and we thank you. Along the way, I personally learned that the citizens of the Empire are not uniformed in their hardship. It is our belief that the way a government should, and must respond to crisis, is flexibility in approach and decisiveness in action. There is not a one size fits all solution, and that each province experienced hardships differently for multitudes of reasons. Yet our bonds that unite us as Orenians are our values, and so we ought to be united in the face of great trials. In the Province of Haense, the men and women of the H.R.A. are currently guarding the realm from the Scyfling invasion of the Northern Sea. With all efforts dedicated to the defense of the Empire, we believe in passing emergency defense laws that shall enable the Empire as a whole to respond to military threats with the full force of the national economy behind it. Meanwhile, in the Kaedreni frontier, the citizen militias are spread very thin against the violent road warriors. We aim to enable the Provinces to enact constabulary measures to better defend and enforce Imperial Law within their local jurisdiction, and will fight for expansion of the Imperial State Army Regiments, which shall be allocated for in the House of Commons budget. Even at the heart of our Empire in the city of Helena, the struggle is persistent. The honorable Livery Guilds of the city are currently reorganizing and working to pull Helena out of a hard recession. The recession is believed to have been caused by abusive landlords who illegally inflated the property value within the city. I do believe that what will allow the Government to respond better to provincial and national issues alike, is a stronger economy that can sustain such focused investment. Our Marna Economic Plan shall deliver this, because of it’s all encompassing vision and the simplicity in its execution. Our proposed Sarkozy Commission shall enable the creation and prolonged success of new businesses in the Empire. We shall abolish wage-slavery and enable every man and woman the right to work for a fair, progressive wage. Keeping in-line with our ideals of supporting you, the people, we will also be introducing legislation that seeks to deal with many of the problems of corruption and fraudulent voter registration that we experienced in Kaedrin. Regular homesteads meant to fit no more than a small family are being used as free address registrations for those who do not live in a certain province, but still wish to swing local elections. To combat this, we will establish a stricter oversight on citizenship registration and local voter identification, as well as delivering harsher punishments towards those found guilty of engaging in voter fraud. When the integrity of local and national elections is put at risk, it is all of us who lose our liberty of participating in a free, democratic process by which to choose our leaders. I write this letter with a twinge of apprehension, out of the worry that you might misunderstand me. I do not want this election to be seen as an ultimatum between Everardine and Josephite. Despite all that has occurred this election cycle, I see the Everardines as an honorable and invaluable opposition. I cannot allow myself to be so cynical to think otherwise. Instead, I offer you a vision of a beautiful future. I, Jonah Stahl-Elendil, wish to deliver to you a future built on faith. Of faith in our institutions and freedoms that we enjoy and hold dear. Of faith in the men and women who work hard to protect them. A future of faith that GOD wants all men to be free and to know it as His truth. I see a future for you and those who will succeed us as the years go by. I urge you to think of this future when casting your vote and consider voting for the Josephite Party. Regardless, I thank you for voting all the same. Thank you & God bless, J.S.E.
  13. THE MARNA PLAN A Bold Plan Forward Foreword: Ambition and progress has always been at the forefront of the Josephite Party. We are a coalition built on dreams and hopes that were once scoffed at but are now being actualized. It is our duty, not just to our voters but to humanity as a whole, to continue pushing the envelope. We are an amassed coalition of truly popular will- not one that pits commoners against aristocrats, but one that unites all Orenians behind the common principles of liberty, equality, and justice that we share as free men and women. We believe that history favors the bold, especially so in politics, which is a sentiment that our Marna Plan reflects. An five-part piece of legislation, the Marna Plan would redefine the nature of the Orenian economy, spark a new era of growth free of the stagnance of the minae, and protect and expand the liberties of the people of our Empire. The Marna Plan: I - The Helena Economic Commission by Franz Sarkozic The Helena Economic Commission will be a bipartisan effort that identifies the primary needs of small, local businesses within the city of Helena and gathers crucial information to determine the economic impact, profitability, and employment levels of said businesses. II - Rebuilding the Economy by Abram Stalistena and Jonah Elendil Given the instability and devaluing of the minae, a study of the viability of instituting an Imperial fiat currency as well as how to print and regulate it will be conducted. III - Affordable Housing Project Mandate by Abram Stalistena The Affordable Housing Project Mandate will require municipalities to assign or build new, cheap housing projects for the low-income and working-class citizens and families of Helena. IV - Constabulary Expansion by Jonah Elendil The Constabulary Expansion Act will afford greater powers to the provinces in terms of policing and upholding the Oren Revised Code & Imperial authority within their jurisdiction. V - Establishment and Protection of National Parks by Abram Stalistena and Konstantin Wick This legislation would create a national parks system so that we may keep our Oren beautiful and allow citizens and foreigners alike to appreciate the natural beauty of our Empire. We will work with provincial governments to ensure that unsightly land deformations and ruins of little historical importance would be cleared in order to preserve the integrity of our environment. VI - The Abolishment of Indentured Servitude by Angelika Bykov This act seeks to abolish indentured servitude within the Empire, ensuring that all Orenians receive pay for their work and that employment is fair and equitable. VII - Legal & Damages Act by Konstantin Wick A Josephite majority promises to introduce the Legal Costs Bill, which will afford judges the power to award damages to a defendant who defeats any charge which, at the judge’s discretion, can be deemed frivolous and insubstantial - in essence, a negligent waste of the court’s time. The Josephite Party is committed to bringing about legislation with the best interests of the people of the Empire in mind. We believe that the Marna Plan will be a great first step in realizing this future and creating a better tomorrow. For the Dignity of All
  14. FACTION AFFILIATION: Josephite Union FACTION LEADER NAME: Jonah Stahl-Elendil DRAFT LIST: 1.Jonah Elendil (JakobiWitness) 2.Konrad Stafyr (AndrewTech) 3.Franz Sarkozy (Nectorist) 4.Oisin O’Rourke (ScreamToBeHeard) 5.Abram Stalistena (Stalistena) 6.Konstantin Wick (Xarkly) 7.Angelika Bykov (AnonymousAlexa) 8.Peridot Carrington (Ryanheff74) 9.Cyrus Basrid (Erik0821) 10.Vaerus Douglas (Vaereroes) 11.Juan Lyons (CartographyKing) 12.Edward Napier (Harren) 13.Sam Lowe (Underwhereknight) 14.Edward Galbraith (Sergisala) 15.Charles d’Arkent (eddywilson2) Do any members of the draft have any title, peerage or public service that may conflict with becoming a member of the House of Commons, as per the Edict of Reform (1763)?: No If yes, do you understand that you will be asked to provide an alternative and legal candidate, and if this does not occur your faction’s seat shall be considered to be vacant?: Yes ((MC name)): JakobiWitness
  15. FOR A BETTER TOMORROW The Right Path Forward For Our Empire CONTENTS 1. FOREWARD 2. OUR PLATFORM Opportunity and Prosperity A Second Pax Orenia Departing From the Typical A Smarter Empire 3. OUR CANDIDATES 4. CODA Opening Remarks at the Josephite Convention, by Terrence May Thank you, thank you all for attending. Let us begin in 1715, where the fight against oppression was waged. The Nenzing Proclamation brought forth the notion of a sacred social contract between the governed and the governing. Here we stand, freely electing our officials and holding those who hold power to account. My fellow Josephites, I am proud that we are here to forge the discretion of our future! We are gathered today under the generous auspices of the Northern Geographical Society. I thank the good director Celestine Herbert, a staunch supporter of our cause, for her support and hosting us. We are here because we are reminded of what an enlightened era has brought us. Advancing education, knowledge, and intuition has led us into a period of unprecedented growth. We must be champions of this movement. Today, we face many new challenges and an opportunity to improve the lives of our people. We are the side with a heart of gold, pledging our service to champion the dignity of all in Oren. Our goal is to advance the cause of liberty, the cause of businessmen, and the cause of the farmer. Up and down this country, people are seeking something new. They have found that they have yet to find the necessary support to help them prosper. Our message is to forge a compassionate society, welcome all who seek to build on a future that works for all of us. I have been serving as an elected official in the Imperial Diet since 1736. In the last thirty-two years, I have devoted my life to work towards many goals. From legislation that promotes transparency in the legislature, to the institution of juries, to the promotion of business and labor opportunities, to the increased funding to our clinics, to the passage of civil unions, it has been my pleasure to uplift every sector of our Imperial livelihood. In both times of war and peace, this body has stood to defend the values of a compassionate society. We, as a convention and we, as a movement of people across the Empire, we have done this and more! In the last election, we campaigned on a promise of many things. We have sought to promote education, fairness in property laws, and reforming our justice system. We need to keep the vision consistent, firm, and unyielding. Our campaign must be broad and bold. It must comprise every sector of our society. Everyone who calls themselves a Josephite, be they noble or common, finds themself to be a valued partner in our vision. We must reach out not to the frontiers and the fringes of society, bringing together those who are seeking change for the better. Those on the other side like to prey on fear. . . They want to draw out the gloominess of an Orenian wave of change. I ask you all this -- why fear a future of change rather than control it with our deeds and convictions? As you know, they campaigned that we are a movement that is anti-Church and secularist. So let me bring up scripture as a way for us to find our message. The Holy Scrolls tell us that we must be charitable, sharing the abundance of our bounty to others. The Josephite Union is a union that negotiates and speaks for all! We must protect the cultural fabric of Oren, respecting the rights of individual people. We must uphold the provincial character of our Empire, maintain accountability of government, and strengthen our bond with our fellow people. My friends, in this spirit. . . I recognize that this movement must be energized to represent the new generation of leaders seeking to bring change to Oren. With change, we also see that new leadership is in order. I am proud to say that my last four decades have been in your service. Now, I no longer hold the strength needed to carry on this fight with what I believe one needs. At our second convention, I remind you all that power must be transitioned peacefully. We must relinquish our authority and respect the changing tides of the electorate. Power concentrated in the hands of one or a few for far too long is a dangerous misstep towards tyranny. For some, I have known for most of my life. Others, I have just met, and I thank God for giving me the chance to learn your stories. Let it be known that at this Second Convention of the Josephites, I hereby announce my resignation as your Chairman. - Terrence May, 1768 2.OUR PLATFORM As decided upon at the Josephite Convention of 1768, we have outlined part of our path forward. Job protections & creation is at the front of our platform, as well as ensuring wage growth for our working class is guaranteed. Opportunity & Prosperity A FREE, FAIR, & OPEN MARKET by Jonah Stahl-Elendil One of the defining characteristics of our great Empire is the unprecedented new wealth and upward mobility that is now possible for the common man. Through the Josephite principle of laissez-faire economics, free enterprising individuals have sown a new prosperity that all citizens of the Empire enjoy. We, as Josephites, value these economic freedoms to grow and accumulate wealth, as they allow Orenians of all backgrounds to improve our collective standard of living through market engagement and job creation. We believe in a fair and balanced tax on businesses and property that ensures the continued maintenance and development of our Imperial systems of government. The ISA, Ministry of the Interior, and much more are funded by the people who reap their benefits in return. We as Josephites believe in promoting and expanding opportunity for all throughout the Empire. We will do this by legislating for fair and modest taxes on property and business, ensuring an individual's ability to gain wealth. Due to the modesty of our proposed tax rates, Imperial citizens are able to maintain and save most of their newfound wealth. This allows them to provide for themselves, as well as create employment opportunities for others in turn. The fairness we so often emphasize means that our Empire's larger enterprises will pay more than the smaller businesses, by an evaluation of assets and property. INNOVATION THROUGH INDEPENDENCE By Jonah Stahl Elendil We as Josephites believe that competition leads to creation, and the results prove us right. The free market of Oren creates a positive competition between businesses both big and small. This competition in turn inspires innovations in technology, production, and in how we conduct businesses. It incentivizes businesses to keep the price of consumer goods and services particularly low. Our currency carries strength and value, and we must ensure that it stays that way. A good example is how Iron tools, food products, and consumer comforts are at record affordability. People today are saving and spending more than they had ever done before in history. We as Josephites aim to legislate the protection of consumer freedoms, helping spur innovation, creation, and ultimately keep prices low. This will increase people's willingness to do business in the Empire. CONSUMER PROTECTIONS by Jonah Stahl-Elendil We, as Josephites, believe that true progress is achieved when fairness and opportunity are guaranteed. After carefully hearing from you workers on the ground, the Josephite government promises that it shall enact several measures to ensure that these ideals are demonstrated through our laws and practices. We will abolish wage slavery and indentured servitide across the Empire. We shall work with cities to place a rent cap on properties, to disable the exploitative Landlords and secure fair housing opportunities for our Imperial citizens. We shall fight for fair wages that allow a citizen to save and to spend properly, and we shall continue supporting and enabling free enterprising individuals to succeed. We will make the economy work. A Josephite government can help bring the common man out of the poverty that is predicated in an immobile, repressive society that our Everardine opponents wish to create. A Second Pax Orenia MAINTAINING OUR RIGHTS by Franz Nikolai In today’s world, we are blessed with a great many institutions that protect our rights as both Imperial citizens and as people. The courts, the ministry departments, and the Diet all serve to benefit the Empire at large and are enabled to do so through our will as people. We as Josephites are committed to upholding and preserving these institutions. They are the great bulwark against government overreach, and the stalwart defenders of the rights of man. We will ensure that, at all levels of the imperial bureaucracy, these vital positions are filled by people who are both qualified and dedicated to preserving the liberties enjoyed by all citizens of the Empire. This delicate balance of power can easily go awry if infringed upon, for giving one branch of the government too much power is never a good thing. The Josephite Party will maintain this careful balance to prevent the overreach and dominant control of any one government body. PEACE THROUGH STRENGTH By Franz Nikolai It was only mere years ago that we found ourselves beset by enemies on all sides. Many laughed and jeered at our stubborn resistance to the forces of the AIS, many more prophesied our downfall. Now, we sit atop Arcas as the foremost military and economic power with no rival to speak of. War is a costly endeavour, one that takes children and parents alike, burns fields, and empties coffers. It is against our interests, and the interests of the people, to send our gallant men and women off to fight in foreign, fruitless wars. However, many still linger in the shadows, for they covet our position yet are powerless to act on their ambition. It is because of these lingering threats that we must remain vigilant and keep a strong military in order to deter jingoists from sparking another conflict. Intelligent forethought and careful preparation will end any conflict before it begins. Negotiating peacefully, and cooperating with foreign nations and entities to ensure peace, are certainly beneficial in every regard. It seems that most of the world is intent on maintaining the peace that we have, for many remember the horrors of the Rubern War and the War of the Two Emperors, but history has shown, time and time again, that peace is always ephemeral. Departing From the Typical REMEMBERING OUR HISTORY by Franz Nikolai The Josephite movement has its roots in the Nenzig Proclamation of 1715, where Joseph of Marna denounced the many abuses of the Pertinaxi regime and envisioned a world where the many could obtain the freedoms enjoyed by the few. In order to see his vision realized, Joseph declared war on the Empire of Man, claiming the Imperial Throne. The ensuing War of the Two Emperors was a long and bloody affair that ended in a defeat for Joseph and his coalition. Even though Joseph’s cause was in ruin, and his armies lay defeated, we would not have to wait for long for his message to take root within the hearts and minds of the Imperial populace. Just a few years later, the abdication of Emperor John Achilles brought an end to the Pertinaxi dynasty. Emperor Alexander, despite his short reign, ushered in a new era of freedom and liberty, establishing a precedent that was markedly different from the iron-fisted rule of the Pertinaxis. The history of the Josephites is a mix of revolution and peace, hope and despair, but throughout both victory and defeat we have never compromised our morals. We stand upon the proud shoulders of those who fought and died to bring about the actualization of the principles of life, liberty, and fair trial that Joseph of Marna advanced a half-century ago. FEDERALISM & THE BALANCE BETWEEN PROVINCES By Jonah Stahl-Elendil The strength in our Empire is not derived from the few at the top, but a balance of power created through our political system. We, as Josephites, believe that the political and economic strength of the Empire must be consistent across the board. Through the blessings, inalienable rights, and providence granted to us by our Emperor, we as citizens have a duty to ensure that our Provinces are run efficiently and fairly. We as Josephites will legislate the mandate of Constabularies, in order to ensure that Provinces are able to carry out the letter of the law locally. This will lessen the strain felt by the ISA and other Imperial forces, while allowing Provinces to properly shape their laws,regulations, and bureaucracies within the scope of the Oren Revised Code. A Josephite government is a government for the ISA, and we will increase funding to the ISA to better equip and train our Empire's greatest defenders. We hope with these new resources, that the proposed Provincial regiments can also be developed thoroughly and within the next five Saints years. We have passed through the House of Commons laws that protect the citizens of Provinces, guaranteeing fair trials of their peers and neighbors. We have worked to give greater responsibility to the Provinces to enact the Emperor’s vision of providence. 3.OUR CANDIDATES Below is our finalized list of selected Candidates for the House of Commons. Veterans, businessmen, and experienced public servants from all walks of life define the people of our Empire and our party membership. Our Candidate list is no different. 1.Jonah Elendil 2.Konrad Stafyr 3.Franz Sarkozy 4.Oisin O’Rourke 5.Abram Stalistena 6.Konstantin Wick 7.Angelika Bykov 8.Peridot Carrington 9.Cyrus Basrid 10.Vaerus Douglas 11.Juan Lyons 12.Edward Napier 13.Sam Lowe 14.Edward Galbraith 15.Charles d’Arkent We also nominate Padraig O’Rourke for Mayor of Owynsburg, and appoint Porphyre Nicephore as our Representative to the Helena Mayor's office. You will see all of our candidates on the trail very soon. 4.CODA It is our belief that the providence of our Empire is derived by the contract between the state and the people. Our success as a nation comes from the balance, and cooperation between the two. This means that active participation from the people, from all origins and stations in life, is absolutely necessary. The Josephite philosophy is about the inalienable rights that people hold, and the freedom to decide their path in life. Voting Josephite is an affirmation of these beliefs, and a helping hand securing them for the Empire and you, the people. WANT TO GET INVOLVED? REACH OUT TO THE JOSEPHITE HEADQUARTERS FOR VOLUNTEER AND CAREER OPPORTUNITIES! ((JakobiWitness#3859 or AndrewTech#1007 on Discord))
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