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  1. Jonah writes a recommendation letter for Mister Snuggles and connects with the animal via Ye Olde Linked Inne.
  2. THE FAREWELL ADDRESS OF ARCHCHANCELLOR JONAH STAHL-ELENDIL, 1800 Issued by the Stahl-Elendil Ministry, 11th of Horen's Calling 1800 Friends and fellow citizens of the Holy Orenian Empire, I believe that, by design, the peoples ordainment of a statesmen to higher office is impermanent and fragile. This is by design, for the fragility of position is virtuous in nature as it requires justification through continued performance and confidence gained. Since first elected to serve in the Imperial Diet, you placed your confidence and
  3. A message from the Office of the Archchancellor Friends and fellow citizens, I write to you with good news. Through months of hard living and an arduous journey across the sea, I am proud to announce that finally, we have arrived. Our ships have found safe haven on the shores this brave new land, and we are ready to begin our adventure. Our trials have only begun, but I am filled with overwhelming hope and optimism for the days ahead. We can only rebuild together, though, for we are one Orenian people united in our resolve for a better life. Acknowledging the tasks ahead, the Stahl-Elendi
  4. A message from the office of the Archchanncellor Friends and fellow citizens, we as a nation have weathered the hurricane that was the Inferi Crisis, and have won. Yet we knew that this would not be the end of our trials, for life is never so easy or forgiving. Now as we speak, our homes are sinking beneath the surface and the potential for chaos is fast approaching. With this, the Stahl-Elendil Ministry now issues the evacuation of all citizens and Imperial personnel from the city of Helena. The Imperial State Army is now considered fully mobilized. Executive Decree No.1: T
  5. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1X2uqztZKoMQWLpBdwBNTKCANHwa9a3v5CdDGPw9iNYM/edit Jonah Stahl-Elendil approaches the lectern. "Honorable members, I present the Strong Institutions Bill for your consideration. Written under advice from the Imperial Judiciary, this legislation would help secure the robust nature of our institutions under the law. I leave it to your consideration."
  6. +-Der Baer Hanza-+ The Bear Company Hexmen As a Ser Harlan Saxe once said “Great threats require great men. On occasion, greater threats require groups of significant, motivated men to mitigate them effectively.” A mission to build upon the legacy of ‘The Manticore Initiative’ by using Marked principles and knowledge. A group of men, honoring their predecessors, will protect the innocent from supernatural, unnatural, and all things considered abnormal or abominable threats. Der Baer Hanza’s presence becomes public for the first time in deca
  7. ArchChancellor Jonah Stahl-Elendil To Karl Amador, whom I once called a colleague… I thank you for your dedication to the transparency of state, especially in regards to the state you have been removed from. What an obedient servant, truly. Had I known that you did not pay into Imperial systems like every other citizen of the Empire, the door surely would have been closed to you. It’s not your money we would be spending, afterall. You have neglected much context in your missive which I am happy to provide for readers everywhere. It is interesting how people
  8. CANDIDACY DECLARATION FORM _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ PERSONAL INFORMATION Surname: Kovachev First Name: George Address of Residence: 1 Silver Jubilee Year of Birth: 1750 ((Username: Esterlen )) _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ ELIGIBILITY QUESTIONNAIRE Are you registered and eligible to vote in the Holy Orenian Empire? Have you filled out the census? Yes Do you have any other title, peerage, or military assignment th
  9. CANDIDACY DECLARATION FORM _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ PERSONAL INFORMATION Surname: Stahl-Elendil First Name: Jonah Address of Residence: 6 Helvets Year of Birth: 1675 ((Username: JakobiWitness )) _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ ELIGIBILITY QUESTIONNAIRE Are you registered and eligible to vote in the Holy Orenian Empire? Have you filled out the census? Yes Do you have any other title, peerage, or military assignm
  10. THE JOSEPHITE PARTY The General Election for the 20th Imperial Diet, 1787 “For The Dignity Of All” ________________________________________________ Well before our first victory in the 16th Imperial Diet of 1764, the Josephite Party had been the driving force of progressive change in the Holy Orenian Empire. It shall continue to be so, but only with your help. Our nation views the Rights of Man as fundamental truths crucial to maintaining the fabric of humanity. It is the Josephite party that sees these rights as inalienable and divinely inspired.
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