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  1. Without these three being feasible or malleable in any way, there will be no meaningful changes to the current CRP system. Whole thing needs to be broken down and built back up, especially in regards to magic and ST signed items simply due to bloat. Whatever changes that may erupt from the plate/ranged decision are only going to serve to alter a meta slightly and not meaningfully change a broken and unpleasant system. I would move to take this discussion to a higher level and see how feasible and entire combat overhaul would be instead of focusing on nearly non-issues perpetuated by an inherently flawed system that's been coasting off its patchwork roots since 2012. Coincidentally the only engaging and enjoyable form of CRP I have seen is @Islamadon's event system. While it is gamified, it is neutral and doesn't inherently lend a meta in any specific player direction. I think this formula needs to be extrapolated upon server-wide and eventually manifest itself into player-on-player CRP scenarios instead of being relegated to just events.
  2. wait your schizo rp wasn't based on real character growth and experience? you were all just pretending? wtf i feel lied to
  3. Braecorp LTD owns oren (bought the rights during the almaris crash)

  4. A simple way to frame this is to ask the following: Is the server population mature and sensitive enough to craft a meaningful narrative around overcoming an extremely hot-point IRL subject? -- and, if so; do the individuals engaging in homophobic RP promote a good-faith OOC environment where mutual respect and communication occurs before, after, and during RP to ensure that a narrative is being crafted without marginalizing people? You may also simply ask: Does anyone who isn't heterosexual overtly desire to engage in that sort of RP? Some people might, as its a crucial aspect in a lot of fiction and is a story that deserves to be told -- but is MCRP the best place to do that when majority of the audience are individuals <18 who are still learning about the world and are more focused on chasing pixel-clout than anything else? The answer to these questions may surprise you! More at 11. Back to you, Tom.
  5. DU LOC

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      Evil X. Charity 

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      we should hurl tomatoes at jenny jennington

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