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  1. you can't make me rp

    1. Wholesome_Thomas


      you can run but you can't hide

  2. admins control conflict nothing is organic
  3. As the ephemeral realm-hopping Oyashi Shugo escaped the grasp of the hulking black daemon, a roaring curse from In-Saabth penetrated through the veil-- the last thing Danzen heard:
  4. The Harrenite cannot be redeemed. The Epistle to the Harrenite will deny you the Seven Skies.
  5. its Aevoican not Aevosan

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    2. Adelemphii


      Aevopian, inspired by Aesopian...

    3. warlord of filth

      warlord of filth


    4. Shorsand


      ah yes, braevopean, how could i mix up my demonyms

  6. if you want to get assaulted by zombies personally in the next 4 hours dm me

  7. Shorsand

    The Vile Horde

    The Isle of Failor, Second Age Following the Great Almaris Exodus and the Scourge of the Mori === The trend had been seen across the Isle: the setting sun, a foul wind carrying the smell of decay and rot creeping over. The groaning of twisted bodies rising from the earth and sinister pits, congeries of limb and bone. A night of terror as the risen dead seek out those living, the transgressors upon the Isle of Failor. Rising in tides through the night, the living dead hordes put their assail on the pockmarked smatterings of civilization -- only yielding once the dawn sun crested in the Eastern skies, alighting the foreign Isle oncemore. Only night would inevitably fall, again, and again. === Was there hope of this tide ending? The Descendants were in the hands of a Fate most cruel. === For in the depths of the Isle, a Vile Necromancer continued his work, raising armies of those long-cast dead from beneath the soil of the Isle -- amalgamating limbs deep within the foul lair beneath the ground. The Vile Necromancer had made it known -- this was HIS Isle. The Descendants were a foil upon what was once his isolation among the dead. He would not yield Failor easily; and gestating within the putrefied cesspools of his Lair were foul beings of Vile make. The Lair may yet be unknown to much of the Isle, yet there are those who had drawn the ire of the Vile Necromancer, attempting entry. These egregious acts only serve to strengthen his resolve; to remove the wicked threat of the living which plodded upon the Isle. The undead will march over the lowlands of Failor, continuing to take advantage of the disorganized and nomadic Descendants, punishing them for their unyielding folly. === === Perhaps there is hope -- some brave souls have made themselves aware, or have been made aware of this Necromancer's location. The hope lay upon them to rally their fellow man to purge this evile from the Isle -- for it was their only option. Destruction was nigh certain if they failed. But until they succeed -- IF they succeed -- the attacks of the undead seemed to grow more frequent, and more potent. Whenever night falls, they are liable to attack anywhere. ============================ OOC: PvE undead attacks will be increasing over the next few days. Those who are RPly aware of the Necromancer's lair may strike an official siege on it TUESDAY, 5/30 at 7:30PM EST The event will be capped at ~30 players. The event will be PvE with light dialogue and objectives to complete. Location not posted here, but there are people aware of it IRP. Feel free to share it or learn about it in roleplay if you want to participate.
  8. we'll have to resort to caves because there are no ruins on 9.0 (on the surface) i embrace the underdark
  9. i love the chaos but deny the pugsier
    we cannot have it both ways unfortunately

  11. anvil

    1. milksoda
    2. LithiumSedai


      it's good but I prefer Skingrad

    3. Stump



  12. And yet, despite the amounting threats against this alleged inimical cult -- there would be no conflict, for the peace brought by the Anvil permeated the entire under, and could not be set asunder. The Anvil. The Anvil. The Anvil.
  13. The latest news from staff is we will be entering a vanilla anarchy survival mp server with permadeath enabled. First player to kill the End Dragon (Azdromoth) will be awarded an extra persona slot and 1000 crowns. Enjoy!
  14. "Lies.... lies..." moaned a Thrall of the Anvil. "Anvil only.... take... consenting... annoint..." "Ham...mer... " "Aaan...viil..."
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