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  1. Can I submit a fixed version of my old kingdom of masur lore for the contest



    1. firespirit44


      Yeah sure go for it 

  2. Get money quickly in one quick way

    Or get your lore refunded right now

  3. You back too zeb? What dragged your carcass back here lol

    1. Zebanamana


      Laziness honestly. Bloodnrose and Burniston and I like all came back at once and were ******* around.

    2. firespirit44


      Next thing you'll be telling me is nitholiak is hanging about 


    3. Zebanamana



      So he did return for the new map and there is a Von Schlichten family. He had a character as second in charge of Chambery in Lorraine, but he's been gone for awhile again. I was playing with Burniston and bloodnrose for awhile back when the map change happened

  4. firespirit44

    [Denied]Dreek's GM App

    Let me see if I can dig up my review.... I dont think my review has changed since. I have never regretted having him on the team, but he can sometimes burn himself out. Take care of him, wont you?
  5. Kai hui! 

    1. firespirit44


      Gilahad the Gay


      wassup chumpchump


  6. If you want some script writing or similar done drop me a line. I don't have a computer beefy enough to edit anything, so I am handicapped to help any further than planning. However for Christmas public holidays I could take a work computer and edit if there's a need. I'd just have to offline edit to work around slow renders. But is doable if you have some media collab ideas.

    1. ski_king3
    2. firespirit44


      Elindor why do you do this to yourself.


      Get a new computer bloody hell.


      And pass me your skype

  7. firespirit44

    [Denied]Lita / Escharian's Global Moderator Application

    Once upon a time the ETs had a project that the monks had to hold a festival every month. There would be stalls, shops, fireworks. Escharian was the one in charge for 3 months running. He's shown that he is responsible, hard working, and a team player. Best of luck Esch.
  8. u were a pretty based admin can u come back as one please????????

  9. firespirit44

    Firespirit44's Fm App

    Ingame Name: firespirit44 RP Name: Azirphale Time Zone: GMT+10, Australia, Melbourne. How Long will you be online per week. I am online on the forums all the times, except during classes. But below is a schedule. Monday: 10am-12am Tuesday: 1pm-3pm, 5pm-12am Wednesday: 10am-12am Thursday: 8am-10am, 7pm-12pm Friday: 10am-3pm, 9pm-12pm Saturday: 10am-3pm, 9pm-12pm Sunday: 10am-12am Experience: I have been moderator on a few forums, and joined a few forums myself. I used to moderate several forums for a game called Tribal Wars back in 2008? It was a clan forum, and I had to solve some petty arguments between members. Lock, all that. But it was a very simple forum. Previous Forums Member on Ragnarok, Flyff, Legend of Aelryth, few others. I only did have minimum moderator experience on Tribal Wars. Why I should be a FM Been on LOTC for a good 30 month now, and I have never not checked the forums for even a day. I wish to use my activeness on the forums as a advantage to clean up any spam topics, [very rare now though. Used to be all over during december.] observe current topics, and also moderate forums should flames be at hand. I wish to be FM to help the server, and catalog and clean the forums. I'm a quiet person that doesn't take offense easily, and dont lash out in anger when I'm unhappy, or doing something destructive. I try my hardest not to say unnecessary things, but sometimes I cant help but slip in a short comment. I cant really get angry, and not quick to jump and take anyone's side, I let debates take their course as long as no profanity is thrown to either side, or snide hurtful comments. Currently I am doing a ongoing project that involves data gathering from LOTC, and I hope that I would be able to access the archives again, to continue my research on demographics. I'm also a meticulous person, and have this habit of recording things down with either a paper or pen, using bullet points and simple bolding of words. Now I'm trying my best to switch to documenting things with a computer. Other Info Thank you for reading my application. I hope to be accepted so I may continue my research here on the forums.
  10. firespirit44

    Seannie22 Appeal

    Unbanned. Make sure you dont play LOTC while intoxicated next time please.
  11. firespirit44

    [Actor] I Have Too Much Time

    Denied. Feel free to apply again the future.
  12. firespirit44

    Tsnzephy Unban

    Unbanned. I hope you stick to your promise, Tsnzephy.