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  1. The old paladin piled with missives, maps, and charts was delivered the latest news from the mainland. His thoughts wanders towards the mission Captain Alicjo was sent on, the thoughts of the crumbling Al-Faiz surfacing in his memory. ”A city is a bastion. It does not gurantee posterity, but without it you are doomed to scatter to the four corners of the land. Let us work so that Aegrothond will not fall like Al-Faiz.” With that said, he would pen a response for the Sea Prince privately, sending it back on the same courier.
  2. Hey all, we’re working with a new format for planning Inferi events. We’ve still got time on Friday if anyone wants to do an event with us! Click on my status to take a look at the timeslots

    Also yeah we’re very booked out lol


  3. “You do know that this is tantamount to suicide right, Jack?” Crumena of Kamees would query with a strange calmness as the Paladins sat in the war room of Luxem, detailing their plans. It’s been a year since Al’Faiz has fallen to the demonic forces, three years since the loss of the Hammer of Urguan, and reports of Inferi reaching Aegrothond and Helena grow in a nice little stack by the table and boards now. The situation was dire, the dwarves and those of the Firewatch Alliance were setting up a defensive perimeter and enacting a naval blockade, but the old Paladin felt it just wasn’t enough. “It’s a risk I’m willing to take. I’m willing to gamble my life and those who follow me for gutting the Inferi operations. And I don’t intend to fold.” He would rap his knuckles lightly on the map, detailing construction plans for tents, a resupply port in Aegrothond, naval schedules for the Queen’s Dawn Revenge, and most importantly the backing of the Talus Grove. Archdruid Nivndil looked at the elderly Seeker in his eyes, and somehow was convinced that sending a crack troop of warrior druids alongside the newly ‘united’ Paladins to be a good decision. A veteran of many campaigns, Jack was undeterred, and continued making preparations. A camp intended to reconnaissance, for subterfuge, and for the love of Xan, they would be able to use it as a launchpad in the future should things get too hot. The Queen’s Dawn Revenge with her 5 ballistae would hold off any small raid by patrolling the sea, but if the demons inhabiting the encampment ever turned their red eyes towards them, they were doomed and Jack knows it. Their only hope, was to stay unnoticed, and to keep relaying information back to those of the Firewatch. Alongside the Paladins and Druids, came the Brotherhood led by Anduin de Rhys, Eldamarians led by Kairn Ithaelanen, adventurers of all shapes and sizes, former mercenaries, current mercenaries. It was a camp made of the strangest mix of people who Jack found, or found Jack in return. But they all respected one thing. The ability to stare death in the eyes, and come out the victor. And so they listened to this geriatric man clad in black, as they hoisted sail from Sutica, sailing past the Siege Fortress of the demons, and landing in a little strip of beach near the edges of it all. Perhaps it was because of his doomer nature, but Jack rather fancied the name ‘Last Light’. Vailoen promptly rapped him on the shins for it. Should you disembark from the White Rooster traveling between Aegrothond and the Last Light Camp, you would notice Diomedes carving away at some stakes, Velenius and Dresden constructing tents, as Jack would be talking to a group of adventurers, his maps and parchments simply pouring out from his table, his familiar voice droning off “Are you looking for a mission? I’ve got several that might fit your group. It’ll be dangerous, so be prepared with your cloaks, equipment, potions......” OOC Commentary Hey hey people, firespirit44 here. Welcome to the long-form-campaign that focuses a lot on the sabotage, scouting, ambushes for actions against the Inferi! We’re a small camp, but that could change accordingly within the next few weeks depending on what the players do. I’m here mainly as a organizer between the players and the ST, so feel free to reach out. Every week, I’ll post anywhere between 3-5 events for people to undertake over discord. You can contact me at kai#3130 to setup something with me if you want to participate, this camp welcomes small group or individuals rather than being part of any nation per say. The rules for the camps/missions are simple: The actions of each event contributes to the overall narrative of the camp. Your wins and losses could easily determine the future of the camp, so do be mindful of that Just as we can attack the Inferi, they too can attack us. Failure to repel attacks will cause the camp to suffer, and could possibly be eradicated entirely. Timing for the attack will be established roughly ahead in advance. Actions can be used to reduce the intensity of the attacks. If you want to go on missions, you must attempt to meet up with the mission leaders or be part of the pre-event briefing, and keep up with the plan OOCly. This is in order to save time for the ST, as understandably discussions can take anywhere from 30 minutes – several hours. The planning should be done well before the start of the events. You need a MC item to rp you having it! Dont just emote having a spyglass, a net, a javelin or sword without a MC item representation. Things like cloaks we can forgive with skins, unless it has a specific property like fire resistance etc. Then we’ll need to see the signed item. Have fun together! Its a team effort, where Captains are picked organically to lead missions. But make no mistake, all missions are generally medium-hard scale, with scouting being the easiest. Take lots of screenshots, and have fun trying to come up with solutions to challenge the Inferi. Should you have access to the Firewatch Scouting reports, you would find a fresh new stack of parchments deposited on the table. Mission #1: Fortress Scouting (Hosted by Knightei) People involved: Aiden, Alicjo, Apollyon, Becclain, Diomedes, Harold, Nivndil(C), Tailesin, Xanthus Details: Landing upon the remains of the Korvassan Voidal Tear, we pushed in-land to begin observing the fortress from the North. There we observed few guards upon the walls themselves, but heavy numbers emerging out from the gates, moving out in the vague direction of the Inferi main encampment. As the gates opened, we could see a mass of writhing flesh within, resembling a mass grave of sorts. Beyond the bridge on the mainland, a farmhouse garrisons some three-dozen Inferi troops, but all remained unaware of our presence. We send Harold in to retrieve a sample from the wall, to test it for alchemical and Druidic weaknesses. The exterior of the fortress is fortified with organic walls of flesh, which appear to respond to touch, as the wall seemed to recoil upon Harold's cutting away at it. The Inferi garrisoned within the fortress appeared to realize this, and emerged soon-after. All personnel were able to retreat to safety and we returned to camp. [Credit to Apollo#3511 on discord for the fantastic screens] Mission #2: Al-Faiz Operation (Hosted by Bathrugman and Worldeater) n/a
  4. A simple, charcoal message is scribbled on top of any empty area that Tanith’s parchment has. ”Please consider the fact that demons are prone to trickery, and that no naval battle has ever occurred before, during, after the Fall of Al-Faiz. The armies of the Grey sunk their own boats, bridges, and their supplies once it was clear what was going to happen to them. As a war leader in the Firewatch Alliance, no naval battles have happened to date. Date of Fall of Al-Faiz: 13th of The Grand Harvest, 1784 Date of Expedition: 6th of the Sun’s Smile, 1786 Why there was a marooned Farfolk sailor when no trade ships pass the straits, reeks suspicion. I take full responsibility for the actions of the crew. You know my office doors are always open. -J”
  5. Any apps currently on the forums will be judged to be either Temp or Permanent. If an ST app does not have [Temp] next to it, we will assume it is meant for a permanent position, though we may initially offer a temp position. Requirement and time dedication for permanent is much higher. And yes a Temp can go to Permanent if they perform well enough.
  6. I’ll pitch it to squak, I confess to not knowing if gnomes are even on the radar currently. The available jobs we have are posted here:
  7. Hey hey people, firespirit44 here. I’m here to talk about how recruitment in the Story Team will change up, as well as our plan moving forward as a team. The Story Team is, at the end of the day, a volunteer job position in LoTC. There’s simply no way of circumventing that fact. Lore reviews, events, guide creations, it honestly does take a lot of time. We realize that it's simply impossible to ask someone to stay on the team for a year or more, and that we need to reimagine how people join the ST. I think it's fair that we outline the details of the new positions and a few changes we’ll be making to current ones. So without further ado, here’s the new positions we’ll be introducing to the ST: Temporary ST These are project based ST that largely ignore the rest of the duties of the ST, but are hyper focused on one or two tasks assigned by them. They will not partake in wider activities such as lore voting, sreqs, but rather have a limited time frame to complete projects, such as ST actors for the Inferi Event, or a long running campaign like the Nether. We may even bring on writers to complete the Aengudaemonic project and etc. The pex given to these individuals will be lower than those given to full ST members, though it’ll be enough to do their jobs. And we will set a timeline for it, e.g. 1 to 3 months. Temporary STs are expected to: Agree to a timeline for the project to be completed. To commit a certain amount of time to the project at hand. To still follow the rules of the ST and not leak/abuse. To ensure the project will be accomplished to the best of their abilities. Permanent ST The permanent ST staff are expected to stay for 3 months - 1 year or longer, and therefore are expected to implement longer event campaigns, to handle player complaints against claims of powergaming/misuse of lore, and expected to contribute heavily to the narrative of the server lore wise and event wise, preferably for the length of the map. Holding permanent STs to this standard means that there isn’t going to be whiplash when initial concepts are scrapped over and over again when new management comes in. The permanent ST are expected to: Monitor and review lore so that it blends in to LOTC’s unique narrative To ensure implementation of lore pieces in a way that is memorable and interactable with the playerbaseTo handle player complaints on powergaming/misuse of lore To handle FAQ about lore To monitor ST systems/ lore mechanics like nodes, herbs, etc To collaborate with each other and with players to form a greater story narrative for the playerbase Trainers In order to promote good culture within the team and to improve the learning experience of newer STs, we plan on reintroducing the trainer role. Trainers are expected to last for a year or more, and will really push the limits of accountability, organization skills, and tracking productivity. This role is designed to be very human-facing-role, with heavy emphasis on communication. Trainers will be tasked with the following: Ensuring activity checks. That they can answer FAQ from staff internally and externally. To be very familiar with the systems of governance IE: How to write briefs, how to assemble mag pieces, etc To address STs who are reprimanded and give actionable tasks to improve Be proficient in ingame/forum commands. Ensuring ST rules are being followed. To host onboarding sessions with every new ST member. Managers Now that the merge with the ET and LT has finally been completed, managers are now morphing to take the role of furthering the role of the ST. Managers are now experimenting with different systems, such as alchemy integration, long-event-campaign formats, resources, interesting lore reveals, ST resource divisions, etc. Managers are expected to: Ensure the long term growth of the ST and how to achieve player-focused narrative. To think about the ST from a narrative macro point of view, incorporating unique LOTC lore. To facilitate collaboration between ST and other teams such as Dev, Community, etc. Ensuring that the team is being well run and that player complaints about STs are being handled To be held accountable to the player base and the admins. Announcement And finally, due to the introduction of Temp ST, I’m looking for a lot of temporary staff for about 3 months for the Inferi events. I’ll be pasting a job board soon to announce what projects are currently in the works. If you are interested, I would encourage you to apply! All you have to do is put a [Temp] on the side of your minecraft name, and under [How can we as the Story Team contribute toward the server's story?] just specify what project you want to work for. Hope to work with all of you soon! https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forms/54-story-team-application/
  8. i found your cave and the sign that said “contact firespirit44” is gone so I wanted to know what it was

  9. hi dad

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  10. Some screenshots of the event today courtesy of @Heero




    No more 5am events for me tho

  11. Fantastic video. I just wished the person showcasing would go through the steps of setting up their own shop with the command so we could see for ourselves how it works.
  12. Xarkly pushing new event boundaries as usual, fantastic stuff
  13. I like the update Archi. Good luck, hope it passes
  14. My pleasure. It was not that I sought Norland out specifically, it was really by chance and RP that I met Edward and Chryssa that led me to Norland. I didn’t even know Norland exists, but that’s the beauty of being on the ST and being to just roll with the punches haha. Glad you all enjoyed it. Stay tune for more to come.
  15. Ghost hunting is back on the menu: 



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      event was very cool, kai! thank you for your hard work!

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