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  1. whats a good place to find people during aussie time nowadays? 

  2. that eggs that we had was overpriced bullshit. thoughts on what an ideal ET/ST would look like?
  3. Pour one out for the homie.

  4. Cheers Cookiie, thanks for the update as usual. Congrats to not-moderator @HogoBojofor being a ticket chad.
  5. Fantastic stuff Treshure, what an amazing video my dude. Hope you got some rest after editing that for 20 hours straight
  6. thoughts on opening a ST academy?
  7. i really appreciate man. its not easy for a monster virgin like myself to put myself out there.
  8. Many thanks for the wishes you two. Please for the love of god bath I just want your sunken cathedral with its sundial and I want to do the event I've been waiting for 6 years holy **** Proudest accomplishment was definitely the legacy of the ET I left behind. Inferi second, Setherien 3rd. Biggest regret was being too trusting to merrymoogle for sure. I trusted him, and he ratted me out haha. It was a shame. She's got a nice bf, soz son My fav ST moments are actually non ST work related at all. Whether it be playing jackbox, or some weird late night talks, or even the auction house, the times when we were just joking are my favourites. I love the craziness that the ST brings, its very familiar and friendly. The ST on its own is really a community, bounded in other ways than work.
  9. I do remember Arkus trying to teach now, it was a small memory so I didn't pay too much attention to it, haha. And yeah you getting team killed was kinda hilarious back then, think you disobeyed one too many orders or something, memories are fuzzy. Glad to see you have grown up now and taking charge of such quality events and being a real pillar in the community. I dont find documentation fun. Documentation is actually a way of investing in the present for less work in the future. Imagine if you had to read 5 different briefs with each a different format, it would be so annoying having to clarify back and forth what's missing. It's like giving homework without rules. And can you imagine if we ever tried to do some continuity for an event whom's ET had already left the server? Trying to trace it would be a nightmare. Trying to interloop events is the hardest part for the ET because there isn't any documentation, and the Inferi only worked because you and I were constantly on top of everything. Now imagine being in charge of the world, where you are aware of every single event produced. If you can do it without documentation, hats off to your mega brain. Besides, starting things with templates cuts down production time by soooo much. As for the stepping up part, I'm honestly glad with the outcome of the Inferi. I think the production was good, it really utilized a lot of lore pieces. I wish there was more exposition of course, but overall I think that was a good mass production event. Had we scaled it to 20-30 people instead, I'm sure the stories would have been incredibly rich, with more tools and points at our disposal, but that's just how it is when it comes to a literal server wide event. I hope to participate in Zarsies stuff in the future (probably what, 6 months down the line? I dont mind waiting), so maybe I can see for once what the height of events looks like from a player POV haha. 1. I wanted the Paladins to more closely relate to the intricate mysteries of the Crusaders and Asian mystics. I wanted their spells to be more ritual based, rather than combat type spells. I wanted things to focus on exorcism, sealing, prayer, and have it steeped in tradition and lore instead of blindly praising Xan each time, kind of like the occult with symbols as well. I wanted to reference more holy things, things that were canonized to be holy, and really draw from the players who were impactful in their roles. I did want to release more additional spells, so maybe that'll shift the meter a bit. Just been lazy and out of it tbh. 2. That I wasn't around to actually see it! I had work the next day in the hotel, so I instructed Swgrclan, Ouity, Tsuyose as the main emoters, set out what would happen, and what should be taken into consideration if the players do x y z. They told me it went well, but I would never know how it was like. I also wanted much more buildup, there was a lot of traction in the red realm, but otherwise I had to brute force the Golden Lance as a concept, and I dont really enjoy protags. I wanted them to act more like guides for the players, but there was no time to build the rapport, we had 3 months after all. Also there were so many assets unused. Jeez. The ingredients were there, but trying to pump out a quality production was hard. 3. Honestly? Brisket. Brisket tastes incredible, as the fat and collagen renders out and makes it incredibly tender, be it for smoking or braising. But rib meat would be my close second, either grilled or roasted. 4. The aegis end event was dogshit, but then again it was the first time ever doing map end events for the server so I sorta get it. But my god letting 12 players do parkour to grab some weapons to kill Iblees while the undead spammed mobs on players was pretty dog. I think the Asulon end was also pretty crap, so much so I dont remember it. RP wise, I really wished the exodus didn't happen. I lost my WR playerbase, and I knew I would 100% not survive a smaller server with almost no Australians in it. Had the exodus not happened, I'm sure I would have never applied for staff because I wasn't lonely. To this date I still have not found a playerbase that I can consistently find rp in.
  10. Spoons, I think thats just because you haven't truly created anything with your own two hands yet. So far you've done really well for the Inferi stuff, but I know how that can feel as 'not being yours'. I can see it from the way you talk and the way you view things, you know what to do, but how do you implement it is another thing. Use anything at your disposal first, before asking for help. You'll create something amazing that will leave a stamp on LOTC I'm sure, something to the scale of the nether event. 1. I was part of a player group called the White Rose, and I played a simple blacksmith called Arkus Farrier. Me and crazyguy1916 was memeing that the reason why we have our base in the foot of a mountain was to guard some ancient evil (no lore), and there was a underground complex with ancient thrones and such. When the White Rose players left, I made a event with some of the remaining White Rose players, where we had to 'reseal' the ancient evil, and Arkus was the willing blood sacrifice for it. That was my first event ever, and I've been hooked on the concept since. To drive the narrative and provide opportunities to the characters to impact the world in a meaningful way. 2. I have only joined LOTC and never any other RP servers. Bigger the better, because I live in Australian timezones. 3. 2011, when Aegis was started You could get rp in 5 minutes of walking down a path called the King's Road. 4. Try to learn to love financial independence, learn to love growing money. It's not easy, but if you can really learn it it will bring you far in life. Financial independence is something most people dont really understand and grasp as a concept, but the difference is you're rewarding yourself in the future, to go on a better holiday, to buy better things, rather than to just keep saving for the sake of saving. Being a penny pincher ultimately will not bring you anywhere in life. Its about knowing how to grow the dollars you save, not the cents. 5. I figured he would be more attracted to traps honestly. I never once discussed the virtues of yellow women with him when he was younger. But I think thats why he wants his partners to be the responsible one and dominate him, since I was always hounding him like a school teacher who never got their student's homework back in a timely manner. BNK, I'm really happy that you've found jobs in your career. You'll always be my favourite ET that uses WE in their events. Hope your living situation is better and you've got a permanent computer haha. You're always welcome back. Wow you remember the Fringe, that's some ancient history stuff man. I think Aegis was the best but for me. In a time where there wasn't 20 Creature Applicants, 20 different sub magic groups. When you walked into a city, it felt alive but that was also because nobody was really making towns. You needed to pay 100USD for a region after all. It was the best of times, and the worst of times. Map wise Anthos had a good balance for distance I would say. We always harp on about dynamic roleplay, but you have to understand that means very different things to a lot of people. Dynamic roleplay is collaborative storytelling, and not everything will always go your way. People who have poured their hearts out for settlements are most against this for obvious reasons. People ultimately dont like to lose, but if you never lose you'll never know the impact of sweet victory. The Inferi event brought out many kinds of people who refused the dynamic roleplay. You cant really say "I refuse to have a natural calamity happen on my house", but we respected it. Its weird, because the map was changing anyways, so your settlement wouldnt have mattered, but the sheer fuss some people kicked up really astonished me. Al'Faiz will forever go down in memory as the city that fell to demons, but the other settlements will just be lost forever in player memories. I just want players to try rolling with the punches more. It was fun rping with you. I hope you'll do some cool stuff with your own pally chapter. The missions we did were fun, like that failed initial raid. Hope your job and education goes smoothly for you. Haha. Its weird how we're all the same playerbase from Aegis, but we have almost never rped until joining the staff team. But that's just how it is, and I still think you're one of the best storytellers on this server. I dont think there is anyone else that can hold a candle for the thought and effort you put into crafting these experiences. I hope that you will be less harsh on yourself and not put yourself out to be a martyr for LOTC. Write what you want to write, dont write because its your duty to write. We're all here to have fun even for volunteering for the ST. Baby steps to chase after the things you want in life Zarsies. And I will 100% help fund that trip of yours so you can meet your bae. 1) Spoons, hands down. Spoons has a viciousness in him, dont **** with the pinoys 2) If you come to Malaysia I'll bring you anywhere and everywhere. I want to go to the states one day and crash on Heero's or your couch though haha. 3) Continuity. An event is not just a blip of distraction, but something that affects and continues to reverberate to all aspects of a character and their future actions. Lots of events are ultimately not memorable and not referenced again, which is a shame. If possible I would want each event to be good enough for a forum post. 4) I heard from Heero that with the Qi Arc will have some cool enemies, I would stick around for that. But I would need to ask for a timing in advanced haha. I cant really just login and rp until it comes to me, gotta study and work and all. Hope you get along well with the other ST members ImCookie. It's alright, I didn't really rp with the high elves so there was little chance of our paths crossing anyways haha. The meaning of life is to make money and knowing how to use it to fund your pursuits and goals outside of it. Its okay, you're not missing anything haha. My rp isnt great. Hope you continue to have fun on the server Alphamoist. Remember peach, !_! if you're ever in any trouble. The boys will look after you. My pleasure Hads. Was fun reminiscing about the WR, even if it occurred almost a lifetime ago. chief Look up man. You got this. You'll be able to support yourself and stand on your own 2 feet. Meme with you soon buddy. Many thanks for the wishes strife, same to you. Hope you enjoy bro, all the STs really liked Alicjo, you inspired us to balance the Inferi events to ensure they would be 100% beatable by characters like yours if possible. Maybe I'll come back and finish Jack off in a few months, gotta wait for vaults first -_-. I hope you'll be around when I get to finally hang up my coat for reals in RP.
  11. Wish you were around for Inferi, I'm sure you would have done well. Hope you enjoy your stay on the ST my #2 fav paki. And it's been a lot of fun going on adventures with Icroth. Wish we could have done more, but alas, life and work. And that's the least I could do, what kind of teacher would just take a student and not teach them lul. I used to do like 3 course dinner parties for friends as a tasting menu. People would give me like $30/40 each, and I would take all that money to try and make something I wanted. Like a mystery tasting experience, since I usually didnt reveal the menu before hand. Apart from that, I really like making dioramas, the kind you see in the windowsill of a fancy department store in Christmas. Hope to get into that with clay figures when things are more settled down. And you are my second favourite builder! I talk to people about how you, BNK, and Bathrug were the holy trinity of builders back in my days. I'm glad you are starting to find some enjoyment out of building once more Factcore. But your Setherien mural was my favourite build ever. It just had so much character! Its a shame we've lost it, I really wanted another one of your murals.
  12. I'll enjoy all the Cal's 14 jokes in my daydreams for sure. I still wanna play Among Us and Jackbox for anything. 1) Anytime that I was doing big activities/going on adventures with people. I enjoy experiencing events more than planning them (its like saying you prefer eating over cooking). For this time when I came back, I would say the paladin meeting where I condemned Lefkos and forced him to be disconnected. A very bonding moment for all of us. 2) I would serve you a 5 course free of charge mate. Get your own plane ticket down here. Coupon code '!_!' 3) I preferred the playerbase that welcomed me without expectations, and that was the White Rose in 2012. It was a military order that went on patrols and fucked around the castle. Otherwise I very rarely switched playerbases, since I only play 1 character at any time. 4) I wish things were more organized, I wish I hadnt got shot from admin in 2013, I wish I had confessed to that girl in high school. Growing up is about learning that there's not much you can do about it, and just hope you dont make the same mistakes again. Honestly iMattyz, the days of Setherien really were blending together. I cant remember what I've asked people to do, I can only remember the people that were apart of it. As for you, I'm glad you got to be admin, and I hope that you are at peace with what you managed to achieve.
  13. I'll hop in VC from time to time and bully Calzium and Spoons, happy-go-lucky knowing that I never have to look at another brief again haha. It comes with age, I'm sure many LT see you as without the doubt the person to get everything done. People crave guidance and support, and when we dont work in a physical space/different timezones, it can get quite disheartening. People need that confidence before they can do bigger things, and having them succeed in a planned project gives them that. Thats how most of the newer gen of ET got their chops, coaxing them to do events with a theme already setup, so they know what to expect. Why do you think I like templates so much? It takes all the minor thinking out of the detail. And yes I actually prefer forum posting than Discord. That presence is irreplaceable as a record. You'll survive fine without me king. You're stronger than you give yourself credit for. Learn to delegate and trust, and expect people to fail because if they never fail, they have never tried. Let them fail safely. And this applies for things IRL as well. 1) I was in communications with Heero and knew of Rift as far back in 2019. Mind you, we've never ever rped with each other yet. Heero tapped me and said there was going to be big changes to the ET / LT with Flam being shot, and said there might be something interesting to be done. I accepted, came back, milled around for a bit, before I agreed to join management after potent_rage left the team. 2) Document everything to be used as templates. Templates serve as fantastic guidelines for making sure things are in place, and aren't a hard rule. Make sure your efforts are noticed, and thats why we have Newsletters. Make sure there are priorities in place and deadlines to meet. Dont ever do everything by yourself, that's denying a learning and development opportunity from others. 3) I think that LOTC is seriously stuck without having a clear plan for growth. The ST is an internal looking team, but its actually the CT and WT that will ultimately decide the fate of the server. Without a solid plan for the CT, how can we attract new players? There's even less players from when I was around. For myself, I'm going to open a restaurant, bet on it. 4) I didn't know what roleplay was. I came from MC factions. So being able to play minecraft as an RPG with story/narrative elements was so much fun. It gave PVE/PVP a purpose, I wasn't just mindlessly trying to click something to death. I was clicking for justice. That was what I thought anyways, it was good fun. My houses could be shared, I could talk stories in a tavern. MC wasn't about building blocks anymore, but building stories. Cant go back to vanilla. 5) Believe it or not after I achieved my role as Event Team Admin, I swapped over to become Moderator Lead to try and clean up, document, and template behaviours and codify rules. I wanted teams to run efficiently, but it turns out I just didn't care enough. I did not love the mods. I also wanted a strong media team, but I did not care enough. The ET drew me in like nothing else could on this server. 6) If I could say something, it would be 'Please learn to actually stick to deadlines and respect that other people depend on you to achieve this work'. Managers should not need to baby staff to turn in their work. For the rest of LOTC, I would say turn off Discord and just roleplay, try not to be so argumentative haha. 7) Idk what we're waiting for tbh, he should have been out before me. Maybe he wants to do something? Also hi Crevel.
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