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  1. My pleasure. It was not that I sought Norland out specifically, it was really by chance and RP that I met Edward and Chryssa that led me to Norland. I didn’t even know Norland exists, but that’s the beauty of being on the ST and being to just roll with the punches haha. Glad you all enjoyed it. Stay tune for more to come.
  2. Ghost hunting is back on the menu: 



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      event was very cool, kai! thank you for your hard work!

  3. The Vanishing Memories: Part 1 There exists a ruin, a crumbling cobble structure behind the city of Morsgard. Existing before the Norlanders took hold of it, already in ruined long before that. Approached by a man wrapped in black and leather, the Order of Purifiers agreed to help, as they sought to unravel a growing mystery, of a vanishing castle that appeared on the mountains near Urguania, once every full moon... Within the ruins of the tiny structure, lays a pile of bodies; burnt, mummified by ice. Their souls long departed, yet the High Keeper Alisa would still grant them the prayers of the All-Father. A rusted sword, beyond recognition. Fragile as glass, with a muted blue hilt still preserved from the snow. A blackened pendant, as the bodies were being burnt. They would soon find out, that this would not be the last time they would pray for this nameless pile of bodies. As the full moon rose once more, and the clock striking midnight, the world dead to right. Dominus Fill’Yar would seek communion with the departed, partaking in her shamanistic sword dance ritual, with lingering grey lights as its attendants. The grey aura would slip off the rusted sword, forming a ghastly figure. Burnt, tattered, with blood dripping down its hands, its jaws sliced cleanly apart, it turns its gruesome countenance towards the party wordlessly, his flesh seemingly fused with the metal armour that he wore. A kite shield in one hand, bearing the mark of a burned tree, yet slashed and almost smashed beyond recognition. It holds its hands up for its sword back, only to grasp at air, the sword glowing softly in the moonlight. It turns, looking at the sword with an almost forlorn look, almost as if rejecting its reality, before turning to demand answers and berating the party for being late, asking hurriedly for Troy the Black Iron. The sounds of an otherworldly howl could soon be heard, growing louder and louder with every passing hour in the night. It was not until when the sounds of women and children screaming did the revenant then known as Knight Commander Randald yell at everyone to get to their stations. A ferocious snowstorm would soon engulf them all, covering their vision; as the revenant picks up its kite shield, and tries grasping at its sword one last desperate time. When they opened their eyes, they would feel the sun shine upon them. Although they were still in the frigid North, there were signs of grass poking out from beneath the snow. A different season in a different time, they mused. But the screams, they never faded. The party would turn to look at the grey revenant from before, though he seems alive and full of colour now; his tattered cape and battered shield still present, the sword before him now more real, as he reached forward to grasp it. Blood still adorned his features, his face already burned and marred beyond belief, blood running down his arms, soaking into the gravel they tread on. Yet he stood tall, and demanded that this new group of soldiers to make haste to the West Gate, as they held the South. No sooner as they were greeted by the barricade commander Major Konelyn, the new party demanded that Konelyn would pass control of the barricade towards them. A quick exchange of information occurred, before a dark, reddish beast would lunge towards them all, bounding across the bridge and past the barricade, snarling and biting at anything it could see. It was a massive Zekul, seeking out the souls of those that remained trapped in the tiny village of Hepdeen. There was no time to waste, as the party of Norlanders would fall in line behind their commanders, shooting and slaying at the mad hell-beasts. It was only as dawn came, did the attacks cease to be, with more bodies to add to the already crowded floor. Konelyn wept alone for his comrades, as the party went on to fortify and scout the area around. There was no hope to be found. A short scouting expedition led by Jager would turn into a full blown retreat, as red humanoid creatures armed with curved falchions emerge from the shade, hacking and slashing at the approaching party. They fought valiantly to make it back to the barricade, though the Za’rei did not give chase, content to await for their prey to despair, as night would soon fall once again. Seeing the situation turn hopeless, Konelyn begged the adventurers a way to break free, to escort the Princess’s pendant to safety. They met with the grim-faced beauty, Princess Lenevie, who looked less gaunt than the men, clutching her emerald pendant as if it was her only lifeline. She tried to make excuses to stay, but the adventurers would not be sympathetic, eventually bullying her into following them. They crossed the burning buildings to meet once again with Knight Commander Randald, who now had a few more dead knights to add to the pile of growing bodies. The area would stink of puke, blood, and organs, but Randald calmly explained the situation before them; they were all doomed, giving the Princess an almost incensed look. As men and food were dwindling, a desperate plan was concocted on the third day of the siege. The Za’rei were too strong and too numerous, so Randald himself would pay the price to clear the way, with his band of Knights of Trishna. He tasked the reinforcements to safeguard the Princess’s pendant, that he would spend his men’s blood freely for the cause, if the Kingdom was to be warned. They marched forward, facing the Damnable Host like prisoners upon executions day, with each men knowing he was going to their doom. A cry went out, and the Knights of Trishna charged forwards, throwing themselves towards the creatures without second thought, before being quickly overwhelmed. The adventurers would fight and protect their rear as they desperately tried to break through, their greaves crunching heavily against the snowy roads. They would run and run, until the Princess’s lungs gave up, collapsing on top of some stone stairs, as the tower in the distance blew its horn, signaling reinforcements. The sound of men and fighting were long gone, it was unknown what befell the fate of Knight Commander Randald. A snowstorm soon picked up once more, engulfing the weary and exhausted party, with only the image of Princess Lenevie kneeling in the snow, her emerald pendant clutched tightly to her chest, as she grieved for the men left to die, so that they may clear her way. They party would find themselves flung out from where they came from; daylight, by the ruined castle, where they first met Randald. As they turned to see the Knight Commander, they would witness him kneeling in the snow, with his burnt and marred kite shield planted over the body of a massive Zekul, his sword starting to loosen in his grip. “Curse you, Princess...” The man would say, before slumping forward in his death, his head bowed low, as the rest of his comrades bodies begin to fade against the morning light. The party looked at each other, completely befuddled. Was it a dream? If so, why was there gore on their blades, and their armour dented and burnt? As they were wondering such thoughts, the light where Randald passed seemed to glow, shard of rocks emitting a faint light beneath his corpse. Lightstone, the mineral that would only exist in a place where faith was the strongest. And it was in that faith to the adventurers, that Randald would willingly give his life away for, in order to complete his mission. He would not go quietly into the night, as he raged and raged against the dying light, making the Damnable Host pay dearly for each and every one of the Knights of Trishna. As he dropped his sword, the magic would soon turn it rusting once more, though its fuller would now bare the engraving clearly: Knight Commander Randald of the Knights of Trishna. OOC Thoughts from firespiri44 next page -> Hey all, thanks to those who joined in. It started out as a minor event, but the world in which these ghosts kept getting wider and wider, and soon I had the entire story told out by them. I had quite a lot of fun, getting used to the new abilities of summon and disguise, I have @ScreamingDingo to thank for that. Big thanks to @StickyPeptoas well for being on hand to just help out. It was difficult trying to herd that many players especially when they all go on to do their own things. And you’ve got a great skin for a Princess. Shoutout as well to @Kalehart, your revenant lore/rewrite was very helpful. I still strongly believe in mixing ‘playing minecraft’ and ‘roleplaying in minecraft’ as a concept. Its why the event had some very intense PVE moments, but I wish that this aspect not be ignored. Just because I run PVE, does not mean that I dont place any importance in the setup, the rp leading up to it, nor the strange OOC shift as everyone got a little too excited and just wanted the next high, without exploring the other RP opportunities. My apologies to those who were non-combatants, I simply did not have enough of me to cater towards it. I wanted to do some medic rp and strategizing, but there just wasn’t enough time, oocly and rply. I think I can do better for the next. This is a long event after all, so look forward to it. For those of you who want to get involved, I would recommend visiting Kaedrin and Morsgard. You’ll be able to find the leads to join in, or you can just message me over the forums, and we can arrange for you to naturally slide in! This is a multi-sector event, so anyone can join in if they can find the lead. Once again, thank you for participating. Cant wait to see what happens to Siegfried the Grey next.
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  5. “This is.... unexpected.” The grizzled old man would frown at the announcement of death, holding his hands up in prayer. “And to think I was going to have a long lasting quest giver........ Damnit. Rest in peace, Juan.”
  6. Thanks for the feedback, changed
  7. Signs X2 Earth Symbols X1 Life X1 Growth Appearance A short ferny bush with wide fanned leaves, this plant can commonly be seen around oasis dotting the dessert landscape. It has a white flower with yellow and pink highlights, as well as a small seeds from its fruit that can be dried and thrown in stews for a almost liquorice taste. Location Deserts (Currently in Khorvassa) Harvesting Once the flowers fall off its tiny green fruit, one must pluck the fruit while at its unripe stage, and dry it for 30 days, changing its colour to a rust red. It’s only then will the potency of the Hubuhiley be increased. Raw Effects Helps in breathing problems if made into a tonic Gives you minty breathe Clears the stomach Redlines Cant be used to remove poison if ingested for longer than 6 hours No curing asphyxiation due to external wounds to the neck
  8. Hey hey people, firespirit44 here. I’m starting a little project, called the RP Death Donations. If you feel that you have a character you want to kill (PK, no backsies), why not donate them to an event? I wont promise you the best death, but it’ll be memorable, and preferably impactful to you and those your character interacts with. Many thanks for the idea @ScreamingDingo If you’re interested, just fill out this simple form. And if I have a suitable event that I want to run with, I’ll give you a shout over the forums and we can coordinate from there. MC name: RP name: Where does your character live in rp? : How would you like this character to die?: (No promises, but I’ll try and make it work if possible. Not first come first serve, depends on what events I run)
  9. This data is pretty insane, big props to the CT Admin and her team for spearheading the data gathering. Could you also track where these new applicants are coming from? I think it would greatly help out to understand where the newer players are finding LOTC, and possibly look into promoting content on those channels.
  10. The old grizzled Paladin would watch as Zadrik and Crumena assisted the ailing dwarf onto the back of their cart, knowing that he had already befriended, and immediately lost a friend. A being from a different world, it was by chance that the two would meet under the ominous clouds hanging over Luxem. He sighs, turning back inwards to the keep, muttering a real, sincere and heartfelt player for the first time in centuries. “May you rejoin those you love in the stars, Aengoth Starbreaker. I shall carry out your wish.”
  11. Upon the tavern located on the right of the road upon entering Helena, the notice board would have several drawings of an incredibly large, yet colourful bird be posted, with golden eyes, and vicious sharp talons. The notice would say: To anyone traversing the Queen’s Iseles, beware! For it seems that giant birds that dive as fast as lightning can be seen from the jungle’s coast, and will attack those who attempt to approach it. Those who wish to avoid and plan a safer route should contact Juan Lyon (King of Cartography / Cartographyking ) ((If you do manage to find this bird, message firespirit44 and we can setup some rp. However, be warned, with each encounter the behaviour of these birds will change, and they’ve already been met once))
  12. I’m a straight boomer so I dont know how to navigate the forums at all. How can I filter the content to what I want to see? I dont want to read the whitelist applications. 

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  13. how exactly do I request an event? I cant seem to see a event request forum anymore

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      ET no longer do event requests, however you can visit the DIY Event post to learn how to run a player event yourself. 



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      ah a shame. many thanks thealphamoist

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      @firespirit44 If you join the Story Team Discord, there is a channel for event suggestions. That would probably be the fastest way to get feedback on your idea. You can find the link to the Discord here.

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