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  1. Time to break out the karaoke
  2. Hey @thesmellypocket thank you for your submission. Unfortunately your submission doesn't fit in with the competition rules. The rule is to create region lore for this map, and we do not take in submissions from anything else. Submit a piece of lore about a region in LOTC with a screenshot attached to it, and explain its characteristic or backstory of it. We only take in lore for culture or animals if its a side effect for the region lore, rather than the main focus. It also does not have an LOTC region in it, so I'm sorry to say your submission can not be accepted. Go ahead and submit it to the lore team if you want though.
  3. video

    Hey man thanks for the tag. Looks amazing kilgrim, nice to see you hanging around again . The trailer is pretty beast, how much are you looking for as a fair price for it, and to commission for other area highlights in the future?
  4. Hit me up and I'll get you sorted. Also thanks for the submission smaw and praetor, theyre really good.
  5. Lore Competition, hosted by [Event Team 2.0] Many of you might be wondering, why is there a lore competition when we have a lore team? As a former admin and lore master myself, I can tell you we write lore for very specific reasons under the orders of the lore director. Through nobody's fault, some areas of lore will be neglected. And thats why we have the players to write in the lore for us to accept. Botany, alchemy, magic, creatures, things like that are what make the world feel alive. But the one lore that we always lack consistently is Region Lore. The lore about that awesome minecraft tree next to you, the lore about the swamp that you tend to avoid, the lore about that random giant earthworm and butterfly you see on your travels, those icey pools in the mountain that make it look like a board of checkers. Those are artistic creations by our builders, but that the lore team isn't usually aware about, and usually not part of any lore they are producing. It makes the world feel infinitely more alive, when a purpose is attached to these blocks. In fact feel free to submit your own version of region lore, such as a flesh-eating-woods or what have you. The regions will produce their own story for others, once given a sense of purpose in lore. So without further ado, I present to you a lore competition Lore Competition Submit a piece of lore about a region in LOTC with a screenshot attached to it, and explain its characteristic or backstory of it. The contest will be held from 18th December 2016 - 1st January 2017, barring a few days for the judges to confer and decide upon the winner. Participation is open to all, including all staff members. The rewards are as follow: 1st place, the item "Codex of the Worldmaker", 5000 minas 2nd place, the item "Tome of the Seeker", 4000 minas 3rd place, the item "Mark of the Herald", 3000 minas All participants get 250 minas, and the item "Golden Compass". The top 3 will have their works accepted into the lore straight away, whereas the rest of the submissions will be treated as lore submissions, and be judged appropriately. You are free to submit as many times as you like, but we will only pick your best work to reward you. The rest of the submissions are treated as regular lore submissions. Some may be accepted, some ma be rejected. I encourage players to do their best for the fun of it, even if their lore isn't accepted. For the sake of judging, do submit your lore below this post. We will sort it out into individual topics once the winners have been determined. Panel of judges are: (Subject to change depending on judges availability) Tsuyose Gaius Ever Tahmas
  6. Good idea, I should toss that in the front.
  7. All applicants have been added to the Skype call. If you haven't received your invitation, please message me over the forums. Also we are currently looking for someone who participates in other servers, as we move to expand our data on attracting players
  8. Talk to Dreek or HB to be added to the chat for those of you who havent been invited already @Taketheshot
  9. Let me see if I can dig up my review.... I dont think my review has changed since. I have never regretted having him on the team, but he can sometimes burn himself out. Take care of him, wont you?
  10. The Event Team 2.0 Our purpose is for science. We operate on the theory that the Media Team plays a crucial role in attracting new players, and creating community bonding events that eventually lead to higher player retention rates. As an admin, this question has dogged my mind for months. But now I'll finally be able to see the correlation and if it exists. I'm looking for people that are interested in... Hosting ooc events (storytelling, Creative Cafe, skin contests) Making trailers Trying to stream (twitch/youtube) Journalism Writing Data analysis Drawing/Digital painting Or if you want some experience in managing projects to prepare yourself for college/uni. I will negotiate pay rates in advance (minas or items), to determine that the content produced is of quality and is so in return rewarded. We acknowledge we are all amateurs, and therefore state that we wont be taking ourselves too seriously. Its a side project for the winter break, I encourage anyone with an interest to join us even if its only for a few weeks.
  11. Name: The Event Team 2.0 Purpose: Contest, data analysis, video making, community projects Proposed lead: firespirit44, Ever Proposed managerial system: Round table discussion Current Member count: 2 Explanation: I'm a business graduate, and Ever's a good lass. Together, we can pretty much cobble together something worthwhile and respectable. On a more serious note, I'm more interested in seeing how to effectively improve the player retention rate on LOTC, something I was unable to do while I was working as an admin. I have always prioritized the ET's as #1 in importance, and Media as #2 in importance. GMs and admins came #3 and #4 respectively. Seeing as I've already experienced event team, now I want to try my hand at something else. Something like this What support do you need?: Fly, God, Teamspeak admin, Communications from the admin team and Event team. Moral support. Links to any Relevant Content: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1ayaV7CJEIvwXEXOrUt-vBwOD0HNHqxy9dMVde35x314/edit#gid=0