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  1. i really appreciate man. its not easy for a monster virgin like myself to put myself out there.
  2. Many thanks for the wishes you two. Please for the love of god bath I just want your sunken cathedral with its sundial and I want to do the event I've been waiting for 6 years holy **** Proudest accomplishment was definitely the legacy of the ET I left behind. Inferi second, Setherien 3rd. Biggest regret was being too trusting to merrymoogle for sure. I trusted him, and he ratted me out haha. It was a shame. She's got a nice bf, soz son My fav ST moments are actually non ST work related at all. Whether it be playing jackbox, or some weird late night t
  3. I do remember Arkus trying to teach now, it was a small memory so I didn't pay too much attention to it, haha. And yeah you getting team killed was kinda hilarious back then, think you disobeyed one too many orders or something, memories are fuzzy. Glad to see you have grown up now and taking charge of such quality events and being a real pillar in the community. I dont find documentation fun. Documentation is actually a way of investing in the present for less work in the future. Imagine if you had to read 5 different briefs with each a different format, it would be so annoying having to
  4. Spoons, I think thats just because you haven't truly created anything with your own two hands yet. So far you've done really well for the Inferi stuff, but I know how that can feel as 'not being yours'. I can see it from the way you talk and the way you view things, you know what to do, but how do you implement it is another thing. Use anything at your disposal first, before asking for help. You'll create something amazing that will leave a stamp on LOTC I'm sure, something to the scale of the nether event. 1. I was part of a player group called the White Rose, and I played a simple blacks
  5. Wish you were around for Inferi, I'm sure you would have done well. Hope you enjoy your stay on the ST my #2 fav paki. And it's been a lot of fun going on adventures with Icroth. Wish we could have done more, but alas, life and work. And that's the least I could do, what kind of teacher would just take a student and not teach them lul. I used to do like 3 course dinner parties for friends as a tasting menu. People would give me like $30/40 each, and I would take all that money to try and make something I wanted. Like a mystery tasting experience, since I usually did
  6. I'll enjoy all the Cal's 14 jokes in my daydreams for sure. I still wanna play Among Us and Jackbox for anything. 1) Anytime that I was doing big activities/going on adventures with people. I enjoy experiencing events more than planning them (its like saying you prefer eating over cooking). For this time when I came back, I would say the paladin meeting where I condemned Lefkos and forced him to be disconnected. A very bonding moment for all of us. 2) I would serve you a 5 course free of charge mate. Get your own plane ticket down here. Coupon code '!_!' 3) I preferred the playerbas
  7. I'll hop in VC from time to time and bully Calzium and Spoons, happy-go-lucky knowing that I never have to look at another brief again haha. It comes with age, I'm sure many LT see you as without the doubt the person to get everything done. People crave guidance and support, and when we dont work in a physical space/different timezones, it can get quite disheartening. People need that confidence before they can do bigger things, and having them succeed in a planned project gives them that. Thats how most of the newer gen of ET got their chops, coaxing them to do events with a theme already set
  8. Hey hey LOTC, firespirit44 here. Figured I should say goodbye properly for once. As COVID is dying down, I need to start looking for a new line of work. I'm at a stage in my life where putting down Tythus LTD will do my resume no favours. The only reason why I came back was because I was laid off initially in March, and @Heero reached out to me and just asked if I was interested in seeing what has changed. I gave myself to the end of 2020, and I've been missing my own deadline, so I should really learn to clean up after myself to make it quick. I came back to LOTC after a
  9. It's sorta why server antagonists always work much better than player run antagonist, because we dont have anything at stake if we lose, so we can concentrate on crafting a memorable hero experience. If an 'evil nation' ever rised up, I think it would be pummeled into the ground before anything meaningful can take off. Your interactions are much more limited for sure.
  10. ((I'd like this to be the official wiki cover page update thanks, fantastic work))
  11. squak u know that u dont have to keep working on the st 24/7 like a drone. we wont not love u if you're not working i really hope you can just let go and just relax. u've done great this year. also wtf im not listed!!!!
  12. I love this sorta community news. I hope you guys can keep it going for months to come!
  13. The ST Actors are always looking for mentally strong individuals with strong work ethic that have a creative vision for LOTC and to showcase unique LOTC lore. Thanks for the writeup squak and archi.
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