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  1. "Rory!"
  2.  whew FM team out in force tonight

  3. kinda hope courland wins tbh just so we don't have to witness vege have a meltdown again
  4. Nate is an exceptional writer, not to mention all-around genius and perfect candidate for the LT. He goes to a **** university but who can blame him +1
  5. id say something but max got it pretty good. simply not a suitable nor legitimate candidate.
  6. Application IGN: wealthypiano Roleplay name(What your new Torto family members name will be): Tortuga Torto Skin: looking for it What lineage: Tortuga Direct descendants of Jason and Meredith are allowed, but only 2 spots open, and you have to be 8-15, no older, no younger. Put yes or no here if you are: no, tortuga is 60
  7. ‡ A bird delivers you a letter. The envelope is sealed with the Order's logo. ‡ ACCEPTED Please report to an Officer at Fort Lumen, near Sutica, for your orientation.
  8. ((Isn't this the one that offered people USD in exchange for joining?)) A distant Grandmaster wishes only the best for the Harian establishment, upon anonymous sources telling him of the plot. He quickly pens a letter offering support from the Holy Order against the reportedly minuscule uprising.
  9. *does rituals so that he may slay the Ironsword family for the cult!
  10. Cayleb runs across a flier while packing his things in the Karlsburg Bastille. Immediately, he pens a letter to the Steward inquiring about the timing of the election announcement, as Maer Vanir had only served a little more than half his time as Maer, and even if the winner is found before, Maer Vanir is granted his full term (February the 1st). Cayleb smiles, receiving a letter back thanking him for correcting the error.
  11. That's some good advice, X.
  12. Cayleb nods showing off the uniform to the Karlsburg Brigade "Alright, I'm all charged up"
  13. Cayleb's expression turns somber and startled, unsure of how to proceed with the difficult debate. A serjeant quickly approaches, patting him on the back and awaking him from his trance. Quickly, he looks up to see Tosali's concession. He grunts, clearing his throat and speaking. "If you are conceding, Ser Tosali, then I think we have our Maer, as he has rather... unconventionally debated you to defeat. Congratulations, Lukas Vanir!" As Cayleb announces this, the crowd cheers, though some would note some of the Brigadiers remain silent. Cayleb lets the crowd quiet down, before continuing his announcement. "Ser Tosali, I would like a word soon. Congratulations once more to Maer Vanir!"
  14. (( Candidates will have 24 hours to reply on this thread to the questions asked. At the end of the 24 hours Voting shall begin. @pureimp10 @Luka)) Cayleb de Redmark comes out on a stage in Siegrad Square, announcing to a crowd as the Candidates flank him, announcing a Mayoral debate. NOTICE: ALL NON-KARLSBURG RESIDENTS MUST PAY A TEN MINA VOTING TAX IN ORDER TO VOTE DEBATE STAGE In the nature of pursuing good-natured policy and transparent ideas from the candidates, a debate shall take place for the candidates to reveal some of their policies before voting starts in a day. Here are the candidate's questions: The city recently ratified a new Charter. Offer a general opinion on the Charter. What needs added? What needs changed? Karlsburg is filled with empty homes and a tavern which is currently haphazardly run by the Royal Brigade. How can we fix these crises? Perhaps offer some of your tax and housing policy as solutions. Make a statement regarding general policy and less major issues. Examples include: Pay for the Royal Brigade, how to draw nobles into the city, how city funds will be spent, etc. Feel free to name your running mates for City Steward and Manager. If none are chosen, that is alright, but if they are not chosen by a week after your election, the appointments will be given to the Crown.
  15. ST. KARLSBURG CITY ELECTION It has come time for the first election for Maer of the city of St. Karlsburg. The City Marshal's office shall be overseeing the election to ensure efficiency and legality. The future Maer is expect to adhere to the guidelines listed in the new City Charter (( )) and have a deep understanding of it. With the need to establish the city's system, candidates should declare their candidacy post-haste, and have two saint's days to declare their candidacy and produce a speech regarding their declaration ((reply to this post with both)). ALL residents of Haense are open to run in this election, but will not be in future elections. The candidates shall be expected to appoint two council-members and live within the Mayoral residence. Best of luck to future candidates!