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  1. THE IMPERIAL CONSTABULARY EST. 1753 Justice, Integrity, Service The Imperial Constabulary is the arm of the Ministry of Justice, reaching into investigative affairs, prosecution, and even offering up public defenders when necessary. The Constabulary does not work into affairs of the Judiciary directly, only presenting cases before them, and only in the case of prosecution do they work into the affairs of the Solicitors. ROLES: SOLICITOR-GENERAL: The head of the Ministry of Justice. Even if not playing a direct day-to-day role in the Constabulary itself, he is its chief officer, staffing and supervising the affairs of the Ministry. INVESTIGATOR-GENERAL: The Solicitor’s deputy, he may often take a more direct role in the Constabulary and generally heads an investigation when the Solicitor-General is not present. SHERIFF: Very much the lieutenants of the entire Ministry. Sheriffs can lead entire offices, typically lead investigations, and ensure the proper training of the Ministry. CONSTABLE: The namesake of the department, Constables are tasked with both investigative work and handling some legal cases. The top men for handling law enforcement matters. SOLICITOR: Solicitors are state-appointed attorneys deputized by the Solicitor-General to prosecute Crown cases in a court of law, taking the majority of their workload in the circuits. While not explicitly members of the Constabulary, solicitors work directly with investigators in preparing a legal case. They are expected to have sharp legal minds in order to traverse the Courts. In addition, solicitors are at times allocated to legal defense for accused criminals. INVESTIGATOR: Junior law enforcement officials, they’re tasked with assisting investigations while receiving legal training. LAW-MEN: A variety of new hires, taking up work involving clerical matters, armed protection, and basic assistance. These boys-in-blue undergo training in combat, the law, and investigation. A Constable tends to an investigation THE COMMITTEE OF STATE SOLICITORS Solicitors, while not explicitly serving within the Constabulary, do serve the Ministry of Justice and form the backbone of Imperial efforts in court and in the workings of the law. Often these Solicitors require special interviews, appointments, and education. In order to receive a full appointment to the State Solicitors’ committee, applicants must conduct a complete project or study of Imperial Law. These can range from teaching legal courses to studying criminal statistics or philosophy. DUTIES “I do solemnly swear that I will ceaselessly uphold the laws, order, and peace of the Emperor. I do solemnly declare that I will faithfully and loyally carry out the responsibilities of the Ministry of Justice and its Constabulary. I do solemnly affirm that should I act with infidelity unto my Emperor or Ministry, or otherwise disgrace my uniform, then may God have mercy upon my soul.” -The Lawman’s oath The typical member of a Constabulary office can have a wide variety of duties, from clerical work in the intricacies of law and documentation, to investigating in the field, to undercover work amongst the worst the realm has to offer. Constables are encouraged to both follow the regulations and orders of its command, while also being able to think on their feet and direct an investigation on their own. TRAINING Constabulary officials are required to undergo an immense amount of training. Training may often depend on the expected assignment of the individual, but all are expected to undergo basic instruction in combat, law, politics, and investigation. The Inspector-General often oversees and develops Constabulary training as he sees fit. OFFICES: The Constabulary maintains a major office in Helena, as well as offices to oversee the Imperial territories of the North and Northeast, and a budding office in the province of Kaedrin. SALARIES Constabulary officials are properly compensated. In addition to yearly salaries, officials often receive bonuses and commissions for high-quality work and solved cases. Those interested in joining ought to seek out a member at its office at 8 Pontian Place. ((wealthypiano#5651))
  2. A brief reply, along with a stamp are seemingly left in response. “The Ministry of Justice would like to note that citizens may not post their own individual bounties, particularly ones offering rewards for dead or alive. Please seek out a member of the Constabulary or Imperial State Army to see about a proper delivery of justice. Thank you.” Joseph D. Adler Solicitor-General ((wealthypiano#5651))
  3. THE MINISTRY OF JUSTICE As issued the 16th of Harren’s Folly, 1763 As dictated by the Solicitor-General The Sheriff’s Department of the Northeastern Territories are seeking any information in regards to the disappearance of Sylvester Halcourt, previous Curonian Governor. He was last seen in Helena, during the court’s address to Curonian refugees. Any good information that leads to the finding of Sylvester Halcourt, will be paid for generously. Should you have information on Sylvester Halcourt and his whereabouts, please send a letter to Sheriff Hakon Erling ((Deadpaww#4381)). If unavailable or unwilling to send a letter, seek a member of the department at the Ministry of Justice in Helena. Joseph D. Adler Solicitor-General ((wealthypiano#5651))
  4. SUBPOENA THE CROWN MINISTRY OF JUSTICE JOSEPH D. ADLER DESIRES TO SUMMON THE FOLLOWING PARTY BEFORE THE WESTERN CIRCUIT; ERIK OTHAMAN GODFRIC ALIMAR ON THE BASIS OF THE FOLLOWING PRINCIPLE(S), DOCTRINE(S), EDICT(S) OR ARTICLES OF LAW: 202.022 - Where an individual intentionally commits such an act of violence upon another which brings about their death, with no premeditation, this shall be a murder of the second degree. (Class V) The accused individuals found themselves in a situation in pursuit of a petty criminal. While in pursuit, the victim took an action which could be interpreted as aid to the criminal in his flight from the scene. The defendants, unable to pursue the criminal now on a horse, grabbed the victim, attempting to use them as leverage to ensure the fleeing criminal’s return. When these efforts failed, Mr. Othaman began violently dragging the victim towards New Reza, likely to be jailed. A Constabulary Sheriff objected to the violent manner of this as he reasonably felt it was cruel and unusual treatment. Mr. Othaman drew his sword, and impaled the victim through their side. An argument ensued, as well as an attempt by the Sheriff to free the victim from Mr. Othaman’s custody, ending in Mr. Alimar aiming a Crossbow at the Sheriff, defusing the situation before Mr. Alimar himself simply stepped forward, firing a bolt through the victim’s head. WITH THE PRESENCE OF THE FOLLOWING RELEVANT PARTY OR PARTIES: Joseph D. Adler, Solicitor-General Sheriff Hakon Erling, witness O. Silversteede, witness ON THE DESIRED DATE OF: ((To be arranged OOC)) YOURS HUMBLY, JOSEPH D. ADLER PONTIAN PLACE 8 wealthypiano#5651
  5. Joseph Adler had of course caught news of the passing upon investigation. Seeing the grisly crime scene for himself, he’d struggled to feel anything. Perhaps he’d been in the business too long, seen a few too many scenes like it. In any case, he found himself pondering it for a long while, considering how to prosecute such a terrible act. This time, as a quiet nod to a former friend, foe, and associate.
  6. THE MINISTRY OF JUSTICE As issued the 14th of the Owyn’s Flame, 1763 As dictated by the Solicitor-General IN CONNECTION with a recent murder, the Ministry of Justice seeks the apprehension of two individuals DEAD or ALIVE. Below, assistance from the Imperial State Army has provided sketches of the two individuals. INDIVIDUAL NUMBER ONE Donned in full armor and a great-helm, the Ministry knows little about this individual. Any information about this uniform, individual, or particular set of armor can be greatly rewarded. INDIVIDUAL NUMBER TWO Reportedly ginger hair, and facial hair as depicted, this individual was also donning some plate-mail, this time without a helm and successfully identified by a witness. Any information on this suspect can also be greatly rewarded. Both individuals are likely armed, and potentially trained. Approach with caution. The Ministry of Justice is offering a reward in an unspecified sum for their apprehension, once again, DEAD OR ALIVE. Bring these men, or their remains, to the Imperial State Army in Helena. GOD bless. Joseph D. Adler Solicitor-General ((wealthypiano#5651))
  7. The Ministry of Justice endorses this subpoena as a criminal case.
  8. THE MINISTRY OF JUSTICE As issued the 11th of the Tobias’ Bounty, 1761 As dictated by the Solicitor-General FOLLOWING the attempted assassination of His Majesty, Sigismund II, King of Hanseti-Ruska, the Ministry of Justice does wish to name suspects and place a bounty on their return to the City of Helena. A bounty of three-thousand marks is placed on the live return, each, of the goblins ‘Kub’ and ‘Gub’ to Helena and placed into the custody of the Ministry of Justice alongside the Imperial State Army. A bounty of one-thousand marks is placed on the return of the bodies of these goblins, pending confirmation of their identities. An additional penalty of five-hundred marks will be deducted if both goblins are returned dead. These green-skins are armed, dangerous, and almost certainly together. ‘Kub’ is known to wear a basket upon his head. Take extreme caution in bringing these beasts in for justice. GOD bless. Joseph D. Adler Solicitor-General ((wealthypiano#5651))
  9. REQUEST FOR JUDICIAL REVIEW JOSEPH D. ADLER THE IMPERIAL CONSTABULARY, MINISTRY OF JUSTICE DESIRES TO SEE THE LEGAL CONTEXT OF THE FOLLOWING REVIEWED The legal status of: ‘Wonks’, ‘Wonkers’, ‘Frogmen’, ‘Froggers’, etc. All names denoting the recent appearance of giant frogs and toads across the Empire. ON THE BASIS OF THE FOLLOWING PRINCIPLE(S), DOCTRINE(S), EDICT(S) OR ARTICLES OF LAW: To determine the nature of these beings and their legal status in the Empire. As has been the primary practice in the last few months, these creatures have been required to have a guardian. This request is made on behalf of the Ministry of Justice as a whole so as to determine a. Whether this is the proper practice in handling these ‘wonkers’ going forward, and b. In practice, how is an unspoken-for ‘wonker’ to be treated? YOURS HUMBLY, JOSEPH D. ADLER Pontian Place 8, Helena
  10. THE MINISTRY OF JUSTICE As issued the 13th of Sigismund's End, 1752 As dictated by the Solicitor-General FOLLOWING the gruesome murder of our Holy Pontiff, Pontian III, the Ministry of Justice does wish to name a suspect and place a bounty on his return to the City of Helena alive. A bounty of Ten-Thousand Livres is placed on the live return of Jasper Carrington to Helena and placed into the custody of the Ministry of Justice alongside the Imperial State Army. Jasper Carrington is likely armed, and potentially willing to fight. He is a veteran of the Imperial State Army, and has already escaped from incarceration once. GOD bless. Joseph D. Adler Solicitor-General ((wealthypiano#5651))
  11. A SUMMARY OF EVENTS In the case of THE CROWN v. VYRONOV, 1746 CASE HEARD ON THE 1ST OF THE DEEP COLD, 1746 -The Trial began early in the morning on the 1st of the month in respect to harsh times traveling and a need for many to enjoy a swift return to their home province. The Honorable Tobias Merentel presided. -The Prosecution offered its opening arguments. In them, the charges of conspiracy and murder were cemented. Solicitor-General Joseph D. Adler asked to sentence the defense to a seizure of titles and assets on the count of conspiracy, and death by hanging in home province on the count of murder. -The Defense offered its opening rebuttal, cementing a ‘not guilty’ plea and maintaining Lord Robert’s innocence. -The prosecution called its first witness, the guard commander Malo, to the witness stand. Malo established the lacking evidence of the Vyronov family’s ‘Bandit’ story, as well as established a lack of reasoning for the Lord Karl to have traveled outside of the keep alone. -The defense cross-examined Malo, seeking to target the witness’ character as well as offered numerous alternative stories to the relationships amongst the Vyronov family. -The Prosecution called Investigator Joren Gant to the witness stand. Investigator Gant confirmed Malo’s testimony as well as entered the official investigation into evidence. -The defense and prosecution entered into an argument following a series of objections. A brief recess occurred as discussion occurred with the presiding Judge. The Solicitor-General stepped out for a moment. Fiske Petyr took the seat of the Prosecution for the remainder of trial. -The defense called Lord Robert Vyronov to the stand. -The prosecution cross-examined Lord Robert. -The Prosecution offered its closing arguments. -The Defense offered its closing rebuttal. -After some time of deliberation and review, The Honorable Tobias Merentel entered a verdict of ‘Guilty’ and followed the Ministry of Justice’s suggested sentencing. -Lord Robert Vyronov DID announce intent to appeal.
  12. SUBPOENA THE CROWN OFFICE OF THE SOLICITOR-GENERAL JOSEPH D. ADLER DESIRES TO SUMMON THE FOLLOWING PARTY TO COURT; LORD ROBERT VYRONOV THE HOUSE OF VYRONOV ON THE BASIS OF THE FOLLOWING PRINCIPLE(S), DOCTRINE(S), EDICT(S) OR ARTICLES OF LAW: -Chapter I, Article II: Murder. -Chapter I, Article XIII: Committing Chapter I crime by way of proxy. -Chapter IV, Article II: Conspiracy to undermine state interests. Some time ago, Lord Karl Vyronov was murdered. Preliminary investigation by parties now considered Ministry of Justice Investigators has found the highly likely complicity of the Brothers Vyronov (the late Jan and Isaak, as well as Lord Robert). Lord Robert is therefore summoned for deposition and questioning by Imperial Ministry of Justice authorities and a subsequent trial. WITH THE PRESENCE OF THE FOLLOWING RELEVANT PARTY OR PARTIES: The Ministry of Justice seeks to maintain the anonymity of its witnesses at this time. ON THE DESIRED DATE OF: AT EARLIEST AVAILABILITY TO ARRIVE TO THE CITY OF HELENA ((Please add me on discord to discuss timing, wealthypiano#5651) YOURS HUMBLY, OFFICE OF THE SOLICITOR-GENERAL 2 ANPALAIS ROAD, HELENA ((wealthypiano#5651))
  13. The Provisional Government of Sverige at Stockholm 1917- First came a declaration--one condemning the failures of the Swedish Crown to protect its own people in the face of protecting the Crown’s interest in the ongoing Great War. Then, the growth of the movement. As many of the people, particularly laborers and farmers in the South, who generally kept the Swedish economy afloat in this time of neutrality, began to finally feel it. Imports failed to flow inwards, and the Swedish economy didn’t have domestic capabilities to replace it. The entirety of the country became impoverished--besides, of course, the Monarchy and their closest allies. Gunnar Nykvist, a long argued defender of the people, and Swedish Chief of Navy, faced his removal and further conspiracy against him as tensions between the movement and the monarchy boiled early in 1917. However, he’d overplayed his hand. As Monarchist powers sought to eradicate him, it would put the Socialists in a tricky position: seize the opportunity, one which many movements in many countries might never have, or, pass on the chance, lose the widespread support of the entire Navy which they had then had, or ride it out with the political power gained until they could bide their time for a mutinous army in the face of starving families. But as the war ended, the Socialists had to seize the gap. The Navy began flying a new flag, workers got their rifles, and party members seized supplies, support, and the capital at Stockholm. Months would pass, and war would break out. Nykvist, now appointed Interim Secretary General, ordered his navy to blockade the Loyalist Forces, as he began to starve them out, using his control of the South and the Waterways. After a brief period of time stuck with a contested zone, rough borders, and questionable diplomacy, it seemed Nykvist finally had the government and military in the stable position he’d long known would be necessary for victory. Reaching this position of stability, several new policies developed: Men begin to entrench in their current positions. (Mod) A blockade of all goods entering Monarchist Sweden is enforced. This includes all Swedish ports, as well as Finnish roadways into Sweden in the South. Military goods stopped at the borders are seized. (Mod) Luxury, foreign goods swell into Sweden from Argentina and Mexico, along with food at levels not seen in years. The goods are quickly dispersed to the impoverished people and starving troops. (mod) A recruitment drive begins, and the Provisional government begins reorganizing citizenship in its territories. Military service is named mandatory for all citizens aged 18-24, with women serving non-combatant roles. (mod) A propoganda operation begins. All loyalists, particularly soldiers, are dropped fliers, offering clemency, food, and safety to surrender to the Socialists. Additionally, with total naval control, offers are made to workers and Socialist in the north that they will receive full support and several thousand soldiers, along with food and supplies, should any cities successfully rise up and flip to the Socialist cause. (mod). Operation: Swedish Fish commences (mod).
  14. Summary of Transcaucasian Federal decisions: The training of all troops recruited the year prior. (mod) The continued recruitment of Caucasian peoples, both local, diaspora, and foreign volunteers for the socialist cause. Investment of many Baku Field Funds into modern weaponry wherever possible. Continued entrenchment.
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