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  1. cayleb thinks god is dead too. he sends a vote from an unknown place too
  2. "Rory!"
  3.  whew FM team out in force tonight

  4. Nate is an exceptional writer, not to mention all-around genius and perfect candidate for the LT. He goes to a **** university but who can blame him +1
  5. id say something but max got it pretty good. simply not a suitable nor legitimate candidate.
  6. ‡ A bird delivers you a letter. The envelope is sealed with the Order's logo. ‡ ACCEPTED Please report to an Officer at Fort Lumen, near Sutica, for your orientation.
  7. That's some good advice, X.
  8. 20 rebels get sent to bed every restart keep it coming


  10. McName: mathus7 RpName: Patrick Marlow Skype:(Pm if you desire.) Profession: None TeamSpeak:(Not required but highly encouraged.) i got it Time-Zone: EST Desired Chapter to join: Ambivalent
  11. The Order of the DISBANDED Do you swear to abide by the tenets and duties?:
  12. Then why don't servers like oc.tc lag like hell?
  13. "1000 minas" An anonymously penned later proclaims.