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  1. The Provisional Government of Sverige at Stockholm 1917- First came a declaration--one condemning the failures of the Swedish Crown to protect its own people in the face of protecting the Crown’s interest in the ongoing Great War. Then, the growth of the movement. As many of the people, particularly laborers and farmers in the South, who generally kept the Swedish economy afloat in this time of neutrality, began to finally feel it. Imports failed to flow inwards, and the Swedish economy didn’t have domestic capabilities to replace it. The entirety of the country became impoverished--besides, of course, the Monarchy and their closest allies. Gunnar Nykvist, a long argued defender of the people, and Swedish Chief of Navy, faced his removal and further conspiracy against him as tensions between the movement and the monarchy boiled early in 1917. However, he’d overplayed his hand. As Monarchist powers sought to eradicate him, it would put the Socialists in a tricky position: seize the opportunity, one which many movements in many countries might never have, or, pass on the chance, lose the widespread support of the entire Navy which they had then had, or ride it out with the political power gained until they could bide their time for a mutinous army in the face of starving families. But as the war ended, the Socialists had to seize the gap. The Navy began flying a new flag, workers got their rifles, and party members seized supplies, support, and the capital at Stockholm. Months would pass, and war would break out. Nykvist, now appointed Interim Secretary General, ordered his navy to blockade the Loyalist Forces, as he began to starve them out, using his control of the South and the Waterways. After a brief period of time stuck with a contested zone, rough borders, and questionable diplomacy, it seemed Nykvist finally had the government and military in the stable position he’d long known would be necessary for victory. Reaching this position of stability, several new policies developed: Men begin to entrench in their current positions. (Mod) A blockade of all goods entering Monarchist Sweden is enforced. This includes all Swedish ports, as well as Finnish roadways into Sweden in the South. Military goods stopped at the borders are seized. (Mod) Luxury, foreign goods swell into Sweden from Argentina and Mexico, along with food at levels not seen in years. The goods are quickly dispersed to the impoverished people and starving troops. (mod) A recruitment drive begins, and the Provisional government begins reorganizing citizenship in its territories. Military service is named mandatory for all citizens aged 18-24, with women serving non-combatant roles. (mod) A propoganda operation begins. All loyalists, particularly soldiers, are dropped fliers, offering clemency, food, and safety to surrender to the Socialists. Additionally, with total naval control, offers are made to workers and Socialist in the north that they will receive full support and several thousand soldiers, along with food and supplies, should any cities successfully rise up and flip to the Socialist cause. (mod). Operation: Swedish Fish commences (mod).
  2. Summary of Transcaucasian Federal decisions: The training of all troops recruited the year prior. (mod) The continued recruitment of Caucasian peoples, both local, diaspora, and foreign volunteers for the socialist cause. Investment of many Baku Field Funds into modern weaponry wherever possible. Continued entrenchment.
  3. TransCaucasian Socialist Federation (Flag could not be found, as its materials were needed for the war effort) FOR THE PURPOSE OF WAR-TIME SURVIVAL, THE TRANSCAUCASIAN WARTIME PARLIAMENT HAS TAKEN THE FOLLOWING STEPS TO ENSURE VICTORY: Materials, food, and any and all ammunition or rifles are to be directed to your local supply officer for redistribution. Trains are to be running nonstop with the Ottoman Empire, and ships across the Black Sea. ((Thus ensuring receiving of goods and supplies from allies- MOD)) A war-plan has been developed. Plans for a government-in-exile are arranged in the Fourth French Republic. Diplomats are sent to various Central Powers to ensure lasting relations. Continued conscription and calls for volunteers, including the young and old. (Mod)
  4. Application Discord Name; you have it Nation of Choice (and why?); Transcaucasian Democratic Federative Republic I’m interested in Armenia and Armenian history, and it was open! Nation’s historical background leading up to 1912 (Would like a paragraph + here giving a full account of your nation's state at the moment. Particularly important if you want to apply for one of the Greater Powers); Following the collapse of the Russian Empire, the Caucus region, traditionally separatist, suddenly found itself without Russian Troops occupying its land, and simply declared independence. However, while Nationalist tempers flared for some time, in respect to the combined securities of the Caucus people, a Federalist, Socialist Republic to grant security and wellbeing to all of the Caucasian peoples. Nation’s Government Type and Leader/Party; A Federalist-Socialist Parliamentary Republic Dashnaktsutyun Any special characters you made and want to introduce?; None Nation’s relative army/navy statistics (If you can’t find any pm me); Better discussed in PMs for many reasons Did you read all the information?; Yes, Michigan Suggestions or feedback?; None
  5. HAARETZ CHADASH הארצ חדש THE SEPHARDIC CORSAIR'S SHELTER AND REFUGE FOR THE JEWISH PEOPLE Leader: Moshe Cohen (Henriques) Population: (2,102 +5.1%) = 2,209 AP: 5 Base, 3 (1 Settlement), 2 (1 foundry), for a total of 10 this turn. FS: 1 base, +2 for farmlands. 3 FS. Six months pass. A rather solemn time is spent celebrating the High Holy Days as work progresses on the Settlement and time is spent encouraging growth and migration. The newly trained Colonists is sent east, to survey and bring in Jewish infrastructure to the land due east of Kingston. Work continues on the Marketplace (for 10 AP's worth. 17/60 AP)
  6. HAARETZ CHADASH הארצ חדש THE SEPHARDIC CORSAIR'S SHELTER AND REFUGE FOR THE JEWISH PEOPLE Leader: Moshe Cohen (Henriques) Population: 2000 (+5.1%= 2,102) AP: 5 Base, 3 (1 Settlement), 2 (1 foundry), 1 (refunded militia) for a total of 11 this turn. FS: 1 base, +2 for farmlands. 3 FS. An age-old engraving of the famed Jewish Corsair and Admiral, Sinan Reis. For over a century now, the Iberians had expelled the Sephardim. For a great while, revenge was taken at the hands of Great Jewish Pirates working on behalf of the Ottoman Empire. Men like Sinan Reis, local hero of the Jamaican Corsairs. However, Moshe Cohen had ultimately brought 2000 people to the New World for a greater act of vengeance: survival. With support coming in from global Jewish Communities, Ottoman allies, Dutch allies, and many merchanting enterprises, the Corsair's Council had great confidence in their ability to expand over their (rather quiet) island and establish a Jewish Republic there, safe from the ills of Europe and European rulers who perpetually abused them, as well as the harsh war-ridden lands of North Africa. Actions: A colonist is trained (4 AP) Plans are drawn up to develop a marketplace at Kingston (7/60 AP)
  7. Colony Name: Haaretz Chadash Nation of Origin: Spain, Portugal, Morocco, Western France, and North Africa. Religion (Catholic, Protestant, or Othordox): Jewish Colony History: Iberian Jews once expelled from Isabella's Spain, as well as Portugal, fled to North Africa, Morocco, the Ottoman Empire and many more locations. Barbary Ottomans taught many of the refugees their Corsair tactics from which point they took revenge on the Ibero-Catholics, raiding Spanish and Portuguese ships with no mercy. Years later, as they pried maps of a path to the New World (or, Haaretz Chadash), they suggested the idea of colonization to these Old World Jews, as the idea would spread from Synagogue to Synagogue like wildfire. Starting Location: (fill in a square & PM to either mod) Initial 200 AP investments: 1 Foundry (50) 1 Barracks (45) 1 Farmlands (40) Wooden City Walls (20) 5 Corvettes (15) 3 Units of Light Cannons (12) 2 Units of Arquebusiers (10) 1 Unit of Pikemen (4) 1 Unit of Frontiersmen (3) 1 Unit of Militia (1) Unique Military Unit: Sephardic Corsairs (Marine Arquebusiers) Discord: you have it Suggestions:
  8. Kingdom of Yerushalayim-Yisrael ( מלכות ירושלים-ישראל) Kohen Gadol Mattityahu Maccabee III (30) Population: 483 thousand total (297 thousand Jews, 186 thousand Christians) AP Points this turn: 18 Military: 8k Maccabees, 2 Galloi Ships, 10 knarrs, many more this turn. PREPARATION FOR WAR Word soon spread of the atrocities committed in nearby Greece, and of the expected Persian intervention. The Phoenician-Israelite Fleet was immediately sent north, ordered to aid the Lydians and Persians in their incursions there, though not much later, knarrs would return scout ships informing them of an additional enemy: the Egyptians. An ancient enemy, Mattityahu acted gracefully and hastily, organizing joint defense with the nearby ally, the Arabs, commissioning scouts to trek the Sinai and even further, and ordering the Maccabees to refresh their tactics. On the homefront, he prepared the people. 3000 men were called up to train as archers, another thousand as Maccabees, while multiple catapults were constructed and an additional Galloi was commissioned to the Phoenicians. The Second Maccabean War had finally ended, but now, the Meditterannean Great War had begun... Several Maccabees overseeing the training of the Archers. ACTIONS 3 thousand Archers enter training. (6 AP) 1 thousand Maccabees enter training. (5 AP) 1 Galloi is constructed (4 AP) 3 divisions of Catapults are put into production (3 AP) Research towards Carracks (8/25 RP) Maccabees are arranged on the southern border, engaging in secretive fortification efforts. Scouts are dispatched into Egypt.
  9. Kingdom of Yerushalayim-Yisrael ( מלכות ירושלים-ישראל) 4 AP Investment into Jerusalem agro (3 full stacks worth now) Phoenicians sent one more province north into Antioch (5AP) 2 Galloi Constructed (8 AP) Research towards Carracks (6/25)
  10. Kingdom of Yerushalayim-Yisrael ( מלכות ירושלים-ישראל) Kohen Gadol Mattityahu Maccabee III (28) Population: 447.3k total (202,000 Christians (+6%=214k)), (216,000 Jews +8%= 233.3k) AP Points this turn: 9 base, +2 Dyes, +4 trade for a total of 15 Military: 6k (+2k this turn) Medium Infantry, 10 Knarrs RETURN YISRAEL The 2nd Maccabean War had kicked off with nothing but success. Jewish Yerushalayim had been restored almost entirely, and unbeknownst to Mattityahu, the Jewish population of the Kingdom had surpassed that of the Christians for the first time in some decades. The high Sanhedrin agreed with the Kohen Gadol when he said the war must seek a speedy end. 3500 Maccabees had been sent south to the Christian holdings there, where 1000 additional Maccabees sat in reserve at nearby At-Tafilah. From there, the 3500 would enact the same will they had in the Yerushalayim region on the far less densely population southern Christians; apostates would face the Sanhedrinim, for whom their reversion to Judaism could be dictated while those who either refused conversion or were never Jews at all would be expelled North, to a new frontier. Those who refused either order would of course, face the blade... An apostate refusing order of either conversion or expulsion is executed by a member of a local Sanhedrin, 702. A PEACEFUL SOLUTION It had also been Mattityahu's expectation that he would not touch the Christian-Phoenician populations settled in the North. An age old ally and friend of the Israelites and modern Hebrews, the seafaring ways of the Phoenicians and their ability to rule over a Christian population made them both a highly formidable foe and a very useful ally. Hiram III had long been a friend of Mattityahu, as the two men were similar in age and very interested in seeing their respective peoples return to the ways of their ancestors and strengthen their communities. Mattityahu sent two things North: First, a delegate offering to Hiram an autonomous region stretching from Beirut to Antioch (A Christian Holy City and the point by which most Christian Pilgrims would arrive) in exchange for promises of peace from Northern Christians, a surrender of their apostates, and guarantees of future cooperation to be dictated later. Hiram would likely accept, being the greatest offer his people had seen in centuries and facing the second thing Mattityahu had sent north: a party of 1500 Maccabees and 5000 Persian ambassador troops, for which the Christians could not dream of matching. Hiram would be ordered north, to begin expeditions which would stretch his community to Antioch as they settled new lands. ACTIONS Expansion into the province directly north, as done by Hiram and the Phoenicians (5AP) Training of two divisions of Maccabee Troops (10 AP) Research towards Carracks (4/25) Maccabean Will enacted on the Southern Christian Populations, backed by 4500 Maccabee Troops (see "Return Yisrael") An offer of peace extended to the Northern Phoenician-Christian populations, backed by 1500 Maccabees and 5000 Persian ambassador troops (see "A Peaceful Solution")
  11. Kingdom of Yerushalayim-Yisrael ( מלכות ירושלים-ישראל) Kohen Gadol Mattityahu Maccabee III (27) Population: 414,750 total (200,000 Christians (+6%=212k)), (195,000 Jews +6%= 206,700) AP Points this turn: 9 base, +2 Dyes, +3 trade for a total of 14 Military: 6k Medium Infantry, 9 Knarrs RESTORING THE MACCABIAH Spiritual and Secular Leader of the Kingdom of the Israelites, Mattityahu III had finally reconvene age-old Sanhedrinim, Maccabee tribunals, and priestly gatherings. Their purpose? Aiding a Kingdom-Wide restoration, not seen for near a century now. The lazy Kings of old had allowed Christianity to fester and develop into a tumor dividing the Kingdom and apostatizing Jews, all in exchange for little more than money and promises of peace. A reformed Sanhedrin questions a Jewish apostate, mid-701. The Maccabee high command began its own reformation as well, retraining the entirety of the military under old Maccabee tactics. Furthermore, with a Persian guarantee, Mattityahu eased into a full-out war against the "Hellenized" Jews. Sanhedrinim openly debated the status of apostate Jews in and around Jerusalem, allowing, or forcing, many who qualified to return to the Tribe to do so, and laying an expectation of following the conversion process to many others. Those so far removed they had neither Jewish parent nor Grandparent were separated. Some, the classical Christians and clergy, would be allowed to live in Jerusalem as the caretakers of pilgrims. Others, weak farmers, women, children, and families, would be told they had new housing arranged in the North, near old Phoenician territories starting around Acre.. But lastly, secular community leaders, warriors who refused to convert, and any otherwise dangerous men would be put to the sword. Mattityahu kills a Christian Warrior in training himself, just before Chanukah, 701. Next came the diplomatic response. Firstly were the Worldwide Christians, for whom Mattityahu sought to engage with the Emperor, sending a dispatch to him which may recall the 5 thousand remaining Imperial Subjects and keep calm potential Christian Warriors in the North or South. More diplomatic envoys would arrive in At-Tafilah (along with a division of 1 thousand Maccabee Warriors to occupy the village and its area for several years in the name of clearing out bandits in the region. They would arrive with a letter giving the Tafilahan Imams permission to proselytize in the nearby Christian villages (though a rather significant amount of Kohenim would arrive with the Soldiers, likely to protect the soldiers themselves from proselytizing). An additional envoy would be sent to the Persian Emperor, asking for an embassy force to be stationed with the Maccabees in an effort to prepare for a broader campaign of eliminating "Hellenistic" Jews. Mattityahu also issues a major proclamation, promising free passage and safety to members of all faiths, so long as they refrain from proselytizing. Summarized Actions The entire Army is retrained in Maccabee tactics (6 AP) Agricultural investment is focused on Jewish communities in Jerusalem for the time being. (+3 AP = 4/4) More investment is done into the Maccabean Military School at Jerusalem. (+2 AP =5/25 Investment is also completed in Haifan-Jewish agriculture. ( +3 AP= 4/4) Research Towards Carracks (2/25) Trade deal with Athens is accepted. Autonomy in the form of proselytizing nearby Christians is given to At-Tafilah. 1000 Maccabee troops are stationed in At-Tafilah to deal with the local bandit issue. The Pilgrimage Proclamation of 701 is made, promising free passage and safety to members of all faiths, so long as they refrain from proselytizing. Forcible returns to Judaism, as well as some conversions are done throughout the city of Jerusalem and the surrounding villages. Others are deported, with a few killed. A request is sent to the Persian Empire requesting an embassy force.
  12. The Kingdom of Yerushalayim-Yisrael Ruler: Kohen Gadol Mattityahu Maccabee III Capital: ירשלים (Anglicized: Yerushalayim, or Jerusalem) Army: 5000 "Maccabee" Medium Infantry Navy: 10 knarrs Population: 400,000 Tech: B Cities: 2 including Capital AP: 11 (9 first turn) A Divided Kingdom The Kohen Gadol had taken reign of the Kingdom a mere three years ago. He had been biding his time for those years, and felt he must only bide a bit more before he could revive the legacy of his ancestors: Yehudah, Mattityahu, Yoni, and Shimon, the great Maccabean conquerors and restorers of the Great Temple. Now the plan was to set in motion. He offered remaining Imperial Settlers to return to their homeland, tongue in cheek. Though, he would of course offer naval protection for the trip home, and even some reparations for the homes they were expected to abandon. Furthermore, he revamped the Priesthood, hoping to stop the apostatizing, or as he called it 'hellenizing' of Jews becoming Christians. Actions Former Imperial Christian Settlers are offered to return home (sword in hand) with protection from the Yisraeli Navy. (0 AP) The Priesthood is restored and revitalized, in hopes of offering return to Jews who have apostatized. (0 AP) A unit of Medium infantry is put into training (4 AP) Investment into agriculture nearby both cities occurs, in hopes of growing the Jewish populations there. (2 AP) Mattityahu commissions the development of the Maccabean University in Yerushalayim. (3 AP) Delegations from all nations offering trade and non aggression pacts are accepted. A scouting party seeks out At-Tafilah, hoping to learn more of the Muslims there. A private delegation is sent to the Persian King.
  13. Discord: wealthypiano#5651 Nation: Kingdom of Jerusalem
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