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  1. [Denied]Mitto xD GM-kun uwu

    even though my time here is done i think he would be a great addition i hope the higher staff can overlook their "us vs them" mentality and bring on people like mitto
  2. HE'S BACK (tomorrow)

  3. @Gucko ill be spending the night with your wife

  4. Guck represents an opportunity for the Global Moderation team to a gain a voice currently unheard from, an opinion that is not shy in deliverance, and a clear want to improve the server. Considering the past cases of players once seen as toxic turning around to contribute so much to the server, I see no harm in giving this man a chance.
  5. i gave you your 100th rep. 

    1. Bad Guy Shady

      Bad Guy Shady

      That is his 1000th.

    2. Rael
    3. Cooliomafia


      i'm bad at numbers, okay? 

  6. receiving reports there are 650 rebels amassed in their teamspeak, how can oren compete?

    1. boy


      did wolfkite tell you this information?

    2. Rael


      I'll never reveal my sources