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  1. mylimo7

    [Admins] The State of LotC

    It has less than 200 active players daily for years now.
  2. My love for you burns like the eternal fire of a thousand suns

  3. mylimo7


    There was some frustrating conflict happening in a raid at Felsen and he handled it very well. +1
  4. mylimo7

    [Denied]Throdo's GM App

    Minecraft name/s: mylimo7, 19ConCon98 Age: 18 Time zone and availability: PST Skype: throdoconnor What is something you have always wanted to change on the server?: Modreq responses, sufficient player retainment, and improved staff-player relations. What are your finest qualities?: Patience, dedication, enjoyable, a team player, and a veteran. I work at a burger-joint where teamwork is essential to success. I've also stuck to the same character for a couple years now so I feel that has made me pretty solid in terms of dedication. I've served on privy councils for lengths of time. I also think that I am a very enjoyable person to be around. I have been around since Aegis and know the routines of the server. What are your worst qualities, and how could you improve these aspects?: My worst quality is mentioned above. I am aware some think I am too trolly and I honestly agree with them. However, I don't believe I take it too far as most other people do or at least not anymore in the last couple years. I have been improving on this by simply not getting involved in nonsense. What members of the Staff could you look to for guidance?: There are many members I would look to for guidance is: Fireheart, Ski_king3, and Cosmicwhaleshark are those I consider good friends. There used to be more but I believe they have departed from the team. Who do you not get along with on the current team?: There are no longer any members of the team that I find distasteful. How much free time do you have? Will this change in the foreseeable future?: I attend college I have a steady job at a burger-joint. Although it is only part-time, it takes about 2 nights every week out of my time. Also Mondays and Wednesdays are dedicated to college until late afternoon. This pattern should not change in the foreseeable future. I have been inactive in the last few weeks but I have been steadily roleplaying and farming these last few days. This is my third attempt.
  5. mylimo7

    [Denied]Z3r05t4r SIXTH GM Application

    This man is the most deserving on this entire list of applications. He has helped manage governments of nations and is extremely well organized in my opinion. Z3r0 has been a King and privy member more times than I can remember for sure. Please give this man a chance. +1
  6. Edit: it's just incredibly suspicious man because I know you're all friends. Excuse myself. What I meant by that was that Harbingers only Roleplay with themselves in events created by ET who are also affiliated. It just doesn't seem like regular players are apart of this. It is the same as the Undead fighting the Ascended on top of Riven or whatever. It was a nice event and all but no one was there to observe, and it just felt like an event for ourselves. Therefore it served no real purpose besides being the plot of a lore post no one knows anything about. im sure there are other powerful beings around but they shouldn't be joining fights between groups for "suspicious reasons." It is like how Goldrim joined the dwarves to fight Oren. I mean sure he is a Dwarf but it makes no sense for him to fight on one side particularly because of his ties with Iblees. thank you for replying to this topic. Most of the time, no one ever does.
  7. It feels like all this Roleplay seems constricted to ET or other selected members only. While I am not the most active, I get on from time to time because of life obligations. I also don't like fighting a super powerful guy that can take on a squadron of soldiers. That's why the Undead were removed, for their overpowerness and lack of Roleplay. Does the removal of their free will mean we won't see harbringers fighting with Flays for no real reason? And if there is a reason, someone state why. -1
  8. mylimo7

    [Denied] Wiseacres' Trial GD Application

    I have heard nothing but complaints about you from my fellow members of the community. These include recent abuses, as they are told, of ET perks and a frustrating attitude. After reading what has been said earlier, I agree with every word of it. I do not believe you are fit to be a GM at this time. Furthermore, it does not help your case if you want to be a potentially helpful individual in the community, that you leave all these concerns on this topic unanswered. A good GM should be able to be take criticism where it is due and be communicative. These ignored comments reflect on that ability. -1;
  9. mylimo7

    [Denied]Sheumgal's GM Application

    As a man who has organized the largest 'order' in the roleplaying world, I believe he would be an excellent choice in becoming a Trial GM to see what he can do. + 1
  10. mylimo7

    [Denied]Throdo's Trial GM Application

    Still very interested.
  11. Any feedback would be appreciated!

  12. mylimo7

    [Denied]Throdo's Trial GM Application

    I deem myself an active player once again on my alternative account 19ConCon98. I now roleplay as a lowly guard. I am still very much interested in this position, thanks.
  13. mylimo7

    [Lore: Repost] Dwarven Siege Cannon

    I believe cannons were removed after their poor staff regulations during the Dwarven warclaim against the Teutons. With that said, Ithe only way this will properly function is assistance from the staff. Unfortunately, this will never be reaccepted.
  14. mylimo7

    [Denied]Throdo's Trial GM Application

    I am still interested; I would like to discuss with someone over this over times.
  15. mylimo7

    [Denied]Throdo's Trial GM Application

    Thank you all for the support and feedback. I have been steering myself away from LoTc RP, as shown in my absence on the server, but fear not for I have always been keeping up to date.