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  1. In order to have an economy, you have to have trade. The largest part of the LOTC economy historically has been the arms trade. At its most fundamental stage, people who do not normally fight procure items so their protectors can fight. This includes arms and sustenance (food such as bread, beef, and pork). This is an economy. If you want more international trade, you have to have things that people want in different places, accessible by only certain people. Supply and demand is the ultimate governor of economies, so I would disagree with your statement that “scarcity will not fix the economy” because, really, scarcity in of itself it the economy and any solution will revolve around it. Instead of limiting everyone with Nexus, I propose that opening up item customability by players will create a stronger economy by virtue of initiative of imagination. Let the players make their own items and trade them as they see fit. Another idea I just had would be to return the custom non-PvP items of Nexus to the game and have their ingredients be specific to biomes, similar to the alchemy plugin. This would actually create a trade if the players deemed such items valuable enough-- or would at least create regional diversity in items. Alcohol is the first to come to mind-- wine in the warmer climates and beer in the colder climates. Additionally and summarily, I think it’s a mistake to find more ways to add to the arms trade through creating what amounts to technological gaps. If you want to add to LOTC PvP, I would support utility items. Alchemists last map could create gems like Smoke Whispers, which were easy to make and could be used by anyone.
  2. von_Aesterwald

    Senate and People of Velia - Recruiting!

    I apologize for the late replies – this account was not following this thread for some unknown reason! Either Rancidhound or Sir_Niccum will be with you all shortly!
  3. von_Aesterwald

    [Denied]Stevie’s Game Moderator Application

    -1 the rough riders need you not this place i need to join back in but i’ve been sorta busy with mr. temp
  4. von_Aesterwald

    [Denied]RancidHound's Game Moderator Application

    yeah -1 we dont need more gms from french norland
  5. von_Aesterwald

    Boats in 7.0

    where do you find a bike lock for horses irl the latter isn’t really important considering speed and player render distance
  6. von_Aesterwald


    Hello friends, I found a really cool Youtube channel that gives guides/tips on creating fantasy worlds n’ **** that make sense. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UClnWLqdyrQ-hcDYW5kQQ6vQ Selected Videos:
  7. von_Aesterwald

    Boats in 7.0

    *looks to left looks to right* there are people who can hook you up
  8. von_Aesterwald

    [Rule Proposal] Player-to-Area Ratio for Structures

    I suggested use of a towny-like plugin during my GM tenure. It seemed like the administration and developers were extremely against it then. I do not think standard towny is a solution. Any plugin would have to be flexible enough to account for the area of polygonal builds. Of course, I am not a coder/developer so I have no idea what kind of work any of this would entail, and how it would cooperate with WorldGuard.
  9. As a new rule of thumb, I have been avoiding getting involved with the inner workings of the server. I feel this might just be a common sense solution to an ongoing problem, and it would be nice to see fixed before the next map. I think that a large problem with freebuild on this map was the size of some structures that far exceeded their reasonable use by the amount of players inhabiting them. My proposal is that some sort of ratio be adopted between the size of the build and the players inhabiting it. For example, encourage singular players to keep their structures within a 400 square block area. For every additional player inhabiting a build, add 100 square blocks. Although this solution is not perfect, I think its enforcement would do wonders to limit some of the larger, abandoned land claims that anyone can find around the map. I also believe that this solution is reasonable enough to not affect most of the freebuild homes that can be found around the map. Furthermore, because the solution is accounted for by area, it is not confined by the notion that a build must fit a width/length standard like “twenty blocks by twenty blocks” or something similarly unreasonable. Thanks
  10. von_Aesterwald

    Your View: Raids

    lmao you would never have survived before the fringe
  11. von_Aesterwald

    Revocation of the Estermont Company Charter - 1678

    A Rovin shakes his fist upon hearing of this news, "Typical Raev anti-free market sentiments!"