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  1. The tragic news reaches Guise, where Henri sheds a tear for his fallen subjects. He has a moment of prayer for the Kazlov family, and hopes that Boris makes it through this tragedy.
  2. In no way was Fort Loches acceptable from a standpoint of basic role-play principles. It doesn’t even attempt to be something you would see in role-play, better yet it isn’t even structurally sound. and is completely unrealistic beyond the scope of server. Our warclaim was posted before the construction of this fort. The staff compromised by allowing you to have this fort and allowing the Orenians to change their path – as your fort didn’t exist when the warclaim was posted. If you only had nine hours to prepare Helena, then you spent it being absolutely naive to anything the staff was trying to tell you. You guys built a giant fort and tower over the palace, complete with an emoji smirk, and acted outraged when the staff removed it. Your faults are entirely your own, not the staff’s. If anyone on our side was using modified PvP clients, I think you should report it to the staff. I also highly doubt that the Renatian side woke up that morning and disavowed using such means. I don’t doubt your sincerity, but I think you need to reevaluate what you believe to be true. EDIT: Had any of you actually taken the time to think of how to prepare a defense-in-depth, you would have had a much better time defending your city. Instead you wasted your time building **** that was destined to be removed by a staff with any inkling of preserving role-play.
  3. imagine complaining about staff bias when your nation has perma-banned players in their leadership
  4. Not even a bad compromise.

    1. Salvo



  5. At his home in Guise, Henri shook his head as a print copy of the Ultimatum made its way through his doors. “I can see why they have chosen this new path, but I know not why they have slandered their friends.”
  6. can we ban discord

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      i used to run a rp community in ICQ

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      i’ve yearned to use teamspeak for a very long time

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      yh, ts for the win

  7. “Here here!” exclaims Henri, having read the letter while sipping a glass of tea on his porch at Guise.
  8. Blessed Jack Rovin probably watches Hanrahan Brae smile across the seven skies.
  9. Blessed Jack Rovin recognizes the principle Vanderness shown from these Wicks.
  10. Henri, Baron de Guise, Plenipotentiary of the Holy Orenian Emperor, signs the document.
  11. (( Chrome users might be experiencing difficulty in seeing the pictures. I’m working to find a solution. Give me a minute.
  12. Manuel du Bâtard Doctrine for the Soldier-Brothers of Leuven, Guise, and the Heartlands - A Collaboration of the Greatest of Mankind’s Works on Military Strategy Arjen de Sarkozy ‡ Arn Rovin ‡ Helton Chivay ‡ Alfred Crodtmir ‡ Arminius von Aesterwald ‡ Milton Lowedge ‡ Alexander de Furnestock ‡ Leopold de Marna ‡ Wolfgang von Aesterwald ‡ Banquo Ashes Introduction Ever since the first ages of the races upon the world, the need for men to rise above their peers and take up arms in defense of their homes and families has been constant. Conflict has raged across the lands for nearly every continent settled by these people in memory, and the peace that comes is only a brief ceasefire to ready another generation for a life of hardship and misery. It was only in these last few centuries that we, humans, have dominated the art of war. Among us, the combined military traditions of the Kingdom of Kaedrin, Kingdom of Hanseti, and Kingdom of Aesterwald— all who have consistently brought humanity to their highest martial strength. Through this doctrine, we shall band together as a well-constructed wall, shielding these remnants of humanity from their historical oppressors. After the fall of the Fifth Empire, which is a recent memory in the minds of our people, it has become our duty to carry on the legacy and traditions of our ancestors. It is a duty deeply entrenched in our blood, reinforced with the values of strength and integrity, to endure the great pain and suffering that would be spread to our fellow humans. To meet this burden, we shall suffer when our peers are otherwise in comfort. We shall give our blood and tears for mental fortitude and procedural mastery. We shall give our lives to the blood of Godwin’s ilk, and our souls to God, the Creator, and through the blood of our enemies our children, and our children’s children, shall be blessed to live on to carry our legacy through time. There is a known time in our history where there was once without training amongst the races of said history; a time where the strong thrived and the small were chosen to think and never know the true skill of all men, regardless of their individuality. Now, as many can infer from this previous sentence, the brutish and disgusting creatures commonly referred to as Orcs were the known source of a thriving nation, full of false nationalism and no social structure. Times have since changed, you are now the delicious fruit which your nation sprouts for its success! Your success is your nation’s! Your nation’s success is yours! Now, lead your nation to great success, young soldier, and it’s success shall be yours. Arjen de Sarkozy, from the White Rose Handbook on Warfare CODE OF THE COMPANY “Do as you are told.” Emperor John I to Ser Baldwin the Black after ruling for the death of Sergius de Bar Members of the Company of the Sun are expected to be professional in their words, deeds, and thoughts, trained thoroughly by the watchful eyes of the Bastards’ drillmasters. They maintain a singular creed, known as the Visigian Code, which details the expectations of each soldier, sworn by everyone upon their completion of initiation. THE VISIGIAN CODE † A bastard born is forever scorned, yet with his brothers never forlorn; † That which is your brother’s is your brother’s, and what is not shall one day be; † A sword bought is a sword fought, yet a sworn sword is a trusted sought; † From passion’s dance the limb taken is a limb forsaken, and a life never to awaken; † Death in honor is duly dolled, but the pain of cowardice will not be soothed.† Conduct Etiquette Drilling – Formations and Arms Basic Combat Instruction Company Equipment First Aid and Alchemy Field Survival Combat Instruction against Beasts and Undead Creatures Combat Instruction against Sorcerers and Magick Litanies and Chants - FIN - (( Additional OOC Notes:
  13. Henri takes a break from his back-breaking work at Guise to admire his family’s latest chronicle.
  14. Wolfgang collects the pamphlet, reading from his humble abode among the backalleys of Reza. After scribbling notes on the well-worded cry, he folds it neatly and locks it away in his desk. ((Hunwald’s post is what role-play posts should look like.))
  15. I apologize for the late replies – this account was not following this thread for some unknown reason! Either Rancidhound or Sir_Niccum will be with you all shortly!
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