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  1. von_Aesterwald

    Dominion of Devils

    A Waldenian man removes all of the posts prior and replaces them with a solid pamphlet discussing the merits of Eblontology.
  2. von_Aesterwald

    Your View: Raids

    lmao you would never have survived before the fringe
  3. von_Aesterwald

    A Stolen Legacy

    In the shadows, a Rovin rubs his hands schemishly. "Ivan fights Ivan!"
  4. von_Aesterwald

    Generic title

    i want you inside of me
  5. von_Aesterwald

    An Offer of Peace to the Barony of Blackreach

    blessed JACK ROVIN smiles from the seven skies at the mercy shown by the illustrious duchy of rivia
  6. von_Aesterwald

    Declaration of The Empire of Urguan

    will this action spur more activity than it will for renatus we shall see
  7. von_Aesterwald

    Revocation of the Estermont Company Charter - 1678

    A Rovin shakes his fist upon hearing of this news, "Typical Raev anti-free market sentiments!"
  8. von_Aesterwald


    says dad
  9. von_Aesterwald

    The Issues of Raiding

    Quite simply, more needs to be done to enforce our rules broadly in regards to meta gaming and power gaming. No other solution will stop the formentioned problems
  10. von_Aesterwald


    > players report bad behavior to proper sources > nothing gets done > players get frustrated and go to manager > sometimes things get done faster > players start to skip the bureaucracy and just go to people who are actually able to do things > managers get frustrated and direct players back to proper sources (who either lack the power to do something or are too lazy to do anything about it) > repeat process in perpetuity > never realize that perhaps the admins need to be involved in the day-to-day
  11. i hope I get banned

    1. von_Aesterwald


      i hope you do too you have disappointed me

      reform and repent abandon your evil ways

  12. von_Aesterwald

    Equal Numbers

    hey i figured this thread would be appropriate to ask how to download minecraft modified clients for player versus player combat can someone help me