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  1. von_Aesterwald

    Senate and People of Velia - Recruiting!

    I apologize for the late replies – this account was not following this thread for some unknown reason! Either Rancidhound or Sir_Niccum will be with you all shortly!
  2. von_Aesterwald

    [Denied]Stevie’s Game Moderator Application

    -1 the rough riders need you not this place i need to join back in but i’ve been sorta busy with mr. temp
  3. von_Aesterwald

    [Denied]RancidHound's Game Moderator Application

    yeah -1 we dont need more gms from french norland
  4. von_Aesterwald


    Hello friends, I found a really cool Youtube channel that gives guides/tips on creating fantasy worlds n’ **** that make sense. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UClnWLqdyrQ-hcDYW5kQQ6vQ Selected Videos:
  5. von_Aesterwald

    Your View: Raids

    lmao you would never have survived before the fringe
  6. von_Aesterwald

    Revocation of the Estermont Company Charter - 1678

    A Rovin shakes his fist upon hearing of this news, "Typical Raev anti-free market sentiments!"
  7. von_Aesterwald


    > players report bad behavior to proper sources > nothing gets done > players get frustrated and go to manager > sometimes things get done faster > players start to skip the bureaucracy and just go to people who are actually able to do things > managers get frustrated and direct players back to proper sources (who either lack the power to do something or are too lazy to do anything about it) > repeat process in perpetuity > never realize that perhaps the admins need to be involved in the day-to-day
  8. i hope I get banned

    1. von_Aesterwald


      i hope you do too you have disappointed me

      reform and repent abandon your evil ways