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  1. THE ROYAL ELECTION OF 1750 20th of Sigismund’s End, 1750 Let it be known far, wide, and to all, that with the ascension of the beloved Adrian I of Kaedrin to the Seven Skies in the year of our Lord seventeen-thousand-and-fifty, on the seventeenth day of the month of Sigismund’s End, the relevant protocols for the election of his successor are enacted with the sitting of an extraordinary session of the Diet of Kaedrin. These measures are undertaken under the relevant provisions of the Instrument of Government of 1730. In the capacity entrusted to it by the Constitution, the upper chamber, the House of Electors, does hereby select Anthony Sigismund of the House of Helane, under the regnal name of Peter III, concurrently Holy Orenian Emperor, to the sole, indivisible Crown of the Kingdom of Kaedrin and the Grand Duchy of Ves, his eligibility verified as a pure-blooded male human of the ancient nobility. Until such time as his coronation as King of Kaedrin and Grand Duke of Ves along with the customary coronation oath, whereby he shall swear to defend and protect the Constitution, he shall be styled king-elect. Thereafter, he shall be entitled to the styles of the sovereign until such time as his death or abdication. He shall pledge, simultaneously, to retain the royal prerogative within the person of the incumbent Governor-General, Henry Rovin, until such time as he resigns or relinquishes it. Proclaimed by act of the Diet, His Excellency the Right Honorable Henry Rovin Governor-General of the Commonwealth Mr. Frederick Armas Premier and Secretary of State of Internal Affairs of the Commonwealth
  2. Henry Rovin smirks when the news of the deaths reached the deserted city of Ves. “It’s tha same ol’ story-- Ivan killing Ivan.”
  3. “It ist ze same old schtory.. – Crows killing crows.” Heinrich shakes his head, distraught at the barbary expressed in the upper echelons of the Ruskan nobility.
  4. (( Very nice post! I think more houses should do this. Might do one for my own shortly
  5. +1 on the cloud temple in the clouds idea also, having very distinct roads from cloud temple in different directions would do wonders in helping people figure out where to go Detailed information on directional signs is nice too. Names of cities are important and should be on these signs
  6. vonAesterwald

    Stone by Stone.

    A Waldenian man comes across the poster and briefly considers going into labor, searching to replenish a lost fortune.
  7. Ruslan overlooks the parchment, pressing down his eyelids in an intense squint. He releases, sighing “Cyka! Rooslan still no read!” He runs to the tavern, desperately searching for a literate sage to aid his woes. A monk eventually spots the man, and reads to him the details of the pamphlet. “Bah, send Gypski to ROOSLAN. I make take of stolen Gypski gold!”
  8. The illustrious Senator from Kaedrin stands, waiting to be recognized by the presiding officer.
  9. An Adrian peasant manages to file a submission. SURNAME: Micloskey FIRST NAME: Marcus ADDRESS OF RESIDENCE: one krasnaya ploschad DATE OF BIRTH: IIII/ IIII/ IIII/ IIII/ IIII/ IIII/ IIII/ IIII/ II Are you registered and eligible to vote in the province of Kaedrin?: [X] Do you have any other title, peerage or public service that may conflict with becoming an Imperial Senator, as per the Edict of Establishment (1736) or Edict of Election (1736)?: is hero of people’s republic of greater kaedria If yes, do you understand that you will be required to resign or abdicate from this position should you be elected to the Imperial Senate, and if this does not occur your seat shall be considered to be vacant?: [X] ((MC NAME)): ((sir_niccum))
  10. da make remuv of flayski redski devil da

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  11. grr my pocket gm didnt get admin grr @ your pocket gm

  12. Ackaland Arms Company Custom Military Armaments • Professional Field Advisors Established and Incorporated c. 1725 From the mythical realm of Ackaland, the Brothers Galfred bring to the realms of ARCAS unseen proficiency in the construction of martial equipment! Top quality weapons and armour— swords, pikes, helmets, cuirasses, and more-- are forged and shipped daily to our loyal clientele. Utilizing a combination of the latest technology with time-tested logic, your goods from our brokers are guaranteed a lifetime of service! Quit buying cheap, cast products from the squabble of the Squat Kingdom, invest your money in Ackaland Arms! NEW, FOR IMMEDIATE SALE: FIELD-GRADE HORSES FOR CASUAL TRANSPORTATION SEND INQUIRY, OR FIND A GALFRED JOHN Galfred, late patriarch of House Galfred, c.1700 CONTACT Visit the arms broker at the official Ackaland Arms stall in the Grand City of Ves, Kingdom of Kaedrin. From there you may purchase retail goods or submit a custom order for processing. ORDER FORM, GOOD Name: Type of Good: (Tool, weapon, armour, other) Description of Good: (Be specific, or else your order will not come out as you intend) ORDER FORM, SERVICE Name: Type of Service: (Advisor | Engineer | Other) Duration of Service: (A minimum of one year, or one saint’s week, is required) Description of Specific Services Needed: (( In lieu of posting on the forums or sending a messenger with a book, feel free to send a message to Rancidhound#1670 or Sir_Niccum#0690 over Discord, or message us in-game to schedule a meeting. ))
  13. The tragic news reaches Guise, where Henri sheds a tear for his fallen subjects. He has a moment of prayer for the Kazlov family, and hopes that Boris makes it through this tragedy.
  14. In no way was Fort Loches acceptable from a standpoint of basic role-play principles. It doesn’t even attempt to be something you would see in role-play, better yet it isn’t even structurally sound. and is completely unrealistic beyond the scope of server. Our warclaim was posted before the construction of this fort. The staff compromised by allowing you to have this fort and allowing the Orenians to change their path – as your fort didn’t exist when the warclaim was posted. If you only had nine hours to prepare Helena, then you spent it being absolutely naive to anything the staff was trying to tell you. You guys built a giant fort and tower over the palace, complete with an emoji smirk, and acted outraged when the staff removed it. Your faults are entirely your own, not the staff’s. If anyone on our side was using modified PvP clients, I think you should report it to the staff. I also highly doubt that the Renatian side woke up that morning and disavowed using such means. I don’t doubt your sincerity, but I think you need to reevaluate what you believe to be true. EDIT: Had any of you actually taken the time to think of how to prepare a defense-in-depth, you would have had a much better time defending your city. Instead you wasted your time building **** that was destined to be removed by a staff with any inkling of preserving role-play.
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