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  1. Aluaethner

    ~Naeyni's Ban Appeal~

    A member of my team did not. I was not with those others and I actually thought they were with you until the crossbow incident, then I thought they were either against both of us or just you. It was just ChaseC_Holden, Kitmeister, and I who were in a party. Neither one of us counted down the fight and, if you read, I was objecting as it had started. Also, I feel that you should already know this but: http://www.lordofthecraft.net/forum/index.php?/topic/69990-do-not-comment-in-ban-appeal-threads/
  2. Aluaethner

    ~Naeyni's Ban Appeal~

    Report: [Link to your Ban Report] http://www.lordofthecraft.net/forum/index.php?app=members&module=messaging&section=view&do=showConversation&topicID=184313&st=0#msg405543 Minecraft Name: Naeyni Rule Broken/Disputed: [Multikill, Griefing, Xray, Etc. Be specific.] Running away after losing a fight to store items and denying the /damage 20. Character Witnesses: [Name(s)] ChaseC_Holden, kitmeister Event Details: [Reason for actions. Plea for lenience. First ban. Apology. Etc.] I must say that this seemed very one-sided, however I do hope that this will help clear it up on this side. First of all, I am currently being harassed by the same person, Italian_Assassin. This is the second insident in which we have had conflict however this time it seemed to have gone farther. I was standing at the Medic Stand in Abresi and this character ran up and immediately started to RP Attack me. I went along with it to keep up the good spirit of RP and then it suddenly turned into a real brawl; more characters that I do not know joined in and just before the brawl, there was a gang being created. I had two men on my side and there seemed to be around 5-6 others on the "other" side. I did not know if they were fighting with or against me. Someone then said, "I will count down the MC fight." I did not know what was happening and began typing an objection and my friend tossed me some chain-male armour (ChaseC_Holden), I put it on then returned typing the objection. Then, the fight began before I could finish. I had survived long enough to "kill" Italian_Assassin but was then defeated by NordicGod. I stood there for a little while and my friends and I left to our home just down the street. We ran there because we had nothing else to do. We stood there for a few moments, inside the home, and talked about the fight, what happened, etc. There, I gave ChaseC_Holden his chain-male back and he kept saying that it was, like, two hits away from breaking. I then got a PM from Italian_Assassin, I think it was, saying that we did not /d 20. I responded with a comply and we all ran down back to the battle-zone and performed the command. We then died, came back and awaited this very predicament for which I was banned. I had little time to try to explain to to OOC things that were happening in my life. I had to leave and I came back to a report of my ban. I can assure you that this is all that had happened: a misunderstanding and miscommunications on both sides. I do apologize for this event and do hope that you will accept this appeal and allow me to return to Anthos with full intentions of following server rules much more closely and strictly. If you would like more in-depth details about certain events in this occurrence, I am happy to comply. Thank you for your consideration and I hope you accept. Screenshots/Vids: [Link] I unfortunately do not have any screenshots of this event because I did not feel I needed to take any at that time.
  3. Yes, I made these blades, had them named, then given to Laila to give to Azel.
  4. Aluaethner

    Aluaethner Lennielan-Updated

    ​ Reference Pictures Alu's Longsword Alu's Scabbard and Bolt pouch
  5. Character ~Name: Aulaethner Lennielan ~Age: 150 ~Gender: Male ~Race: High Elf ~Status: Alive Description ~Height: 6,2 ~Weight: 175lb. ~Body Type: Strongly built, but not overly muscled. ~Eyes: Black ~Hair: Black ~Skin: Tan ~Markings/Tattoos: Scar on his chest ~Health: Excellent Health. ~Inventory: Little to no posessions Personality Outside View: He is broken down and corrupted. ~Best Point: A good swordsman ~Worst Point: Mentaly unstable ~Mannerisms: Quiet and angry ~Fears: None ~What do they look forward to: Death ~What do they hate most: Everyone ~What is most important to them: Nothing. ~Do they have an ambition: No ~Do they get on with other people or avoid them: Avoids them ~Who do they love: No one ~Has their heart ever been broken: Yes,by his wife. ​~ Philosophy- "The world is a black place, those who don't know that soon will"~Alu L. Life Style Alignment*:Chaotic Evil Deity*: N/A Religion: N/A Alliance/Nation/Home: None Job/Class: Rogue Title(s): None Profession(s): None Special Skill(s): Intelligent, a quick study. Fast with a sword. Flaw(s): Distrust of everyone Education School: None Teacher: Kathleen d'Teirs Subject: Language and Speech. Magic Current Status: Interested in the dark arts. Arch-type: N/A Sub-Type: N/A Rank: N/A Weakness(es): N/A Strength(s): N/A [Current Spell(s): N/A Weaponry Fighting Style: Sword and Crossbow Preferred Weapon: Long Sword Secondary Weapon: Crossbow Archery: Adept Biography Parents: Danean Lennielan & Balnda Si'le Siblings: None Children: Daliah Lennielan-Dead Extended Family: None Pet(s): Raven-Hem ((Any Notes on my character's actions are welcome. I want to make sure I can stick to character as often and like options on why you feel his actions match/go against this sheet. Here is the format. ~Does the Character match this sheet? ~Why/Why not? ~ Opinions on improvement or actions:))
  6. Is minecraft down?

    1. Goldd
    2. Aluaethner


      Is LOTC still on the Lost at Sea temp map?

    3. stealthninjaAP


      Yes, but it will be changing tomorrow at around noon PST.

  7. Please, tell me i am not the only one going in costume to "The Hobbit"

    1. Goldd


      I considered it.~

    2. maxkenny23


      ... ... ... ... ... you're not alone, friend.

    3. Aluaethner


      I got my costume done, I'll post pics of it later : )

  8. What do you guys want for Christmas? (Or other gift giving holiday this month)

    1. Dyn


      Catnip to lure Geo into the trap.

    2. Aptrotta


      Kindle fire hd

  9. Trying to see if I can scrap up a bit more time for LOTC

  10. So, what is DEV mode and why is the server in ir?

    1. higgsyy


      Development. They are taking out wandering souls I think.

  11. *Goes on temp server* Y EVERYTHING PERM'D?

    1. The Victor Blair Project
    2. Aluaethner


      I am gonna play Halo 4 and wait for the server to open back up.

  12. Everyone haten on us dark elves.

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    2. Thrym


      Don't worry, I still hate on orcs :P

    3. Hunter (sckolar)

      Hunter (sckolar)

      I love dark elves!

    4. Goldd


      Yes, my character leads a retaliation group, fighting for dark elf rights.

  13. Got myself a mod that auto joins a server, every time LOTC goes down it will keep trying to get on till I say stop or it lets me on. Server downage, not as big of a problem now.

  14. Was in the middle of Rp with two patients, just about to give on the bad news when..BAM! Server off, thats what I call timing.

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    2. Pikel Boldshoulder
    3. Althallos


      The good news is that the /bites/

      won't kill you. The bad news is

      that-[java exception bad packet id 133]

    4. Aluaethner


      Lol, yeah that was pretty good, just have to wait till i tell you the bad news Rply.